Friday, 2013-01-11

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CosmoHillhi slaine01:18
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situMorning everyone03:00
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situiekku: ahoy04:57
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davidqimorning all05:08
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davidqihi all, is there a desktop in mer ?07:47
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timophmer is just a base system07:51
timophyou might want to look at nemo, etc. things build on top of it07:51
davidqialso, what traditional desktop is most easy to port to mer?07:52
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kulveI would like to see xfce project for mer07:54
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kulvebut that depends on GTK (3?) and I think that's not in Mer, so there's quite a lot of dependencies missing07:55
davidqikulve: do you think xfce is easier to port than gnome?07:55
kulveyes. I think gnome includes a lot more packages and therefore would be more work07:56
kulveotoh, if one would like to have gnome, it might be easier to select ubuntu and not mer07:57
kulvesame probably goes for xfce too..07:57
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kulves,be easier,make more sense,08:02
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Stskeepskulve: there's a razor-qt at least, and maui project looks very interesting08:16
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davidqihi stskeeps, could you pls look at my previous question?08:19
Stskeepsdavidqi: it really depends on the kind of device you're making08:20
Stskeepswell i meant more like08:20
Stskeepsis it a laptop, is a phone, etc08:20
davidqia low-end phone08:21
Stskeepsbecause then you should really look at having a QML desktop instead08:21
davidqibut at least , it should support package manager08:21
davidqio, great08:21
Stskeepsas in, write a UI yourself, for touch08:22
Stskeepsi can't really help you there but look into QML in general, 'lipstick' framework might be useful for you08:22
davidqiin current mer, what kind of qt components are supported ?08:23
Stskeepsdavidqi: mer doesn't contain qt components, you build them yourself, but pretty much all of them08:23
davidqias we know, qml viewer must be there already08:23
davidqio? why qmlviewer can run without any more actions when I built mer recently?08:24
Stskeepsdavidqi: so, we support entire qt4 but it doesn't include QML components (a set of widgets, to illustrate)08:24
kulvedavidqi: I believe Qt is there. "qt-components" is some specific package08:24
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davidqio , that is why my qt5-qmake can not work well on mer sdk :)08:25
Stskeepsdavidqi: do you have working OpenGL ES2 on your board?08:26
davidqiStskeeps: what is the current qt version? 4.8?08:26
Stskeepsthere's both, 4.8 and 5.0.0-beta1 i think08:26
Stskeeps5.0.0 final is coming08:27
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Stskeepsbecause for 5.0.0 you would have to use opengl es2 for QtQuick208:27
Stskeepsfor QtQuick1 not so much08:27
davidqibut when I qt5-qmake & make an example of qt5, it can not run on mer08:27
Stskeepsit should be able to08:28
Stskeepsif you cross compiled it08:28
Stskeepsanyhow, i got to work a bit08:28
davidqisb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R qmake & make08:28
davidqiat that time, my qmake is "qt5-qmake"08:28
Stskeepsthe & make may be a problem08:29
Stskeepsyou need to do it on two seperate lines08:29
Stskeepsand not -m sdk-install -R :)08:29
davidqiI replace the qmlviewer under the desktop with the new example, but screen is black and blank08:29
Stskeepssu mer and then export DISPLAY=:008:29
davidqien , make is a separate line,08:29
Stskeepsand then try to run your binary08:30
Stskeepsi guess08:30
Stskeepswith qmlviewer still intact08:30
Stskeepsgot to go08:30
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davidqiOK, I will try, thansk Stskeeps and Kulves and timoph.08:33
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davidqiand also,  I 've ever mentioned my experience in this channel two days ago08:33
davidqireagarding mer sdk upgrading, if I do not do the upgrading, the mer sdk will be able to build a rootfs which can run on QEMU smoothly08:34
davidqihope you gurus can take a look at that if it is valuable08:35
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Stskeepslbt: something went wrong in release creation?08:48
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lbtI'm going to upgrade obs on mer community OBS - potential downtime09:35
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yuntalbt: any news about mer:tools process btw?10:13
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sledgesCOBS downtime yes :{10:34
lbtyeah - and it foobar'ed10:35
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CosmoHillsledges: i told you not to leave your drink on top of the server10:35
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lbtok - cobs should be back - may be more interruptions10:49
sledgeslbt, mind sharing which beer got spilled over?10:50
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lbtI'll hit merci soon11:17
lbtrelease is done btw11:17
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lbtStskeeps: for the Mer SDK VM (only) I'm proposing to use a Mer bg image as a splash-screen and then add logos from key contributors who ask. Currently that's Sailfish and I hope Digia11:52
Stskeepsmm, only if those logos are redistributable, which im not sure they are11:53
yuntacan't we have each vendor glue their logo on the generic mer splash?11:54
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lbtyunta: I would like Mer's VM to have contributor logos on it - it's good to see and recognise contributions11:55
Stskeepslbt: i think there's a legal problem in that, but i do agree on your point11:56
lbtthe vendors may have to provide suitable logos - but that becomes their issue (if they want to do it)11:56
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lbtjust starting the mer side of the conversation11:57
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yuntaah, you really mean mer-sdk-vm, not vendorized-mer-sdk-vm12:00
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lbtyunta: yes12:00
Stskeepslbt: i don't want to include any artwork i can't redistribute, is my opinion12:00
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Stskeepslbt: i'm OK with "contributions by" text12:00
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lbtand it may be that a logo that includes the text "contributions by" would work on both sides12:01
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yunta"significant contributors (as decided by mer board) may provide CC BY licensed logos with full indemnification document, for inclusion in mer-related materials"12:04
lbtyunta - also CC BY-ND I'd think and12:06
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yuntaand then we create indemnification document stating that signing party gives mer (and it's contributors (and users?)) full rights to use logo and related trademarks in all mer-related materials and products12:19
Stskeepsyeah, that sounds like a bad path to go down.. :P12:19
lbtcc by-nd is that document12:20
Stskeepsfwiw, by-nd even says you can't build upon it12:20
yuntaoh, it gives that, cool12:20
yuntaI expected it doesn't cover trademarks and such12:21
Stskeepseither way: i don't want to include logos or artwork we can't redistribute, or anybody can't redistribute12:21
Bostikhad to look up CC licenses, 'ND' is "no derivatives" which for corporate sponsors is what they should want12:21
yuntaStskeeps: that's why cc by-nd, you can redistribute it then, as long as it's still mer12:21
lbtso if the image has the text "contributions from" in it then I think that's reasonable12:21
Bostikbasically: "we're giving this logo for free distribution in the understanding that it won't be mashed up with goatse and tubgirl"12:21
Stskeepslbt: without the logos, right12:21
Stskeepsjust names of companies12:21
lbtStskeeps: actually I meant the png image12:22
Stskeepssorry, visualize it in words for me how it'd look like?12:22
lbt<div><small>contributions from</small> <img src="Sailfish logo"/></div>12:23
lbtrender that to a .png and cc by-nd it12:24
Stskeepslbt: i don't think that's a terribly good idea. there's always a lot of legal madness around logo usage - i can agree to contributions from: <names of companies, entities, etc>12:25
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* lbt looks at the "Mer is pragmatic" part of the mission...12:26
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Stskeepsi don't really want to include something in that you can't modify or build upon12:28
lbtwell, I'd agree for code - but for logos that go to show participation then I'd accept it12:30
yuntaI'm with lbt on that one, mainly because it doesn't make any sense to modify or build upon a logo :D12:30
* lbt looks at android robot logo12:30
lbtsynonymous but discrete - clever12:31
Stskeepsandroid logo has a open license12:31
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Stskeepseither way: i don't want to add something in mer that is impossible legally for the next person in line to modify and that's my opinion on it12:34
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sledgesStskeeps, any clues what might cause this stack overflow on Pandaboard when launching flickr-qml from within lipstick: ?13:10
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Bostikinfinite recursion in DRI path? yikes13:13
sledges8} where to look next, kernel's DRI?13:13
BostikI'd start by looking at the omap_dri2.c file, that complete/dispatch bingo looks like a handler ends up calling itself (hence, infinite recursion)13:15
sledgesyes, exactly what's on my screen now13:16
sledgesand that's because if (cmd->type != DRI2_FLIP_COMPLETE) is always true13:16
sledgesand/or if (!pPriv->pThirdBuffer) {13:16
Bostikwhere's the tree I can clone? :)13:17
Bostikbecause I'd dive next into all the places cmd->type is set13:17
sledgesI'm running
sledgesI still think this all will be result of symptoms, not the cause.. as the same code works fine on Nokia devices - with *NOK* etc GLES extensions13:18
Stskeepsguess why we want to move to wayland..13:19
* sledges fires up some breakpoints13:21
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Bostiksledges: I'm pretty sure it's not  pPriv->pThirdBuffer  case; triggering that one should produce a trivial infinite recursion (SwapComplete calling SwapComplete calling SwapComplete ...)13:31
Bostikthe oscillation between two functions points me towards the other case13:31
sledgesI'm debugging it now13:31
sledgestell me which vars you want :D13:31
Bostikcmd->type when entering SwapDispatch() to start with, just to eliminate doubt13:34
sledges(gdb) pcmd->type13:35
sledges$4 = 213:35
*** reels_ is now known as reels13:35
sledgesis weird - as I 's' through execution, it constantly resets to the beginning of function (new call interrupting?)13:36
sledgesit keeps hitting that breakpoint13:37
sledgeswill disable it for now13:37
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Bostikgah, that code makes my head hurt13:39
sledgesBostik, it does not crash when slowed down13:42
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sledgesmeans something is not waiting long enough13:42
CosmoHilli duno why I don't use linux on my mac, might as well13:43
sledgese.g. if I strace -p `pgrep mcompositor`, everything slows down and the crash does not occur13:43
CosmoHillif I want to update something I need to download libs, install them then install the thing I really wanted in the first place13:43
sledgesnow I stepped through breakpoints, and then let it go - did not crash13:44
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Bostiksledges: just an idle guess, but could it be related to vsync?13:56
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sledgesdunno, Bostik, but I will try updating to latest xorg-omap (0.4.2 instead of current 0.4.0) as there were some changes to that file14:02
sledgeslooking at log now14:02
sledgescan be this one
BostikI'll be off for the next few hours, babysitting...14:04
*** mbohlender has joined #mer14:04
sledgesbut I think I got to the bottom of this, fingers crosse(compile)d14:05
sledgesthanks for being my wingman :)14:05
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sledgeslbt, so nice the updated COBS finally does not spit red HTML code when changing Repo build/publish flags on Chromium ;) ta!14:14
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sledgeshow can I ask COBS to build with -O0 instead of -O2?15:01
sledgesinjecting it into (AM_FLAGS = ... -O0) does not get picked up15:01
lbtyou need that to be in the spec file15:03
lbtsee maximum-rpm for how the build macro works15:04
Bostikyou can try similar to what we have in qtwebkit spec15:04
sledgeslol # XXX: Remove debug symbols entirely, we're running out of linker memory!15:04
sledgesexport CFLAGS="`echo $CFLAGS | sed 's/ -g //g'`"15:04
sledgesworking by example was always my favourite :) thanks Bostik15:05
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sledgeshmm did not get picked up15:09
*** noch has quit IRC15:09
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sledgeshmmmmmm it -did- get picked up, my apologies :) thanks again!!15:13
sledgeshow's babysitting? ;D15:13
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sledgesBostik, Pandaboard is now under Mer/Nemo possession ;) all works! Thanks to Rob Clark:
sledgeshe happened to be around at #pandaboard and helped me out15:26
dm8tbrrob is a good guy :)15:27
Bostikbaby refuses to sit down15:28
sledgesmore guys like him and the world will be a better place :)15:28
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*** melonipoika has joined #mer15:38
kulvercg: looks like mtdev and xorg-x11-drv-mtev15:40
kulveare now part of mer core, so I guess they can be removed from our :common15:41
*** hazchemix has quit IRC15:43
kulvercg: maybe we need to add systemd-console-ttyGS0 as well (fork from systemd-console-ttyS0)15:44
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:45
*** zhxt has joined #mer15:47
rcgkulve, great :)15:48
kulvethat's the serial provided via g_multi15:48
kulveubuntu has a login there and by forking that package, we could have too. Just need to load g_multi automatically15:49
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kulveis it possible to have X.Org launching to a wrong tty or something? Everything seems to be running but I see just the text console..16:15
sledgessee Xorg options16:17
sledgesshould read vt116:17
sledgesps ax | grep Xorg16:17
kulveI think it is the vt1. I can't check now as I can't access the device..16:17
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*** phdeswer_ is now known as phdeswer16:23
kulveb.m.o broken? Or still being upgraded? "connect to cbe-vlan110:5252: Connection refused"16:24
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:24
kulvercg: That GS0 package comes from systemd. I just forked it and will add it16:24
kulvercg: how to make g_multi load automatically? "modprobe g_multi" to a start-up script?16:25
sledgesopen fine for me: https://build.merproject.org16:25
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kulveI get the same error with "osc build"16:25
*** calvaris has joined #mer16:25
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer16:26
sledgesyup, same here, bmo borked lbt ;)16:26
*** auri__ has left #mer16:26
rcgkulve, add to a file in /etc16:27
rcgjust a sec16:27
rcgkulve, have a look at MODULES_LOAD_DIR there16:28
lbtsledges: what error16:28
sledgeskulve's reported one: "connect to  cbe-vlan110:5252: Connection refused"16:29
rcgand the "echo"s to files in that dir for the different modules for autoloading16:29
sledgessame for me16:29
lbtyeah - I need better error reports guys16:29
lbtlike what you type to get it!16:29
sledgeskulve, please enlighten what you get with "osc build" :)16:30
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sledges(was it an answer within the question? ;))16:31
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kulveisn't that url enough?16:38
kulveit's broken16:38
kulvethe other thing that gets the same error is "osc build --no-verify latest_armv7hl armv8el *.spec"16:39
kulvelbt: ^16:39
kulvercg: great. Do you have any objections, why g_multi shouldn't be loaded always?16:41
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xardas008hi, has anyone tried to install mer on a samsung galaxy tab 2?18:13
*** melonipoika has joined #mer18:14
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xardas008or a similar device with a qualcomm snapdragon s4 plus msm8960 or similar?18:28
*** icota has quit IRC18:29
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Stskeepsonly snapdragon s3, hp touchpad18:39
xardas008so s4 won't work at the moment? Or just not tested?18:41
*** pohly has joined #mer18:41
Stskeepsdidn't test, but you need to lift a lot of weight with hw adaptation18:41
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xardas008hm, i think I will hava a look at how to install plasma active 3 on an micro sd hc and try to boot from it, so I won't damage anything and see what needs to be done18:48
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slaineSigh, third times the charm19:15
slaineof course if it had worked on the third time, I'd have been home by now19:15
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Jake9xxxardas008: or do adb backup first20:41
xardas008Jake9xx: i want to keep android and install plasma active next to it20:43
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kulveb.m.o still broken..20:51
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vgradekulve: Stskeeps
lbt"Code will be available when I'll find the time to clean it up" ... pfft ...23:04
lbtgeneral comment: I'm going to do a new release of Mer:Tools "RSN" ... look at  for details.  If you want any changes then please say ASAP23:07
vgradelbt: happy new years23:09
lbtvgrade: same to you matey :)23:09
lbthow's things?23:09
vgradenot bad23:10
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:10
vgradethat time of year23:10
vgradeto get organised23:10
vgradefor next year23:11
lbtI'm thinking about FOSDEM23:13
lbtand trying to sort out Mer's SDK area23:13
lbtand getting some personal projects done maybe23:13
vgradeFOSDEM would be good, jolla, mer, lima, flying squirrel, active23:15
vgradeI need a new sdk on a new f17 install23:15
lbtrolling release is pretty good23:16
vgradealso tried quickstart.rb tonight23:18
lbtdon't recall that23:18
vgradeour jenkins CI at work is ok but it still needs a lot of scripting23:22
lbtyep - boss would be fine wrapped around it23:24
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