Monday, 2013-01-07

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davidqimorning all04:24
kyssemorning ( I slept about 1h )04:41
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situMorning everyone04:51
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Stskeepsmorn everybody05:31
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zengweitottyStskeeps: hi05:33
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zengweitottyStskeeps: last time,I talk with about ofono05:33
zengweitottythis time my modem can communicate with my S3C6410 board with AT commands.05:34
zengweitottybut when I use ofono to list-modems, it can not list my modem05:35
Stskeepsmm, i'm not really an ofono expert05:36
zengweitottyStskeeps: could you give me some advice about this problem/05:38
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wmarone_nvidia gone off the deep end05:39
wmarone_SDR modem to go with Tegra 4 and an Android-based portable game console05:39
Stskeepswmarone_: sounds like they're understanding the role of devices in the future05:40
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wmarone_oh the SDR modem is impressive05:40
wmarone_but the console...05:40
Stskeepsisn't that just the ouya kickstarter thing?05:40
wmarone_no, that's a Tegra 3 based micro set-top05:41
wmarone_this thing was announced minutes ago05:41
Stskeepsand is it another pandora?05:42
Stskeepszengweitotty: holtmann in #ofono is right, you may need to have a multiplexer driver in your kernel05:42
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zengweitottyStskeeps: Ok,thank you05:47
Stskeeps maybe05:47
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zengweitottyStskeeps: my modem has no AT command "AT+CMUX"06:43
StskeepsAT+CMUX=1 or =0 wasn't it?06:44
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zengweitottyI write AT+CMUX=0 it returns ERROR06:47
zengweitottyi write AT+CMUX=1,it returns AT-COMMAND Interpreter ready06:48
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zengweitottyStskeeps: Does it means I can not use ofono to use this modem?06:52
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Stskeepszengweitotty: well, 1 and 2 are only valid options06:53
zengweitottySorry, I do not understand what 1 and 2?06:54
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Bostikbrrrr, -8°C07:02
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zengweitottyStskeeps: Could you teach me what should I do next, thank you for your help07:05
Stskeepszengweitotty: i'm a little unsure, sorry07:06
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* lbt dreamed about rpm, zypper and sb207:19
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chriadamit doesn't sound relaxing, that's for sure ;-)07:20
lbtI realise zypper depends on libsolv-tools07:20
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lbtwhich means the lua mapping is probably missing some utils07:20
timophlbt: sounds like you need a bottle kossu07:21
lbtand the reasons I didn't like emulated zypper don't really make sense in a build target (vs emulator)07:21
lbttimoph: hmm - I'm game to try it07:22
timophnext time you're in .fi07:22
timophI'll get you one07:22
lbtI'm here07:22
timophhel or tre?07:22
timophhmmh. me and my big mouth07:23
lbtwe need a Mer sauna event07:23
timophwe do07:23
lbtOK, I should go to office now .... bbiab07:24
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davidqiStskeeps: is qt5-qmake installed in mer rootfs?07:37
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Stskeepsnot by default07:41
davidqiStskeeps: even in Mer SDK, the qt5-qmake is not installed by default, right?07:41
Stskeepscorrect, you need to install it manually07:42
davidqisudo zypper in qt5-qmake07:42
davidqiqt5-qmake -v07:42
davidqibash: qt5-qmake: command not found07:42
davidqidid you meet this error before?07:43
Stskeepsit's called qmake07:43
Stskeepswhen installed07:44
Stskeepsrpm -ql qt5-qmake07:44
davidqihow if I want to use qt5-qmake07:44
davidqi'qmake' not found in package names.07:45
davidqisudo zypper in qmake07:45
davidqiLoading repository data...07:45
davidqiReading installed packages...07:45
davidqi'qmake' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.07:45
davidqiNo provider of 'qmake' found.07:45
davidqiResolving package dependencies...07:45
davidqiNothing to do.07:45
Stskeepsthe command is called qmake07:46
Stskeepsthe package is called qt5-qmake07:46
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situI think it's in qt-tools in Qt5 ?07:47
Stskeepsso you install qt5-qmake package with zypper07:47
Stskeepsand then run it with 'qmake'07:47
davidqi$ qmake -v07:47
davidqiQMake version 2.01a07:47
davidqiUsing Qt version 5.0.0 in /usr/lib07:47
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davidqiso? how could I use qt5-qmake?07:48
Stskeepsgo read qt documentation :)07:48
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Stskeepsthat's an external component, you use it like you'd develop with qt507:49
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Stskeepszengweitotty: just a hint of advice, you're asking the wrong questions in #ofono - rejoining the channel and re-stating your question doesn't help08:19
Stskeepszengweitotty: i can recommend reading
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jukkaeklundstskeesp, sage, any news on updating webkit?09:14
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Bostikick, sounds uncomfortable09:21
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pcathmm.. it seems that zypper is a bit crazy about numbers, look at download size here :)09:33
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* lbt updates mer-core in SDK and it pulls in wayland.... <-- Stskeeps09:37
Stskeepsyes, wayland's jsust a lib09:37
Stskeepsdon't worry about it09:38
lbtwould it be sensible to be called libwayland then?09:38
lbtprinciple of least-surprise09:39
Stskeepswe call it what the upstream does09:39
Stskeepsthere's no such thing as libaugeas project, or Wlibwebkit09:40
Stskeepsand this is mesa pulling it in09:40
Stskeepsie, optional for devices09:41
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lbtOK - I've not looked at the packaging - libqt* from the qt src is what I was thinking09:43
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slaineMorning folks10:00
slaineHappy New year, back at work today after a nice break10:01
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sledgesw/b slaine, HNY!10:04
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slainecheers sledges, same to you10:04
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sledgeshow's your taek-won-do? :)10:07
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auri__veskuh: ping10:23
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auri__veskuh: .. is this bug still valid?10:23
MerbotMer bug 650 in QtCreator Mer Plugin "compiler dropped from Kit if VM is not available" [Normal,New]10:23
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veskuhauri__, hi10:38
veskuhauri__, I'll check10:38
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lbtauri__: happy new year :)10:46
auri__lbt: thanks..  wish you the same10:46
lbtI'd hoped to get onto SDK last week but screwed up my back10:47
lbtgetting better now and back on it10:48
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lbtjust going through some docs on making the other SDK components from scratch10:48
lbtand releasing a new platform SDK base RSN I hope too10:48
auri__ok. apostle had problems connecting to SDK via ssh after updating ubuntu ..10:49
auri__I hate auto corrections10:50
auri__he also faced a strange problem where sb2 qmake was not working10:50
lbtOK - I guess we should start bugs for these if they persist10:52
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yuntalbt: phaeron: Info: Loading dm_snapshot...12:41
yuntaError <creator>: Failed to find group 'Mer-OBS-development' : No Group named Mer-OBS-development exists12:41
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lbtyunta: aha - it lies to you12:47
lbtwhat it should say is "No Group named Mer-OBS-development exists apart from on lbt's machine"12:48
lbtbut, tbh, I thought I'd pushed that to rolling repo12:48
lbtmaybe I did and you're using an old ks12:50
lbtand Mer-OBS-development is now called Mer-packaging... yes, that's it ...12:50
kjokiniewhat is currently the "right" guide to setup sb2 targets for mer SDK?12:51
kjokinielbt? any guidance ^^12:51
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yuntalbt:  can I get your latest buildable sdk vm ks ? just in case there is more gotchas12:53
lbtkjokinie: what do you mean by setup?12:53
lbtmake a new one ?12:53
kjokinieif I try setting up the qmlviewer "mer-core" target as instructed in, my X11 restarts in the "mic create" phase12:53
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kjokinielbt: I started getting some weird rpm errors after updating mer SDK, so I thought I might have somehow outdated target12:54
lbtkjokinie: there have been some very annoying rpm issues recently12:55
lbtit's a horrendous interaction between zypper/rpm/libsolv/sb212:55
kjokinielbt: any known steps to get working sdk?12:56
lbtkjokinie: so is your problem with the target or the SDK ?12:56
lbtif it's the SDK then I think you need to manually install the latest zypper using curl/rpm - you also need the latest python-zypp from Mer-Tools12:57
kjokinielbt: well, the initial problem was that I was missing libtool from sb2 target, so I tried installing that -> fail. then I updated sdk, after which no zypper stuff worked anymore12:57
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kjokinieby zypper stuff I mean installing anything to SB2 target12:58
lbtit's due to a bug in mer core wrt too loose dependency for zypper/libsolv12:58
lbtsb2 zypper is different ... or maybe it's not12:58
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lbtcheck the versions of libsolv* and zypper in the target12:59
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lbtok - check them against mer-core13:01
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slainesledges: sorry for the lag, conf calls all moring13:01
kjokinielbt, btw those are in my n950 target... as I said, the mer-core target installing restarted X at mic create phase, so I could not create the target for mer-core13:02
slainesledges: Taekwon-do is going great thanks. Got my black-tag before xmas. Hoping I'll be eligible to go for the Black belt in June13:02
kjokinielbt: do you mean mer-core == sdk chroot?13:02
kjokinielbt: so libsolv is different... is that a problem?13:04
* CosmoHill waves at slaine and lbt13:06
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mikhasslaine, nice13:06
slaineHey CosmoHill13:06
slainemikhas: thanks.13:07
mikhasslaine, whats your age if I may ask?13:07
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slainewell, 37, almost 3813:07
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slainemikhas: started when I was a kid, left, did other martial arts, gave up on martial arts for years, went back just over a year ago and was allowed to pick up where I left off.13:08
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mikhassounds like a success story ;-)13:12
mikhasI am trying to get myself to the gym regularly these days, hard enough for me! But I kind of feel I need to pick up a real sport some day, as gym alone will get boring.13:13
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lbtkjokinie: probably :)13:15
lbtI'm in a meeting atm ... bbiab13:15
kjokinielbt: ok, I'll try to find something recent and tarballed in the mean time13:16
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sledgesmikhas, too true; gave up gym long time ago :)14:32
sledgescongrats slaine ! keep up the high kick ;)14:32
slaineI need to get back to the gym to up my training for the black.14:33
sledgessure, martial arts -specific conditioning14:34
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC14:34
sledgesalthough here we don't need gym, enough to do derived exercises on plain floor even for black belt and beyond:
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slainesledges: need to improve my cardio in general, but specifically for the amount of continuous sparing I'll have to do. That's mainly what I'm going to focus on14:38
*** Kiachma has joined #mer14:38
sledgeshmm, we spar constantly, but the learning method is fitness in itself, with occasional jogging for cardio if needed14:39
sledgesgetting OT here &}..14:40
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slainesledges: constantly isn't the same as continuously. I've 3 or more sparring bouts back to back. me Vs a, me Vs b, me Vs c, me Vs a+b...14:57
sledgesyou're talking about one of those grading exams (when in extreme cases e.g. other traditional arts you need to defeat a black belt in order to get one)14:59
sledgesbut summa summarum: cross sports (be it back-to-gym or anything else) is also a very good thing!14:59
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slainesledges: It's not necessary to beat the other black belts, but you have to show your proficient at sparing15:03
*** Milhouse has joined #mer15:05
sledgesyup, I was illustrating it more like a (true) legend of an extreme case :)15:07
sledgesahh the legend-shrowded Okinawa :)15:08
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yuntaFailed to build transaction : python-zypp- requires
yuntapython-zypp- requires
yuntazypper hell continues?15:13
*** Milhouse has joined #mer15:14
lbtyunta: yeah15:16
lbtyou need to manually get zypper+libzypp from Mer core15:16
yuntathat was during image building on i.m.o :)15:20
*** Milhouse has quit IRC15:21
lbtthe latest mer is foobar15:21
lbtuse an older one15:21
lbtor -next15:21
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:23
*** Milhouse has joined #mer15:25
*** pcat has quit IRC15:25
*** pvilja has joined #mer15:31
phaeronlbt: python-zypp is in mer-tools actually15:31
*** Milhouse has quit IRC15:31
*** pvilja1 has quit IRC15:32
*** Milhouse has joined #mer15:33
*** Estel_ has joined #mer15:34
*** Estel_ has quit IRC15:34
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*** dhfdhfg is now known as Estel_15:35
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*** FlameReaper has joined #mer16:31
veskuhauri__, finally got to the bug you asked to check and now it seems to work fine so I'll close the bug.16:32
auri__veskuh: ok thnx16:33
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:34
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*** rcg has quit IRC16:46
sledgeswhy does `zypper wp /usr/bin/lipstick` says 'No providers of '/usr/bin/lipstick' found.16:47
*** spinnerok has quit IRC16:47
*** slaine has quit IRC16:47
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer16:47
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*** dispeptic has left #mer17:00
mikhaswho's going to be @ FOSDEM?17:01
iekkutrying to17:02
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:04
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:04
mikhaswould be nice to see you there, iekku -- although it looks as if I am going to miss the beer event.17:06
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:07
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:08
*** Estel_ has quit IRC17:09
* dm8tbr is trying to go17:12
dm8tbrsee some people with familiar nicknames17:12
dm8tbrlike mikhas ;)17:12
*** Milhouse has quit IRC17:12
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:13
iekkumikhas, if i go i will keep up the jolla flag and i can talk to persons without beer :P17:24
iekkuif not wake enough to talk17:25
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC17:25
*** lbt has joined #mer17:25
mikhasyou have Jolla shirts, no?17:26
mikhasplease bring one L-sized for me, kthx?17:26
*** Milhouse has quit IRC17:26
*** Milhouse has joined #mer17:27
*** Master-Passeli has joined #mer17:27
iekkumikhas, we currently have only the sailor edition17:31
iekkumikhas, but let's see17:31
*** notmart has quit IRC17:32
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:33
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*** rcg has joined #mer17:42
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:44
*** notmart has joined #mer17:44
*** jmassot has quit IRC17:45
sledgesthe blue-white striped one? :)17:46
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC17:55
*** lbt has joined #mer17:57
*** Milhouse has quit IRC18:01
*** Master-Passeli has joined #mer18:03
Bostikfound a bug in qtbase.spec18:04
*** panda-z has quit IRC18:05
sledgeshw accel on Pandaboard curses, critical error?: PVR:(Error): ReleaseImageFromTexture: Unsupported pixel format [207, /eglimage.c]18:06
sledgesgd job Bostik !18:06
* Bostik rebuilding Qt5 for fun and .. profit?18:06
sledgesand pleasure, too :))18:08
Bostikmaybe not18:11
*** Milhouse has joined #mer18:13
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yuntaSage: sr #760619:19
*** diegoyam has quit IRC19:23
vgradekulve: wonder if Shield will be hackable19:39
RaYmAndepends on whether they outsource the software or not :P nvidia is certainly not bad at security, but vendors are horrific at it :P19:41
vgradeRaYmAn: I guess if they are wanting to attract the big games devs then they would need to lock down19:43
RaYmAnyeah (my comment was mostly about hacking against their will ;))19:43
*** rubdos has joined #mer19:47
*** yunta has quit IRC19:48
vgradeRaYmAn: good to see nVidia entering this market though19:49
RaYmAnIt's certainly interesting19:49
*** pohly1 has quit IRC19:51
*** mdg42 has joined #mer19:52
mdg42hi. Is it possible to run mer over *BSD?19:54
mdg42I'd like to avoid the linux kernel...19:55
*** Superpelican has quit IRC19:55
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox19:56
Stskeepsmdg42: no sorry, it's a linux oriented userland19:56
Stskeepsperhaps a virtual machine with linux within on top of bsd would work for you19:57
mdg42Thank you Stskeeps... I'm wondering where would be problems... what kind of linux-specific features does mer rely on?19:58
mdg42what are the differences between a standard linux installation (for arm of course) and the mer one? sorry for the noob question20:00
*** yunta has joined #mer20:04
mikhassystemd for starters, I guess20:06
*** fk_lx has joined #mer20:09
*** mikhas has quit IRC20:10
*** shmerl has joined #mer20:11
*** fcorrea has quit IRC20:15
*** fcorrea has joined #mer20:18
*** merder has quit IRC20:19
mdg42Now I must go... I'll return someday to talk about that :) thank you guys20:22
*** mdg42 has quit IRC20:22
*** ortylp has joined #mer20:27
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*** faenil has joined #mer21:02
Stskeepsevening faenil21:04
faenilo/ master21:04
*** TomaszD_ has quit IRC21:04
Stskeepshow's the exam prep going?21:04
faenilnot that good :/ I'm about to begin the code generation part...21:05
faenilwe'll see...21:05
rcgfaenil, chin up!21:06
faenilbeen through slr-lr-lalr, l/s-attributed grammars and all that stuff....I am about to fall in love with it :D21:06
faenilrcg, oh hey man, how you doing21:06
*** apostrophe has quit IRC21:07
rcgfaenil, quite good.. though, i am getting gray hair from trying to get hw-accelerated video playback on archos g9 to work ;)21:07
faenillol :)21:07
faenilnothing like n900/n950?21:08
rcgti omap, syslink, remoteproc, archos-foo kernel patches mess21:08
rcgStskeeps, how is it going?21:10
rcgfaenil, how many exams you need to do?21:11
faenilrcg, I'm just at the beginning of the master course, unfortunately :/21:11
Stskeepsrcg: it's going okay, in cold finland21:11
faenilrcg, so...about 12-1421:11
*** notmart has quit IRC21:12
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:12
rcgfaenil, yay, that's a lot. but even master courses eventually end, so go for it21:13
faenilrcg, yeah, I know...21:13
rcgStskeeps, i see.. here it is astonishingly warm for the time of year21:13
Stskeepsmasters was the years that disappeared the fastest for me21:13
Stskeepsand no, i didn't drink a lot21:13
faenilit's just that there are so many better things to do at the moment :P21:13
rcgStskeeps, ;)21:14
faenilStskeeps, lol :D21:14
rcgfaenil, that's completely normal and a very good sign that you are a healthy masters student :D21:14
faeniltrue that anyway, 2 years go by fast21:14
faenilrcg, ahaha :D21:14
*** XenGi has joined #mer21:15
*** diegoyam has joined #mer21:16
*** XenGi has quit IRC21:16
*** XenGi_ is now known as XenGi21:16
faenilStskeeps, so, what happened recently? anything relevant?21:16
Stskeepsnop, go on with your studying21:17
faenilalright daddy :)21:21
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:24
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*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer21:57
*** plfiorini has joined #mer21:57
*** thetet has joined #mer22:00
Stskeepswasn't there a site with ruote and nice drawings at some point?22:09
lbtfor mer?22:09
lbtthe internal boss server has a web ui22:10
Stskeepsin general22:10
Stskeepslike, explaining concepts in process definitions22:11
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer22:15
*** pcat has quit IRC22:27
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*** pvilja has quit IRC22:38 obs is in deep dreaminess...22:39
faenilStskeeps, ping22:42
* lbt suspects NW issues22:43
lbtserver is idle22:43
deztructor_lbt: but it does not reply to me22:44
lbtnor me22:45
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC22:45
*** Martix has quit IRC22:45
deztructor_so, maybe it is just drunk :)22:45
*** zenvoid has joined #mer22:48
*** Aristide has joined #mer22:49
lbtees back22:50
*** chriadam|away has quit IRC22:51
M4rtinKgood good :)22:51
*** cristi has joined #mer22:52
*** Aristide has quit IRC22:55
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