Wednesday, 2012-09-05

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phinaliumzgood morning03:35
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Stskeepslbt: snapshot please05:06
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lbtStskeeps: snapshot - sure - date?07:49
lbtnext week is bad07:50
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lbt20120920 ?07:50
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Stskeepsmorn sivang, stomach flu gone again?08:34
sivangStskeeps: it has gotten better yesterday, thank you :)08:34
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* sivang updates on the mer-general for nemo/mer social stuff08:41
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sivangStskeeps: still at work though, warming for the weekend though.08:44
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lbt_away-> haircut ... bbiab ... snapshot happening09:00
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sledgesgood late morning!10:12
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lbtStskeeps: goals for this release?11:16
lbtarm neon/thumb port;  systemd user sessions; fixes to support SDK; general tidy up11:18
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totteApologies for the inconvenience - but I accidentally managed to create two profiles at gerrit by signing in with two different gmail accounts. I'm trying to swap one with the other by linking the other identity - but I get an error message contact the admin.12:35
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totteIs it possible to delete Account ID #1000178?12:39
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Sfiet_KonstantinHi everybody12:42
Sfiet_KonstantinMay I find the team behind
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: mm?12:51
Stskeepstotte, ask me after 6:30pm today swdish time12:52
Sfiet_Konstantinthis wiki page poped in #Harmattan some month ago12:52
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: sure, it's kinda ongoing12:52
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm really interested to work on it, and I now got QtWayland compiled on my debian12:52
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I don't know the team12:52
Sfiet_KonstantinI wanted to get in touch with them12:52
Stskeepswell its me, w00t, bostik sortof with qt5, situ..12:53
Sfiet_Konstantininteresting then :)12:53
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Sfiet_Konstantinbut you are focused on the basis, not on the UI, isn't it ?12:54
Stskeepscorrect, but we also did some qmlcompositor uis in a prototype12:55
Stskeepssearch for w00teh1 on youtube12:55
Sfiet_Konstantinqmantle isn't it12:55
Sfiet_KonstantinI think I have seen them12:56
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm now working on a Lenovo X200 (very small laptop) and am thinking of developing something that might suit my usage on it, and that might be able to be adapted on a tablet as well12:56
Stskeepsthe aim is basically to have a common effort for basic parts than go our own paths12:56
Sfiet_Konstantinis there any common repo ?12:57
Stskeepsnot yet12:57
Stskeepsmany of the parts are in mer itself12:57
Sfiet_Konstantinbasically, I want to challenge Win8 desktop, by providing something that can suit both small laptops and tablets, but without this duality metro-desktop12:57
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Sfiet_KonstantinI'm not using mer (yet) since I don't have any interesting device to run mer on. (I have the N950 but it is my main phone)12:58
Stskeepswell, you have your pc..12:58
Sfiet_Konstantinwill mer work on it easily ?12:58
Sfiet_Konstantinsince it is only a core layer12:59
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Stskeepstry to boot nemo and see?12:59
totteStskeeps: Got it.12:59
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, why not :)12:59
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Sfiet_Konstantindoes nemo have a wizard to install itself near another distro ? like what meego netbook had ?13:00
Sfiet_Konstantinif yes, i will definitely install nemo on my desktop and develop on it13:00
Stskeepsit has livecd13:03
Stskeeps / usb13:03
Stskeepswhich helps13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinwell ! seems lovely !13:03
Stskeepsalso virtual machine capability13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinit even have an installer-shell13:03
Sfiet_Konstantindon't like virtual machine a lot, not very practical for dev13:03
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lbtSfiet_Konstantin: we have SDK for dev13:04
Sfiet_Konstantinseems really nice, I will try it ! Thanks Stskeeps :)13:04
lbtVM is for testing13:04
Stskeepswell, vm is a device13:04
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah right13:04
Sfiet_Konstantina bit slow somethimes13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinand my screen is quite small, it is not very practical13:05
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm gonna try livecd tonight, seems interesting13:05
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Bostiklbt: I may not have the steam in me to look at the thumb/neon/webkit thingy tonight, work and life are making vocal, mutually exclusive demands13:58
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* Stskeeps yawns16:37
totteStskeeps: Is now a good time?16:39
Stskeepsyes, what was the issue?16:39
Stskeepsi went out for dinner with my wife and now i'm in a train going err.. i think it's south16:39
Stskeepsso plenty of time to do stuff16:40
totteUser 1000178 at is an impostor. Kill him.16:40
totteOr delete his account, whatever works.16:40
Stskeepsok, i'll take a look16:41
lbtgrr: supervisord doesn't declare a dependency on ElementTree .. and then fails to log anything when it dies ... << phaeron  this is *not* an improvement on daemontools :/16:42
lbt"Problem: python-elementtree-1.2.6-25.1.i586 requires python = 2.7, but this requirement cannot be provided"16:42
Stskeepstotte, and why is it a problem he exists?16:43
totteI want to use as e-mail/OpenID, that e-mail is my old one.16:44
totteAs in, user 1000182 is the real me.16:45
Stskeepshave you tried to edit the identity?16:46
Stskeepsin settings16:46
totteYeah, gave me an error message suggesting I contact the site admin.16:46
totte(Not a very descriptive error message.)16:47
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Stskeepstotte, ok, so, what happens if you add another email to your old identity and then switch to that, then remove the old one?17:12
Stskeepsin settings there's a part about emil17:12
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phaeronlbt: remove the minimal pattern17:16
totteI log in as #178, Settings, Identities, select and get ",LINK_IDENTIY,Contact+site+administrator", no details.17:16
lbtphaeron: OK - it should depend on python-xml though17:17
phaeronlbt: and I don't think daemontools is better just be cause we got the  packaging right or wrong :)17:17
lbtactually it's because it fails without logging anything17:17
totteStskeeps: I mean, I click "Link Another Identity" before I select totte etc.17:17
lbtbut I'm sure there are good things about it ..... somewhere17:18
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phaeronit's not written by djb , that's enough17:18
lbtwell, for all his faults, daemontools is very, very solid17:19
lbtanyhow - not really trying to go back17:19
phaeronnot when it kills the system trying to respawn a failing service17:19
lbtit has throttles17:20
phaeronwhich don't work :D17:20
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lbt btw17:21
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phaeronlbt: you think I went through the pain of rewriting skynet for fun :D17:30
lbtknowing you?17:31
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sivangStskeeps: hey :) finally I Have some time to go over my bug list17:56
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* sivang has been doin cordova all day18:01
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crevetorStskeeps: do you know why there's no linux/media.h in kernel-headers ?18:11
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Stskeepscrevetor: good question, did it exist in 2.6.32?18:13
Stskeepscrevetor: you might have to build against a specific kernel development header package18:13
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crevetorStskeeps: that's what I'm doing ATM18:18
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crevetorStskeeps: but it's really nasty to have -I/usr/src/kernels/2.6.32-<revision>/include18:19
crevetorStskeeps: isn't kernel-headers based on 2.6.37 ?18:19
Stskeepsnot sure18:20
Stskeepsi will have to answer you when my conncetion isnt dropping out all the time18:20
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crevetorStskeeps: ok no worries18:21
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Stskeepsok, not so nice when the train behaves like it might derail..18:54
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Stskeepsjust polish train tracks :)18:58
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* Stskeeps yawns19:59
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* CosmoHill looks at Nokia and tilt's his head21:15
CosmoHilloh that's what Elop looks like21:16
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Bostiklbt: just did a minimal test with the exact same .pro file tricks and got different CXXFLAGS for a single object file - so the technique certainly is valid22:20
Bostikbut now off to bed22:20
lbtI'll do a build from scratch and not rely on qmake picking it up22:21
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