Friday, 2012-11-23

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halVIII__morning sonach00:52
sonachhalVIII__: hey :)00:53
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BatuhanI didn't expect such a crowd03:17
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hellowhere  i  can  see  the  log  yesterdat  ?05:15
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zhxthello:  here is it.
situMorning everyone05:29
hellothanks  zzhxt05:34
helloi   fand it   much  time!05:35
zhxt hello: you're welcome.  : )05:35
zhxthello: yeah.05:36
helloi  from  hainan   pro05:37
zhxthello: I'm working in BJ.05:38
hellohow  do  you  think  mer'S SDK05:38
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Stskeepsgood morning all06:16
ravirdvgood morning06:16
hellogood  morning06:17
Stskeepswelcome to all the newcomers, if you have any questions on Mer, feel free to ask at any time :)06:18
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Stskeeps[ol]: scratchbox2 package, but weird it even has a list06:28
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Bostikmorning, people06:51
StskeepsBostik: was good seeing you at slush06:51
BostikStskeeps: likewise06:52
Bostikand that of course holds for the whole crew06:53
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MFaro-Tusinoif i get stuck with building the sdk, who is up for helping me :D07:11
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Bostikoh, right... qt5-beta2 has indeed dropped some of the required modules from "essential"; no wonder there weren't tags in all of them09:32
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khertani'm curious about something, mer use cobs probably the most active and important project of meego cobs, but who own the architecture and paid for it ? the lsf ?11:09
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Stskeepskhertan: mer itself is built on mer owned servers, many use cobs but the mer copy there is an import11:10
khertanah ... good11:10
Stskeepswe have a server budget of roughly 500eur/month paid by some contributors11:10
khertanyou host also nemomobile ?11:11
Stskeepswe're in midst of moving nemo, yes11:11
khertanStskeeps, thx for the information11:12
khertanmaybe you know if some have plan for apps 4 meego ?11:12
Stskeepsthat i don't know11:12
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khertanbecause currently nemo is clearly missing some app developper love, and there is no real solution for publishing apps for it (because apps4meego is almost dead/down don't know if it s really dead)11:13
Stskeepswell, we have a package manager11:14
khertanyeah i see it, we can't ask user to add repo for each apps :)11:14
khertanoh ! yes ... i forgot that ... there is a shared community repo !11:16
khertanps : the package manager is really nice11:16
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Stskeepshello ws, Morpog11:18
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faenilkhertan, qwazix changed the main page icons some weeks ago11:19
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StskeepsMorpog: welcome to #mer, so what brings you here? :)11:19
Morpog:-) just following the development11:21
Stskeepssure :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time11:21
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dm8tbrlbt: should we try to migrate the mailing lists? seems like quite some spam getting through11:41
sledgesgood brunch noon!11:43
CosmoHillhi sledges11:46
* sledges would be up for a nice English brunch, but forgot the wallet &(11:47
sledgeshello SouL_11:47
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CosmoHillsledges: you scared him off11:50
sledgesthat person was brave enough to say hi after the English brunch bit - nothing can scare them off I think :D11:51
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kulveStskeeps: looks like ubuntu's evdev Xorg driver uses mtev. Any plans in bringing that to Mer? Currently the Xorg's evdev doesn't understand the kernel's  multitouch evdev interface and I guess quite many android based kernels may support only that11:53
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Stskeepskulve: hmm, we have -mtev available too11:54
Stskeepsthough not in mer, i should really put it there11:54
kulveyes, but wouldn't it be easier to have one evdev driver that would suite the tradition single touch as well as the newer(?) multitouch?11:54
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faenilStskeeps, where are the sources of MerSDK? there's a spelling mistake in the main SDK screen11:57
faenilI mean sources of the vm image11:57
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Stskeepskulve: hmm, i've never really had success with the evdev one for mt12:11
*** whi5key has quit IRC12:11
kulveStskeeps: I just realized that the upstream evdev uses alread mtev, so it's not (just) ubuntu's changes. I'll see if I have the time to try it out12:11
sledgesfaenil, which package is it?12:13
faenilsledges, I want to fix the spelling mistake in the main SDK screen12:13
kulveStskeeps: Ubuntu seems to have only one patch against the upstream evdev (use-sigsafe-logging.diff) and their evdev works with n712:14
sledgesis it bash login prompt ?12:14
faenilsledges, nope, the graphical one, with the blue background12:14
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Stskeepskulve: ok12:21
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kontiofaenil, I think lbt repo is the master here: but not 100% sure...12:30
faenilStskeeps, ..12:31
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faenilkontio, alright thanks ;) I'll wait for a confirmation from someone from Jolla :)12:34
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sledgesMer SDK existed also before Jolla ;)12:46
aportaleauri__: I assume that an SDK installer will have to do this ( cross-platform manner)12:47
auri__aportale: this is what comes up when I start my VM12:48
aportaleauri__: Actually, that's wronng12:48
aportaleauri__: Yep, that is not for the host12:48
auri__I dont think that should be part of the sdk installer12:48
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aportaleI just upgraded the mer SDK via web-based config tool, and now after reboot the web service is not running. Any idea to to manually launch it?13:08
* aportale needs 6 minutes for a 1st-time build of "hello world" app: Something is seriously misconfigured on my system.13:09
sledgesweb-based config tool = OBS aportale ?13:10
aportalesledges: No, I mean the new web interface for managing the SDK, targets, toolchains, etc.13:11
sledgesniiice I'd like to try that one. How come didn't hear anything about it13:11
aportalesledges: It is fairly new. Not sure if it already has a proper name :)13:11
sledgesuntil now good old command line interface worked fast for me :)13:12
sledgeslink? ;)13:12
aportalesledges: Try
sledgesafter installing SDK you mean?13:12
sledgesis it in a VM as well?13:12
aportalesledges: After launching the MerVM13:12
sledgesok, so it's the VM SDK13:13
aportalesledges: I only know it running in side the VM. But it may also just work in a chroor scenario, I guess.13:13
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sledgesthe only chroot commands I use are sdkroot mount and enter13:14
sledgesdoubt that they spawn a webserver..13:14
sledgesvery interesting though, gotta try vm and investigate ;)13:14
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alteregoIt's designed to work in chroot as well.13:34
alteregoBut you'll have to as lbt how the services get started13:34
alteregosledges: ^13:34
alteregoThe chroot images are generated the same way and with the same packages as the VM images, it's all Mer :)13:35
sledgesI think there are differences in -vm- image (it recently was renamed to -wip- instead). Probably SDK just starts the osc daemon and no magic required, but now I'm setting up VM SDK, to know what is where13:36
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sledgesalterego, aportale: in chrooted mer sdk there is no /usr/lib/sdk-webapp-bundle/ , so web interface is from a VM currently (I'm using 31st october chroot sdk image btw)13:58
aportalesledges: I use an image that is about 2 weeks, and that was one of the first images having that web interface.13:59
sledgeschrooted or vm ?14:00
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yuntaI think (newest) sdk-webapp and sdk-manage are not yet "in". they are in mine and henrik's repos. we'll sr them soon.14:07
sledgesthe vm sdk is already pointing to henrik's repo, and renamed as -wip-14:08
sledges(pointing as in wiki)14:08
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yuntaah, nice14:12
sledgesyunta, that's how we got that cunning ruby web interface ;) keep up the good work!14:13
*** dmch has quit IRC14:13
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yuntayes, henrik and mruk did a good job14:19
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wspilotcannot clone mer-qt-creator. anyone else having the problem? if not, please ignore (then its possibly the comp network setting)14:21
*** iceslide has joined #mer14:21
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Psy-Qwspilot: am cloning it right now, seems to work. the one from
*** FSCV has joined #mer14:24
*** logro has joined #mer14:24
Psy-Qthe wiki says mer-qt-creator is hard to build, but it seems to just build out of the box on debian wheezy?14:25
wspiloti use this: git clone git:// mer-qt-creator14:25
*** calvaris has joined #mer14:25
Psy-Qwspilot: works for me14:26
Psy-Qno prob :)14:26
*** logro has quit IRC14:27
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Stskeepskulve: what evdev version is that?14:29
*** vpopov has quit IRC14:29
Stskeeps(sorry, bit comatose today so a bit slow :)14:29
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lbtPsy-Q: did you get the private headers?14:44
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer14:48
*** ridikulus_rat has left #mer14:49
Psy-Qlbt: yes. everything compiled, boom, go, now it's running14:49
Psy-Qjust fooling around with the designer now14:50
lbtyep - same here .. but I sure don't want a journalist evaluating it :)14:50
*** ian--- has quit IRC14:51
*** ian--- has joined #mer14:51
Psy-Qwell, if that same journalist ever tried the android sdk with its ten bazillion trillion platform-specific extensions and targets..14:53
Psy-Qi had more issues getting that to run than getting mer-qt-creator up and compiling something just now :)14:53
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kulveStskeeps: I just checked the HEAD of the git15:21
kulvesomebody from the #ubuntu-arm confirmed that it "works" although he didn't at least yet get the Invert/swap options working15:21
Stskeepsi do recall ubuntu's multitouch isn't exactly xinput2 though?15:22
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*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake15:23
kulvethis is guy is using debian, afaik15:24
kulvebut no idea about xinput215:25
Stskeepsi'll take a peek at it once i've fully recovered from this week15:25
SouL_I'm using debian15:27
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azurewoodanybody running sailfish on his/her phone?17:09
Stskeepsprobably a better topic for #jollamobile :)17:09
Stskeepssailfish is made up of mer core (here), nemo middleware (#nemomobile), and sailfish ui + 3rd party offerings (#jollamobile)17:10
*** Adityab has joined #mer17:10
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vgradeevening all17:21
Stskeepsevening vgrade :)17:21
vgradehi Stskeeps , congrats on the week17:22
*** SouL_ has left #mer17:22
vgradebet you're all a bit tired17:22
Stskeepsliked the show though?17:24
vgradeyea, wishing I could make it. team intro was inspiring17:24
faenilhard on emotions :)17:25
faenilthat music is so cool...17:25
vgradeStskeeps: I thought i'd have a look at latest maliit on eglfsrpi , seems as if there is a qt5 plugin and maliit framework support17:27
vgradeStskeeps: unless its been looked at elsewhere17:31
vgradeI also did,998 earlier in the week17:32
Stskeepsyou should fix your signed-off-by17:32
Stskeepsyour name isn't ubuntu, but it's supposedly legal as a name in uk17:33
RaYmAnStskeeps: hah, awesome video :)17:35
*** cat_x301 has joined #mer17:37
*** Zvjer has joined #mer17:37
Stskeepshello Zvjer17:38
StskeepsZvjer: welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?17:38
Zvjermy phone brings me here, typing slowly from N917:39
Stskeepshehe :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out17:39
Zvjeris there any work going on on making a sailfish os image for n9? where can I read more about that?17:41
StskeepsZvjer: #jollamobile 's more likely to be your place, but at the moment, only parts of sailfish that's out there is Mer Core + Nemo Middleware and the SDK is getting polished17:41
sledgesjoin ##wewantsailfish17:41
Zvjerwait, let me go on pc17:42
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer17:43
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Zvjermuch better now17:44
*** halVIII_ has quit IRC17:46
Zvjerso I joined17:46
*** ortylp has joined #mer17:47
CosmoHillyay pc17:47
*** halVIII_ has joined #mer17:48
*** melonipoika has joined #mer17:51
ZvjerI don't like this app, must get myself BitchX :)17:52
sledges:))) I see which year you are coming from17:53
sledgesfirst thing I looked was bitchx months ago, but had to settle with irssi17:53
sledges(problems or no bitch for N9..)17:53
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rcgevening all20:56
rcgis there already someone working on a hw-adaptation for nexus 7?20:57
*** ortylp has quit IRC20:57
Sfiet_Konstantinrcg: don't think so20:58
Sfiet_Konstantinbut shouldn't be that hard, ubuntu works on it20:58
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rcgSfiet_Konstantin, yeah, just checking to avoid duplicate work ;)20:59
rcghowever, i guess i wont find time for it soon as i am fully loaded with work20:59
rcgbut in case anyone needs some testing i could quickly install it21:00
rcgotherwise, i could, maybe in one or two weeks, look into getting a kernel ready for mer based on the ubuntu one21:00
*** zalan has quit IRC21:06
SpeedEvilnexus 7 'phone' would be amusing21:06
SpeedEvil(the one with 3g)21:06
faenilrcg, vgrade was looking for a spar enexus7 to do that :)21:13
*** lardman|home has joined #mer21:15
CosmoHillhello lardman, how's the sofa?21:16
rcgfaenil, right, i see21:18
faenilbut he hasn't found it so far afaik21:18
rcgwell, to be completely accurate it's also not mine.. just got it for the office21:18
*** SouL_ has left #mer21:18
rcgbut as we are researching, one type of research could be to put an android alternative on it :)21:19
rcgand it's "just" the 16gb model21:20
rcgbut better than nothing :)21:20
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