Monday, 2013-01-14

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situ_Morning all04:57
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situ_iekku: ahoy05:21
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koala_Hello Stskeeps07:14
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Stskeepshey koala_07:14
koala_oh.. you are here...07:15
Stskeepsyeah, 8:15am here07:15
koala_Stskeeps: you are a early bird. If you don't busy, Can I ask something?07:15
Stskeepskoala_: sure, go ahead07:16
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Bostikoh, just realised one freaky corner case with webkit builds; if debug builds are done via crosstools (64-bit host, 32-bit output) and release builds are done "natively", there is a small but >0 probability of hitting a bug triage nightmare07:18
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Bostikin such a scenario release builds and developer builds are done *with different compilers*07:18
Bostikhunting down an obscure cairo bug triggered by bleeding-edge CSS transformation must be piece of cake compared to that horror07:20
Bostik(it took me ~8 days to find and pinpoint that bug...)07:21
Bostikone of the early ubuntu releases had just such a bug, and we hit it at work; openoffice's slideware would crash systematically when an SVG file was loaded but maintainer could not reproduce it - we could trigger it on any system and hardware07:28
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Bostikfinally it was pinned down, the bug surfaced *only* when OO.o was parallel-distributed-built (iow. release builds); maintainer tried to reproduce on his local build (single system)07:30
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JalenZhengHello everybody!08:34
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Stskeepshello JalenZheng08:34
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JalenZhengHow are you, Stskeeps08:35
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Stskeepsgood, thanks08:37
JalenZhengDoes anyone know whether there are interfaces/APIs for vibrator and LED flashing on Mer?08:38
Stskeepshmm, it'd probably be more of a #nemomobile question08:41
JalenZhengThanks! Stskeeps08:41
JalenZhengBut as I know, nemo is just a UI framework. Vibrator and LED should have more relation with Mer. How do you think?08:45
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StskeepsJalenZheng: nemo also contains a lot of middleware relevant to handset08:46
JalenZhengStskeeps: Got it! Thanks very much!08:48
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paquestion about sofiasip: is there any way to set a "dialing prefix" for a SIP account?09:34
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palike account-wide prefix09:34
paso that a contact that has phone number xxxx can be dialed by simply pressing on the (SIP) icon of the number, and the prefix is automatically added09:35
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dcthangDo someone know about GPS support for Mer?10:06
pagps support for which device?10:07
pai guess gps api are in qtmobility, but then a driver might be required for qtmobility.location to work on a specific device10:07
dcthangah for N9/N95010:08
Stskeepsno availability for n9/n95010:08
Stskeepsgps chip is closed10:08
paStskeeps, isnt it possible to use the same driver as in harmattan? or is that one compiled into the kernel image?10:08
dcthangany suggestions about the devices that support GPS with chip is opened?10:08
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Stskeepspa: userspace10:09
pai mean, module binary10:09
Stskeepskernel is just a shim10:09
paah okay10:09
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sledgesdid you have a good weekend everyone?10:35
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kulvehm.. is cobs has packages in queue and all workers are idle?10:40
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kulvelooks like b.m.o is having issues too10:43
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kulvecobs seems to be working again, b.m.o not10:55
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* sledges wants to test. Anything newer than henrik_ 6-20121115-132446/mer-sdk-i486-wip-sda.vdi.bz2 ?11:21
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lbthmm qtcreator won't run the mer plugin11:39
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lbtiekku: are you running bug meeting today ?12:00
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iekkuoh shit!12:00
iekkuyes i am12:01
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lbtauri__: ping12:45
auri__lbt: pong12:45
lbthey - so just pulled git to try and run some tests12:45
lbtHEAD merge won't run due to some dependencies (which is fine)12:46
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lbtI dropped back to "Mer: Remove "mer support" from Qt Quick Applicatino Wizard"12:46
lbtand that builds but seems to have 2 mer SDK plugin entries12:47
lbteg 2 icons, 2 sets of target mgmt12:47
auri__lbt: yup, you will need to do a clean build12:47
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auri__i sent a mail a few days ago regarding that12:47
* lbt looks12:48
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lbtha, OK12:49
lbtdid you get anywhere on a README about the files in the plugin dir?12:50
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auri__lbt: kinda.. working on it12:57
lbtty - it would really help12:58
auri__do you have some time now.. for a discussion12:58
lbtI have a meeting right now - but after that I'm on SDK all the time12:59
auri__ok.. ping me when you are back12:59
lbthopefully this won't take long either12:59
lbthmm - make clean and rebuild - still have 2 icons... ?13:02
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auri__lbt: looks like your lib folder still has the older libray13:07
auri__can you delete the lib folder in <QtCreator build folder>13:07
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Bostikguys, I need help with a technical term; there must be a nice term for the state where managing hacks and technical debt becomes more expensive than writing something from scratch13:55
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StskeepsBostik: Dilbert Universe?13:56
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BostikStskeeps: probably correct, but I'm pretty sure I've seen a "sophisticated" term in some management'esque literature13:57
alteregoAnyone got Mer running on a nexus 7?13:58
Stskeepsyes, PA works there13:58
alteregoI can get one half price ..13:58
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sledgeshah "Sinatra doesn’t know this ditty."14:02
kulvethat page makes it look like nothing works, but you can play e.g. full hd video in a composited mode etc..14:02
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Bostikhmm... Lehman-Brooks Law?14:03
rcgkulve, we should probably a page where we explicitly list what works14:03
rcg*add a page14:03
rcgthat is14:03
Bostiknot mentioned by that name in  but there's a paragraph which certainly would qualify for such a name14:04
kulvethere's something14:05
rcgkulve, aye ic14:07
lbtauri__: back now14:09
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auri__lbt: Currently in QtC, we call qmake and make while building the app14:12
BostikStskeeps: "Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution"14:13
BostikI *knew* I had seen a more formalised name for the thing14:13
auri__for deployment we call mb which rebuilds the app again.. can we avoid this?14:13
auri__rather how can we avoid this14:13
lbtwe certainl should, yes14:13
alteregoIs there a way to find out from make if anything needs to be done without actually doing anything?14:14
Bostikmake -n ?14:15
lbthmm. when you say deployment, you mean to build the rpm14:15
alteregoYeah, that's what I was thinking14:15
auri__mb is just a wrapper over rpmbuild .. and probably mb should just do "make install" or something like that14:15
lbtso getting rpmbuild to use the .o files14:15
sledgesBostik, you reminded me of what I was taught at uni. But I also read an article which stated, that writing from scratch will consume more time because one will have to go through most of those bugs again [found over extended period of time, too] (an example was given of Mozilla project, as it was rewritten and lenthened overall deliverables)14:15
auri__yes.. In Qtc it is package, deploy and run .. (all 3 kinda combined together)14:16
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lbtso we should have 2 deploy modes?14:16
lbtone is rsync/scp to device14:16
lbtthe other is rpm to device14:17
auri__i would say so14:17
lbtmy preference is to have the rsync approach be the normal way to go14:17
auri__in the first case we call qmake make and then scp the binaries etc..14:17
*** harha has joined #mer14:17
lbtand the rpm be something more like "package & deploy"14:18
auri__in the second case we call mb (with args preferably since it is quote dumb right now)14:18
auri__now, with mb , one cannot pass parmas to qmake14:18
lbtmb is there to help us14:19
auri__ok, stupid question but what is the advantage of mb? its just a wrapper over rpmbuild14:19
lbtit's a time saver - that's all14:20
Bostiksledges: I've must have seen that article too, and for really huge codebases I can't help but agree - it's the medium-sized systems that could be rewritten (and in the case I currently care about, a rebase for more recent and thus cleaner baseline)14:20
lbtauri__: the one thing I *do* want to do is try to keep as much logic in VM-side scripts as possible14:20
lbtthat is easier for everyone to change14:21
sledgesyup, huge codebases was in question, Bostik. Good luck with what you do!14:21
auri__ok.. but here mb doesnt provide any additional benefits14:22
auri__I may as wellc all rpmbuild .. and control the build steps14:22
lbtwell - no14:22
lbtthose steps may vary for different people14:22
lbtthat's why it's a script14:22
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lbtlet me remind myself of mb content14:23
*** drussell has joined #mer14:23
auri__ya, I mean from QtC, it would be a consistent set of steps.. and anyways, even the build steps in Qtc are configurable .. so shouldnt be a problem for a power user14:23
w00trsync, check dependencies, build incrementally (the important part)14:23
w00tif you just use rpmbuild directly, you're going to have to reimplement all of the parts that give you incremental builds14:24
w00t(putting source in the right place, tricking rpmbuild into doing the right thing, etc)14:24
auri__but isnt the source in the "right" place already? after all we are using shared folders14:25
lbtauri__: I'm already a bit concerned that QtC even knows about sb214:25
lbtrpmbuild needs src in ~/rpmbuild/BUILD14:26
w00tauri__: rpmbuild needs it in ~/rpmbuild/BUILD, so no14:26
*** phdeswer has joined #mer14:26
auri__w00t: why use rsync over simple copy?14:27
w00tauri__: to not touch things that haven't been changed, thus causing unnecessary rebuilds14:27
lbtw00t: it feels like mb isn't compatible with shadow builds14:28
auri__ok .. well then can we prep up mb a bit so that we get a bit more control over the build steps instead of trigerring a double build?14:28
w00tlbt: that is certainly true14:28
*** nester has joined #mer14:28
lbtw00t: I'd like qtc to use them as much as poss14:29
lbtit allows rsync of just the shadowbuild dir to the device14:29
lbtand then run from that14:29
lbtfor non-rpm-deploy runs14:29
lbtie make && run14:29
w00tI don't use shadow builds (duh), so this is kind of not something I have any real expertise with to make suggestions - I'm certainly not opposed to it growing smarter though14:30
*** pirut has quit IRC14:30
lbtit has implications in using qrc:: stuff to support qml finding14:30
kulveb.m.o still showing empty for "Build Results" in all projects? Just that "refreshing" animation circling around14:31
kulveand is there supposed to be shown only 4 workers?14:32
rcgkulve, did you try if building works nonetheless?14:32
*** crevetor has joined #mer14:32
kulveat least there are something building, so I guess that part works14:33
rcgat least the download repositories are still available14:33
auri__well "shadow builds" are good to support but first we need to avoid the double build.. apart from everything, it is just annoying14:33
rcgand iirc i also had something build that i uploaded with osc14:33
*** SouL_ has joined #mer14:33
auri__so how do you think we can do that?14:33
*** SouL_ has left #mer14:33
auri__w00t: lbt: ^14:34
lbtmulti-threading sry14:34
*** imunsie has quit IRC14:35
w00tauri__: hm.. double build?14:35
lbtauri__: initial focus is on make && run - don't use mb to make rpms14:35
lbtif rpms are needed then we suffer a double build for now14:36
* lbt looks at calendar14:36
auri__so we should support only scenario 1? build and rsync binaries/libraries?14:36
w00tah, qt creator make and mb make14:36
w00ti wonder if you couldn't actually possibly work around that through creatively setting OBJ_DIR (if the project didn't already have one)14:37
lbtauri__: when I press the green "play" button, don't use mb to make rpms14:37
*** norayr has quit IRC14:37
auri__you know that we have only the rpm approach in QtCreator right now14:37
*** ssirkia1 has quit IRC14:37
lbtauri__: no14:37
w00tauri__: you have linux device ssh support, which copies a binary over ssh and runs it14:38
auri__so what should pressing the "play" button do?14:38
lbtthe plugin is too complex for me to grok14:38
w00tpresumably lbt means that14:38
lbthence the need for a README14:38
*** crevetor has quit IRC14:39
lbtplay should make, rsync, deploy14:39
lbtsorry: play should make, rsync, run14:39
lbt(assuming we're building for a device)14:39
auri__ok.. well currently we support only the other scenario.. where rpm package is created..14:39
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer14:39
auri__guess we have work to do then..14:39
* w00t looks confused14:39
lbtso you currently do make, make, copy rpm, unpack, run14:39
w00tauri__: what does the "generic linux device" support do?14:40
w00tthat doesn't use packaging14:40
auri__currently we do qmake make and call mb to create the package14:40
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auri__w00t: The 'generic linux device' is still scp and run14:47
auri__we would like to have a Mer specific device and define the doplyment configuration for that device14:47
*** arcean has joined #mer14:48
auri__so as I see right now, we should have 2 deploy/run configurations 1) Deploy to Mer via scp and run 2) Create rpm package and Deploy to Mer14:49
lbtnow the point of rsync vs scp is that shadowbuild dir can contain additional assets14:50
*** calvaris has joined #mer14:50
lbtbut if we specify qrc:: only for the initial version I'm OK with that14:51
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yuntalbt: so, once again, if I just commit entire webapp bundle pkg (including gem tarballs) to a separate branch, will it work with right _service ? or is there something I can't see? doesn't your _service just pull the right tag content straight to osc sources ?16:23
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kulvewhy it has to be always such a battle to get anything usb related working on gumstix overo..17:19
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer17:21
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dm8tbrkulve: musb? or ehci?17:22
kulvebasically I need to get usb camera working. I don't care whether it works in host port or in OTG17:23
dm8tbrkulve: ehci should mostly work as long as you use USB2 devices or an usb hub. musb ports suck sweaty donkey balls...17:23
kulvedm8tbr: are you familiar how I should configure the kernel related to those?17:24
dm8tbrit's been a while since I've touched an OMAP3 kernel, but there should be plenty of known good configs around17:25
*** icota has quit IRC17:32
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kulvedm8tbr: e.g. what should choose for "Platform Glue Layer". TUSB6010 or "OMAP2430 and onwards"?17:42
*** mdfe has quit IRC17:42
kulveI'm guessing USB_MUSB_OMAP2PLUS and not USB_MUSB_TUSB601017:42
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Stskeepsevening Venemo18:34
UninstallDo you know about any arm tablet with some graphics acceleration that works with mer?18:34
StskeepsUninstall: archos g918:35
UninstallStskeeps: what does it uses as GPU?18:35
Stskeepspowervr SGX i think18:35
Uninstallcool. do they provide open source drivers? or just a binary blob for X11?18:36
Uninstalldo you know if it runs egl with extensions required for wayland?18:36
Stskeepsi think open source drivers you will only find on raspberry pi at the moment18:37
Uninstall <-- this one, right?18:37
Stskeepsthink so18:38
UninstallStskeeps: rpi has an open source wrapper to their buggy blob18:38
Stskeepsit's open source18:38
Uninstallhas anybody successful used android drivers on mer?18:38
Stskeepsi have, yes18:38
Stskeepson qualcomm, of all places18:39
Uninstallwhat have you done? used their closed gralloc with android EGL, right?18:39
Stskeepswell, it's rather that i found a way to use libEGL/GLESv2 from android with glibc based systems18:40
Uninstallon what hardware?18:40
Stskeepsqualcomm, as i just said, but others have done it on nexus, tegra2/3, etc18:41
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:42
UninstallI have no idea about which consumer hardware is using qualcomm ;)18:42
kulveUninstall: and
StskeepsUninstall: hp touchpad.. and many android handsets18:43
UninstallI had a really bad experience with Nexus 7... Qt5 was crashing all the time18:43
Stskeepswhat version of qt5?18:44
Stskeepsand what distro18:44
UninstallStskeeps: I've been using Active18:45
Stskeepsok, so it might be a old version18:45
Uninstallso I've installed Qt5 on it18:45
Stskeepsif it's the mer qt518:45
Uninstalland it crashed due some instruction not recognized18:45
*** mdfe has joined #mer18:46
Stskeepsthat doesn't sound good18:46
Stskeepsare you sure it isn't by chance hitting a LLVM error instead?18:46
UninstallI should check again, I didn't investigate too much the dump18:47
Bostik"instruction not recognised" ... SIGILL?18:48
Bostikhardfp / softfp mismatch?18:48
Uninstallmaybe ARMExecution.h or something like that18:49
Uninstalllet me check again18:49
Stskeepssounds LLVMish18:49
Stskeepsit means your EGL/GLESv2 isn't set up correctly useusually18:49
UninstallI'll check it again18:50
*** Superpelican has joined #mer18:51
Uninstallanyway I would really like to have some hardware with a good compatibility and acceleration... should I use the archos g9 instead?18:51
Stskeepsi think at the moment, the nexus 7 isn't a bad choice18:53
kulve"zypper install gst-plugins-base" pulls in wayland..?18:53
Stskeepskulve: you have mesa as your libEGL/GLESv2?18:54
*** rubdos has joined #mer18:54
kulvein practice yes, because my packages for my Overo are so badly named..18:55
kulveI'm not planning to run anything graphical, so it doesn't matter now18:55
Uninstallthis is with eglfs as platform18:56
kulvestill the dependency sounds odd18:56
Uninstallbut for every platform I get a different crash18:56
StskeepsUninstall: yeah, that's mesa talking to you18:57
Stskeepsis it nexus 7?18:57
StskeepsUninstall: you need to get nvidia's libEGL/GLESv2 implementation18:59
Stskeepswhich is possible to get, from what i know19:00
Stskeepskulve: it's not really odd.. mer core's mesa is generic and it speaks fbdev, x11, wayland19:01
Stskeepskulve: on a hardware adaptation without egl/glesv2 for x11, it doesn't drag in x11, as an example19:01
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CosmoHillhi ikona19:09
CosmoHillah wait, it's ikonia that i know19:09
* Stskeeps takes CosmoHill's welcome bot previleges away19:09
*** ikona has quit IRC19:10
CosmoHillhe's still welcome19:10
CosmoHilli mean when he's here19:10
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situStskeeps: You scared him :P19:14
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Uninstallunrelated: what about mer on raspberry pi?19:44
Stskeepsexists too, check the wiki19:45
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Stskeepsand this is when i discover my tv supports 720p mkv and i'm blown away by sharpness20:08
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kulvewhy gst-plugins-good is not part of Mer Core?20:16
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CosmoHillhi lbt20:56
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
* lbt thanks kde for crashing and taking out all his terminals and history. Nice timing20:58
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lpotterlbt: plasma has been acting up for me lately... going 100% cpu at times23:12
*** hyde has quit IRC23:12
lbtI'm having odd dbus issues - dbus-daemon --session is dying23:12
lbttakes all kinds of stuff down and can't easily be relaunched since the guid changes23:13
lpotterhmm.. mine too. I blame connman, but maybe its something else23:13
lbtthis is in my debian desktop fwiw23:13
lpotterubuntu here. running connman/ofono :)23:14
lbtso no connman here23:14
lpotterok. I'll start to blame plasma23:15
lbthmm - yes - .xsession-errors seems to have pointers to it23:17
lbtand then dbus errors start to appear23:18
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lpotterI get the same error, but also plasma-desktop(31964)/libplasma Plasma::isPluginVersionCompatible: unversioned plugin detected, may result in instability23:24
lbtI'm going to pull the latest testing plasma/kde libsa23:25
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