Friday, 2012-11-09

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pqvgrade, but you didn't have a wayland-aware X wm, or did you?06:07
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vgradepq, yes I was using xwayland server. Xorg -wayland --rootless :006:19
vgrademorning btw06:19
pqthe server does not have a wm06:19
vgradepq right06:19
pqweston has a built-in X wm for xwayland, so I was wondering if qt grew a similar one06:20
pqah, ok06:20
pqweston's X wm is in the process of being split out of weston's process, so maybe it will become a reusable component06:21
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vgradepq, 27783.995] (EE) wlshm(0): host server does not support xserver extension. Where does the xserver guy hang out?06:31
vgradexwayland I mean06:33
pqvgrade, Tiago Vignatti and Daniel Stone, both can be found on #wayland. Though Daniel just left for weekend, but may pop in later.06:34
pqso daniels and vignatti on freenode06:35
pqI think that error means, that your wayland server does not advertise the xserver extension. You'd probably need weston for that, with IIRC06:36
vgradethanks, off to day job will check this weekend06:37
MichaelWuHi, anybody got experience with libhybris? And how to use it with Android binaries? I built it in Mer SDK environment. But it makes me confused: if A links bionic libc, but B links to glibc, is it possible to run A and B with same LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting?06:42
pqvgrade, I checked the xserver code, and it indeed is expecting the "xserver" interface to appear in the wayland server globals06:45
pqvgrade, weston-info should list it, when it is available06:45
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pqvgrade, whee, daniels appeared :-D07:24
danielsi can neither confirm nor deny such rumours07:24
Sage_Stskeeps, lbt: is there %{mips} or something in .spec macros?07:26
Sage_Stskeeps: wtf
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Bostikthat looks familiar07:36
Bostikoh sorry, hadn't seen in lucene files before07:37
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Sage_lbt: thx for the tip, fixed the build for mips :)07:43
pqaah, these are now in a more friedly format to read than an HTML patch: :-)07:44
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: would help if we would list the exact gcc options that are used with which arch, and which options are not compatible in some wiki page.07:46
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Sage_Stskeeps: can you abandon,714 there is new to fix that.07:51
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CosmoHillMorning .o/08:21
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Sage_Stskeeps: gerrit and mer processes hate me atm. :P08:31
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lbtmorning all09:40
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auri__lbt: morn09:54
lbtmorning auri__09:55
auri__I saw that you have a talk at NA DD09:55
lbtyes :)09:55
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lbtand there's a Jolla talk focusing on the SDK too09:56
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auri__so you have 2 different talks?09:56
lbtI'm doing a Mer talk09:56
lbtmore about how it is of use commercially09:57
auri__ok.. btw your affiliation is shown as jollamobile09:57
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auri__whereas someone else has affiliation as Mer.. :)09:57
lbthmm - I updated it last night so it should show both09:57
auri__are you attending berlin DD too?09:58
lbtsadly that's pre-slush so I just don't have time09:59
lbtI would have loved to talk about Mer ther09:59
lbtdoes my affiliation look correct now?10:00
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CosmoHillwhen did I disconnect?11:27
leinirabout three minutes ago11:29
leinir(with only someone leaving as activity in the meantime)11:29
CosmoHilli came back and my laptop screen was blank and not responding11:29
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leinirApparently your computer had gone to sleep, according to the quit message :)11:32
CosmoHillmakes sense but it should have woken up11:32
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CosmoHilli think i need a new mac soon11:40
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rZrCosmoHill, i think mac need you to think that :)12:06
CosmoHilli dropped it on monday12:07
CosmoHillmy friend's dropped it onto my desk leg and put a massive dent in it12:07
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aportaleis anyone here familiar with the mb command? I would like to specify where the .rpm package gets created.12:13
Stskeepsw00t: &12:14
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w00taportale: o/12:14
w00ti'd guess we'd need to look at rpmbuild's options12:15
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aportalew00t: OK. I could also do without hacking the mb script if I can safely assume the full path name of the resulting .rpm. How is mb used in practice by You?12:17
w00thack hack hack, run mb, scp ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/{noarch,armv7hl}/*.{arm,rpm} root@, install/upgrade RPMs, test, repeat cycle12:17
Stskeepsjust remember the rpmbuild/BUILD, BUILDROOT, RPMS, etc is standard rpm insanity12:18
Stskeepsthe rpmbuild/ can be elsewhere though i think12:18
aportalew00t: Ok, thanks. You confirmed my fear ;) I'll just hack then.12:23
aportalew00t: and the scp line comes just handy. Will be part of the deploy steps in Qt Creator  \o/12:24
* w00t looks forward to trying it12:24
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aportaleStskeeps: It would actually be cool if the rpmbuild dir was per-project and just a subdirectory, there.12:26
aportaleStskeeps: So, it would also end up on the development host in the current shared-home-folder scenario12:27
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Stskeepsaportale: well, you can vary the place of rpmbuild12:27
Stskeepsie, the root it's using12:27
* aportale googles12:27
Stskeepsw00t: url of mb?12:28
w00tStskeeps: should be in sdk nowdays12:28
Stskeepsaportale: i think it's something as silly as --define '%root' or something like that..12:28
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Stskeepslet me see if i have a copy..12:28
aportaleStskeeps: Indeed. root it is12:28
w00tStskeeps: canonical copy is in
Stskeepssearch for buildroot12:30
Stskeepsthis is one area where i absolutely hate rpm12:31
aportaleStskeeps: Should be "--root". However, mb assumes ~/rpmbuild12:31
Stskeepsnah, --root= means sysroot like12:31
Stskeepsrpmbuild --define "_topdir $HOME/rpmbuild"12:32
Stskeepsfor example12:32
Stskeeps_topdir is what contains RPMS BUILD BUILDROOT SRPMS etc12:32
w00tStskeeps: there are some bad assumptions in mb itself, though12:32
Stskeepswell change your assumptions then ;p12:33
Stskeepsanyhow, --define "_topdir" should allow it to relocate12:33
aportalew00t: What do you think, should Qt Creator call mb or directly rpmbuild?12:33
aportalew00t: (I am not aware of the can of worms waiting for me when going raw rpmbuild)12:34
w00taportale: using mb gives you the smartness of syncing source trees and stuff for "free" ... so I'd think it makes sense to use that - lbt might have a $0.0212:34
Stskeepsaportale: well, i can only say that you better have a good therapist..12:34
Stskeepsand mb wraps things nicely12:34
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aportaleok, mb it is. The scp hack does not feel that bad after thinking of rpm ;)12:35
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aportalew00t, Stskeeps: Thanks, so far. I think I know what to try (scp hack)12:37
* lbt was afk for a bit12:37
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lbtaportale: ty - I'd rather use mb and fix any issues in there; that way we have a single(ish) script to manage building rpms12:39
* w00t tears up thinking that he's actually made something useful for once12:40
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Stskeepslbt: didn't you add some kind of thing that allowed us to extend sb2?12:42
Stskeepsrules in $HOME12:42
Stskeepstell me what it was?12:43
lbtwas looking - thought it was on the wiki12:43
lbtin ~/.sbrules12:43
aportalelbt: Ok. I will now push the change that calls specify/mb. Will care for the .rpm on Monday. Today I will create that webview mode we talked about.12:45
*** clopez has joined #mer12:49
Stskeepslbt: any examples of sbrules usage?12:53
Stskeepsand not only use_outside_path12:53
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aportalelbt: About the mer-target-config webview: Is a prominent place like a top level Creator "mode" is the best place for that? Or should it be a tab in the options/mer dialog? nb it does mak no difference, effort wise. Just asking :)13:01
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lbtaportale: lets try the top-level mode first - between projects and analyse maybe?13:05
aportalelbt: ok13:05
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC13:06
*** phinaliumz7 has quit IRC13:06
lbtStskeeps: that's the only example/use for now13:06
lbtyou can add anything you find in fs_rules.lua - it operates like an #include13:07
*** phinaliumz has joined #mer13:10
lbtfeel free to update
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer13:12
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Stskeepsanybody who's on a non-x86_64 platform sdk, and has sb2 set up?13:34
Stskeepsmust not be x86_64 host13:34
lbtmy laptop13:36
Stskeepscan you tell me what host-gcc inside it says?13:37
Stskeepssdk must have normal gcc installed13:37
lbtit's not got gcc :/13:37
* lbt waits...13:38
Stskeepsmight need to re-run sb2-init13:38
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lbtOK - went into the VM SDK (which is a normal SDK) and it is all setup there.13:43
lbtsb2 -t nemo_n9_min host-gcc13:43
lbtno output13:43
lbtgcc on host is fine:   gcc: fatal error: no input files13:43
Stskeepsno output.. ?13:44
Stskeepsas in no such file, or?13:44
lbtnothing at all13:45
henrik_lbt: toolchain and targets in their own page
lbtnice henrik_13:45
lbtI'm doing the minimal rootfs atm13:46
Stskeeps lbt and when inside interactive mode?13:46
henrik_lbt: if you have time to check and give some feedback. it's not really polished but look is quite similar than before13:46
lbtbash: host-gcc: command not found13:46
*** cat_x301 has joined #mer13:47
lbthenrik_: yep - links at top13:48
lbt"Sinatra doesn’t know this ditty." :/13:48
*** Jucato has joined #mer13:50
lbthenrik_: needed a svc restart in the update13:50
henrik_lbt: so works now for you?13:51
henrik_good :)13:51
henrik_lbt: any ideas what to show in the frot page etc are welcome13:52
lbtlets see how it looks inside QtC too13:52
*** schmooster has joined #mer13:52
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer13:52
henrik_yeah. and the links at the top are not designed in any way... they are just there13:52
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:53
lbtrename Front Page to Manage SDK; swap Toolchains/Targets around13:54
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:54
*** lamikr has quit IRC13:54
henrik_lbt: will do. thanks. i got to run now13:54
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aportalehenrik_: Is the web service already running on a recent mer VBOX image? (And what was the url again? Sorry, forgot)14:01
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*** jpetersen has joined #mer14:02
lbtaportale: easy is sudo zypper ref and zypper up14:03
lbtthen zypper in sdk-webapp14:03
* Stskeeps curses14:03
* aportale zyppering14:04
lbtaportale: mmm14:04
lbtactually you won't have the right repos14:05
lbtyunta: is --append="vga=0x343" working for you?14:07
Stskeepslbt: did you ever figure out to do the dark arts of sb2? like, debug the lua code?14:08
lbtall removed14:09
lbtI tended to debug by print()14:10
*** trbs2 has joined #mer14:13
lbtaportale: I'm building you an image as we speak14:20
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC14:20
yuntalbt: why wouldn't it? didn't you show it working yourself on demo?14:24
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer14:24
*** pvilja has joined #mer14:24
lbtyep, I added it manually14:27
lbtit was in the .ks14:27
*** auri___ has joined #mer14:29
*** auri__ has quit IRC14:30
*** kostaja has quit IRC14:30
yuntaso, yes, it works for me :)14:30
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC14:31
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer14:32
*** blam1 has quit IRC14:33
aportalelbt: Great! :) Thanks.14:34
lbtbzipping it now14:35
lbtaportale: ok ... done : mer-sdk-nemo-i486-vm-sda.vdi.bz214:37
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aportalelbt: 403 Forbidden ( )15:03
CosmoHillhey lbt15:04
lbtaportale: try now15:04
lbto/ CosmoHill15:04
* CosmoHill offers tea and toast15:04
aportalelbt: wokrs, thanks15:04
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:05
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*** arcean has joined #mer15:12
* Stskeeps throws laptop out window15:15
* CosmoHill catches and runs off down the street15:15
*** spoofy has joined #mer15:18
*** pvilja has quit IRC15:18
CosmoHilllbt: what about lua?15:19
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC15:19
CosmoHilli've not touched it in a while15:19
lbtwondering if that's the source of frustration15:19
* CosmoHill checks Stskeeps' laptop15:20
Stskeepslbt: host-gcc doesn't work and there's several files of dead code15:20
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer15:21
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer15:21
lbtdoes there have to be a host-gcc file in usr/bin I wonder?15:22
Stskeepsno, tested that too15:22
Stskeepslbt: there's a potential massive gain from us being able to host-gcc some parts, so15:22
Stskeepsie, much quicker qt builds, etc15:22
lbtwhat's the specification you want to implement?15:23
Stskeepsatm? just finding out what has broken what has been working before15:23
lbtI've not come across host-gcc15:24
Stskeepsyeah, it worked in older sb215:24
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:25
*** pvilja has joined #mer15:25
CosmoHilllbt: have you ever used jekyll before?15:28
CosmoHillme neither until yesterday15:29
CosmoHilldo you have ruby with yaml support installed?15:29
lbttypically, yes15:30
*** pvilja has quit IRC15:31
CosmoHilli think you need to run "gem install jeykll"15:31
alteregoHow do I start/test a user session .service file?15:32
lbtsee the wiki ?15:32
Stskeepssystemctl --user start}stop15:33
*** ced117 has joined #mer15:34
*** ced117 has joined #mer15:34
*** sirdancealota has joined #mer15:36
*** himamura has joined #mer15:38
*** himamura has joined #mer15:39
*** kallela has quit IRC15:39
aportalelbt, henrik_: The latest mer VM image looks awesome! (running in VBox)15:39
lbt:) ... also thanks to yunta15:40
*** hazchemix has quit IRC15:40
lbtaportale: feels a bit more polished now - and when the mgmt UI is in qtc it will be even better.15:40
aportaleyunta: Nice look, that Mer! :)15:44
*** diegoyam has joined #mer15:45
alteregome ponders why tonegend isn't starting :15:50
alteregoMaybe it's a dependency thing.15:50
lbtalterego: ping15:56
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC15:56
lbtsorry ... aportale ping :)15:57
aportalelbt: pong15:57
lbtthere's a stray #include "merpackagecreationsteps.h"15:58
lbtin src/plugins/mer/merdeployconfigurationfactory.cpp15:58
aportalelbt: ouch!15:58
alteregolbt: pongo15:59
lbtalterego: bad tab completion ... sry15:59
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:00
alteregoWell, seems tone-generator wasn't being started because nothing depended on it.16:00
yuntaaportale: graphic was made by mruk, not me, but thanks anyway :D16:01
aportaleyunta: mruk is currently not in this channel. So, You need to keep the compliment :)16:02
yuntaI'll pass it to her16:02
aportalelbt: Compile fix pushed. Thanks and sorry :)16:04
*** rubdos has joined #mer16:04
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC16:04
*** rubdos has quit IRC16:04
*** rubdos has joined #mer16:05
lbtaportale: oh rats... merplugin.cpp too ... quick, force push :)16:06
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:06
lbtand fixing that leads to more... let me take a look16:08
aportalelbt: double sorry. However, double push done.16:08
aportalelbt: Ok.. I need to check this. Embarrassing16:08
lbt*g* don't worry, makes me feel better from all the times I've done it :)16:09
*** yunta has quit IRC16:09
rcg-workhehe, yeah, in some way it is nice to see that people make the same (possibly stupid) errors oneself does16:10
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:10
aportalelbt: :)  Fixed (this time for hopefully sure)16:12
lbtyep - up .. ty :)16:13
*** niqt has joined #mer16:14
rcg-workwell.. got a shower to fix :/16:17
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:17
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:20
*** blitz00 has quit IRC16:21
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*** niqt has quit IRC16:22
*** kostaja has joined #mer16:31
*** Jucato has quit IRC16:32
*** jnwi has quit IRC16:36
aportalelbt: last lame question for today. Can you give me the url for the mgmt-page? I forgot.16:37
lbtooh - does this mean a commit may happen soon :)16:38
aportalelbt: This evening, yes. But I need to rebuild Qt with Webkit first. Will take ~2 hours.16:39
*** auri___ has quit IRC16:40
lbtaportale: really?16:40
lbtif I go to tools->options->help and set Home Page = then it works in the current build16:41
aportalelbt: Yes. I am sitting at home with a centrino laptop. It would take 10 Minutes if I were in the office (icecc)16:41
aportalelbt: Yes. I simply had a Qt configured with "-no-webkit"16:42
lbtah, gotcha ... Qt, not QtCreator :)16:42
aportalelbt: gives me a "Unable to connect". I have the port forwardings as descriped in
aportalelbt: But that's not an issue, I  can still commit that today.16:45
lbtok - i'll verify that. I'm still using a manually updated image so it's possible there's a bug in starting the httpd16:45
lbtif you ssh into the VM you should see "/usr/bin/ruby /usr/bin/rackup" in a ps -ef16:46
lbtsystemctl status sdk-webapp.service     should show running16:46
aportalelbt: I see the rackup process and the status is active(running)16:49
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:52
*** kontio has quit IRC16:56
*** kontio has joined #mer16:58
*** nyl has joined #mer17:00
*** kontio has quit IRC17:03
*** nsuffys has joined #mer17:04
*** kostaja has quit IRC17:04
vgradeevening all, weekend at last17:07
CosmoHillhey vgrade17:08
vgradehi CosmoHill hows the website17:08
CosmoHillwhich website?17:08
*** nyl has quit IRC17:14
*** linux_tom has joined #mer17:30
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer17:30
vgradeCosmoHill: I thought you were doing Mer one17:31
CosmoHillgotta talk about that17:34
CosmoHillin the meantime I've been learning Jekyll17:34
*** fcorrea has quit IRC17:35
lbtaportale: called away .. back now17:35
lbtOK, if it's running then it should respond17:36
lbtdon't forget the screenshot is wrong: should be 8080 to 9292 as per the docs17:36
*** fcorrea has joined #mer17:42
*** Attie has quit IRC17:45
*** fcorrea has quit IRC17:56
*** lbt has quit IRC17:59
*** fcorrea has joined #mer18:01
*** lbt has joined #mer18:13
*** plfiorini has joined #mer18:14
lbt*grumble* .... swapping like mad18:18
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:19
CosmoHillsorry, been watching too many australian videos18:19
*** faenil_n950 has quit IRC18:21
*** linux_tom has quit IRC18:22
*** faenil_n950 has joined #mer18:22
*** linux_tom has joined #mer18:23
aportalelbt: Ha. Silly me had of course port 8888, there. Cool, it works and looks great. Now I need to finish buiding Qt w/webkit and I can pus a first version.18:27
aportalereally nice that web tool.18:28
*** jonwil has quit IRC18:28
lbtaportale: :)18:38
*** linux_tom has quit IRC18:49
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:07
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away19:12
*** dijenerate has quit IRC19:19
*** spoofy has quit IRC19:26
*** furikku has quit IRC19:31
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer19:34
*** thetet has joined #mer19:49
*** rcg has joined #mer19:50
*** nyl has joined #mer19:54
CosmoHillif my phone had an accelerometer it would be sick19:58
* CosmoHill spins his phone on his desk19:59
Sfiet_KonstantinCosmoHill: lol19:59
* Sfiet_Konstantin is sad that my nemo do not boot :(20:00
CosmoHill(and occasionally off it)20:00
Sfiet_Konstantinwill investigate20:00
*** rc_ has joined #mer20:03
*** rc_ has quit IRC20:04
*** rc_ has joined #mer20:04
CosmoHillhello rc with a tail20:04
rc_hey CosmoHill20:04
*** rcg has quit IRC20:05
rc_had to reboot... something was not right wrt power consumption20:05
*** rc_ is now known as rcg20:05
CosmoHillwrt? a router20:05
rcgwith respect to20:05
rcgdon't know if i just made that up, though xD20:05
CosmoHillmy mum's router runs DD-WRT20:06
rcgcool :)20:06
CosmoHillwell, wifi bridge20:06
CosmoHillthe main router runs shite in a box20:06
rcgusually i have a run time of battery of about 12-15 hours... right now when i rebooted it reported 4-5 hours and power consumption was stuck at 16-17W20:07
rcgsounds reasonable20:07
rcgexcept the shit thing20:07
CosmoHillmy internet is faster but cuts out a lot more20:07
*** yunta has joined #mer20:08
*** yunta has quit IRC20:09
CosmoHillI removed the bell wire from the phone socket which made our internet go from 1.4Mb/s to 5.5Mb/s20:09
CosmoHillbut it's a lot less stable now20:10
rcgah, i see :)20:10
rcgi had the last serious black out yesterday.. for some reason my isp decided that internet after 01:00 am is overrated20:11
rcgbut well... am moving soon anyhow :)20:11
*** arcean has quit IRC20:12
rcgyeah, from a 60m² flat to a 100m² one :D20:12
CosmoHillholy balls20:13
rcgplus the country side is about 100m walking distance away :)20:13
CosmoHillSnap On Honda Apprentice Set - $5023 USD20:13
*** icota_ has quit IRC20:16
rcgyay, this looks like a lot of tools :)20:16
CosmoHillmy cousin has already spent £2000 GBP on his tools20:16
CosmoHillalmost 19 years old20:16
rcgyeah, but good tools are for sure worth the money20:17
CosmoHillthat would explain why I sheared one of mine today20:17
rcgmight be20:18
CosmoHill£155 for a toolbox and tools20:18
rcgeverytime i look for tools i am kinda deterred by the prices20:19
CosmoHilli figure it's a starting point for me20:19
rcgbut each time i bought an expensive tool i loved it and still use it20:19
CosmoHillanything I use often I'd replace with good stuff if it breaks20:19
CosmoHillanything I don't use i have handy incase i do need it20:19
rcgand every time i bought a cheap one i regretted it and ended up with lotsa cursing ;)20:20
rcgsounds sensible :)20:20
CosmoHillsnap-on want £12 for a 1/4 to 3/8 adapter20:20
rcgreasonable even :)20:20
rcgah, well, you english guys.. never got used to those sizes ;)20:21
CosmoHillwe used a mixed system so nobody knows what the other guy is on about20:21
CosmoHilllike my mates and I were comparing how tall / heavy each other were and we used different units20:24
rcgworked in garage as a teenager.. when older, imported jaguars came across it was always a little exciting ;)20:24
rcghehe ic ;)20:25
rcgyou know.. in modern computer science context this would be the famous "semantic gap" :D20:26
*** debian has joined #mer20:28
*** debian is now known as Guest3834220:28
*** Guest38342 has quit IRC20:30
CosmoHillrcg: do you do cars or computers for your day job?20:37
rcgjust used to work at a garage as a teenager20:38
*** Venemo has joined #mer20:38
rcgmore precisely a tire shop20:38
rcghey Venemo :)20:38
CosmoHillI work on my own car a lot more and have been working on my bicycle for years20:38
CosmoHillhey Venemo20:38
rcgCosmoHill, sounds great :)20:39
rcgVenemo, jfyi version of 0.3.1 of irc chatter got accepted in CE:Apps20:39
rcgjust in case you didn't notice yet20:39
CosmoHillI hate it when i ask someone a question and the answer isn't an answer20:39
CosmoHillme: "fancy a drive?" him: "just got home from the gym"20:40
Venemohey rcg, thanks for taking the effort :)20:40
VenemoI's always nice to be surrounded with nice people :)20:41
rcgVenemo, yw :)20:41
rcgbtw irc chatter now works fine on plasma active as well :)20:42
rcgalready got some screenshots.. might upload those during the weekend ;)20:42
Venemonice, thanks :)20:43
Venemorcg, didn't it work before?20:43
Venemorcg, did it need any patches?20:45
*** tilgovi has quit IRC20:45
rcgVenemo, well, it connected (as in i could see my pa account come online) but in irc-chatter the screen still showed that it tries to connect without giving any apparent error on the command line20:46
rcgi.e. i tested this with two irc accounts20:47
rcgbut now it works really great20:47
*** rubdos has quit IRC20:50
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:59
*** pohly has quit IRC21:05
rcgbtw. i packaged qmlcanvas for harmattan and mer yesterday21:07
rcgjust in case anyone cares ;)21:07
rcglately my writing skills really degraded :/21:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:14
*** arcean has joined #mer21:16
*** AndreasWatch has joined #mer21:19
*** rem has joined #mer21:20
remhi, where in mer I can find the core dumps from "Segmentation fault" ?21:20
*** AndreasWatch has quit IRC21:21
timophrem: iirc it doesn't dump with the default settings21:23
remhumm, I noticed... So only option is to run inside gdb :-(21:23
timophneed to set for example "ulimit -c unlimited"21:23
timophafter that it should give you the dump21:24
remI will try, even inside gdn, it says that stack is empty21:24
*** blam1 has joined #mer21:28
*** blam1 has left #mer21:28
Venemorcg, that issue was probably unrelated to PA vs Nemo21:28
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:29
remtimoph: thanks I got a bit more info ( though the crahs is so bad the stack is corrupted :-)21:32
*** arcean has quit IRC21:33
*** arcean has joined #mer21:34
*** notmart has quit IRC21:34
pqrem, if you happen to be on arm, I've noticed that you cannot get even stack traces without debug info21:37
rempq: I am on ExoPC feeding mer bug 618, is reallya new specimen21:38
Merbot`Mer bug 618 in qt-mobility "QML app using camera dumps core in ExoPC but works fine in N9" [Normal,Triagedupstream]
*** diegoyam has quit IRC21:40
Venemorem, can you reproduce this?
Merbot`Nemo bug 439 in x86-generic "MeeGo graphics system doesn't work on WeTab" [Normal,New]21:44
remvenemo: I can try, the pastebin looks straight forward21:46
remvenemo: yes, same core, I guess you want me to put the stack in buzilla ...21:48
Venemorem, yeah, thanks :)21:48
rem venemo: one thing, when I run inside gdb the program does not crash ... just run nicely in device. I get you will have hard time to hunt this21:53
remvenemo: but then it crashes when closing the app ...21:53
remvenemo: I tested also launching the app without arguments and it runs fine: puzzle-master. Why you need to pass those arguments in pastebin ?21:59
Venemorem, the meego graphics system provides hardware acceleration and so better performance22:01
Venemobut it seems to be broken on WeTab/ExoPC22:01
remvenemo: yea, as well as camera cool features22:02
*** fk_lx has joined #mer22:03
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:03
aportalelbt_away: Just checked my Qt build. Failed with 'g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-fuse-ld=gold’'. It seems that Qt(WebKit) has issues building with gcc 4.7. I will get that sorted on Monday.22:12
*** aportale has left #mer22:12
w00tisn't that related to Bostik's work?22:15
*** aportale has joined #mer22:17
*** aportale has left #mer22:17
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remI guess this wiki needs some update:
*** diegoyam has joined #mer22:37
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CosmoHillnight night23:24
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