Sunday, 2013-05-12

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dm8tbrgood moaning07:11
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joercan someone provide me a kickstart file for i585 image07:43
dm8tbrthe nemo images should have those alongside07:44
dm8tbrif you don't want SSSE3, then chose i48607:45
joeris here a way to log the output of the mic command. in nemo repository i can see a logfile07:49
dm8tbrI'd probably redirect stdout or stderr for that07:50
dm8tbras in 'mic foo bar > log.txt'07:50
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rsequeirHI there09:40
rsequeir"MER Platform SDKs mic create fails because of missing extlinux"09:40
rsequeirhave this reported issue ( using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS09:41
Merbot`Mer bug 576 in SDK "mic fails because of missing extlinux" [Normal,New]09:41
rsequeirwhile extlinux is already pre-installed and executable present in /usr/bin/09:41
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rsequeiron whatever terminal, extlinux can be seen09:41
rsequeirafter mounting the SDK, the alias gets lost for some reason09:42
rsequeirdo you know how to solve this @Merbot ?09:43
Venemoit is just a bot09:46
Venemorsequeir, I think lbt might know the answer, or perhaps Stskeeps09:47
lbtrsequeir: what does sdk-version tell you ?09:48
rsequeirdownloaded on Friday, so..09:48
lbtyou may need : sdk-version --latest --go09:49
lbtI've been lax about updating the tarballs09:49
rsequeirlet's see09:51
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lbtrsequeir: when you say extlinux is installed - do you mean in ubuntu? or in the SDK ?09:53
lbtok - the SDK is almost completely independent of the host OS09:53
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lbtit needs extlinux to be installed in the SDK too - I think maybe you have a slightly old set of repos and need to update (my bad)09:54
Venemowhat is extlinux?09:54
lbtbootloader stuff09:54
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rsequeirok issue still here updating the SDk09:55
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rsequeirshould I do:  extlinux --install /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot09:57
rsequeirfrom Host terminal ?09:57
lbtdo : sdk-version --latest --go09:57
lbtinside the sDK09:57
rsequeirnow retrying, but 1st trial not working09:58
lbtneed a bit more detail - pastebin the problem?09:59
rsequeirthe same, not working09:59
rsequeirSDK is now up to date09:59
lbtthose two statements seem contradictory10:00
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rsequeirCore repos point at version: 0.20130411.1 Tools repos point at version: 7.1.0 Running update Repository 'mer-core' is up to date. Repository 'mer-cross-tools' is up to date. Repository 'mer-tools-i486' is up to date. All repositories have been refreshed. Loading repository data... Reading installed packages...  The following package update will NOT be installed:   sdk-utils10:00
rsequeirError <creator>: Command 'extlinux' is not available.10:01
lbtin the SDK, run : zypper in syslinux-extlinux10:02
lbtsudo zypper in syslinux-extlinux10:02
rsequeiryou got it !10:04
lbtOK - ty - I'll see why it's not a dependency10:05
rsequeirshit... another issue10:06
rsequeirError <creator>: Unable to find package: nemo-ssu-repos-release10:06
lbtah - that means that the url in the ks for the repo is wrong10:07
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rsequeirnow using
lbtI have a feeling nemo-ssu-repos-release should now  be ssu-vendor-data-nemo10:10
lbtso edit the ks and try again10:10
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rsequeirok you got it too ! .. now continue processing10:14
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rsequeirThanks lbt, have a nice sunday !10:23
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* CosmoHill waves*12:50
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relisherHello! Does anybody know of a way to use the meego 1.2 ui with mer?17:27
relisherI am speaking of the netbook UI17:27
dm8tbrhmmm, wasn't that ui based on gtk?17:30
relisherIt was QT based17:30
Stskeepsnop, gtk17:31
dm8tbrThe Netbook UX is a continuation of the Moblin interface. It is written using the Clutter-based Mx toolkit, and uses the Mutter window manager.17:31
dm8tbryou might be thinking of the tablet UX17:32
Stskeepsas a general vibe i think anybody with a bit of time can make a decent netbook interface with lipstick17:32
dm8tbrbe future proof, use wayland, put lipstick on top :)17:33
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faenillbt, ping, I'm looking for mer-kickstarter 0.1919:44
faenilsdk still features 0.18, which is broken :(19:44
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faenillbt, thanks, found it in the meanwhile :)19:52
Stskeepsdamn, i actually thought lbt was at tango tonight19:52
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Stskeepsi was going to ask for a prerelease but just noticed doxygen hiccuped in libsignons19:57
Stskeepsso tomorrow19:57
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faenilStskeeps, building image here :)19:58
lbtanother pre-release - what was wrong ?19:58
Stskeepslbt: perl19:58
Stskeepslibsignon and a tiny problem with sensorfw packaging19:58
Stskeepsblocking upgrades19:58
Stskeepseither way, good things to fix19:58
lbt*nod* - no problems tomorrow19:59
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