Thursday, 2013-01-10

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situMorning all03:56
chriadamgood morning04:00
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situchriadam: Came early in office today ?04:03
chriadami'm in GMT+10 tz, so I've been here for a while :-)04:03
situIn Hongkong ?04:04
chriadamBrisbane, Australia04:04
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zhxtsitu: Hongkong is GTM+8 :P04:09
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situYeah, should've googled it first :P04:09
zhxtI'm  in GTM+8, but not Hongkong. hehe .04:12
jonwilI am also in GMT+8 and not in Hongkong :)04:17
zhxtjonwil: So, where are u? May I know ?04:21
jonwilAustralia :P04:22
zhxtoh. I'm in BJ,CN. hehe04:23
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Stskeepsi see the weekend has begun08:48
dm8tbrrcg wins an internt!08:48
rcgyay, one internet for me :)08:49
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Jake9xxStskeeps: ping on the mer ks08:50
StskeepsJake9xx: later today08:51
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Jake9xxStskeeps: no rush, just wanted a reply :)08:52
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rcgbtw, was actually waiting for ∞ + 1 jokes :D08:57
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dm8tbrrcg: that would just wrap into -∞ ;)09:01
rcgdm8tbr, lol :D09:01
Bostikaleph ½09:02
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rcgBostik, :)09:04
Bostiksomething to wrap your head around, certainly09:09
rcgi like hilberts hotel :)09:10
Bostikit made me cringe - "..because that problem is already solved"09:11
Bostikas a software engineer and architect, I get massive PHB vibes out of a statement like that09:11
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rcgwell, that's the benefit when dealing with theoretic concepts or the downside when being confronted with reality.. which ever way you wanna see it ;)09:13
rcgsame thing about proving correctness of software. it assumes that specifications are correct and complete, and most of all, that there is no semantic gap between involved people09:13
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rcgso when trying to apply this irl it all fails in the very beginning when the designated user talks to the software engineer ;)09:15
Bostikrcg: if my memory serves me well, Ada was a language explicitly designed to allow those type of proves; of course it also meant that developing anything complex became an exercise in futility...09:15
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rcgargh.. gotta catch the bus :/09:17
* rcg runs09:17
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kulvefeel free to add n900/n9/panda there :)09:40
kulvethere could be columns for PA/Nemo etc. to tell what extensions they are expecting for full acceleration09:41
kulveand I really should have ordered those before putting up there..09:42
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rcgBostik, i heard a lecture about acl2 once, which also aims on providing a language for proving correctness09:57
Bostikoh, hadn't heard of that one yet09:58
kulvercg: FYI:
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rcgkulve, thx10:09
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rcgkulve, i can add info about omap 4460 later today10:19
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kulvercg: that would be nice10:25
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rcgbtw. if you wanna try, i fixed emumaster such that it works on our version of plasma active :)10:26
rcgit uses opengl extensively for 2d painting10:27
rcgwith the snes emulation i get framerates of ~50fps10:27
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kulvercg: you should start filming youtubes for these experiments :)10:29
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rcghehe, i might consider this... but you know, there are only so many hours in a day ;)10:38
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auri__lbt: ping10:46
auri__lbt: ping10:47
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sledgesJake9xx, here's the isolated crash case .ks:
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sledgesposting here as it's not Nemo (minimal lipstick on top of mer-qmlviewer.ks)11:24
kulvercg: about the kernel. Should we update to the latest ubuntu kernel? It's based on the latest n7 android kernel + some fixes (and enables the login over usb)11:26
rcgkulve, sure11:26
rcgsee no reason why we shouldn't11:26
kulveyou had some CIFS and GPS changes, are those needed?11:26
rcghaving said something like "what could possibly go wrong" i am prepared for things to break in funny ways but i'd say we go for it11:27
rcggps nope11:27
rcgcifs is just the according setting in the kernel config11:27
kulvebut why? :)11:27
rcgsomeone mentioned issues connecting to a samba/windows share. i strongly suspect that this was due to missing cifs support in the kernel11:28
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kulveok, I should add that then11:28
kulveshould I just push my kernel to obs or do you want to test it first with PA?11:28
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rcgthat gps thing was more or less a crude try to get that to work so i wouldn't include that ;)11:29
kulveI could provide the /lib/modules directory and the zImage for easy test11:29
rcgkulve, nah, just push it and we'll see what happens11:29
rcgit's highly experimental anyhow11:29
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rcgkulve, i can try it then tonight when i'm back home11:31
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kulvercg: you have a patch there for "Fix-g_multi-USB-gadget-support" and ubuntu's latest kernel provides the serial over usb using the gadget. Will that conflict with the kexec stuff or something?11:53
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rcgkulve, don't know11:55
rcgjust give it a try11:56
rcgi can test tonight11:56
rcgif everything is built as module it _shouldn't_ conflict11:56
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kulveI don't push that anywhere yet. I'll give you the zImage and the /lib/modules directory. I don't want to break the kexec stuff too much11:58
rcgkulve, alright12:01
rcgkulve, one idea: could you branch the kernel and the moslo and push your changes to the kernel?12:01
rcgbranch on obs, that is12:01
rcgthis way we get readily usable images and if everything works we simply file a sr of the branch back to our "upstream"12:01
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sledgeshmmmm newer pvr-omap4 pulls in wayland dependency, and execution tries to pick it up (with Xorg running): PVR:(Warning): LoadWSModule: Window system module did not validate native display [98, /generic_ws.c]12:28
sledgeshope nothing major, still I loose any output on screen (drmOpen failed [120, /pvr_bridge_u.c]) because omapdrm_pvr.ko has been dropped from newer pvr-omap4...12:30
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rcgmeh.. pvr-omap :/12:37
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sledgesand pandaboard was supposed to be called a development board12:47
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kulvercg: actually I think your fixes and config related to this usb gadget mode could be perfect as that should provide serial AND ethernet AND mass storage? I got that compiled, will push to branched obs later13:16
rcgkulve, yep they provide both at the same time :)13:16
rcgthat's what you can do actually already now with the moslo13:17
rcgah, dunno about serial though13:17
rcgi just used storage and network so far13:17
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yuntashit, virtualbox also failed to build :(13:25
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rcgkulve, it's just pretty sad that the umts/hspa chip seems to have very bad support for linux :/13:38
Stskeepswhat chip is it?13:38
rcgXMM6260 aka X-GOLD 62613:38
Stskeepsthat has an open source RIL13:39
rcgthe tizen guys seem to have a bit of code that looks like a kernel module13:39
rcgoh really?13:39
rcgany hints on how i could use that?13:39
rcgi mean pointer to a howto or something13:39
kulvercg: if you mean the kernel side, shouldn't that be open allways and available in the google site.. Only the user space stuff could be closed..13:39
Stskeepsofono should really support infineon modems13:40
rcgStskeeps, great :)13:40
rcgthanks for that link13:40
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kulvercg: that kexec patch doesn't apply to the latest kernel..14:25
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kulvenm, trivial to fix manually14:34
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kulvercg: local build of kernel succeeded. It do now have your gadget settings and the patches (at least it should). I guess we could be bold and just upgrade..14:49
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CosmoHillhow are you?14:51
sledgesI am all right, and you?14:52
CosmoHilllack motivation14:52
sledgesto how much MeeGo and opensource is awesome, I never lack motivation there14:52
sledgesin the sh**tiest times one can still find the faulting source code line :)14:53
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CosmoHillthanks sleg15:13
CosmoHillsledges*, feeling a bit better, working on a site now15:13
sledgeskeep up the good work :)15:13
sledgeson site or on a site? :))15:14
yuntalbt: r u t?15:17
yuntawhat do I do now to make sure it progresses15:17
yuntai.e. is not going to be forgotten15:18
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lbtwon't be forgotten, Mer Core has a better task stack than Tools15:19
lbtStskeeps: can look at it - minor enough that it may get into next release15:19
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CosmoHillsledges: on a website15:21
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CosmoHillit looks ugly but the layout / structure is there15:21
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato15:21
CosmoHillnow to learn a framework >.<15:22
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yuntawhich framework?15:23
* sledges 's mind is read by yunta 15:23
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rcgkulve, would be fine for me15:27
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alteregolbt: ping :)15:31
*** Adityab has joined #mer15:32
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lbthey alterego - bit busy with rails update atm15:32
*** melonipoika has joined #mer15:33
lbtI can try to timeslice you :)15:33
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lbtalterego:  ok, some building happening - what did you need15:53
lbtsb2 issue?15:53
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lbtremind me16:02
alteregoang up16:02
alteregosb2 zypper up or in segfaults16:06
alteregosb2 zypper search works, but it wont install anything.16:07
Stskeepsyou should use -m sdk-install -R for zypper installations of any kind16:08
lbtoh yes16:08
lbtand clean up the __db files and rpm --rebuild16:09
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alteregoStskeeps: I know, still does it. Deleted the db files and rebuilt, same issue16:15
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CosmoHillanyone used the yii framework?16:39
*** arturo182 has joined #mer16:41
sledgesyes, the guys at #yii did :)16:41
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jayrulezI used Yii before17:11
CosmoHillhi jayrulez, cool17:11
CosmoHillI've just finished watching the screencasts17:12
jayrulezOk. I never watched them.17:13
CosmoHillI'm making a website for a hockey club with yii17:13
CosmoHilli know nothing about yii or hockey17:13
CosmoHill*ice hockey17:13
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sledgeswhere are -debugsource/info packages for xorg-x11-server ?17:33
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sledgesmore precise: I need libX11-debugsource package17:50
jayrulezThe docs are pretty straight forward and you can look into open source projects that use it. CosmoHill17:51
Stskeepssledges: /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-core.repo17:51
Stskeepsenable the debuginfo17:51
sledgesStskeeps, added debuginfo=1, did `zypper ref -f mer-core`, but still gives me only libX11 and -devel17:54
rcgomap4 supports astonishingly few extensions17:54
Stskeepssledges: mer-core-debuginfo17:55
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Stskeepslbt: please do full mer release18:00
lbtdid ssh change make it ?18:01
Stskeepsno, this is so i can merge some things and do a release quickly after18:01
Stskeepsjust to get it out the door as a stable point18:01
lbtOK - give me a bit18:01
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Stskeepslo merlin199118:02
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lbtStskeeps: X-Fade need to add qareports to mer DNS18:02
lbtCNAME phost1118:03
*** CissWit has joined #mer18:03
*** furikku has joined #mer18:03
*** rcg has joined #mer18:03
Stskeepser.. isn't the zone on airy?18:03
lbtnot really18:04
lbtit's on the migrated apps4meego thingy18:04
alteregolbt: so got any other ideas? :)18:04
Stskeepslbt: eh18:05
lbtalterego: no, sorry18:05
alteregoI would really like to have mer sdk running on my laptop ^.^18:05
lbtalterego: yeah. I'll get to it next week18:05
lbtreally sorry18:05
alteregoIt's cool :)18:05
sledgesStskeeps, got it, just replaced /packages with /debug in the repo URI18:05
sledgesheaps thanks18:05
alteregoI'll have a poke around myself and see what I can do :)18:05
lbt99% sure it's the sb2 lua rules18:06
*** tilgovi has quit IRC18:06
lbtI think the new zypper has some new utils which need to be id'ed and included18:06
lbtthe -next SDK has (I think) gone to non-accel for rpm18:06
lbtI don't know if that was released to -next/rolling18:07
lbtor just git18:07
*** nsuffys has joined #mer18:13
*** thopiekar has joined #mer18:14
lbt11.4 suse is getting v.old18:15
lbtwhy does my machine have to have screwed up DNS noq?18:24
*** ortylp has joined #mer18:29
*** edgar2 has joined #mer18:30
lbtnsswitch.conf is messed up :/18:35
lbtso my obs machine creation script is wonky18:35
lbtjust grrrr18:35
ka6sox-awaylbt, sounds like my day...everything I touch turns to mush.18:43
Stskeepsat least it's not monday18:44
*** jabis_ has joined #mer18:45
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ka6sox-awayStskeeps, thats the *only* good thing about far18:47
lbtka6sox-away: yup18:48
lbtnow my radiator valve just broke :/18:48
*** Superpelican has joined #mer18:49
kulvercg: thanks for the egl extension update. Maybe somebody with n9(50) could do the same? :)18:50
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:51
alteregolbt, at least your coffee machine still works :)18:51
alteregoSomeone killed mine -_-18:52
*** pohly has quit IRC18:54
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lbtalterego: just take it apart and fiddle19:08
*** hasselmm has quit IRC19:12
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alteregolbt: Not really sure where to start :/19:17
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:24
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merlin1991lo Stskeeps :D21:01
Stskeepsmerlin1991: how is it going?21:01
merlin1991okish :)21:01
merlin1991whatabout you?21:03
Stskeepsi'm good - visiting helsinki but going home tomorrow21:03
mikhashome is where my phone is?21:04
CosmoHilldon't talk to me about phones21:05
StskeepsCosmoHill: then you're in the wrong place21:05
CosmoHilli mean home phones21:05
CosmoHillI was on the phone to tech support and the guy was saying none of my phone sockets should work depsite me phoning from one21:06
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rcgdid cobs@meego just die?22:39
rcgalright, now it was the university vpn that was funky :/22:44
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