Wednesday, 2012-10-10

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sonachmorning all00:19
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phinaliumzgood morning03:53
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lbt900stskeeps Sage_ harri is getting a shower then bfast05:33
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rferrazzi've added mipsel repository as target for my project on meego obs but it doesn't build anything11:39
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rferrazzthe project is here
* Stskeeps looks11:42
Stskeepswhat hw are you doing it on, btw?11:42
Stskeepsrferrazz:     <arch>mipsel</arch>11:42
Stskeepschange to <arch>mips</arch>11:42
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Stskeepstry now11:47
timophthinking about changing the test-definition format11:53
Stskeepsinteresting :)11:53
timophStskeeps: ^11:53
timophboth look a lot better than xml11:54
Stskeepsthat's true, though xml is easy to script with11:54
timophI'm tempted to do a small proof of concept with yaml11:55
rferrazzStskeeps: is this
Stskeepsoh, that looks cute11:59
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Stskeepsi'm a little afraid of the ram though11:59
phaerontimoph: please no json ! it's finicky about quotes and commas11:59
phaeronand colons11:59
timophjust thinking about alternatives. not implementing anything yet12:00
VDVsxis this down or just very slow: ?12:00
Stskeepsslow, probably12:00
Stskeepsis anybody viewing qt?12:00
timophin any case I'd like make defining test a bit easier12:00
phaerontimoph: I am just pitching in , I have to write json for boss processes confs12:01
rferrazzStskeeps: i want to run only the core system, it runs openwrt by default12:02
timophyeah. comments very welcome. that's why I took that screenshot.12:02
Stskeepsrferrazz: k12:02
timophbesides I'm personally leaning more towards yaml anyway :p12:03
* VDVsx can't git pull as well :(12:04
timophVDVsx: the system is hinting that you should take the rest of the day off :)12:05
StskeepsVDVsx: sec..12:06
VDVsxtimoph, noo, now that I was about to finish something :D12:07
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kontiowho or what is starting dbus session bus? is it systemd? if so where is the .service file for it?12:45
Stskeepsit's uxlaunch before systemd user sessions12:49
Stskeepsafter that it's the systemd user session12:49
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w00tStskeeps: did user sessions get merged?12:53
Stskeepsyes but not default in .ks12:53
w00thow come?12:55
Stskeepswanted to iron out some stuff12:56
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khertanHello !14:13
Stskeepswello khertan14:13
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khertanHow many average time does mer/nemo vm image should take to boot up ?14:14
khertani m still waiting it after 1hours14:15
Stskeepskhertan: nemo vm image is broken and sage has been busy14:15
Stskeepsthe problem is missing xorg-x11-drv-vesa14:15
khertanok ... back to older one so :)14:15
khertanStskeeps: thx for the information :)14:15
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w00tStskeeps: can you see,914 please?14:16
khertani ll try how bad is my rpm package generated via cobs with a spec file created with pypackager :)14:16
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khertansame python script for same source but generation of .dsc and .spec at the same time :)14:17
Stskeepsw00t: i need to kick it to be evaluated14:19
w00tStskeeps: i meant my comment on it14:19
w00tnot the autotester14:19
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ulf`Hi Stskeeps :)16:58
Stskeepshow's it going?17:09
* Stskeeps is having late on-site hours for once17:09
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mja-got my raspberry pi today, yay17:55
mja-is qt on pi still alive? I haven't figured out what to do with the board yet..17:55
Stskeepsqtonpi the distro is dead17:55
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Stskeepsand there's a few people here working on mer + rpi17:55
mja-that's interesting17:56
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CosmoHillhello / bonsoir / dag18:09
BostikI'm starting to get a rash from Qt3D18:09
StskeepsBostik: hmm, that one we patched i though18:10
Stskeepsand got building18:10
Stskeepsafter disabling egl18:10
Bostikoh I got it building without such trickery18:10
BostikI just disabled the tools and got it to build18:10
CosmoHillhey Bostik18:10
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Bostikit's the ever-changing packaging part since the internals are very much alive, *and* the stupid source combines two distinct pieces18:11
BostikCosmoHill: evening there18:11
StskeepsBostik: and you do remember that /Qt/ is vestigal now too ?18:12
Stskeepsand can be killed with fire18:12
Bostikpractically every other part in qt5 is as straightforward as things can be considering it's Qt..18:12
BostikStskeeps: I will keep that in mind, but I'm going to get everything done once, and then I can neuter parts that are dead or dying18:13
Bostikkind of a waterfall approach but it helps ;)18:13
Stskeepsjust saying that it saves a lot of dreadful packagin18:13
Bostikthe thought of being able to mercilessly "rm -rf %{_includedir}/qt5/Qt" is a happy one18:15
ulf`Stskeeps, pretty good. Yourself?18:15
Stskeepsulf`: quite well, getting to work with exciting things and late night hacking sessions so i'm happy :)18:16
ali1234i thought Qt3D was supposed to be part of Qt main distribution now?18:16
Stskeepsit is18:16
ali1234i know it was always annoying to build since it needed private headers, but i would have thought all that was fixed now?18:17
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ulf`Stskeeps, good :)18:24
ulf`Stskeeps, looking forward to seeing the outcome :)18:24
*** calvaris has quit IRC18:26
Bostikali1234: it's annoying to package since it effectively sports two distinct and rather badly separated entities - the 3D part and the Quick3D part which builds on base 3D18:29
ali1234ah. last time i used it the Quick3D part didn't really exist18:30
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Stskeepsulf`: soon enough :)18:34
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ulf`Stskeeps, cool!19:03
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ljpso close to having working sensor gestures in qtmobility.19:45
ljpat least accel values are getting stomped on somewhere x=0,y=0,z=0 :)19:45
ljpat least on n90019:46
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Stskeepswtf at the qgraphicsview and widget comment though..20:14
w00tStskeeps: which?20:15
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:17
Stskeepswell, read it20:17
w00tI have20:20
w00tI want to know specifically which bit you're talking about :p20:20
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ulf`Go to Google Images and search for "completely wrong"20:24
ulf`Enjoy :)20:24
Stskeepsi don't nearly feel they're covering meego in there, it's very harmattan sided20:25
Stskeepsexcept for a random comment on that ilmatar was a nightmare20:26
Stskeepsulf`: wow20:27
ulf`Stskeeps, I heard rumors there's a massive campus for sale in Espoo. Very soon you might be able to move in there and call yourself Merkia ;)20:27
leinirWell, Jolla is surely buying that building ;)20:28
leinirThough, granted, might want to stay in Tampere, too nice up there :)20:29
Stskeepsulf`: i'm sitting in an office which is nearby is the old meego nokia hq in helsinki.. i wouldn't mind to move in that building20:29
Stskeepsit was close to metro, mcdonalds, etc..20:29
leinirThat one /is/ very nice :)20:29
Stskeepsalso, it'd be sweet victory to put "Jolla" on the front of20:29
ulf`Yeah :)20:29
leinirwell, the left-side one, the right-side one was uhm... somewhere between depressing and suicide-inducing :P20:29
* ulf` has yet to travel to Finland 20:30
leiniri was on loan to nokia while the office was shutting down... it was... special20:30
* Stskeeps just hopes for a better world.20:31
leinir*nods* And Jolla on the front of that building would be... kinda nice :)20:31
Stskeepsulf`: go in summer, global warming has really made this place survivable :P20:33
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ulf`Stskeeps, someday :)20:36
icotathe taskumuro article seems 'thrown together'20:40
icotaor maybe hastily translated20:41
Stskeepshastily, yes20:41
icotaone thing i learned from it is that intel has competitive mobile chips20:41
icotaunfortunately they also licence a powervr gpu20:42
totteHow is that unfortunate?20:42
icotatotte: i was hoping for intel graphics you could have or adapt the free drivers for20:43
Bostiktotte: basically all users of SGX chips are at the mercy of Infineon for driver support20:43
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Stskeepsyou mean imagination technologies?20:44
Bostiksorry, brainfart20:44
Bostikmeant "Imagination"20:44
icotait's bad, you have to target a specific kernel version if you want to use the blob20:44
icotabeagle devices are plagued with it20:44
icotaand most phones, i guess20:45
Stskeepsicota: i can only say there's worse things out thre20:46
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*** lbt_ has joined #mer20:46
icotaStskeeps: that's why you made libhybris :) i'm actually planning to try 'freeing' a crappy android tablet with it this week20:47
icotaallwinner A10 based20:48
icotai really hate it, worst purchase ever20:48
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icotaanyone going to the Qt conference next month?20:53
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ljpyay! sensor gestures! (more or less) :)21:16
Stskeepswoo :)21:16
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ljpbut the animation on my shakeit qml app only plays once21:39
ljptext changes when a gesture is recognized. but no anim :(21:39
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