Wednesday, 2012-09-12

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salmananyone here to answer a few begineers question.. :)00:24
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louisdkiekku: good morning04:06
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Kypeli_Good morning all05:17
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situMorning everyone05:55
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* ljp waves06:04
Stskeepsgood morning ljp06:04
* Stskeeps looks forward to a day at an actual office for once06:05
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ljpif everyone had cameras, you could set up a bunch of monitors each with its own head06:06
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Stskeepshehe, supposedly that's how linaro works06:06
Stskeepswith google hangouts etc06:06
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ljpI suppose thats one way06:09
Stskeepsbbl walking to jolla hq06:09
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DarwinSurvivorI just got a (used) n900 a couple days ago and am loving it. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to switch to a mer/meego/tizen based distro. any recommendations?06:20
DarwinSurvivorcordial doesn't look quite ready, but plasma active looks promissing (can't find much about nemo's progress).06:21
ljpnemomobile, for sure06:22
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* ljp pushes sensor gestures backport somewhere06:23
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DarwinSurvivordoes it have the phone (dialing, sms, etc) stuff done? that and stability are my #1 requirements06:24
Stskeepsyes, but try it out on your own on a microsd06:25
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DarwinSurvivoryeah, I just read about the SD-boot thing, sounds like a much safer method (in case it doesn't work).06:28
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DarwinSurvivorare plasma-active and cordial any good, or do they still need work?06:29
Stskeepsplasma is not really a handset ui06:32
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Stskeepsmorn timoph07:04
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timophhmmh. I should be able to make a sb2 target for n900 image just be scp'ing the rootfs from the device07:05
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Stskeepsish.. rsync might be better07:06
timophshould've used n950 for this. already have a sb2 target for it07:07
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timoph(sb2-sdk-build-gdb) where10:38
timoph#0  0x00008374 in main ()10:38
timophthat's from a rich-core dump10:38
timophStskeeps: ^10:38
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timophhmmh. unsupported syscall 26 from qemu when quitting gdb10:48
* timoph goes out to have a victory smoke10:50
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cat_x301is rfkill tool available for mer?11:11
* cat_x301 cannot find it within ce-* nor mer-core11:14
Stskeepsget connman-test(s) prolly11:16
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cat_x301Stskeeps: thx11:18
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salmani am new to mer , nemo , open source and have been setting up platorm sdk and sb2 .11:27
salmanso, was wondring do u guys hav any advices for me :)11:27
Stskeepsi think it's better if you ask questions instead11:28
salmantrue, thats right..:)11:30
salmanis it necessary to have some type of hardware device like n900 or n950 when fixing the bugs from mer's bug list..11:32
salmani have completed the sdk and sb2 installation and wonder where to go from here.. shall i see the bug list now...and assign it11:33
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* timoph ponders about automation11:43
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salmanwhile initializing scracthbox2 for n950 nemo mobile an error comes : Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/mer-core/armv7hl/binutils-2.22-1.18.armv7hl.rpm: Header SHA1 digest: BAD11:47
salmanthats the given command :  sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper install gcc-c++11:48
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timopha script inside the sdk that: rsyncs rootfs from a device -> create sb2 target from it -> install needed debugs -> get backtraces for dumps11:48
timophsalman: zypper ref worked?11:49
salmantimoph: yes11:49
timophsomeone else was yesterday also having the same issue11:50
* zuh confesses11:50
timophzuh: did you manage to solve it?11:50
zuhsalman: Run it at the top of the target tree11:50
salmanok.. will try11:50
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timophcurrent dir shouldn't matter afaik11:51
zuhtimoph: It does for me11:51
salmanzuh : both zypper ref and install or just install11:51
timophmaybe something went wrong with sb2-init11:52
zuhWell, I decided not to subject myself to funky errors any more than that and run all sb2 commands from there now... :)11:52
zuhAlthough IIRC zypper ref worked ok from where-ever11:52
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salmandoesnt work for me11:55
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timophsalman: so sb2 target works otherwise? eg. sb2 -t nemo-n950 uname -a12:00
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salmantimoph : i think so it was my mistake i was reading from 0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-02-23.1/    :)12:02
salmannow downloading nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-02-23.1.tar.bz212:03
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smita_Stskeeps, hi.. i get osc search accounts12:42
smita_Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed.. on every osc opearation.. my username/pwd is correct..what can be wrong12:42
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Stskeepsosc -A https://your.api12:47
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pqoh lol, now hybris test_egl segfaults when it tries to print a failed assertion and look up some locale info12:49
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Stskeepspq: yeah, that's the errno stuff prolly12:52
Stskeepszuh: good news, i think we've fixed the segfault12:53
Stskeepszuh: just ran eglinfo without any crashes12:53
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zuhStskeeps: Nice! What kind of 3v1l h4ck3ry did it take?12:57
pqStskeeps, ChickenCutlass, do you have your bionic changes public anywhere?12:59
Stskeepszuh: upgrade to most recent eglibc from ubuntu and linaro gcc 4.6 2012.0812:59
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ChickenCutlasspq: no, I just changes errno from 2 to 5 in bionic_tls.h13:00
pqChickenCutlass, ok13:00
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Stskeepszuh: i think it was the armhf naming that caused an issue13:01
Stskeepszuh: going to push it to mer asap along with toolchain upgrade13:07
Bostik"toolchain upgrade" .... mmmm, I like the sound of that13:08
StskeepsBostik: so do i..13:08
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zuhStskeeps: oh, ok. So nothing big then, just minor tweaks :P13:12
Stskeepszuh: yeah13:12
Stskeepszuh: and we finally switch to be properly aligned with ld-linux-armhf standard13:12
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smita_Stskeeps, osc -A gives SSL Error: sslv3 alert handshake failure13:26, yes13:26
* timoph was for once faster than Stskeeps :p13:28
Stskeepsi'm actually in a office13:29
* timoph just came home13:29
timophdid you notice my idea for automating core analysis?13:29
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Stskeepsi have to admit not :P13:30
Stskeepsrepeat it?13:30
timopha sec13:30
timopha script inside the sdk that: rsyncs rootfs from a device -> create sb2 target from it -> install needed debugs -> get backtraces for dumps13:30
smita_Stskeeps, timoph "osc co" stil gives Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed13:30
Stskeepsdo you have a login that works on
Stskeepstimoph: sounds good13:30
Stskeepsthere's even a bug for that afaik13:31
smita_Stskeeps, yes13:31
timophjust started thinking about that after you mentioned rsync in the morning13:31
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timophat least I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work13:31
smita_Stskeeps, i have manually removed ~/.oscrc also but still the same problem13:33
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francois_my standalone OBS with the sb2 patches is compiling the Mer:Core:armv7l right now :-)13:52
francois_taking ages though for packages like perl13:52
Stskeepsyes, perl is a mess13:52
Stskeepsa lot of target code13:53
francois_but I'm glad it's working anyhow13:53
francois_I'm using the latest build of the osc/build/obs-server if that could be useful in some way13:53
francois_in a personal branch of the opensuse OBS13:54
francois_I'm ready to tackle the sh4 port now :)13:54
Stskeepsfrancois_: oh, you rebased the patches?13:54
rcg-workgotta watch better which window has focus prior to sending something13:54
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francois_now for the sh4 port, I guess the first thing to do is build the few rpm packages by hand that are needed for bootstrapping13:59
francois_I believe I need at least all the Preinstall from the project configs, right?14:00
Bostik"toolchain upgrade" .... mmmm, I like the sound of that14:00
timophStskeeps: btw, if you're still in .fi I highly recommend trying there
Stskeepshmm, looks interesting14:01
Stskeepsthat is a very good point, i need to shop liquorice14:01
salmani am trying to initialize scratchbox2 for n950 nemo mobile ( but am facing errors with that ..please see the following pastebin for how it looks in the terminal14:01
timophhmmh. that looks like the same problem zuh was having yesterday14:03
salmanhmm.. but it solved for him "running at the top of target tree"14:06
salmanjust to make sure if i am undrstanding this "running at the top of target tree" means that instead of /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs ..i should run it from /srv/mer/targets14:07
timophdunno. it works for me from anywhere14:08
salmani am not very fimiliar with linux and opensource related stuff yet :D14:08
salmanany idea what does these mean Header SHA1 digest: BAD.. i have soo many of those14:09
timophfirst guess would a corrupted rmp database14:09
timophrpm14:09 can that be corrected..14:11
Stskeepssalman: move to a different dir or /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs14:11
salmanstskeeps : sorry i am not gettin you.. i am already in /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs14:13
salmanMerSDK MerSDK MerSDK muhammad@muhammad:/srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs$14:13
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC14:16
timophhmmh. where does the 3x MerSDK come from? ps1?14:18
salmantimoph : after i gave this echo 'PS1="MerSDK $PS1"' >> ~/.mersdk.profile and  /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot enter... it coms14:20
salmanits from this wiki
timophjust wondering why it's there three times14:22
salmani know the reason for three times...guess what now it is four times.. :)14:25
salmanwhat i am doing is14:26
timophentering the sdk rootfs from several terminals?14:26
salmanexit, mount again and then these two commands again ...14:27
timophno umount in between14:27
timophyou might want to umout the sdk and try mount and entering again14:27
salmaneven after unmount ..its 5 now :)14:29
salmansee this :
salmanwhats happening :S...14:31
timophtry doing what it proposes. rm the .sdkoptions after umount and closing all terminals with the sdk14:31
timophcreate with ->
timophand use it to access the chroot14:32
timophwhen you leave the sdk using exit it umount it for you so the mounts don't leave hanging14:33
timophthat's how I use it14:34
salmanwhere does it proposes ??...rm the .sdkoption.....14:34
*** phaeron has joined #mer14:34
timophclearly the sdk needs some loving usability wise14:37
* timoph added the script tip to
salmantimoph: by your script it remains 6...doesnt increases...and i do not have .sdkoptions in ur mentioned folder14:43
salmanthis is how it looks14:44
timophdo exit once and the enter the sdk again to see if anything changes14:44
timophdid you forget to do "sudo chown -R $USER ." in the target rootfs?14:45
timophwhen setting it up14:45
salmanno, i didnt14:46
timophor were you root at the time?14:46
*** smita_ has quit IRC14:46
salmanyes, i was14:46
timophah. that explains it14:46
timophthe $USER variable naturally is "root" when you're root14:47
timophit's supposed to be owned by your regular user14:48
* timoph adds a note about that to the wiki14:48
salmanso..what should be done now :S14:49
*** smita_ has joined #mer14:49
timoph"sudo chown -R <your username> ." in the target rootfs14:50
*** kontio has quit IRC14:50
timophwithout the sudo if you're root14:50
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:50
salmandone..but what problem does this solve14:52
salmanMerSDK MerSDK MerSDK MerSDK MerSDK MerSDK muhammad@muhammad:/srv/mer/targets/n95 0rootfs$ sudo chown -R muhammad .14:52
timophtry if sb2 zypper works now14:53
*** kallela has quit IRC14:54
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salmantimoph : see this
* timoph is running out of ideas14:57
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC14:58
timophyou could try to reinitialize the target14:58
salmanwas thinking the same..will try that14:59
salmanabout multiple MerSDK.. why do u think i do not have .sdkoption ??15:00
timophnot sure15:00
timophbut that is a bit weird15:00
timophnot sure if it was the renamed to something else15:01
salmanor maybe it resides in some folder now15:01
timophtoo bad lbt is lbt_away15:01
*** phaeron has joined #mer15:01
salmantimoph : lbt :S15:01
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:01
Stskeepslbt's on a plane, he'll be very cross if you try to contact him15:02
timophI'd most likely do a fresh install at this point (reboot to make sure the sdk stuff is unmounted before removing it)15:03
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salmanok..i have to leave now..will be back in and hour or soo..and start fresh...thanks timoph :)15:05
*** phaeron has joined #mer15:06
*** salman has quit IRC15:10
*** nj3ma has quit IRC15:10
*** nj3ma has joined #mer15:11
smita_timoph, by mistake i deleted zypper from the to reinstall15:17
timophgrab the zypper package from the repos and install it with rpm -ivh <package>15:19
Stskeepsreinstall the entire sdk15:19
timophor ^15:19
*** merder has quit IRC15:20
timophmight be safer to reinstall the whole thing in order to get it to a consistent state. might be something else broken as well15:20
timophStskeeps: looks like we really need work on getting the sdk a bit more user friendly15:21
*** veskuh has joined #mer15:21
timophor at least improve the docs15:21
timophhmmh. I'm calling a brainstorming meeting for the sdk15:22
timophany preferred days?15:22
Stskeepsanytime after monday15:22
Stskeepsand not on wednesday15:22
timophtuesday it is :)15:22
timoph9utc would make it 12 .fi time15:24
timophworks for you?15:24
*** pirut has quit IRC15:25
Stskeepsthink so15:27
*** beford has joined #mer15:29
*** merder has joined #mer15:33
*** slaine has quit IRC15:36
*** TuTizz has quit IRC15:41
francois_now if want to add sh4 target to qemu inside the SDK, where should I modify the qemu from?15:42
*** blauzahl has joined #mer15:45
francois_I'm using the latest SDK and zypper states that the repositories are timestamped to 0.20120517.115:45
*** disco_stu has joined #mer15:45
francois_so I was thinking I could see a Core release at that date in the Mer OBS15:45
francois_but it does not show up15:45
francois_ok well I just installed the rpm by hand from my standalone OBS15:54
francois_yes but I would have liked to branch from the same release the SDK was built from15:55
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:58
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*** gimli has joined #mer16:13
* timoph ponders how to clean up rich-core16:14
timophmight as well fork it and drop the unneeded bits16:15
*** KaIRC has quit IRC16:16
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salmantimoph : you there ??17:53
*** clopez has quit IRC17:53
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Jake9xxStskeeps: is lbt_away or X-Fade only persons who can grant rigts to ?17:58
Jake9xxStskeeps: pardon my lousy typing, on sofa :-)17:58
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:58
timophsalman: yes. Just about to leave though17:59
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:59
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:59
salmantimoph. : i am back , tried and it wont work :(18:01
*** Ionakka has quit IRC18:02
salmani will shout once again here..lets see if somebody has any ideas on this... :)18:02
timophI'm just finishing a fresh sdk and sb2 target install on a virtual machine and no problems18:03
timophso the instructions should work18:03
*** spoofy has joined #mer18:10
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*** chouchoune1 has joined #mer18:11
*** chouchoune1 is now known as chouchoune18:11
salmantimoph : amazing, it seems to work now...i was trying to produce the error once again to copy them into pastebin and it worked..its RETREIVING .. :)18:12
salmanhahaha..i was too quick to get started was retrieving it for a while and then failed..not like previous where it gave me failed/error instantly..arghh18:15
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer18:22
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:23
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*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill18:24
salmananyone has any idea about this : .. i am trying to initialize scratchbox2 for N95018:24
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:29
*** _xnt14 has quit IRC18:32
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w00tStskeeps: bug 56619:22
MerbotBug normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Carsten is an idiot19:22
fk_lxhello all19:22
timophw00t: :)19:27
timopha bit blunt but funny19:29
*** rainland has joined #mer19:30
w00tI just titled it what he told me to :-p19:30
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer19:36
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*** nj3ma has joined #mer19:45
salmantimoph :  it worked for me ,indeed rpm were corrupt and had to be rebuilt19:46
timophgood. now you can finally start hacking with it :)19:48
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:51
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*** nj3ma has joined #mer20:02
cos^obs question: is it possible to use the same source.tar.gz for harmattan & rpm packaging?20:06
cos^looks like files created by dpkg-buildpackage have _ instead of - used in rpm's to separate version number20:07
cos^does it work if i just modify .dsc file and change filename to be source-version.tar.gz or is there a better way?20:10
timophcan't remember how it exactly went but I got it to work20:11
timophremoved all my harmattan stuff from obs so no examples :/20:11
*** yunta_ has quit IRC20:11
salmantimoph : now this : hello.c:1:19: fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory .. while compiling20:12
timophsalman: missing libs20:13
timophhmmh. should be installed as deps with gcc-c++ iirc20:14
timophglibc-devel that is20:17
salmanaah.i mistakanely initialzie the scratchbox2 in my home/directory..and now it would not let me sdk-install in n950root20:19
salmanwould that be a problem in the future..20:19
timophtry reinitializing20:19
salmanand this compiles perfectly..  sb2 -t nemo-n950 /home/muhammad/gcc hello.c -o hello20:20
cos^looks like just modifying .dsc won't work - the checksums are changed20:20
timophiirc I removed the checksums20:20
salmanreinitializing = rm /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs20:20
timophsalman: no. just rerun sb2-init in the correct place20:21
* timoph heads to bed20:21
salmandidnt work...20:22
salmansame erro20:22
*** salman has quit IRC20:28
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*** sivang has joined #mer21:12
sivangre all21:12
Stskeeps m0021:13
sivangStskeeps: m3321:13
sivangStskeeps: good that you're here and perhaps have some time ;) So, to upgrade the sudo version, as I understand it I just need to push to OBS an xml that will tell it to fetch new source for pkg build or , do I need to do this locally and submit a patch?21:15
sivangStskeeps: (recall the brain map )21:15
sivangs/OBS/BOSS perhaps21:15
sivanghmm, I cannot run ssh inside the chroot21:21
sivangor even attempt to install it.. /me feels its too late to start mer'ing maybe21:22
*** merder has quit IRC21:22
* sivang goes outside of the chroot then.21:22
*** talavis has quit IRC21:28
*** crevetor has joined #mer21:31
*** tooth_ is now known as blaroche21:31
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer21:32
*** talavis has joined #mer21:32
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*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:36
* sivang is not sure how to fetch a specific package for changes21:36
sivangI can't find sudo in mer-core, is it not there?21:42
sivang(using ls-projects21:43
Stskeepsit's in mer tools21:43
sivangthe compoenet against which the bug was reported is 'Release Tools', is this a mistake?21:44
sivangor are they the same?21:44
MerbotBug 379: critical, High, ---, sivang, NEW, sudo does not work21:44
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC21:45
sivangssh -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects | grep mer-tools | grep sudo ==> gives nothing21:57
StskeepsMer:Tools obs project21:59
sivangah, thanks (I somehow assumed all packages are in git not just Core as said here -

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