Tuesday, 2013-01-29

CosmoHillrcg: you sack hitter you00:01
rcgah, well... really need to go to sleep.. but kinda want it to start building at least00:02
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rcglooks like it builds00:07
rcgtime to get to sleep before the next build error shows up ;)00:07
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glueckselfdo questions about contextkit-providers belong here too?00:31
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glueckselfkulve: please see my update in the nexus 7 wiki page about the accelerometer, I think it will help you with your iioadaptor-project01:12
glueckselfkulve: forget it, just saw that you already enable the scan_elements01:13
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chriadammardy: did something change recently with respect to enabling an account with a service?  What requirements are there for the setEnabled() call to have effect on sync(), other than that the service be valid and supported by the account?  At the moment, when I select a service, enable it, and call sync, I get an enabledChanged signal for that service with the value false.01:52
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mardychriadam: hi! please make sure that both the service and the account (service == NULL) are enabled05:09
chriadammardy: the account is definitely enabled (ie, globally, for null service).  the account is initially disabled with the service, but after selectService(srv); setEnabled(true); selectService(NULL); sync(); // receive enabledChanged signal with serviceName = srv.name(), enabled = false.05:11
mardychriadam: weird, might be a bug05:11
mardychriadam: though I think we have a unit test covering that case05:11
mardychriadam: try to make a smaller test case, and see if it still happens05:12
chriadammost likely it's a bug in my implementation code somewhere, i'll try to isolate05:12
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chriadammardy: any idea what the usual cause of (process:835): accounts-glib-CRITICAL **: ag_auth_data_ref: assertion `self != NULL' failed -- those sort of errors are?05:17
chriadamis it usually when a service account for non-existent service/account combination is constructed, and the auth data dereferenced?05:17
mardychriadam: that might be one case, another one might be that the method/mechanisms are not defined in the account (then the creation of AgAuthData fails)05:19
chriadamthanks, I'll try to isolate that, too.05:20
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chriadamI think it may be the latter.  I get "(process:862): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_variant_get_string: assertion `g_variant_is_of_type (value, G_VARIANT_TYPE_STRING) || g_variant_is_of_type (value, G_VARIANT_TYPE_OBJECT_PATH) || g_variant_is_of_type (value, G_VARIANT_TYPE_SIGNATURE)' failed" which I assume is when it's trying to read one of those keys (method/mech)05:23
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chriadammardy: yes, that latter issue was due to a bug in my code, I was reading the setting via: QVariant stringListVariant(QVariant::StringList); acc->value(key, stringListVariant); if (!stringListVariant.isNull())  return stringListVariant.value<QStringList>(); // else, return as string (or int or bool etc)05:52
chriadamthe problem is that it succeeds for string values (since a QString is convertible to a QStringList).  easy fix in my code.05:52
chriadamstill tracking down the other one.05:52
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chriadamgmorning Bostik05:56
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kulveglueckself: ack06:20
Stskeepsmorn guys06:25
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Stskeeps[ol]: btw, i'm not sure if i can upgrade kernel headers - on ARM side we have kernels from 2.6.32 and up and we need to keep working on those06:41
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Stskeeps[ol]: solved the build cycle, you can get around this in bootstrap phase by %reconfigure -> %configure in libfontenc07:14
chriadammardy: it seems to be order-dependent.  If I select and enable services, and then set configuration values / settings, and then sync, it fails.  but if I set configuration values/settings, and then select and enable services, and then sync, it works.  (regarding enabling account with services).07:16
chriadammardy: which seems strange... but oh well, I have it working now, so all is well :-)07:16
mardychriadam: that's weird! does it work if you don't change any other settings, othern then enabling/disabling?07:17
chriadamthen it works fine07:18
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chriadamhrm, I'm beginning to think I might have a stray "selectService" somewhere in my configuration settings code07:20
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mardychriadam: that would explain it for sure :-)07:20
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kilio hi07:28
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kilioCan I use 'GBS' to build Mer?07:30
kilioHelloo Stskeeps07:31
Stskeepskilio: no, but you can use mer platform sdk quite easily07:32
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kilioStskeeps: thx I will try07:37
Stskeepskilio: what do you hope to use mer for?, if i may ask?07:38
kilioStskeeps: in fact, i am Samsung employee and working at Tizen team.07:39
kilioStskeeps: for now, I am look around can I build mer platform by myself and run on my exynos 4412 board.07:39
Stskeepsalright - gbs has some nice ideas but they're a bit different than how we package our things07:39
kilioStskeeps: i don t like those gbs obs things.. i love scratchbox07:40
Stskeepswe do have a sb2 :)07:40
kilioStskeeps: yes i saw that in the wiki.07:40
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sledgesgood loaning10:06
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notmarthmm, having a weird build problem on a package...10:26
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notmartlinking to boost thread -lboost_thread-mt10:27
notmartand says /usr/bin/ld: cannot find libboost_thread-mt.so.1.50.010:27
notmartof course the version installed in mer is libboost_thread-mt.so.1.51.010:27
notmartproblem in the boost devel package? or any idea what it could be?10:27
Stskeepsbuild log please10:27
notmartmaybe is a problem in that package itself, but didn't figure out yet10:28
Stskeepsif you can do a local osc build, check /usr/lib and see if there's any rouge symlinks10:29
notmartok, trying it10:29
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notmartStskeeps: yeah, same problem locally, seems nosuspicious files in /usr/lib of the sdk, how to check there aren't in the osc build root as well?10:40
notmartiirc it gets deleted right after build end?10:40
Stskeepsshouldn't be.. perhaps grep after 1.50.0 ?10:40
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notmartin /var/tmp/build-root/usr/lib/ there is only 1.5110:42
leinirpingerling packaging masters ;) can anybody tell me what i've done wrong here? https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=kritasketch&project=home%3Aleinir%3Amer10:42
leinirguessing something utterly inane and obvious i'm not seeing :)10:42
Stskeepslook at 'unresolvable'10:42
Stskeepshover over it10:42
leinirwell yes, but those packages are in the plasma active project, aren't they?10:43
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notmarthmm the repository is building against seems the right one10:44
notmartleinir: try also CE_UX_PlasmaActive_i58610:44
leinirnotmart: right - i need it on a nexus 7, you see, but testing's good :)10:45
leinirhmm... yup, same error on that one10:45
notmartleinir: and, since krita sketch is cool, i would love it having it eventually merged, building for all architectures ;)10:46
yuntalbt: /bin/ln: creating symbolic link `/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/information.service': File exists10:46
yuntawarning: %post(sdk-vm-0.17-1.26.1.noarch) scriptlet failed, exit status 110:46
leinirnotmart: oh it definitely will be - the reason i'm building it out here is that it's not merged in from the branch yet, so it'll need a bit of special man-handling to not conflict with the other calligra on there ;)10:46
notmartah, ok10:47
leinironce it's merged in, it'll just be another app beside the others (like active is) :)10:47
notmartso the intention is having it all in the same calligra repo/branch in the end?10:47
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leinirYup :)10:47
notmartcool :)10:48
leinirreason it's sitting in that branch is the upcoming release, since we had to do some changes to calligra itself to be able to build it, and that'll take a little while to get through review :)10:48
notmartanyways, if you want test it, try to use the repositories CE_UX_PlasmaActive_i586 and CE_UX_PlasmaActive_armv7hl as what you build against10:49
lbtyunta: henrik's spec file doesn't handle upgrade correctly iirc :/10:49
notmartthey should have the dependencies10:49
leinirnotmart: moment... :)10:50
notmartStskeeps: interesting, if i install boost-devel right in the sdk, then if i do ld -lboost_thread-mt it gives the same error ld: cannot find libboost_thread-mt.so.1.50.010:50
Stskeepsnotmart: perhaps there's a bad ld script or something10:50
Stskeepshence the grep10:50
notmartld -lboost_timer works10:51
notmartso grep against what? all the filesystem?10:51
Stskeepsusr/lib should be fine10:51
notmarthmm, doesn't seem to find anything10:53
Stskeepsgrep -r 1.50.0 *10:53
leinirnotmart: hmm... when i select CE:UX:PlasmaActive, i don't get CE_UX_PlasmaActive*, i get CE_MW_PlasmaActive*... (as in, in the dropdown)10:53
Stskeepsor ls -al /usr/lib | grep 1.50.010:53
notmartStskeeps: ha, found by hand /usr/lib/libboost_thread-mt.so10:54
notmartends with INPUT(libboost_thread-mt.so.1.50.0)10:54
notmartand if i correct it to 1.51 then ld works10:55
notmartso, looks like an upstream bug it seems10:55
notmartleinir: try to search in the dropdown Project:KDE:Devel as project10:56
leinirnotmart: right, let's see...10:57
notmartthen there is ce_ux_plasmaactive_i586 etc in the dropdown10:57
leinirAah, there we go :)10:57
notmartthen each one should just have one architecture checked10:57
leinir*nods* :)10:57
notmartthe one of the repo name10:57
leinirnexus 7 is which one? i'll try and sort that one first, as it's time critical i get that bit working :)10:59
notmarti think armv7hl, not sure tough ;)11:00
leinir*nods* :)11:01
kulven7 is "armv7hl" and OBS calls that "armv8el" in some occasions to confuse everybody11:02
leinirkulve: Thanks! :)11:04
notmartStskeeps: ha! http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/boost.git;a=blob;f=libboost_thread-mt.so;h=d3a44e47e9ebfbc4c69556bc9c835c66aa4ce3fd;hb=master11:04
leinirhehe, good thing, that, since armv7el seems to have some unresolvables too ;) The others are building, though, yay! Thanks a bunch :D11:04
leinirNow to the hard work of getting it to not conflict with the other calligra packages... ;)11:05
leinirdamn, blocked11:06
w00tlbt: in a freshly installed platform SDK, should I not have mb already installed?11:06
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w00tlbt: sorry, I don't understand11:10
w00tit's only available in VM form, not the platform SDK?11:10
lbtchroot is platform SDK11:12
lbtthose are recent builds11:12
lbtif you hold on I'll do a super fresh one11:12
w00tshould https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK be changed then?11:12
yuntalbt: your sdk-webapp in mer:tools:testing looks ok, but I still intend to submit more changes soon11:13
w00tand, this is a bit weird, since i did sdk-version --next --go & zypper dance after installing, so i'd expect that what I have is pretty new11:13
lbtsince about 6am UK time ?11:14
w00tafter 8am your time definitely11:15
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w00ti can't give a precise timestamp11:15
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lbtyes, you should have11:16
lbtthe original SDK you used may not have had sdk-utils in it11:16
lbtso it won't have the updated version11:16
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w00tyou're right11:22
w00tinstalled sdk-utils now, thanks11:22
lbtyou're on super-fresh sdk then - please report anything wrong :)11:22
lbtespecially sb2 target related11:23
lbtzypper in  (zypper enabled) targets should work11:23
w00tuhoh :D11:24
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Stskeepsnotmart: urrgh11:34
Stskeepsnotmart: Sage: boost fix messaged up version numbers for libboost_thread-mt.so11:34
StskeepsSage: could you send a fix for that?11:34
notmarti think i'll have to package separately boost until the next mer release?11:36
notmarti can try to do a review for it as well btw11:38
notmartjust have to learn how to eheh :p11:38
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notmartoh noes! last change to boost was done in 2021 :p11:46
iekkuwho has invented timemachine?11:47
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kulvehmm.. too bad OBS doesn't stop building if I delete the package..12:11
kulvewasn't about that. Too bad OBS doesn't stop building if I remove the extra archs..12:13
kulvewell, maybe it does. Just with a delay12:13
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CosmoHillmorning folks12:19
sledgesafternoon CosmoHill :)12:19
CosmoHillclose enough12:20
sledgesit's p.m. already even in the "earliest" European country - UK ;)12:20
notmartStskeeps, Sage: http://review.merproject.org/#change,111812:21
Stskeepsnotmart: looks good, thanks12:22
notmartStskeeps: in the meantime i'll keep a boost copy on our repo since i guess it will go only on next release?12:23
*** wanggjghost has joined #mer12:28
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notmartStskeeps: err, http://review.merproject.org/#change,1119 actually, i did put the wrong date in the changes file12:31
*** panda-z has quit IRC12:32
kulvethat's why gerrit allows new patchsets for the same issue :)12:32
kulveno need to abandon between12:33
kulvealthough I don't see Change-Id: in there..12:33
notmartops, eh , never used gerrit, sorry :/12:33
notmarthow i should do?12:33
kulveare you familiar with git commit --amend?12:34
notmartthink so12:34
kulvewith my android builds the Change-Id comes there automatically, so I'm not sure how to add with mer. But with that Change-Id, you can change anything, amend the commit and re-push it12:35
kulvechange anything but the Change-Id in the git commit message12:35
notmartso in this case was 111812:36
notmartand goes in the commit message?12:36
*** jonwil has joined #mer12:36
kulvethat one (for 1119)12:36
notmartah, ok12:37
kulveandroid(?) somehow adds that automatically already when I "git commit" in my local tree before pushing it anywhere12:37
kulveor then it's just some configuration here..12:37
Stskeepsyes, there's git hooks that can be added i think12:37
*** niqt_ has joined #mer12:37
kulvenotmart: example: http://review.merproject.org/#change,88812:40
*** core_01 has joined #mer12:43
kulveStskeeps: what's my download directory for this branched repo: https://build.merproject.org/project/repositories?project=home%3Akulve%3Abranches%3Anemo%3Adevel%3Amw12:43
kulveall I can find are broken links12:43
kulveand empty directories12:43
Stskeepskulve: enable publishing12:43
kulveyeah.. forgot that. Is it off by default for branched projects..?12:44
Stskeepsin that same view12:44
Stskeepsit's rather inane default, but you can control it in osc branch --help12:44
kulvebut I guess the "Go to download repository" should still provide something else that 404?12:45
kulvewell, it works too after enabling that. So nm12:45
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lbtauri__: ping12:59
*** mdfe has quit IRC13:00
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lbtauri__: there's a new rolling release with new sdk vm and webapp and sdk-manage13:00
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auri__lbt: pong13:57
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC13:57
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lbtauri__: there's a new rolling release with new sdk vm and webapp and sdk-manage13:57
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC13:58
lbtI've changed sdk-manage and how we use sf13:58
lbtyou hopefully won't notice on a new setup13:58
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer13:59
lbtI doubt it'll zypper up correctly13:59
lbtessentially I mount the share at /host_targets/13:59
*** jaded has quit IRC13:59
lbtand /srv/mer/targets is internal to the VM13:59
lbtsdk-manage is used to install new targets13:59
lbtand it does an rsync to /host_targets14:00
auri__cool.. hwere can I download the vm from?14:01
lbtI think we may need the VM to do a target_sync on bootup14:01
auri__hmm we should.. however if multiple VMS use same home folder ..then we are screwed!!14:01
lbtwas going to say14:01
lbtthe plain Mer one is here : https://img.merproject.org/images/mer-sdk/14:01
lbtbut it didn't publish :(14:01
auri__SB2 basically writes to ~/.scratchbox2 .. so if we have 2 VMs running and they have been configured for different targets then what happens if we have target_sync?14:02
lbtI don't think of them as VMs - more one parallel system14:03
lbtso if you delete in one place it's deleted everywhere14:03
lbtsame for overwriting14:03
lbtbut all VMs see the same list of targets so should warn14:04
lbtanyhow ... only 1 VM for now :)14:04
auri__what about things like toolchains.. are they same across these VMs (including older versions)?14:04
auri__ya.. I made that a restriction in mer qtc14:05
lbtauri__: this is why I don't want to introduce multi-VM support 'today' :)14:06
auri__I agree .. something to look out for when that happens..14:07
*** yunta has joined #mer14:08
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Sagenotmart: thanks for the boost fix :)14:19
*** jayrulez has joined #mer14:20
notmartnp :)14:20
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glueckselfkulve: ping15:16
*** e8johan_ has quit IRC15:18
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kulveglueckself: pong. I merged your pull request without actually even checking what it contained ;)16:03
*** Aristide has quit IRC16:03
kulveI also added you as a collaborator there, so hopefully you can commit directly there now16:04
*** niqt has joined #mer16:04
kulveglueckself: feel free to experiment and don't mind breaking anything as it's so fresh thing still :)16:04
kulveI'll test it at some point but I don't have time to do it now.16:05
kulveglueckself: but very nice that you got around to it. Orientation detection is a nice thing to have and it probably won't need to much work eventually16:06
glueckselfI need it for myself ;)16:06
kulvethat's the best motivator :)16:06
*** niqt_ has quit IRC16:07
glueckselfbut i'll probably go the xrandr/xinput way, because I already have this part and still didn't ask about orientation support in plasma active16:07
kulvexrandr has its own downsides16:08
glueckselfmy current idea is a small python script, that subscribes to /org/maemo/contextkit/Screen/TopEdge and updates the screen16:08
glueckselfI've noticed that pa doesn't resize itself. all other windows (->kwin-active) do16:09
*** thopiekar has joined #mer16:09
glueckselfI don't know much about the internal stuff, that's just something, that works for me ^^16:09
glueckselfor are there other major downsides?16:10
glueckself(i don't mind lacking animations, the short flicker, ...)16:10
glueckselfbut from the sensor-perspective, probably we'll only need to fix processSample to work and gather the right data ranges16:11
glueckself(s/to work//)16:12
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:17
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CosmoHillyou guys ever booted up an old computer and can't remember the login details?16:27
*** SouL_ has joined #mer16:27
Stskeepsboot with init=/bin/sh16:27
CosmoHillit also seems to have booted into Solaris16:28
Stskeepsi'd just go for a drink then16:28
CosmoHillI either need to install a linux host and ssh into it16:28
CosmoHillor install a part build CLFS and use serial16:28
*** SouL_ has left #mer16:33
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kulveglueckself: the animation was the main downside I meant16:47
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC16:48
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leinirdamn... oh well, i'll have to build a couple of library packages as well to go with sketch ;)17:17
*** Aristide has quit IRC17:25
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samposw00t: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/qt-mobility/commit/d3a020fcc475e2a4560bbe3aff557fac601bd06419:18
w00tsampos: assign the mer bug to me and i'll try get to it soon19:19
CosmoHillhi w00t19:20
*** Aristide has quit IRC19:21
lpotterwhat about that commit?19:28
*** yashshah__ has quit IRC19:31
samposlpotter: it fixes mer#66419:31
*** Aristide has joined #mer19:31
[ol]Stskeeps: What's the reason to use %reconfigure instead of %configure in libfontenc? There are no patches being applied, so why recreating configure script is needed?19:41
lpottergrrrr.. they changed all the leads for qtmobility19:46
*** vpopov has quit IRC19:51
*** calvaris has quit IRC19:59
[ol]Stskeeps: OK, I found the answer looking at changelog. There was a patch applied some time ago, but it was dropped.20:00
*** Aristide has quit IRC20:00
[ol]Now, where can I get are all packages that were rebuilt in build:x86_64?20:02
[ol]Link "Go to download repository" from this page is broken.20:03
[ol]http://repo.ci.merproject.org/repos/build:/x86_64/Core_x86_64/ contains no packages. :-(20:04
vgrade[ol]: you need to enable publish flag20:07
[ol]vgrade: Sorry if I'm asking a RTFM question, but where can I enable this flag?20:10
vgrade[ol]: from https://build.ci.merproject.org/project/repositories?project=build%3Ax86_6420:10
vgradethere are some red crosses under publish20:11
[ol]vgrade: Thank you, found one.20:11
vgradeyou should be able to enable, ie convert to green ticks20:12
*** melonipoika_ has joined #mer20:12
*** Aristide has joined #mer20:13
vgrade[ol]: that's the usual procedure, but not sure as this is a new arch if thats all you will need20:13
[ol]I've selected "Explicitly enable" in All/All. There are no red crosses anymore. Looks like http://repo.ci.merproject.org/repos/build:/x86_64/Core_x86_64/ started populating. Where can I see the progress?20:14
*** melonipoika_ has quit IRC20:14
[ol]vgrade: All packages from Mer Core were rebuilt there for x86_64.20:15
vgrade[ol]: don't think you can20:15
vgrade[ol]: nice one20:15
*** 64MACM9N5 has joined #mer20:15
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[ol]Now I want to make another project to rebuild Plasma Active for x86_64. Can you advise where to branch it from?20:16
vgrade[ol]: look like its working alphabetically20:16
lbt[ol]: #active exists FYI20:18
vgrade[ol]: https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=Project%3AKDE%3ADevel20:21
[ol]vgrade: Is there a way to branch a project from MeeGo OBS to Mer OBS?20:22
vgrade[ol]: there is a version of active on the mer OBS but I think your x64 is on the Mer CI OBS20:23
vgrade[ol]: you would need to get your x64 port onto Mer OBS or MeeGo OBS20:25
[ol]vgrade: I don't quite understand. What's the difference between Mer CI OBS and Mer OBS?20:26
[ol]I'm new to OBS and don't understand all concepts yet.20:26
lbt[ol]: we have 2 instances setup in mer20:27
vgradeMer OBS is hosting building things which use Mer, https://build.merproject.org/project/list_public, like nemo mobile20:27
*** Aristide has quit IRC20:27
vgradeMer CI OBS is building Mer, for Gerrit CI20:28
*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:28
vgradelbt: sorry, you can probably explain better tham me20:31
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer20:31
lbtyeah CI is for production for the released code. Mer community OBS is for hacking in. The goal is no humans on CI machine.20:32
lbtonly automation bots20:32
*** melonipoika has quit IRC20:35
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[ol]OK, so how can I move my project from Mer CI OBS to Mer OBS?20:44
Stskeepsyou don't, at the moment - we have to integrate the port into release process and then it gets imported automatically as part of mer release20:46
[ol]Stskeeps: Now I want to build Plasma Active on top of Mer Core for x86_64. How can I import https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=Project%3AKDE%3ADevel to Mer CI OBS?20:48
Stskeepsyou don't, what we're doing at the moment is preparing it for inclusion, so it can be properly released along with20:49
Stskeepsi can't take the load of plasma active on that build farm20:49
[ol]Should I just use "osc co" from MeeGo and then "osc mkpac" in Mer for each package?20:49
[ol]OK, so I can use MeeGo OBS for that, right?20:50
*** alien_ has joined #mer20:50
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:50
Stskeepsyes, but there's no active link between mer CI obs and meego obs (or mer obs for that matter), it only comes as releases20:50
Stskeepsif you're a bit patient we can do it during this week but it's one of those things that has to be done properl20:50
[ol]What if I branch PA on MeeGo OBS and then build it using build:x86_64 in Mer CI OBS as an external repo?20:53
Stskeepsyou can't, no active link between them20:56
* Stskeeps has to go, sorry20:56
[ol]Can I just use external URL for repo packages depend on?20:56
lbtOBS doesn't allow users to do that kind of thing20:56
[ol]What's the reason for thislimitation?20:57
lbtnot allowing users to download vast amounts of arbitary binaries and then publishing them ?20:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:58
rcghmm looks like i can only make it to brussels on saturday evening/night20:58
M4rtinKself contained packages ?20:58
rcgactually planned to arrive in the early morning but some things got in the way...20:59
[ol]No, I mean not a link for downloading. Use case like using OBS for extra packages for some distribution which is outside OBS itself. Like rpmfusion for Fedora.20:59
lbtwe do have admin services to do that20:59
rcgat least the nemomobile, plasma active, and qt+mer talks are on sunday21:00
lbtcalle Download on Demand - but it's non-trivial to setup21:00
lbtalso there's a lot of work setting up prjconf etc21:00
rcghowever, nemomobile and plasmaactive talks overlap21:00
rcgactually wanted to attend the sailfish talk as well21:00
rcgplus some other interesting stuff on saturday21:01
* lbt is away for a bit - ping if needed21:01
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