Monday, 2013-03-04

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dm8tbrlbt: merbot needs op in the meeting channel08:54
dm8tbrI guess we should give it a nickserv account and add it to aop08:54
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lbtdm8tbr: make it so09:06
dm8tbrwill do09:11
dm8tbrI guess I'll need to replace my ssh key for mer infra though. I'm pretty sure I forgot the password and I didn't write it down obviously.09:12
slaine_morning folks09:13
vgrade_morn slaine_09:18
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pqStskeeps, hi, I'm here now09:47
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Stskeepspq, nm, found answer :)10:58
pqcool :-D10:58
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* CosmoHill offers tea and biscuits11:35
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slaine_lbt: it's been a while since I looked a staging an internal OBS for mer project work13:43
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slaine_Have things changed much since we last worked on it ?13:43
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Stskeepssame old13:57
Stskeepswe have a quicker MDS however13:57
iekkuslaine_, o/14:01
slaine_Stskeeps: good to know14:01
slaine_those servers I had been using are free'd up now to get back to this14:01
slaine_Hey iekku14:01
slaine_looks like you had a good time at MWC14:02
iekkubusy and nice :)14:02
sledgesgood day14:02
sledgesI wish Mer was here. Hope one day it will:
slaine_Stskeeps: So opensuse 11.2 etc. etc.14:04
Stskeepshrm, should be okay on 12.1 now14:05
Stskeepsi think14:05
slaine_Was going to dust off my guide and update it14:05
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* CosmoHill growls at grub2 and his mac17:13
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rantomCosmoHill: What's wrong with it?18:01
CosmoHillit doesn't read it's config file and the nv doesn't bvoot it18:02
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rantomNot sure if we're talking about the same thing but I've had success in installing a Linux with UEFI to my Mac18:05
CosmoHillpowerpc mac18:05
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situAt first I thought they misspelled Mer
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lpotter-brisMer + Mir?18:27
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Stskeepswow, they just shot themselves massively in the foot18:31
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fk_lxanyway they have nice diagrams ;-)18:43
zuhAnd use empowering phrases like "leveraging GBM, DRM and KMS"18:45
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zuh( a proven solution, improving time to market and total cost of ownership or whatever)18:46
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Morpog_MobileLooks like a walled open source ubuntu world they create19:03
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ali1234where did that pop out from?19:12
Stskeeps ?19:12
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ali1234i mean, why no silly countdown?19:13
Stskeepsprobably that they couldn't get wayland working19:13
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ali1234seems like they have one for every tny announcement these days19:13
ali1234when did this go public? i've been away for the weekend :)19:13
Stskeeps~hour ago19:13
ali1234i seriously need to find a new distro19:14
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Stskeepsi'm not really satisified with any of them at the moment..19:17
Stskeepsmaybe i should switch to hawaii19:17
CosmoHillisn't mir going to be confused with mer at lot?19:17
CosmoHillwait what, wtf19:18
CosmoHillwhat's wrong with going with wayland19:18
ali1234it's ubuntu19:18
dm8tbrthey always reinvent the wheel19:18
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ali1234they are slowly stripping out all software they don't control from their stack19:18
Stskeepsjust another android..19:19
ali1234if you want to contribute to unity you have to sign a contributor agreement that gives them a licence to distribute in any way they like, including without source19:19
ali1234obviouslly they can't do that with software they didn't invent19:19
ali1234Stskeeps: totally agree about not being satisfied with any of them19:20
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CosmoHillsod ubuntu19:20
ali1234i've been looking for something better than ubuntu for about 2 years now19:20
Stskeepsdid you see the hawaii stuff plfiorini's been working on?19:21
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plfioriniStskeeps: soon (april 1st probably) i will announce that hawaii will be ported to Mir19:23
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ali1234well it looks nice...19:23
plfioriniali1234: i'm trying to get it working with weston until qtcompositor is stable19:24
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ali1234so what is that panel? custom?19:26
CosmoHillhow many years until ubuntu becomes it's own OS19:27
ali1234it pretty much is already19:28
ali1234would the image work on ideapad?19:29
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Stskeepslo halXI_19:29
CosmoHillwait, I can't greet people19:29
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crevetorplfiorini: is your project based on mer ?19:32
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crevetorforget my question, I thought it was a full distro19:35
plfiorinicrevetor: i'm waiting the x86_64 version to fully evaluate mer; pre-alpha 1 uses archlinux although i'm building the system to be used with OSTree from scratch (yocto base, components fetched from git and built from sources as close as possible to upstream)19:35
plfiorinicrevetor: building components from git is much more flexible and allows me to switch to different branches/versions easily19:36
plfiorinicrevetor: one option could be to use mer as a base instead of yocto because mer has hardware adapation19:37
plfiorinisounds the best of both worlds19:39
Stskeepscrevetor: btw, how was the fcam stuff going?19:39
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crevetorStskeeps: haven't touched it in a while, but I was actaully thinking about going back to it soon.19:43
Stskeepswhat does it actually need from the camera/kernel api, out of interest?19:43
* crevetor should just quit his job and work and things he likes.19:43
crevetorStskeeps: as of right now it uses the v4l2 subdev api and so that's what the camera driver should implement19:44
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crevetorbut fcam in itself is well abstracted so it wouldn't be that hard to adapt it to something else as long as there's good control over the different hardware parts (lens/flash/sensor)19:46
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crevetorthe biggest parts to integrate it to mer correctly would be a gstreamer plugin and a more modular build (right now the fcam examples that I build are tied to 1 hardware platform, it would be better to have something generic with loadable modules per platform)19:48
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Stskeepsevening shmerl19:57
shmerlHi Stskeeps.19:58
shmerlWhat do you think about Ubuntu's new disruption?19:58
Stskeepsi don't think it's a good choice19:59
shmerlI worry about serious fragmentaion. Same story as Android. Drivers.19:59
shmerlAnd not only on mibile - it can backfire to desktop.19:59
shmerlUnless they work somehow to ensure that same drivers can be shared.20:00
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shmerlNvidia had an excuse not to make a Wayland driver - it's not widely used yet. Now with Canonical Nvidia will just shrug and say - forget it.20:01
shmerlSame goes for many others.20:01
shmerlI really don't get what Canonical is doing. Sounds like a diversion to me.20:02
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crevetorit's the apple strategy : use open-source and lock people in20:17
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shmerlcrevetor: I never really liked Canonical's approach, but these latest moves are more and more isolationist.20:22
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* Stskeeps offers cookies20:40
* CosmoHill takes one and offers tea in return20:40
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* faenil is looking for cookies, any left?21:03
* Stskeeps passes21:03
* faenil o/21:03
Stskeepsfaenil: tried sdk yet?21:04
faenilStskeeps, nope ...21:04
Stskeepsmeh, :P21:04
faenilstill few days of suffering21:04
faenilprof said we should be done before weekend21:04
faeniland I hope so too XD21:04
faenilStskeeps, need a 3d models viewer on Sailfish? :D21:05
Stskeepsdunno, develop what you need to21:05
faenilit's done alreayd, it's my thesis (I did it with the same prof) and I'm bringing it on all Qt platforms xD21:05
faeniland Sailfish can't be a missing point :P21:06
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*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer21:09
faenilStskeeps, how cold is it over there?21:10
Stskeepsin .fi? was -20 c this morning, but much warmer today21:10
faenilholy crap :/21:10
faenilstill have to try that kind of life...21:11
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CosmoHillhas that french dude come bac since?23:05
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CosmoHillhi disco23:23
CosmoHilldiscopig, are you related to drift pig?23:23
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