Sunday, 2012-10-21

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Stskeepscrevetor: good work :)07:11
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Stskeepsphaeron: misses .changes file07:17
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rcgis there an estimate how long the upgrade of obs will likely take?07:21
Stskeepsat least MDS should be up by now07:22
Stskeepsthe fakeobs thingie07:23
rcgi see07:23
rcgi'll wait patiently07:24
rcgat least i succeeded in building the latest plasma-active testing image for armv7l on my own here.. now i was about to look into going to armv7hl07:24
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Stskeepsmorn Sfiet_Konstantin07:25
rcgStskeeps, do you have any hints if there are things to keep in mind when switching a kernel from armv7l to armv7hl?07:27
Stskeepsno, it doesn't make any difference07:27
Stskeepsuserland is where it's at07:27
Sfiet_Konstantinmorn everybody :)07:27
rcgi see07:27
rcgmorning Sfiet_Konstantin07:27
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lbtmmm nothing is building09:26
Stskeepsmds is up again though09:27
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lbtbackend is down09:29
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lbtit's been migrated to another phost09:35
lbtit's like people don't realise how useful sunday morning is for actually getting stuff done :)09:45
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Bostikassuming rest of the family complies, of course09:45
Bostikfat chance09:46
lbtkittens are fed and dozy...09:46
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lbtnow I just need to figure out why Sage_'s ruby packaging isn't working09:46
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* lbt spots recovery-like commands running against cbe .... :|09:57
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade, mikhas10:47
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Stskeepswello CosmoHill11:22
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Jake9xxlbt: got a minute?11:31
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lbtJake9xx: not right now ... later though12:11
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Sage_lbt: my ruby broke, since when?12:12
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Sage_I haven't tested it since I submitted so no idea when ;)12:12
lbt I think12:12
lbtI suspect we need to update our template .spec12:13
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lbtphaeron: brilliant .. cbe is kinda up but ssh doesn't work and no xen consoles :/12:18
phaeronlbt: I gave up last night, when things were being randomly shut down12:19
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lbtI think it's supposed to be up12:19
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lbthmm looks like the new phost isn't properly connected to the right vlan12:41
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vgradeStskeeps: sroedal . maze compositor13:10
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faenilvgrade, \o/13:33
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lbtso I've added a routing hack and the schedulers are doing a cold start ... lets see what else breaks :/13:38
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* CosmoHill kicks something over in anger14:01
CosmoHillthey want £4100 to insure a £5000 car14:02
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vgradeCosmoHill: your driving must be bad14:10
CosmoHillit's a quote for a car I was looking at14:10
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lbtand I think I've fixed publishing too14:21
lbtplease let me know of any cobs issues you're seeing from now on14:21
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fk_lxhi all15:01
lbtrpm macros are insane15:02
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billmaniaAny suggestions for particular microSD cards to use with the Nemo images? Those which have acceptable throughput?15:03
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vgradeStskeeps: trying to compile yat , what on Mer provides util.h for forkpty15:06
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vgradeStskeeps: got it pty.h not util.h15:12
Stskeepsbillmania: class 6 or above15:14
billmaniaStskeeps: I understand that. Do you know of any specific brands and models which actually meet the Class 6 spec?15:14
billmaniaI have a Lexar Class 10 which barely achieves 3 MB/s on sequential, large block writes.15:15
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billmaniaFor small file size random writes, it's less than one MB/sec.15:15
billmaniaIts large file sequential read performance is fantastic, though. :)15:16
ShadowJKAll the sandisk cards I've benchmarked have reached their class spec.15:18
ShadowJKOld sandisk class 2 did about 4-6M write when I tested it. New sandisk C4 does about 4M/s write. For random the old sandisk wins though.15:19
billmaniaShadowJK: SanDisk. Good to know. Which tool(s) have you used to benchmark them? I've been using fio on a 64 bit ubuntu machine.15:20
ShadowJKcoffeemug rebench15:20
ShadowJKon a sheevaplug15:20
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remhi there, it look like latest image of nemo handset broke the video driver ? At least in exopc is flashing all the time15:31
Stskeepstry to make a image based on the .ks?15:39
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vgradeStskeeps: did you fix the return key issue on yat?15:42
Stskeepsthought it was libxkbcommon missing15:43
Stskeepswasn't it15:43
vgradewandering around the maze and hanging qml things on the wall is great fun15:43
rcglbt, are the workers running? or is just the status monitor broken?
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lbtrpm packaging sucks. Meego packaging sucks. ruby packaging sucks17:07
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lbtwhat's wrong with this %install section :17:08
faenilStskeeps, he said rpm sucks! let the fight start! :D17:08
lbtanswer: the macro (magically) does cd /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-bundler-1.2.1-0.i386/usr/bin17:09
lbtOK .. fair enough17:09
lbtbut then what happens is rpm runs the local validators17:09
lbt*WITHOUT* changing dir17:09
lbtagain ... fair enough - what validator would write to a dir?17:09
lbtanswer:  /usr/lib/rpm/meego/find-docs.sh17:10
lbt"touch documentation.list"17:10
lbtresult .... /usr/bin/documentation.list is not packaged17:10
lbtwhat does google find btw...
lbtpoor cxl000 :)17:11
lbtand zigbee for that matter17:11
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lbtyay a worker17:31
rcgah pubworker02 is running =)17:32
rcgcongrats lbt :)17:32
lbtturns out the puppet machine had filled up its disk17:32
lbtso many rabbit holes17:32
lbtand will probably have to reverse all this work tomorrow or tonight17:33
rcgoh my17:33
rcgsounds like much work17:34
lbt:/   useless too17:35
rcgmhmm :S17:35
lbtas in "doesn't really move us/mer/nemo forward"17:35
* Stskeeps had a completely useless weekend17:36
Stskeepsnothing productive made, whatsoever17:37
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vgradelbt, connect to No route to host17:44
vgradelbt: from
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lbtvgrade: looking18:06
vgradelbt: building now18:06
lbthopefully an old log18:06
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lbtand puppet dbs were corrupted18:31
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rcguhm, is it just me or are the builds not succeeding?18:45
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* lbt decides that using on the lan is not likely to work..18:46
lbtrcg: details18:46
*** Behold has quit IRC18:47
*** BeholdMy- is now known as BeholdMyGlory18:48
rcglbt, you know i am nitpicking sometimes ;)18:49
lbtif you're seeing any issues though it's good to check - things are a bit sketchy18:50
rcg"connect to No route to host"18:50
rcglbt, ^18:50
lbtOK, I thinkI just fixed that - check the log again18:51
lbtpossibly you'll need to trigger a rebuild - hope not18:51
rcghmm.. nope.. problem persists18:53
rcgthey continuously rebuild and keep getting above error18:53
lbtyep - I think I see why18:57
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lbtobs config is scattered all over the place18:58
rcghmm.. sounds nasty19:00
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lbtphaeron: where the hell is the worker getting source-server address from ?19:04
lbt /etc/sysconfig/obs-worker is right19:04
lbtBSConfig on cbe and cstore is right19:04
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phaeronlbt: check the init script , /etc/sysconfig is deprecated I think (also SLP (?) is used sometimes19:05
lbtoh yeah slp crap19:05
lbt. /etc/sysconfig/obs-server   fwiw19:06
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lbtphaeron: fuck .... it's in the job description19:16
lbtI hate OBS so much sometimes19:16
phaeronhow does it know where to get the jobs :D19:17
lbtcbe /obs/jobs/19:17
lbtI'll make resolve to the vlan110 IP for a bit19:18
phaeronyes I know that's where the jobs are , I mean it has register with something to get jobs dispatched to it19:18
lbtyeah - but the actual job has the src server url in it19:18
lbt<buildinfo project="Mer:QA:Tests" repository="Mer_Core_i586" package="blts-common" srcserver="" repose\19:19
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lbtwhen the DNS cache expires in 10m it might start working again19:31
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lbtok - seeing build/publish successes in #meego-obs reporting19:33
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phaeronlbt: I guess that got introduced in the worker pool sharing thing19:48
phaeronbut it still needs to register initially19:48
rcglbt, confirmed, seeing succeeded packages as well :)19:49
rcgthx :)19:49
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remHi, I wonder how often you publish a new build to latest ? I got after my previous install 229 updates and before that over 110. As a non-edge user I would expect that latest would be bit more fresh :-) ( less than 10 updates )19:55
lbtrem: our releases are time based19:56
remIt is just my hardware that go to sleep during updates and quite often bricks ...19:56
remlbt: you mean that you publish once a week ?19:56
lbtwe set a date and shortly before we stop accepting new changes19:57
lbtthen we spend a few days and fix any bugs until it's stable19:57
lbtusually we aim for every 2 weeks19:57
lbtthis can slip by a week or more if the bugs are troublesome19:57
Stskeepsrem: a lot of it is rebuilds due to a dependency that changed that a package relied on19:58
Stskeepsrem: so with deltarpm you'd see a lot less19:58
lbtthe release changelog has a list of code level changes19:59
remStskeeps: what do you mean deltarpm, I use the package GUI, press refresh/update and that's it.20:00
remlbt: for example with exopc is  much issue than with  N9. For some reason exopc goes to sleep earlier during update.20:01
lbtwhat are you running on it?20:02
remlbt: running nemomobile20:02
lbtit's not a problem I'm aware of - have you logged a bug20:03
*** faenil has joined #mer20:04
*** kaziklubey has joined #mer20:05
remlbt: a bug for what ? for top  updates :-)  ?20:05
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:06
lbtwhat's the problem you're having?20:06
lbt"hardware that go to sleep during updates" ?20:06
remlbt: I have this symptoms: first video  flash randomly, second: GUI updates take long, third: hardware goes to sleep --> system bricks after sleep. Process restart20:08
remlbt: I wonder would it be better to do sw update in terminal ?20:09
lbtrem: well, firstly, it would be good to report the bugs you're seeing - that way they will at least be looked at20:10
lbtit's possible that there are workarounds like using the terminal - but that's not really a fix20:10
remlbt: how about a bug like: "latest stable does not honour its name" ?20:10
lbtrem: likely to just be ignored :)20:10
lbtwe're more interested in bugs we can fix directly20:11
remlbt:  good , and this one: video blinks when user input ( touch or keyboard ), after sw update system frozes"20:12
lbtthat sounds like 2 bugs20:12
lbtor does the video only blink after updates?20:12
remlbt: video blinks when interacting with exopc ( keyb or touch )20:13
remlbt: build under test is nemo-handset-i586-0.20120920.1.NEMO.2012-10-07.1.img20:15
lbtOK, good. That sounds like a bug, yes.20:15
Jake9xxdo we have 'ubuntu 10.04 LTS' as supported platform for platform SDK ? I get:20:16
Jake9xxError <mount>: Failed to mount '/dev/loop0' to '/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-lC8jsh/install_root/' with command '/bin/mount /dev/loop0 /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-lC8jsh/install_root/ -t ext3'. Retval: 3220:17
Jake9xxand if I look:20:17
Jake9xxsudo /bin/mount /dev/loop0 /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-lC8jsh/install_root/ -t ext320:17
Jake9xxmount: mount point /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-lC8jsh/install_root/ does not exist20:17
Jake9xxwhich is funny, in /var/tmp/mic I have only 'cache'20:17
* lbt parses20:18
lbt(yes, it should work fine)20:18
Jake9xxMerSDK jarko@ks21241:~$ ls -lad /etc/mtab20:18
Jake9xxlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Oct 21 20:01 /etc/mtab -> /proc/self/mounts20:18
lbtmodprobe loop20:19
remlbt: got bug 543 for video behaviour20:21
MerbotMer bug 543 in systemd "Systemd: is never started (easy fix)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:22
remlbt: bug 543 about video was for hardware adaptation componet. Hope is OK20:23
MerbotMer bug 543 in systemd "Systemd: is never started (easy fix)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]
lbtthat is the mer bug :)20:25
Jake9xxlbt: it's empty. This is a remote server I used now and then for various things, I'll fix the loop issue first. Tnx for pointing out20:27
lbtnp - we should add some assumptions like that to the SDK page20:28
remlbt: and the winner for bug 544 is nemo :-)20:28
MerbotMer bug 544 in libtalloc "Drop libtalloc" [Task,New]
lbtrem: I highlited ou in #nemomobile20:29
Jake9xxlbt: better even, do some sanity checks in mount phase20:29
lbtJake9xx: yes, mic needs better user-hinting20:30
lbteg it fails with extlinux on some image types and would be better to say "please zypper in syslinux-extlinux"20:30
Jake9xxlbt: actually it even gets worse: root@ks21241:/lib# modprobe loop20:31
Jake9xxFATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory20:31
lbt(or it could be a depend - but it'snot needed on arm)20:31
Jake9xxthis is one messed up server...20:31
remlbt: cool, I wonder if nemomobile irc does have a bot announcing new bugs. That feature is awesome !20:31
lbtrem: you are in #nemomobile ... and yes it does20:32
lbtJake9xx: mmm20:32
*** pohly has quit IRC20:32
lbtJake9xx: nb ... if you want a decent virtual server then Hetzner are good20:32
lbthmm my kitten is attemping a DOS attack against kdm20:36
Jake9xxlbt: kimsufi is cheap. It's like 15e/month on a two-processor machine with full access and stuff. I don't complain20:40
lbt - just fyi20:41
Jake9xxlbt: ok, so it turns out this machine does not use stock kernel but it uses a vendor provided one. There are guides to set it straight but I cannot reboot it (other ppls services run here) so either way.. it's a dead end20:41
Jake9xxI'm getting my broadband back tomorrow morning and these problems are gone.. I hope20:42
lbtwell, we do have img.merproject.org20:42
lbtwhich is available to 'known' developers20:42
lbtso if you want to build an image just yell20:42
lbtif you're playing SDK that's differenct20:42
rcghmm.. now it's getting interesting... built the plasma-active specific adaptation stuff for armv7hl... just started the image creation from .ks via mic20:43
*** rem has quit IRC20:43
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC20:44
Jake9xxlbt: currently playing, just want to understand how this image creation works20:45
*** khetzal has quit IRC20:46
* rcg keeps the fingers crossed20:46
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* lbt fixes ruby20:55
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lbtah good, adam is awake and looking at vlan/switch issue22:20
*** spoofy has joined #mer22:20
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lbtit's annoying that curl on mer doesn't support pacrunner/libproxy22:29
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:34
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*** trip0 has joined #mer22:47
vgradetripzero: \o22:47
trip0hi vgrade22:50
trip0what's new?22:50
vgradetrip0: been doing some work on RaspberryPi and Mer,
trip0i'm porting a couple of my new packages to mer :)22:52
trip0maze compositor looks slick.  first time i've heard of it22:52
trip0is it a window manager?22:53
vgradesroedal's work.  uses the qtcompositor api's, sits on top of eglfs22:54
vgradeand wayland22:54
trip0wayland works on the pi?22:54
vgradeall accelerated :)22:55
vgradesome videos on my channel22:55
vgradeI see you have automotive message broker going on22:56
trip0i wish you were doing it for the beaglebone ;)  It's a much better platform IMHO22:56
trip0:), yep22:56
vgradetrip0: I have one still in a box22:56
vgradehas canbus right?22:56
trip0bone has a canbus cape, yes22:57
trip0the expansion abilities and the plethera of available expansions alone is worth taking a look at the bone22:57
vgradeI am available for hire :)22:57
vgradeI don't have a gfx cape get though for the bone22:58
trip0you need a dvi cape22:59
trip0do you accept gifts?  I was going to order me one22:59
trip0might as well order 222:59
vgradeare you doing anything with Tizen?22:59
trip0yeh, I've got automotive-message-broker working on tizen23:00
*** tilgovi has joined #mer23:01
vgradeI'd rather not accept as I can't commit 100% to it23:01
vgradethnaks for the offer though23:01
vgrademy day job gets me involved23:02
vgradein Tizen but not on Arm23:02
trip0tizen ivi?23:02
trip0why is the slow? :\23:04
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*** jpwhiting has joined #mer23:06
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*** Hei_Ku has joined #mer23:08
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*** bobofosho123 has joined #mer23:11
bobofosho123is anyone home?23:11
chriadamgood morning, bobofosho123.23:11
bobofosho123good afternoon23:12
bobofosho123at least from where I live23:12
bobofosho123I had a few questions about my n9 for anyone that might know the answe23:12
bobofosho123I was wondering why someone hasn't thought to lift the code that allows video calling from gtalk and modify it for skype23:13
bobofosho123I know there different pieces of software23:13
bobofosho123and different services23:13
bobofosho123but I would guess it's possible23:13
dm8tbryou're barking up the wrong tree23:13
bobofosho123on the Nokia N923:13
dm8tbrwe don't care about harmattan in here23:13
bobofosho123just mer23:13
bobofosho123well thanks anyway23:13
dm8tbrask in #harmattan but don't expect serious answers to that topic.23:14
*** imunsie has joined #mer23:17
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*** jpwhiting has quit IRC23:22
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer23:22
*** bobofosho123 has quit IRC23:34
*** nric has joined #mer23:38
nrichello evryone, I'm trying to boot Nemo on Virtual Box ... I have a followed the wiki instructions but unucky.23:40
nricwhen booting I have a first *error drm/i915 can't work without  intel_agp module!23:41
*** rcg has quit IRC23:46
*** nric has quit IRC23:50
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