Tuesday, 2013-03-19

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* lpotter smacks connman with any random object01:09
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Stskeepsgood morning phaeron06:57
phaeronStskeeps: good morning06:58
Stskeepsphaeron: there's a new pre-release mail, if you have time, could you do the QA magic you do so we can look for regressions?07:00
phaeronStskeeps: sure07:00
Stskeepsthe thumb2 port should also be working significantly more saner now, though i need to check if libmeegotouch still blows up07:01
Stskeepsthere seems to be some issues masked in ubuntu since they don't actually compile with NEON07:01
phaeronStskeeps: are you sure the import went well , https://build.pub.meego.com/monitor/old , the status looks weird07:02
Stskeepsphaeron: was imported already a day or something like that ago, but no, it didn't go entirely well as meego.com MDS ran out of space07:03
Stskeepsmerproject.org one should be saner07:03
Stskeepsi'm a little puzzled as to why i'm not seeing build logs on build.pub though07:04
timophbtw, does build.merproject.org use the same credentials as the old cobs?07:04
Stskeepsno, it uses bugs.merproject.org accounts07:04
timophso I should have an account there already07:04
* timoph checks07:04
phaeronStskeeps: where ? I see one build log :)07:05
Stskeepshttps://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=CE%3AMW%3AShared in general07:05
Stskeepsi do wonder if it's simply saner to go for armv7thl which is much closer to ubuntu07:07
phaeronah I thought on other obs07:07
phaeronwell if there was disk space issue it could have hit obs as well07:07
Stskeepsdisk issue was on shell* so mds crapped out a bit like it does at times07:07
Stskeepspondering to perhaps do a updatesstorm07:08
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SalmiHello People! Is anybody here who can edit the Mer Wiki?08:06
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StskeepsSalmi: you can, just register a user08:07
SalmiOhh, I see! Thanks :)08:07
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SalmiOk, I edited the tutorial for installing PA on Nexus 7. I hope it will be usefull for somebody :)08:43
kulveSalmi: URL please?08:44
kulvenm, found it08:45
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SalmiAt the bottom of the page there were some outdated informations about installing PA onto N7. I also updated the download links.08:47
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kulveSalmi: how is the TWRP version of the PA image different from the original PA image?08:54
kulve(I've never used the multirom stuff)08:55
kulveSalmi: and if you are eager to write wiki pages the "Install MultiRom" and "Install Plasma Active" sections could have exact commands instead of just saying "flash this and that" :)08:56
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Salmikulve: the custom PA image was build especially for installing with Multirom+modified TRWP. It wasnt made by me by the way09:06
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mike321Hi still no device out, when?10:08
CosmoHillmer is the core which other projects are built upon iirc10:09
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xavinuxhi people11:00
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martyone_hi, osc build fails with 'HTTP Error 400: Bad Request' http://pastie.org/6624842 . Only the ssu package fails. rm -rf /var/tmp/build-root/* didn't help. Any idea?11:07
Stskeepstry --download-api-only11:10
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kaltsihmm is this a problem of zypper or qt/qt5 packaging http://pastie.org/662502111:14
kaltsiI have qt5-qtcore-devel installed and then I try to install libqt-devel11:14
Stskeepsthink qt-qmake and qt5-qmake conflicts11:14
kaltsiyep.. but when I let zypper resolve it, it leaves qt5-tools installed which has /usr/bin/moc which also comes from libqt-devel11:15
Stskeepsi mean, there's an actual Conflicts: in the packaging11:15
kaltsibut zypper offers a solution which leaves the package database in strange state11:17
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kaltsiI chose solution 1: deinstallation of qt5-qmake and qt5-qtcore-devel .. but it leaves behind qt5-tools11:18
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kaltsiso is some conflicts missing from qt packaging then11:18
Stskeepsmaybe yes11:18
Stskeepsqt5-tools should conflict with whatever provides moc11:18
Stskeepsbut ideally we should be able to co-install11:18
kaltsiyes, just probing what's the current status here11:19
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martyone_Stskeeps: --download-api-only made no change11:25
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Stskeepsmartyone_: clean out your package cache? perhaps11:26
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martyone_Stskeeps: after rm -rf /var/tmp/osbuild-packagecache/* all packages fail to osc-build :-) cool11:36
Stskeepshmm :)11:36
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kaltsimartyone_: do you give --clean option to osc build?11:42
martyone_kaltsi: yes, I also did rm -rf /var/tmp/build-root/*11:42
kaltsiah yes11:42
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martyone_Stskeeps: could you try this? "curl -D - -u 'user:password' -X GET 'https://api.pub.meego.com/build/Mer:fake:Core:i586/Core_i586/i586/_repository?binary=perl-libs&view=cpio'"12:19
martyone_it is the api call osc-build tries - shortened/limited to single package. Here is my output http://pastie.org/662559612:20
martyone_the second case in the paste is passing view=names instead of view=cpio -- this works with no error12:22
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* CosmoHill gives ClashTheBunny the carrot12:57
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lbtANNOUNCE: PA progress meeting for moving to Mer Community OBS in #mer-meeting now13:20
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lbterm - sorry, in 10mins13:21
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kulveplasma active13:23
CosmoHill5 mins to go13:25
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lbtdm8tbr: maybe add a tiny bot command summary to http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Meetings and a link (and that you maintain it?)13:33
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dm8tbrlbt: ok13:34
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dm8tbrlbt: done13:41
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notmartlbt: to continue the thing started during the meeting.. how can i get the kde project created in the obs root?14:40
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CosmoHillnotmart: you scared him off14:41
Stskeepslbt just has really lousy dsl14:41
CosmoHillvirgin media?14:41
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lbt_notmart: ADSL dropped :/14:44
CosmoHilllbt_: who's youe ISP?14:45
lbt_ISP is fine - it's the BT part14:45
lbt_I use entanet14:46
lbt_via a reseller14:46
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt14:46
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notmartlbt: np :)14:48
notmartlbt: was about the kde: root project14:48
*** panda-z has quit IRC14:49
lbtand kde: is the correct top level title14:49
notmartboth kde or pa is fine14:50
notmartwould go for kde14:50
lbtdone - you can edit desc and make subproj and add more maintainers14:52
lbtplease check usernames14:52
lbtthey're not 1:1 with meego14:52
notmartlbt: ok, thanks :D14:54
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CosmoHilllbt: how much are servers a month?15:05
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sebaslbt: ping15:23
sebaslbt: I'm getting an ldap error when registering for the merproject obs15:24
*** techlife has quit IRC15:24
sebasLDAP mode enabled, users can only be registered via LDAP (err_register_save)15:24
Stskeepssebas: merproject.org -> create account (in bottom)15:24
sebas<insert obvious question how to register>15:24
Stskeepsbugzilla is the main database so15:24
lbtsebas: what page too - so I can check text15:24
sebasI think I do have an account at merproject bugzilla, is that the same one?15:25
lbtnb we're having meego obs issues15:25
sebasah, so I've got to look up that password :)15:25
sebasok, wonderful. I'm logged in now, sorry for the noise!15:26
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xavinuxquestion, is useful for the project giving also help with program paxkaging?16:06
phaeronmartyone: it should be fixd now16:09
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CosmoHillhow can ubuntu do long term support and a rolling release?16:19
*** spiiroin has quit IRC16:20
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lbtxavinux: hey, yes that's a useful thing too - we have a lot of packages that need updates16:21
xavinuxlbt: great! perhaps it would be more useful this help than verifying ficed bugs.16:22
lbtyes, probably - we have many tasks related to that16:22
lbtand that would help you look at the bugzilla side too16:23
xavinuxlbt: ok,  could you guide me on where and how can I startdoing this Sir?16:23
lbtsure ... oh, and the "Sir" is not really right here on irc16:24
lbtis our task list16:25
lbtand https://bugs.merproject.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=critical&bug_severity=major&bug_severity=normal&bug_severity=trivial&bug_severity=enhancement&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&email1=not-taken%40&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=substring&query_format=advanced&order=priority%2Cbug_id&query_based_on=16:25
lbtare bugs not taken16:25
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lbtno need to apologise - just a culture thing I expect16:26
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xavinuxlbt: thank you16:33
xavinuxwill see what I can do16:33
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vgradelbt: I see PA has made the move to mer infra we talked about migrating Pi adaptation, any plans for this?21:53
*** mdfe has joined #mer21:53
vgrademdfe: \021:53
vgradejust looking at PA in merproject.org21:54
lbtvgrade: not personally21:54
mdfesorry I don't get the point21:55
vgrademdfe: nice to see it with a new home21:55
lbtvgrade: nb .. mer server? :)21:55
mdfeah, now I get it21:56
vgradelbt: we talked about getting adaptations onto merproject.org21:56
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:56
mdfebut it is not my work21:56
lbtyep - no problem with it21:56
lbtvgrade: sage is doing nemo - once he's setup the hw adaptations then it'll make sense to do RPi too21:57
mdfeso far I see its done by marco21:57
vgradelbt: ok, all the adaptations are under nemo at the moment21:58
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:58
lbtmdfe: yes - he's got an action from a meeting earlier21:58
Artoxabout adaptations: should people maki8ng adaptatiosn create some sort of wiki page?21:58
Artoxa summary of the state?21:58
lbtvgrade: yes - seems to make sense21:58
lbtArtox: also makes sense21:58
vgradelbt: but Pi will never support nemo21:58
mdfeby the way21:59
mdfeI put some work into hardware adataption of sunxi21:59
mdfebut its far away from usable21:59
vgradeArtox: we try to create pages on wiki,https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace/RaspberryPi, https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace/Tegra3/Nexus722:00
lbtvgrade: yes, that's one of my arguments against having HA in Nemo :)22:00
vgrademdfe: what problems did you face there22:00
mdfethe show stoper is atm not worling touch22:01
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:01
vgrademdfe: what device?22:01
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer22:01
mdfehyundai A7HD22:01
vgradelbt: I'll ping Sage to see when he has time22:02
ArtoxI was wondering if for the GTA04 maybe an "official" obs project should be created alongside with such a wiki page. Since I now do have linux-3.7 booting properly on a new image, 3d usupport for framebuffer environment and working network ocnnectivity for it.22:02
mdfebut all sunxi boards are possible22:02
*** shmerl has quit IRC22:02
mdfeegl on mali seems to work22:03
vgradeArtox: sure edit away in the wiki. As you can see migration of hardware adaptations is ongoing22:03
vgrademdfe: yea, there is some goog worl going on with sunxi22:04
ArtoxI will create a wiki page then after tomorrows exam and summarize the current state.22:05
vgrademdfe: I ran nemo on A1000 sometime ago but PA was a nogo due to lack of RAM. Have a cubieboard waiting for some love22:05
mdfeby the way, any idea how to set a partition off-set within kickstart files?22:06
Artox[22:59] <vgrade> lbt: but Pi will never support nemo22:06
ArtoxI am curious: why is that? missing DRI with xorg?22:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:07
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:07
mdfeatm I'm building images in a bit hackish way and I like to know if there is a cleaner way22:07
mdfeif anyone is interessted see
*** notmart has quit IRC22:11
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vgrademdfe: yea I found it a bit messy22:21
vgrademdfe: best way I found was like this22:22
vgradeand use the a1x-media-crete.sh22:25
vgradegoes something like22:26
vgradea1x-media-create hw-pack.tgz rootfs.tgz22:26
*** bef0rd has joined #mer22:26
mdfeI have to take a close look22:27
mdfeso you have to build a rootfs via ks and after that do some steps by this scripts to create a bootable image22:28
vgradeyes, which is similar to what you are doing in your script22:28
vgradeso not any better I guess22:29
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:29
vgradewhat you need to be able to do is add the two dd lines to the mic tool22:30
mdfeI would prefer to define an offset within ks file, so I could drop most of the voodooo22:30
mdfefor now I can live with it22:30
lbthttps://github.com/mer-tools/mic  just sayin'22:31
vgradelbt: :)22:31
lbtwould be nice to see some patches to these tools :)22:31
mdfelbt: I will take a look22:31
mdfemaybe I will find a easy and save way to extend22:32
lbtyell if you need advice - phaeron and I have both poked about in there - it's not too bad22:32
mdfegreat thanks for this work lbt22:32
mdfemic is great22:32
lbt:) ... patches on the master branch are carried in mer against upstream22:33
vgradelbt: would these be accepted. We would need to be able to add something of the form of dd <partition> <input file> <size> <seek>22:34
mdfenotrunc as well22:34
phaeronvgrade: would that be for raw image files ?22:36
mdfelike worked around here22:36
phaeronmic already does sparsing of the base file22:36
lbtI think extending part makes sense22:37
lbtpart --size --dd-from <file> --dd-offset <loc>22:37
*** mitz has quit IRC22:38
lbtfirst glance type thing22:38
phaeronvgrade: I see now22:38
lbtaard: may have comments on this - maybe a quick heads up to mer ml?22:38
phaeronthat is not about sparsing22:38
phaeronit is adding uboot headers things into the raw22:38
lbtphaeron: you have the same colour as vgrade - very confusing22:39
vgradephaeron: right22:39
mdfeplease keep in mind the dd stuff is done into a space outside partition and filesystem22:40
vgradeA10 SoC needs these at particular locations22:40
phaeronextending the kickstart partition commands .. hmm why not,  mic already has a forked pykickstart22:40
lbtgrr I'm supposed to be working and this is interesting22:40
phaeronit is :D22:40
mdfeyou guys made my day :D22:41
lbtwtf doesn't mic just make a raw device, loopback it and partition it and do it all there ?22:42
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato22:42
mdfeI fear about big changes in core utils22:42
lbtit seems to break out all the partitions (doesn't it?)22:42
phaeronlbt: it only does one part / file for loop type images22:43
phaeronfor raw it is one big partitioned file22:43
lbtoh, OK, that's not so bad22:43
phaeronmdfe: you have the patch or you want me to write it ? :D22:44
lbtI mainly make rootfs or single raw parts for emulator, not devices22:44
mdfeI would try it22:44
mdfebut the info about you like to take it is great anyway22:45
lbtphaeron: could you review/merge https://github.com/mer-tools/mic/tree/losetup-fix for me too22:46
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mdfesee ya23:10
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