Friday, 2013-01-04

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caroanyone messed w these ubercheap mkt6575 based chinese phones. any successful mer flashes?00:21
caroalternately, anyone soldered more RAm into a n900 successfully?00:21
caroUbuntu already has nightly builds of ROMs for recent google/samsung hardware at - saw that 3.3 kernel rolled in some amt of android changes. im wondering how differne tit is now00:23
caroin short, this N900 is long-in-the-tooth, has bad EMMC blocks or something, a cracked screen, a flaky USB connector, and too few RAMs, and i want t be sure my next Hardware purchase runs Mer before pulling the trigger00:25
caroits looking like just getting most common nexus hardware is the way to go, since other distrii will adapt whatever ubuntu did kernel/udev wise (if they even needed to post 3.3)00:25
caro seems like the common generic-as-f**k arm mainland sht now00:27
carono point witing for tizen hw, esp if its html5-apps only...00:28
yuntaI'll wait for jolla phone....00:32
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caroeven Ubuntu is only talking 2014 "maybe" for hardware00:34
caroyet.. it already runs on google nexus00:34
caroyet theres millions of perfectly android-kernel capable cheap china phones on ebay/alibaba/taobao today00:34
caroso. im not really interseted in waitinf ro a few ex-engineers with no market clout to hopefully get hardwar eout htere00:34
caroesp after waiting years for n950 vaporware, and seeing Elopification of Nokia, and Tizen, Meego, OpenWebOS and all sorts of other fragmented vaporware00:35
caroso i guess i'll just buy one of these cheapass things. suspet cyanogenmod can trivially run a Debian chrot00:35
caroim afraid of bricking it mainly. i defintiely want to get mer going on it if it hasnt been done already00:36
carobut forums are jjust full of bricking chat. n900 is basiclaly unbrickable00:36
caroso, if anones boughta bunch of mtk6577 and similar phones, and found a particularly unbrickable one, i'm all ears00:36
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caronor do i care about non HTML5 UIs. hard to get intersted in QT00:52
caroso theres absolutely no reason to wait for Jolla, and they couldnt possibly have anything to do wiht commoditization of vanila-linux/mer -capable hw as such a bit player00:52
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caroanyways, things are shaping up nicely with vanilla/android kernel mergers, ubuntu already running on android kernel, and  bottom falling out on cheap android devices00:53
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yuntableah, android, ..00:53
caroi'll take whatever drivers/kernel i can get at this poitn00:54
caro2.6.28 is a bit long in the tooth, and my hardware is failing :)00:54
caroGMA500 was such an unmitigated nightmare on linux, that i have basically 0 interest in waiting for stuff to be in vainlla. more interested in patching distrii to work on android's kernel00:54
carowith whatever proprietary drivers mfr's had to ship00:54
carounless RMS's magical laptop is still in production, and theres a 5-7" tablet version00:55
yuntavery well, just don't tell me I didn't warn you, when you see the jolla phone out00:55
* caro will wait a bit00:55
caroim sure it will be like 399$ or something00:55
caroand be a PITA to remove QT from00:55
carofirefoxOS is basically waht i want00:56
ShadowJKI wonder if the cheap androids have basically blob-only kernels00:56
caroits rife with GPL violations, tomfoolery, cyanogenmod trickery, and HALP messages on xda-developres forum00:56
yuntawell, I don't know about price, but it will be mer-based so should be relatively easy to put whatever toolkit you want on it00:56
caroNemoMobile seemed really slick00:57
ShadowJKI assumed firefoxos is like tizen.. especially since they have it also running inside desktop Firefox?00:57
caroyeah, jlla/tozen/ffox are all talking HTML5 "Apps"00:58
caromisc committees and W3 groups are trying to sort of standardize it, before an ecosystem even exists00:58
caroonce firefox launches on N900 it is fine, speedwise, until RAM runs out, which is pretty quick ;)00:58
caroone thing i did was replace /brower-daemon (preloaded microb (firefox)) instance with a 'sleep 86400' script which saves 80 MB of ram00:59
caromaemo has a proprietary watchdog that starts restarting stuff yo try to kill.. and if you kill teh watchdog it reboots00:59
ShadowJKIt's pretty trivial to disable it01:00
carochromium in a debian chrot stopped running01:00
carowith no informative errors as to why01:00
caroit was some realy old -esr bui;ld of like -r465 of chromium from 2010 in sarge/squeeze or sometihng that ran01:00
caroi cant even find it anymroe01:00
ShadowJKI never tried chromium, but if in did I'd go find the native un-chroot build01:01
carothe main problem si01:01
caroa plugin "ChromeTouch" or similar for touchscreen to work correctly is required01:01
caroand, JS has to be enabled, per-page for that plugin to load01:01
caroand JS running willy-nilly on an old ARM is just not good01:01
caroso i use firefox/noscript01:02
caroin a chroot, which will work until Jolla phone is out i guess01:02
ShadowJKBrowserd doesn't lock any of itself in ram, so killing it/replacing it mostly has the effect of disabling the SMS and Maps (which are essentially HTML apps)01:02
CosmoHillnight night01:02
caroyeah. i just replced it with a script that slept forever, and reboted..01:03
carotracker was easy enuf to kill also01:03
carolots of DBus type crap left though01:03
caroand pulseaudio01:03
* ShadowJK booted Linux inside JavaScript qemu inside browserd on N900 ;P01:03
caroi really want a "suckless" distro01:03
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caroLennart may be a nice guy, but i dont want his 100s of daemons and wonky DoEverythingKits01:03
caroat least on 256mb of RAM01:04
carodmix/dsnoop/aloop for audio routing01:04
carochromium on x, no Gnome/GTK crap01:04
ShadowJKYou didn't want/try kill ohmd? :P01:04
carosome ridiculously stupid JS script to control headless ekiga for voip/01:04
caroand im good01:05
caroeveyrthing else can be in browser01:05
M4rtinKI met Lennart in person once :)01:05
M4rtinKlooked like a normal guy :)01:05
M4rtinKdidn't spoke with him though01:05
ShadowJKcaro: I think you'll appreciate:
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carosome decent mer comments01:14
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davidqimorning all01:57
davidqiI am following 'platform and sb2':
davidqibut in the section: Compile the simple C program, when I run:sb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R zypper in glibc-devel01:58
davidqiI got results:01:59
davidqiLoading repository data...01:59
davidqiExit reason and status: signal 11 (core dumped)01:59
davidqihave you guys ever met this ?01:59
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chriadamdavidqi: try just: sb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R02:03
chriadamthat'll drop you to a root sb2 prompt02:03
chriadamthen try running zypper in glibc-devel, and see if it gives you a more informative error02:03
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chriadammost likely, something which zypper depends on is broken in your chroot (perhaps /var/run or one of the rpm db locks)02:03
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davidqichriadam: just follow your guides, then results: Segmentation fault (core dumped)02:07
davidqichriadam: do you mean, I should unlock rpm db, or /var/run?02:09
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chriadamdavidqi: no, I just meant that zypper depends on certain things, and that it is possible that one of the things it needs is broken.  I don't know what might be broken, a segfault could be anything02:09
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davidqichriadam: do you know where to find the rootcause ?02:26
chriadamyou can try rebuilding the rpm db02:27
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davidqichriadam: when I run: sb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R rpm --rebuilddb, there is no any result showed. is this normal ?02:34
chriadamdid you do it in one step, from within the mer sdk chroot, or in two steps?02:35
chriadami don't know what information gets hoisted out of the scratchbox environment to be displayed in the mer sdk chroot, is all02:36
chriadamin short, I would expect _some_ output, if you ran it within the sb2 prompt02:36
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davidqisame results! one step and two steps02:39
davidqithere is no results, just back to prompt --- mer sdk prompt, or sb202:39
chriadammaybe it just silently succeeds.  in that case, it seems the zypper problem is unrelated to rpm.02:41
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davidqihope so, but it is very strange, for example, I run "rpm -a" , but nothing seems happened02:42
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davidqilbt: could you please see my problem also ?02:47
davidqiI am really confused, I think I am strictly following the guides in, but zypper in glibc-devel could not complete correctly.02:48
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andre__Good morning :)04:05
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lpotteroohh... connman 1.10 released. good thing too, as my hack needs that05:02
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situMorning all06:56
chriadamgmorning situ07:00
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Stskeepsgood morning all08:19
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niqtmorning Stskeeps08:27
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davidqimorning stskeeps08:28
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pcathi, does anybody know the cure for this?
Stskeepsshow me the .ks/09:33
pcathere it goes
Stskeepsi think the latest release hasn't been imported into repo.merproject.org09:35
pcatok, will try to revert to old repos09:36
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CosmoHillMorning, how is everyone?09:43
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sledgesFriday moarning!10:01
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niqthi sledges10:44
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Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: ping ?13:58
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Stskeepswhats up?13:59
Sfiet_Konstantinmay I have some information about breeze and storm in the zephyr project13:59
Sfiet_Konstantinnow trying to have fun with zephyr14:00
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Sfiet_Konstantinzephyr is rather a failure now, since eglfs is not available ???14:34
Sfiet_Konstantinwill try later14:34
Stskeepsit might be in progress atm14:35
Stskeepsyou need a framebuffer at least14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinbefore getting a framebuffer, I need to know what is a framebuffer :D14:35
Sfiet_Konstantinthese notions are rather blurry for me at the moment14:35
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sledgeswell, frame is what you see on screen at given time ,Sfiet_Konstantin14:53
sledgesbuffer is a placeholder in memory14:54
Sfiet_Konstantinhow to get one ?14:54
sledgessee if you have /dev/fb014:54
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ...14:54
Sfiet_Konstantinwill check that14:54
sledgesquite amusing, e.g. on Android you can cat `/dev/zero > dev/fb0` and screen will go black :D14:55
sledges`cat /dev/zero > dev/fb0`14:55
sledges`cat /dev/zero > /dev/fb0`14:55
*** Jucato has joined #mer14:56
sledgesshould work for most *nix-based systems which render to fb14:57
sledges/dev/urandom is even more fun :)14:57
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sledgesa project branched  depends on package X.16:41
sledgesa branched project depends on package X. how can I make it pick it up from a branched package X' instead?16:41
sledges(all branched under my home)16:41
sledgescontext: OBS :)16:41
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sledgesgot it: just add and build against that home:branches repo of my own16:46
sledgesgotta love OBS16:46
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Stskeepsevening vgrade :)19:35
*** rcg has joined #mer19:36
vgradeHi Stskeeps19:44
Stskeepsout at pub or at home today?19:44
vgradethat felt like a long week, even though it was a short week19:44
vgradestarted back at work on Wed19:45
vgradejust reading Carls Mer presetation from QtDD19:45
*** zhxt has quit IRC19:46
vgradealso noticed we have some v6 webkit packages :)19:46
* vgrade hugs Bostik 19:47
vgradeeglfsrpi needs a rebuild , then I can try snowshoe19:48
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Bostikvgrade: aye, I put a raspi target up to prepare for my next hack21:17
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:20
vgradeBostik: thanks21:23
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vgradeBostik: I need to redo the eglfsrpi platform plugin and qt-wayland-rpi needs an update also21:24
vgradeto work with Qt 5.0.0 final21:24
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trip0mmm... qt521:26
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vgradetrip0: Happy new year21:56
trip0we are still alive!21:59
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CosmoHillindeed we ZOMBIES!!!22:01
CosmoHilloh wait, it's just the wife and kids22:01
*** Master-Passeli has joined #mer22:02
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Bostikvgrade: sounds ever better, I'm putting wayland on bb22:19
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer22:19
Bostik...both my rasps22:20
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vgradeBostik: on raspabain?22:26
*** jcran has quit IRC22:26
Bostikvgrade: basic weston running already on one, albeit with raspbian22:28
Bostikmer + qt5 is for the next one22:28
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC22:29
Bostikthe build instructions we currently have ... may need a few updates :)22:29
vgradeBostik: had it running on beta and 0.85,
*** ftonello has left #mer22:31
vgradewas waiting for 1.0 and Qt final to do proper writeup22:31
*** rcg has joined #mer22:32
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BostikQt final and wayland is bit of a problem, qtwayland isn't included at all in 5.0 release22:39
Bostikbut we kind of knew that in advance22:39
*** spinnerok has joined #mer22:44
vgradeI saw some gerrit updates to QtWayland for 1.0 wayland release but that was in Nov I think so before Qt final22:46
Stskeepsat least i have it working on 1.0 fairly nicly22:46
vgradeStskeeps: on qt final?22:48
Stskeepswith ccustom checkout of qtwayland22:49
vgradeStskeeps: ok22:50
BostikI'll catch up tomorrow, now off to bed22:50
vgradeBostik: night22:50
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