Saturday, 2013-01-26

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timophfinally a time for meego obs' funeral04:15
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Stskeepslbt: yes, clean07:08
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Bostiknow that looks good, "Qt* ... Upgrade to 5.0.0"08:40
ka6soxmy granfather told me to never by a car with a "new" engine, let someone else find the bugs!.....similarly I shun away from X.0 releases08:50
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dm8tbrDirectory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug10:56
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CosmoHillwoof / morning13:02
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kulve"Build Results" still broken in b.m.o. Also the icons in are broken13:20
rcgkulve, if you look in the tabs at the top you can see a summary or so13:20
rcgthere you get similar info13:20
rcgjust a sec13:20
rcgthe tab is called "Monitor"13:21
kulvercg: ah, thanks13:22
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rcgand if you wanna get the url for the download repos you can get it via the "Repositories" tab13:22
rcgyw :)13:22
rcggreetings from cádiz btw ;)13:22
kulvehaving a good time? :)13:23
rcgbusiness trip13:23
rcgbeen quite a lot of work, but we achieved great results i think13:23
kulvebased on the google maps it looks like a nice place13:23
rcgit is :)13:23
rcgtoday i have a day off to enjoy the place before i leave tomorrow13:24
rcgbtw have you seen my post wrt to 3g?13:26
rcgturns out that the cdc_acm driver is also used for the 3g modem13:27
rcgnow i'm trying to get that thing to actually dial in13:27
rcgofono should work out of the box but i dunno how it integrates with pa as pa heavily relies on networkmanager13:28
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kulvercg: yeah, I do follow your blog :)13:30
kulvesomebody with 3g n7 should test nemo regarding that13:30
rcgkulve, do you have an installable nemo image?13:31
kulveno, not atm13:36
rcgaye, if you happen to have one i could test it13:37
rcgbut no need to hurry13:37
rcgam pretty busy with other stuff anyhow ;)13:37
kulveI created a new Mer SDK a while ago and still my clock goes backwards 2-3 hours every time I run "sudo mic" in the SDK..13:38
kulvercg: I do have a .ks somewhere I think, if you can't resist on trying at some point ;)13:38
rcgkulve, hehe, might try how reluctant i am once i find that .ks in my email inbox ;)13:40
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rcgbut again no need to rush13:43
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rcgbtw, wrt the rendering issues in the "app switcher"13:45
rcgi get very similar looking rendering glitches in the emumaster diskgallery13:45
rcgon archos g9 everything looks normal13:45
rcgand on archos g9 there are also no rendering issues in kwin13:45
kulveinteresting. I think those glitches were visible on x86 also..13:50
rcgi don't know if the kwin issues and the emumaster diskgallery issues are related13:51
rcghowever, the look astonishingly similar13:51
rcgit has something like a "mouse cursor trail" when things are moved... as if the screen is not properly cleared13:52
rcgiirc there is some opaque paint event setting or so in qt that could be related to this13:52
rcgbut that's a very long shot13:52
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lbtStskeeps: ping14:28
lbtoh nm 0.114:29
Stskeepslbt, will be at desk in 15 m14:29
lbtit's found the zero files from the busted prerelease, not the 0.2 I did this am14:29
* lbt goes to make soup14:30
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yuntalbt: you have 2 PRs waiting for you in github mer-tools/sdk-setup15:43
lbtok ty15:43
lbtcan you tidy up your IMG use too15:43
lbt50Gb of images :)15:44
yuntawtf, I did that couple days ago...15:44
yuntaare they still there?15:44
yuntaI just used big red cross button in imager15:44
yuntaisn't that enough?15:44
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lbtif you did it that's fine15:59
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yuntaok, I did16:33
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Stskeepson source package level16:57
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rsequeirHi there !17:46
rsequeirI am very interested in Mer project17:47
alteregoWelcome rsequeir17:47
rsequeircan somebody tell me which image to use for Pandaboard: OMAP4430 or OMAP4460 ?17:48
rsequeirnemo OS would be perfect17:48
*** fk_lx has joined #mer17:49
rsequeirthanks ! Looking at it..17:50
rsequeirIf I run the script: Workspace/Omap4/Pandaboard/mer-minimal-lipstick-pandaboard-armv7hl.ks17:54
rsequeireverything should be downloaded easily on my Ubuntu desktop ?17:54
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alteregorsequeir: No, in order to use that script you need to install the Mer Platform SDK:
alteregoThen download that script and use it to create an image:
rsequeirok will take a look at it from Monday (office), then come back to you if any questions18:00
rsequeirThanks alterego !18:00
alteregoNo problem18:01
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[ol]Stskeeps: I've checked in all necessary changes to build:x86_64 OBS project and requested full rebuild.20:00
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Stskeepsalright, it probably doesn't work atm, i'll wipe the binaries and it'll start from fresh20:01
Stskeepsie, wipe binaries in build:x86_6420:01
Stskeepsnot import :)20:01
[ol]How can I stop the rebuild then?20:02
Stskeepsno problem, it happens automatically, start-stop20:03
Stskeepswhat packages did you modify, just to check?20:03
[ol]It started already failing unpacking RPMs.20:03
[ol]binutils bluez gcc glibc gst-plugins-base hwdata iproute iptables kernel-headers libdrm libtalloc libxslt llvm meego-rpm-config net-tools nss pam perl ppl python rpm sgml-common shadow-utils zlib20:04
Stskeepsok, that'll be good20:04
[ol]All should be rebuilt from scratch...20:04
Stskeepsok, now it should work without failure to unpack20:06
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[ol]OK, now I'm taking a break to watch a movie. Hopefully rebuilt will be complete when the movie ends.20:08
Stskeepsyeah, or further20:08
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Stskeepsso far so good..20:28
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[ol]Strange. OBS rebuilds the same packages again. For example, attr was marked as succeeded, now it's marked as building again.22:18
[ol]Or gcc was marked as building some time ago, now it's marked as blocked.22:19
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lbt[ol]: these are build loops22:28
lbtobs builds bash... gcc uses bash in the build process so it's rebuilt22:28
lbtthe binaries are then compared and if no changes occur, the rebuild doesn't propogate22:29
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[ol]Wow... Sofisticated system!22:31
[ol]Sophisticated, I mean...22:31
lbtyes, obs is extremely powerful22:32
[ol]But what happens if some package doesn't converge to a stable state?22:32
lbt*g* ... like if there are timestamps in the binaries...22:32
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MerbotMer bug 21 in qt-mobility "qt-mobility has timestamps in debugsource" [Task,Assigned]22:33
MerbotMer bug 413 in .Project-core "Build loops happen" [Normal,New]22:33
lbtin that kind of case we have to understand and fix22:35
lbtit primarily happens in the low level build essential type packages22:35
lbtthe stuff that forms the initial architecture ports22:35
[ol]And what happens in OBS? Does the build never end until manually interrupted?22:37
lbtit's very rare22:38
lbtsee the attachment in 413 ?22:39
[ol]Attachment 12?22:41
lbtit's an obs build log22:41
lbtrun "osc help" sometime - loads of interesting stuff in there22:42
[ol]Something similar is happening in build:x86_64. For example, gcc was successfully rebuilt for 3 times already.22:42
lbt2 more to go then22:43
lbtit is kinda annoying from an efficiency PoV22:43
lbtbut the manpower to fix it vs the rarity and the fact that it's 'just' cpu cycles...22:44
[ol]Does gcc needs to compile itself 5 times to converge?22:44
lbtno, it's not the same as gcc stages22:44
[ol]Normal gcc bootstrap process converhes much faster. :-)22:44
lbtyeah ... that actually happens in *each* of the gcc builds AFAIK22:44
[ol]Yes, I understand. The code might be the same, but RPM built differently.22:45
lbtusually 3 stage (but it's been a long time)22:45
lbtlook at the code column22:45
lbtnotice how binutils actually changed on the 2nd build22:46
lbtthat forces another gcc build22:46
[ol]Yes. Existing compiler compiles gcc, then gcc compiles itself, then new gcc compiles itself again. Then gcc compiled by first gcc is compared with gcc compiled by the second gcc.22:46
*** zalan has quit IRC22:47
[ol]This way it's checked whether gcc compiled by gcc does the same thing as gcc compiled by other compiler.22:47
lbtright ,,, that's *not* what this is ... but conceptually similar with entire packages/toolchain/libs/utils22:47
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[ol]Is it possible to make "osc jobhist" work like job monitor (like "tail -f")?22:48
vgrade[ol]: is this building happenig on a public OBS?22:49
vgrade[ol]: never seen this bootstrap phase going on22:49
lbtisn't it on merci ?22:49
vgrade[ol]: lbt thanks22:50
[ol]vgrade: But this is not exactly bootstrap. It's full rebuild using packages bootstrapped manually.22:52
lbtwe abuse the word bootstrap :)22:53
[ol]I already have fully working Mer x86_64 virtual machine made of packages built manually (without OBS).22:54
[ol]slogin guest@mer-x86-64.infoserver.ru22:55
[ol]Password is the same as root password on Nemo Mobile.22:55
lbtI'm actually quite interested in how that may help in the build system22:55
[ol]And, BTW, you need to have IPv6 to log in. I have no spare public IPv4 addresses. :-)22:56
lbtjust noticed22:56
lbtsadly on my TODO22:56
[ol]Oh, come on. If you have IPv4, you can automatically have IPv6 /48 network block using 6to4. 5 minutes to setup.22:57
lbtI last had IPv6 working in 2001 :/22:57
*** fk_lx has quit IRC22:57
* lbt allocates 10m22:58
[ol]Or if you have no public IPv4 address, you still can establish a tunnel with using aiccu tunnel.22:58
lbtactually my ISP allocate me ipv622:58
lbtbut I have my own iptable fw22:58
[ol]Lucky you. My ISP seems to know nothing about IPv6. :-)22:58
lbtyeah - linux friendly22:59
lbtI just know it'll end up as a rabbithole22:59
[ol]You can copy iptables configuration to ip6tables one and change accordingly.22:59
[ol]If you have NAT for IPv4, replace it with stateful firewall for IPv6.23:00
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:00
[ol]Using state module.23:00
lbtyou know how theoretically you can switch from exim to some other mailer in 5mins23:01
lbtbut then you look at the 5000 scripts that hardcode exim-isms into them23:02
lbtand the hand crafted LDAP module23:02
lbtand the...23:02
lbtit's a bit like that23:02
lbteach individual bit is trivial23:02
lbtthe mesh of them all is not23:02
lbtand then, at the end of the day, I admit that I decide to spend my effort on Mer rather than that :)23:03
[ol]That's why IPv6 was designed to make transition smooth. It works well in parallel to IPv4. For the beginning you can just make a simple ip6tables configuration which allows outbound connection only. Then you can poke holes as needed.23:04
* lbt checks to see what's listening on ipv6 on his fw23:05
[ol]But you have no IPv6 now. What the point to allow incoing IPv6?23:06
lbtI have an ipv6 allocation23:06
lbtif I add it to my ppp0 I'll have it23:06
[ol]OK, here is example ip6table configuration which allows incoming IPsec, ssh, http and https:23:11
[ol]Replace "lan" with the name of your internal network interface.23:11
lbtjust looking how to get pppd to enable ipv623:12
[ol]It allows all outgoing connections from firewall (bastion) host and lan, and allows only connections to services mentioned above on the bastion host.23:13
[ol]Do you have PPPoE?23:13
lbtA INPUT -m ipv6header --header ah ?23:13
lbtand esp ?23:13
[ol]Yes, this is for IPsec.23:13
*** yunta has joined #mer23:15
lbtok - ty23:16
[ol]I presume, it accepts all IPsec packets, but they'll be rejected by the kernel ifthey don't belong to already established association.23:16
lbtI use tincd for my vpns23:17
[ol]Yes, but you can use IPsec in transport mode for some of your connections.23:18
[ol]Anyway it doesn't hurt in case you decide to do it later.23:21
[ol]OK, I'll be back in half an hour.23:23
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*** lbt_ has joined #mer23:29
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lbt_Thanks for the prod [ol] ... logged in23:42
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt23:43

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