Wednesday, 2012-11-07

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kulvesince the channel has been so quiet during the night, I can see that my last sentence doesn't make sense, so: s,what,fast,04:57
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situMorning everyone05:14
chriadamgood morning situ05:16
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* timoph yawns05:59
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Stskeepsmorn timoph06:01
timophhow's things?06:04
Stskeepspretty good.. week in finland06:04
timophstopping by tampere?06:05
Stskeepssadly not06:05
Stskeepsi should really come visit there soon again06:05
timophI don't even know how many times I've said that I won't to a school anymore but..06:07
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timophjust got an acceptance letter to do a master's degree :p06:08
Stskeepsscary, in what?06:08
timophit. it's basically a continuation to my previous studies06:08
timophexcept in english06:09
timophand it's only 2 days or so in a month so doesn't interfere with work that much06:09
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach06:10
sonachStskeeps: hey :)06:10
timophsnow(ing) in helsinki?06:11
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* Stskeeps isn't sure he wants to look outside06:11
timophthings turned white here this morning06:11
timophStskeeps:$All%29/72F040F069D52C94C2257624002504E7?OpenDocument <- that's the degree06:13
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iekkuoh, i was first one @ office06:23
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alteregoiekku: I don't think I'm going to make it in today. Can you email me the docs and I'll sign & scan for you.06:50
alteregoOh, crap, wrong channel ... :x06:51
* alterego goes back to sleep06:51
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pqthe amount of daylight just fell below 8h in .fi :-)07:01
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kulvein helsinki. In Rovaniemi it's 6h38min today07:04
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dcthangIt looks like downloading from sb2 packages is too slow atm
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dcthangDoes someone has the same prob?:)08:29
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l4merI need n950 schematics, specially connection between wl1271 and omap3.09:21
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kulvel4mer: in general product schematics are not publicly available and I would guess the n950 isn't an exception.09:28
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sledgELCEgood morning09:38
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sledgELCEjust had Linus talk keynote09:38
sledgELCEthe conclusion was: "we have no plans, and we are happy about it" :))09:39
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sledgELCEeveryone clapped exctaticly09:39
sledgELCErecommend to watch the stream recording (at least the ending :))09:39
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l4merkulve: nice ;/ So, I will have some problems, I don't know which pins are used and how to setup omap_mux :)09:48
kulveisn't the existing mux in the kernel/bootloader enough info or are you saying they are wrong?09:50
l4merI am working on kernel-adaptation-n950-n9 now, and seems pins/mux for SPI are configured wrong09:51
l4merbtw. there is also change in omap_mux framework code between new and old kernel09:52
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kulvemaybe so but you should be still able to read the pin mux from the Nokias's kernel instead of the schematics?09:52
l4mernot really as long as there is one big configuration for all pins in old kernel09:53
l4merI am not sure which one are correct and which should I use09:53
l4merin case of n9 sdio I found something in the net - and after mux configuration wlan works fine09:54
l4merbut still have an issue with n950 spi configuration09:54
l4merbtw. new omap_mux implementation have a great debugfs options - while old one don't09:55
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vgrade_ weston for Pi10:30
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pqyou mean ? :-)10:31
vgrade_pq sorry yes10:33
CosmoHillvgrade_ you still have a tail today10:33
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CosmoHillhey X-Fade10:51
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lbt_auri___: ping12:14
lbt_could you find out how to handle a situation where a user would like 2 instances of a vendor component plugin? eg, lets say we make a Nemo plugin and a PlasmaActive plugin for ech of their component sets (assuming quite a lot of similarity) - and a developer wants to develop against both12:16
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vgrade_pq, I'm assuming I need wl 1.0 to work with Rpi weston13:00
pqvgrade_, yeah, it's all based on latest master of wayland and weston13:01
pqfor xkbcommon, I think 0.2.0 should work, too13:02
vgrade_ok, thanks. I'll prepare a Mer 1.0 wl13:02
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Sage_Stskeeps:;a=blob;f=patterns/mer-graphics-common.yaml;h=fa1df10d17e176edcf671b34792e167f1e88314a;hb=HEAD uxlaunch there should be dropped?13:40
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slaineAnyone know what GPU the i.MX6 chips from freescale utilises ?15:33
slaineI'm assuming it's some form of SGX15:33
slaineBut wondered if it might be Mali15:34
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CosmoHillhey slaine15:35
slaineHey CosmoHill. Been a while15:36
slaineFor ref, it looks like the i.MX6 is Mali, good news15:37
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Sage_Stskeeps: what is planned to mer -next update btw?15:43
Stskeepsqt, accounts integration into qmf, .. alsa-plugins and abi compliance checker base15:43
Stskeepsqt4.8.3 + backports, that is15:44
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Sage_Stskeeps: can you retrigger,912 ?15:46
Stskeepshmm, let's see if i can do it from here15:46
Stskeepsi need to manually review that15:46
Stskeepsi'll look at it tomorrow15:46
Sage_I'll check this evening some of those legacy submits and clean them up a bit and resubmit.15:47
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Sage_if nothing pops up :)15:47
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* Stskeeps pokes with a stick16:11
iekkuis it alive?16:12
Stskeepsseems not16:12
CosmoHilltry poking it with a cattle prod16:14
Sage_Stskeeps: can gerrit handle multiple reviews to same components if those touch totally different files?16:14
Stskeepsnoo clue16:14
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Sage_or can I push twice from same git tree to review :)16:16
Sage_I want to do separate review so how to do that if I have the git tree already here16:17
Stskeepsyou git push HEAD:refs/for/master16:17
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* Sage_ turns off the vacation mode16:17
Stskeepsif i catch anybody pushing directly to the git repos i'll behead them16:18
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hydeI believe the correct git term would be rebase, not behead?16:19
Sage_how did I do that :D16:19
StskeepsSage_: you had a previous commit you're basing on16:19
Stskeepsthat i haven't merged yet16:19
Sage_didn't know that it was possible :P16:20
Sage_Stskeeps: can you abandon the 646,status:open+project:mer-core/gst-plugins-base,n,z16:21
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vgradethe-gibson: hows things, doing Tegra 3 last time I saw19:28
vgradetimoph: \o19:28
vgradetimoph: weston with backend for Rpi posted today19:29
Jake9xxindexing database of nemomobile u8500 4.8Gb and counting.. this will be interesting19:29
timophneed to try it19:29
vgradetimoph: building now19:30
pqlet me know how the rpi thing goes, especially the build guide is totally untested :-)19:32
vgradepq, wilko19:33
vgradepq egl >= 7.10 dep not found, but we have our own egl.pc19:34
pqright, a... you do know about android-pc-files.git? You just want to use your own egl.pc for some reason?19:35
vgradepq, I managed to get 0.95 weston simple-shm running last night so your post this morning was timely as19:35
vgradeyes I saw the pc git but the egl.pc is part of the Pi adaptation for Mer19:36
pqahh, right19:36
vgradepq, I was not sure of where to go from there :)19:36
pqyeah, weston's requirements follow MEsa19:37
vgradepq, right now I need the dummy wayland-egl.pc19:37
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Jake9xxif someone wants to give it a go, the indexed nemo build with all source (* is at
*** nsuffys has joined #mer19:38
Jake9xx*) there was a bug in script so one tarball type is not extracted, *sigh*19:38
vgradepq, did you consider openWfc as a backend?19:38
pqvgrade, it was discussed, yes, but said that there was no implementation of it. Mm, actually it was openwfd.19:39
vgradeyea there is the display and compositor standards19:40
vgradePi has wfc19:40
vgradeweston used to have wfd19:40
pqthe wfc headers appeared after I started work, IIRC19:40
pqyes, I know, I killed it :-)19:40
pqbut can you do anything with only wfc, without wfd?19:41
pqand is the implementation actually a working one?19:41
vgradepq, unknown19:41
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vgradepq: the Pi backend mentions falling back to egl compositing is this still Pi specific or would other EGL implementations be able to use that (amlogic, A10)19:43
pqI'd be happy if the rpi-backend could be replaced with a standard openwf* backend, but I don't think it's possible yet. Unless one writes the openwf* implementations oneself, which kind of loses the point.19:44
pqvgrade, the fallback to GLESv2 is standard in Weston. It's actually the use of planes, that is the "extension".19:44
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*** Milhouse has joined #mer19:45
pqvgrade, if you take only the first patch of the two, you'll have basically a GLESv2-only backend. The second patch is mostly additions.19:45
vgradepq: ok19:45
vgradepq: I've a lot to learn in these areas19:46
pqand you can also force the GLESv2-only path, which in the end is triggered by not setting one function pointer for weston core.19:46
vgradepq: I have a couple of tablets with non X11 drivers I could try19:47
vgradepq, mtdev is to old19:47
pqWeston is designed to have GLESv2 compositing, and planes or hw compositing is an afterthought.19:47
pqin Mer, you mean?19:48
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vgradepq: is there any power saving benefit with using hw compositing?19:50
pqI've no idea, I did it because it was supposed to be more performant19:51
vgradenice area of research19:52
pqreadily implemented, you just need to test and measure :-)19:52
vgradeespecially if when you can set max-planes to 019:52
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pqI think which one takes less energy over time will also depend on how much repaints happen, so there's no simple answer. And does the firmware fall back to its own off-line compositing.19:54
vgradepq: I tried to follow the commit notes today on off-line compositing19:55
vgradeok configured and building but failed due to wayland version (wl_registry_bind) , still 0.95 on Mer.  Will update that now.19:57
pqI have to go now, see'ya tomorrow. Good night :-)19:57
vgradenp, see u19:57
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AndreasWatchHi, is anyone playing around with a SmartQ-Device? Because I'm searching for the kernelsources...20:46
*** AndreasWatch_ has joined #mer20:47
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rcgi am having an archos g9 tablet on which i am trying to get plasma active armv7hl to run..21:22
rcgso far i can boot the kernel and have the kernel output on a serial console21:23
rcgbut X is not starting21:23
rcgcould anyone help me figuring out what's going wrong?21:23
rcgcould paste the kernel output to pastebin or so21:23
rcgor someone even xD21:28
dm8tbrrcg: there is a pile of prebuilt images21:28
rcgdm8tbr, i am trying to get a armv7hl image to run21:29
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC21:29
rcgreason is that i am trying to get newer version of pvr drivers working21:29
rcgup to now there are only arvm7l images for plasma active21:30
rcghowever, newer pvr drivers are only available for hard float21:30
rcghence, i am trying to get a hard float image for plasma active running21:30
AndreasWatch_hi rcq, are you using the basyskom images?21:32
AndreasWatch_try the internal install method...21:32
rcgAndreasWatch_, i am trying to build my own image21:32
rcgbasis is the .ks file of the basyskom images21:33
rcgreason is that there is currently no per-built armv7hl image available21:33
rcgthe point is that the newer pvr drivers (3d and video hw-acceleration) are only available for armv7hl but not armv7l21:34
ljpw00t: need me to stage that mobility review?21:37
AndreasWatch_ah okay, I dont know much about the g9, because my usb-port is briked after two weeks..21:37
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w00tljp: just did it21:41
w00tthanks :)21:42
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:42
rcgwell, nvm... this pvr version does not match the xorg abi we use :/21:43
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:44
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* lbt waves to w00t22:27
*** phaeron has joined #mer22:29
ljpw00t: dont hesitate to add me to r any qt-mobility changes in gerrit.22:35
w00tljp: I just submitted,39146 (which is not technically mobility, but I'll backport it once that goes in)22:36
*** sirdancealot has joined #mer22:36
* ljp has missed instant merges22:42
Stskeepslbt: good flight?22:46
lbtyep - and no queues22:47
*** blaroche has joined #mer22:47
lbtbut we'd run out of oil and when it got filled there was an airlock22:48
lbtso I had to fix that when I got in :/22:48
lbtanyhow ... done... and finished the release steps too22:48
lbtit's doing updatestorm22:49
vgradepq, Stskeeps
*** VDVsx has quit IRC22:51
Stskeepsvgrade: good work (and to pq's good work too)22:52
vgradenot my work22:52
vgradeI had simple-shm running last night but wa wondering what to do next22:52
* CosmoHill gives vgrade, Stskeeps and lbt a cookie for all there hard work on Mer22:53
vgradepq's post this morning was most timely22:53
vgradeStskeeps: getting corruption but thats due to old firmware in the adaptation22:54
vgradeStskeeps: we need a plan to move from 0.95 to 1.0 which takes in qtwayland as wekk22:56
Stskeepsyes, i think for now wayland will follow a combo of what qt5 version we have (i don't do snapshots) and mesa ability22:56
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC22:58
vgradeStskeeps: ok22:58
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CosmoHillngiht night23:07
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