Monday, 2012-10-15

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curiositygood morning04:34
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iekkucan monday be good? :P04:41
Bostikiekku: ever had a holiday? :)04:42
iekkuBostik, what's that? can't recall04:43
Bostiknow I understand04:43
ljpis it monday?04:51
Bostikthere must be some other ways still unexplored which can reduce memory pressure for ld...04:53
Stskeepswell, disable -g totally?04:54
Bostikwe'll see04:56
situMorning everyone04:59
Stskeepsmorn situ05:01
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zuhSage_: I was going to roll an image out of your u8500 repos, but looks like b2r2lib is not compiling (missing the kernel-side headers). Plan to fix it anytime soon?05:56
* Stskeeps looks06:00
Stskeepsit may be my recollection gone wrong, but wasn't there some kind of licensing issue with b2r2lib?06:01
zuhI think the only issue is that the copyrights in the sources are "wrong" (they detail a ST-E license while they actually should be BSD IIRC)06:02
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Stskeepszuh: %define kernel_version %{expand:%(rpm -q --qf '[%%{version}]' kernel-adaptation-ux500)}    should probably be %%{version}-%%{release} and -ux500 appended06:06
Stskeepsi have to go for now but feel free to dump any questions06:07
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Sage_zuh: today :)06:18
Sage_I'm doing a cleanup for the whole stuff today06:18
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niqtmorning all06:20
zuhSage_: Great! :)06:22
Sage_zuh: funny thing about that is $ find . -name 'b2r2_blt.h'06:24
Sage_ah, ok I see06:25
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Sage_Stskeeps: could Mer:Qt5{:devel} projects be killed?06:30
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* Sage_ would like if all would go to and remove projects that they don't need anymore to reduce the load for cobs.06:37
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Stskeepssage: at least bostik is working on qtwebkit stuff atm06:39
BostikI migrated to a project under $home, and can spin up new ones in need06:40
Sage_Stskeeps: well I see 5 copies of Qt5 in cobs or something :)06:41
Sage_full copies that is06:41
Bostikthe split between Mer:Qt5* is pretty much a leftover from earlier intergration steps06:41
BostikSage_: as far as I'm concerned, go ahead and nuke Mer:Qt5* :)06:42
Sage_I don't have the power for that thus saying here ;)06:44
Sage_osc rdelete -f -r Mer:Qt5 -m "Removing by force" ;)06:45
Sage_someone else can do that though :)06:47
zuhSage_: btw, you probably need to review the howto at and see if there is something you need to act upon06:47
zuhconcerning the binary packages06:48
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Sage_zuh: that should be clearly somewhere in more public place. First time seen that06:49
Sage_so only about mali400?06:51
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Sage_and ux500-firmware?06:52
Sage_Fun thing is that I never needed to click those ;)06:52
zuhSage_: There is a prominent notice on that page ;)06:53
zuhWhoops, not on that one06:53
zuh <- there it is06:53
Sage_there is nothing in there :)06:53
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Sage_Is it enough if I add similar note to cobs?06:54
zuhBut anyway, the *intent* is that people getting the binaries would have "reasonable" chance to know that they are bound by the license06:55
zuhMy interpretation is that adding a note at cobs should be enough, since it's enough on launchpad as well06:56
zuhAnd the click-wrap would be needed for a full image (as stated in the howto)06:57
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* Sage_ ponders where is the guide how to make that in action07:00
Sage_ there07:01
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zuhLooks ok to me (not that I'm the authority to be pleased with it, but at least matches the launchpad)07:13
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Bostikholy crap, even with '-g' removed from compiler options, qtwebkit *still* bangs its head to ceiling07:22
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Jake9xxSage_: Stskeeps where can I find 'project X' in COBS, use-case : libqmfmessageserver1 package (I need the source package to build it with my own defines)07:33
Stskeepsit's in mer core07:34
Jake9xxStskeeps: COBS url , please?07:34
Jake9xxStskeeps: zero results with that07:35
* Jake9xx is not still familiar with mer naming conventiond07:35
Jake9xxs/d/s07:35 and explains how to get it07:35
Stskeepsit's not hosted on cobs so07:35
Jake9xxStskeeps: :)07:36
Stskeepsit's fairly simple, branch from a certain project that doesn't exist in webui ;)07:36
Jake9xx this is mostly what I was looking for07:36
Jake9xxaaah.. now I'm getting it - all stuff ain't in web ui?07:38
* Jake9xx feels enlighted07:38
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Stskeepswe distribute mer in a special way due to bad bad experiences with obs links07:38
Stskeepsand it slowing product programmes07:39
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Jake9xxStskeeps: how can I see what packages are in f.ex Mer:MDS:Core:armv7hl07:39
Stskeepsosc ls07:39
Jake9xxStskeeps: that gives the project list, not packages07:40
Stskeepsosc ls Mer:MDS:Core:armv7hl07:40
Stskeepsto be precise07:40
Jake9xxStskeeps: ah, had a type. of course.07:41
Jake9xxStskeeps: ty07:41
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Jake9xxafter playing around with our sdk I start slowly to understand why people f.ex don't use/know qt creator that well :)09:07
Jake9xximo it's one of the best tools there is but of course this osc gives possibilities to use what ever dev.env you want09:07
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AardJake9xx: I've been a meego developer from almost the beginning -> I was developing several months before something like sdk development even began. besides, the editor in qt creator is crap09:10
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ljpcrap compared to what?09:15
mikhascompared to emacs, I guess?09:16
leinirvim ;)09:17
* leinir dislikes both, prefers katepart09:17
mikhassearch and replace could be done more efficient, in Qt Creator09:17
mikhasI have no idea why it requires going through a dialog09:17
AardI probably would give qtcreator another try if I could either embed emacs editor, or use it in a sane way as external editor09:17
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lbtStskeeps: nb... did you intend this to be a pre-release?09:18
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sivanghi all09:20
sivangStskeeps: err?09:20
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Stskeepslbt, well i guess it is now09:21
lbtStskeeps: "yes" saves all kinds of issues ... including the "2 days to release"09:21
lbtI didn't count the 0s09:21
lbtand then realised my notify agent does ..... :)09:22
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Stskeepsfinally back at my desk..\09:27
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sivangStskeeps: traveling ?09:34
Stskeepssivang: nah, just.. i have to move from my desk to do some payments to driving license, sign papers, etc at times09:35
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Sage_zuh: good news is that I got stuff up already, bad news it that I found regressions ;)09:42
Sage_not in the adaptation though, that seems quite ok actually09:43
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sivangStskeeps: let those be all your problems..09:44
dm8tbrStskeeps: next monday I have a stop-over: 1320-1600 in WAW. I asked for longer but there is no later LOT flight.09:45
* Stskeeps looks in calendar09:45
dm8tbrnot very convenient timing as it's not long enough to go downtown09:45
Stskeepsi have a driving lesson 14-16 :/09:46
Stskeepselse i would have come by for a coffee09:46
Stskeepslbt: could you disable builds for Mer:Qt5 / Mer:Qt5:Devel09:48
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sivangStskeeps: sprinting in Finland?09:51
Stskeepsnah, i'm back in warsaw09:52
sivangStskeeps:  given LOT flights..09:52
sivangyouv'e just mentioned :)09:52
Stskeepsdm8tbr: hopefully there won't be any fogging fog problems..09:53
* Stskeeps wasn't happy about diverting to gdansk09:53
lbtStskeeps: done09:55
dm8tbrStskeeps: well, next timeā„¢ :)09:55
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yep09:56
dm8tbrthis trip is rather ad-hoc anyway09:56
Stskeepsyeah.. i'll visit berlin this week too09:56
Stskeepsi'm all over the place09:56
* sivang would like to join :-p09:57
Stskeeps19 C in end of week, nice09:57
sivangI feel good in flights and airports, for some reason09:58
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Stskeepshello boom10:28
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lbtbug triage in ~20m10:41
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lbtcan anyone msg me slaine's email ?10:41
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lbtbug triage now11:01
VDVsxStskeeps, can you please take a look to w00t's last comment here:,914 my next patch depends a bit on this one :) thx11:06
* Stskeeps ponders idly if it's mean to ask you to signed-off-by with full name ;p11:07
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VDVsxStskeeps, yeah, new computer, forgot to setup git name before, I guess :D11:10
StskeepsVDVsx: OK from me on patch11:12
Stskeepsit follows test guidelines11:12
StskeepsVDVsx: does tests work after that?11:13
VDVsxStskeeps, sure, but w00t was a point, but in this case is done is done :)11:13
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mikhasVDVsx, back to coding?11:26
StskeepsVDVsx: i do wonder who chose the paths in the first place11:27
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VDVsxStskeeps, the /opt ones in mer ?11:30
Stskeepsno, the /usr/tests11:30
Stskeepsor /lib/qmf/11:30
ollowhat is the status of porting mer to android devices? I read that it is now possible to use android userland libraries to have working 3d acceleration11:30
Stskeepsollo: quite good, want to see a video?11:31
VDVsxStskeeps, /usr/tests looks like was the convention in harmattan at some point, the other are very old, probably legacy from some qtopia stuff11:32
Stskeepsah, that's where it's from11:32
Stskeepsi was wondering11:32
zuhSage_: Yay, got an image done now. With the same .ks I used earlier, is there any changes to it that should be there?11:32
VDVsxmikhas, compiled code written by you last week, you're lucky that it worked this time :P :P11:34
olloStskeeps: there are no images yet for i.e. the galaxy nexus in the official repo
Jake9xxVDVsx: what was the gizmo in qmf to create accounts, binary name ?11:37
Stskeepsollo: correct - this fits more into work11:37
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Jake9xxand VDVsx , if I create accts on desktop QMF I can just copy the corresponding qmf db's to device, right?11:38
VDVsxJake9xx, messagingaccounts11:39
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VDVsxJake9xx, used to work, if sqlite is not very different, make sure also that db file is not in use when copy, otherwise might be corrupted because of write ahead logging(or similar name :P)11:41
VDVsxcopy entire .qmf dir11:42
Jake9xxyup, did that. note: you need to have sqlite3 otherwise you're out of coins11:42
VDVsxJake9xx, I guess qmf does not really check the version :P11:43
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Jake9xxVDVsx: true, but I had interesting experiences as my db was created with older sqlite than what was in device. Took some time to figure it out...11:49
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vgrade__Good words on Mer in the Plasma Active 3 release11:59
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Sage_zuh: moment I'll pastie a new .ks file12:06
Sage_zuh: probably not much changes but anyway just to check12:07
Sage_zuh: couple of things there still though that needs fixing also nemo UI has something strange on it atm.12:08
Sage_zuh: it seems the ui components are not able to find the qt qml plugins of nemo12:09
Sage_not sure why12:09
Sage_might not relate to snowball12:10
Sage_but at least the glxtests and eglinfo runs out of the box without more hacks12:10
zuhmm, no changes apart from moving the ce-apps repo one line down and adding some test packages12:11
* Sage_ needs to diappear for hour or so soon.12:11
Sage_zuh: ok. then your .ks is ok as well still12:11
zuhYeah, looks like it.12:12
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Sage_most of the stuff was in mer core / packages anywya12:12
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VDVsxStskeeps, question about mer gerrit, are the commits pushed automaticly after some number of +1's, or someone has to go there and press some button ? :)12:19
Stskeepsi go merge them12:19
Stskeepsright now waiting for feedback from prerelease12:20
VDVsxStskeeps, ok, so never automatic ?12:21
Stskeepshuman review always12:21
VDVsxok, thanks12:21
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Sage_Stskeeps: I'll do snapshots later today. Got everything fixed already but didn't push sgx fbdev yet as I haven't tested the latest patch version yet12:26
Sage_so if someone wants to help and test that it would be nice12:26
Sage_I'll be back in an hour or two.12:27
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phaeronSage_: all of it or just sgx ?12:30
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sledgesYoohoo! I'm going to ELCE (Barcelona 5-7 Nov) - whom will I have pleasure to meet there :) ? (Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012)13:23
Stskeepsour dear leader jim?13:24
* w00t twitches13:24
* lbt passes w00t a coffee13:25
sledgesJim who? :) (He's dead, Jim)13:25
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer13:26
JopeJames T. Kirk13:27
Jopeis the Jim in He's dead, Jim13:27
sledgeswill be a pleasure to meet him indeed then :)) following meta-answers :)13:28
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dm8tbrsledges: o/ (likely close to the tieto stand)13:57
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sledgesdm8tbr, great at least one of us there (that makes two :D)14:07
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Sage_phaeron: sgx only14:10
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*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:12
phaeronI upgraded ti-omap stuff too14:12
phaeronSage_: will retry now14:12
Sage_well you can update everythin (except zypp) from there and it should be ok in theory at least :)14:13
phaeronSage_: xorg didn't come up when I did so14:13
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:16
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Sage_can you cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log for me14:18
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*** FlameReaper has joined #mer14:21
mikhasI'll be at ELC Europe, too14:21
phaeronSage_: one sec rebooting with sgx only upgraded14:23
*** panda-z has quit IRC14:23
*** panda-z has joined #mer14:24
Sage_phaeron: make sure you took it from the right repo, i.e., latest doesn't boot with next etc.14:24
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Sage_correct for latest yes14:32
* Sage_ ponders what he broke then14:32
*** panda-z has quit IRC14:33
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phaeronsee , testing on device pays off14:38
*** boom has quit IRC14:42
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sledgesnice to know mikhas, I see you fellows will be giving a talk on DLNA14:54
*** VDVsx has joined #mer14:55
mikhassledges, right, but that's my colleague phako giving the talk, not me14:55
sledgesmaybe at ELCE we could all go for a #mer-pint-of-coke/beer :)14:55
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC14:56
mikhas"Hi I am Clippy, did you mean to invite your friends to a line of coke?"14:56
sledgesthere there peer pressure ;D14:56
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dm8tbrmikhas: at that point auto-correction kicks in: Did you mean "to invite your friends to a line of code?"16:36
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CosmoHilldisco_stu, any relation to Ninja Stu?17:35
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*** crevetor has joined #mer18:58
vgrade_kulve: looks like it picks up the egl but not the glesv2,
vgrade_vgrade_: wonder if its case related. Anyway build gets futher now19:00
*** dijenerate has quit IRC19:00
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kulvevgrade_: yeah, I should have tested that.. The egl.pc should have "Requires: glesv2" instead of "Requires: GLESv". I thought that it would want the name and not the filename19:13
*** ajalkane has joined #mer19:14
vgrade_kulve: np, team work19:14
kulveI just modified it in the ce:adaptataion:rpi, so if it builds and you have branched it, you should get the change (and test it for me ;)19:14
vgrade_cheers, I copied it I think but I can test locally19:15
CosmoHillhey vgrade_19:16
CosmoHill behold (1MB btw)19:17
kulvevgrade_: package updated. But now I'm off19:17
vgrade_kulve: bye19:17
vgrade_CosmoHill: hi19:18
crevetorhey vgrade_19:18
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:20
vgrade_crevetor: evening19:20
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:20
*** alien_ has joined #mer19:23
Stskeepsevening crevetor19:23
vgrade_CosmoHill: what you got running there?19:24
CosmoHillmac windows and mac19:24
crevetorhi Stskeeps19:25
CosmoHillI'm testing my portfolio on different browsers, you can also see the responsive design19:25
crevetorvgrade_: I was wondering : does pa3 run without hardware acceleration ?19:25
vgrade_crevetor: the most tested device is wetab/exo which has but also runs on archos g9 which has both a fb and accelerated build19:26
crevetorvgrade_: do you have a .ks ? I'd like to test it on my touchpad19:26
vgrade_crevetor: do you know the basyskom site, you can find the builds on there19:27
crevetorI do, I'll check it out when I'm home19:27
vgrade_osc ci19:28
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:30
Stskeepsphaeron: what's our opinion on 'min'?19:31
*** notmart has quit IRC19:32
phaeronI haven't formulated  one. if the test cases are significantly dependent on that min thing then so be it.19:33
phaeronmaybe I can give a better opinion once I actually look at it19:33
Stskeepslooking at mwts*19:33
Stskeepsthe intel test case contributions there are atrocious..19:34
phaeronuh , that doesn't sound good :D19:34
Stskeepsnow that's a man's test set19:37
vgrade_ready for test,
*** morphis has quit IRC19:40
cristivgrade_: thanks, I will give it a try soonish19:40
vgrade_Stskeeps: probably crash and burn. the package configs from kulve helped setting up the pro file19:41
vgrade_cristi: \o19:41
vgrade_cristi: I need to build an image now19:42
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:42
vgrade_Stskeeps: oh and I don't really know how to test :) ie how to callup the plugin19:42
*** alien_ has quit IRC19:42
*** furikku has quit IRC19:45
Stskeeps-platform yourpluginname19:45
Stskeepstry it with qmlscene19:45
vgrade_Stskeeps: thanks19:46
*** faenil has quit IRC19:50
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phaeronStskeeps: tests that need tests  ? :D20:04
vgrade_loads of prelink messages on image build, recorded n dependencies, now seeing -120:10
vgrade_not seen those before20:10
vgrade_anything to worry about?20:10
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Sage_zuh: I'm experiencing some stability issues with snowball not sure what is the cause, but quite often the device seems to just stop responding20:29
Sage_zuh: and this doesn't seem good
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:33
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vgrade_Stskeeps: qmlscene is upside down and back to front.20:59
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:59
vgrade_Stskeeps: which makes it a tad difficult to drive21:02
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:02
*** tg has joined #mer21:03
vgrade_Stskeeps: and I don't think its running my plugin21:17
*** ortylp has quit IRC21:18
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CosmoHillnight night21:23
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:24
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vgrade_Stskeeps: renamed the plugin so I have eglfsrpi as a choice of platform now21:52
vgrade_Stskeeps: still get upside down and back to front.21:55
*** zenvoid has quit IRC21:59
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vgrade_Stskeeps: changed the size function in the hook code to return height/2 and width/2 and qmlscene window was half size so I know its running the right hook code22:21
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:27
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vgrade_Stskeeps: related?
*** imunsie has joined #mer23:10
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lbtphaeron: why is ./ --old= --new= lying to me23:38
phaeronhow is it lying23:39
lbtyet I just pushed sudo there23:40
phaeronmaybe the repos haven't published yet23:40
lbtyeah, they have23:40
lbtother.xml.gz is different23:40
phaeronalso there's probably a time before the yum cache is refreshed23:41
lbtso repodiff will use some cache and not just curl the repo each time?23:44
phaeronit's configurable, I don't remember what it does in your version of the script23:45
lbtyum clean all didn't help23:45
phaeronyum cache of the host is different to yum of the script23:45
phaeronlook in /var/tmp23:45
lbtcleaned up  rm -rf /var/tmp/yum-lbt-tA4YBi/23:46
lbtstill fails23:46
phaeronhmm, nginx cache ?23:47
phaeronI am not sure really :)23:47
phaeronrun it locally and see?23:47
phaeron or let it go and check it in the morning :D23:48
lbtzgrep -C3 sudo /var/tmp/yum-lbt-E5tPEm/__Mer__Tools_Mer_Core_i486_/*-other.xml.gz   shows old version23:49
lbtzgrep -C3 sudo /var/tmp/yum-lbt-E5tPEm/__Mer__Tools__Testing_Mer_Core_i486_/*-other.xml.gz  shows new23:49
lbtgoing to germany tomorrow23:50
lbtwanted a new VM tonight23:50
*** jotik has quit IRC23:51
*** jotik^^ has joined #mer23:51
phaeronother is not used afaik23:51
* phaeron is really not sure23:53
lbtwell, for whatever reason it's not detecting a full pkg version change 1.8.2 -> 1.8.6p323:53
*** FSCV has quit IRC23:53
lbthmm - was there something about version numbers?23:54
lbtI'm just pushing it to M:T now23:54
lbtwould you like to verify MTT sudo ?23:54
*** andre__ has quit IRC23:55
*** imunsie has quit IRC23:56
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