Friday, 2012-08-24

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Stskeepsgood morn05:10
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Stskeepsmorn Pakke05:17
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Stskeepsmorn situ05:25
situGood morning05:26
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situYou got a chance to look at yesterdays logs ?05:26
aifffa  nice day@05:26
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Stskeepslbt: it seems like repo.* isn't getting synced to06:03
* Stskeeps glares and look at the time06:03
lbtkittens wake you up early06:03
lbtmorning btw :)06:04
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Stskeepslbt: since it's early morning, does 'ok' mean 'i'll investigate'?06:24
lbtyeah - iptables on phost5 wasn't restored at boot06:24
lbtjudging by the latency I think it's publishing06:25
lbtAug 24 06:26:26 repo rsyncd[3829]: sent 2237 bytes  received 271825148 bytes  total size 62475203006:28
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lbtso it publishes a repo at a time06:30
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lbtyes, date is today06:36
lbtit's churning through - not 100% sure how it handles previous publish fails06:36
Stskeepsarmv6l still not published06:36
lbtat some point we may need to do a full sync06:37
lbtcheck publisher log on be if you want to monitor it06:37
timophhello fellow humans and bots06:37
Stskeepsmorn ti06:37
lbtarm61 just published06:39
Stskeepsi think we'll have to do due dillengence and another prerelease06:39
Stskeepswe did touch systemd and ofono after all06:39
Stskeepsbut it'll probably be == release06:40
lbtI haven't been paying attention ... cobs has been a bit annoying06:40
Stskeeps(armv6l is still marked as in transfer)06:40
Sageplease tell me when we are ready for that. I would like to make new nemo snapshot today if possible06:40
Stskeepslbt: OK< go for prerelease06:42
* lbt will bbiab06:45
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Stskeepsmorn phaeron08:09
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phaeronStskeeps: morning08:15
phaeronStskeeps: how's it going08:15
Stskeepsphaeron: decent, going to polish mountains for the weekend08:15
phaeronfor a second I thought you had lots of things to polish.. sorry .. :D08:16
phaeronI am going to a coastal city08:16
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mdfe_Sage: good morning08:28
mdfe_you already started to overhaul the nemo obs project structure?08:29
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Sagemdfe_: I merged some of the repos yes. Having problems?08:30
Sagemdfe_: saw ?08:30
mdfe_just fuse got broken, because it was linked to ce:utils08:31
mdfe_I just like to know08:31
mdfe_Sage: thanks for the link :)08:31
Sagemdfe_: well, you shouldn't need fuse now in your project as it is in CE:MW:Shared now08:32
Sageif you have patches for it please sent them there08:32
Sagemdfe_: also I saw that you still have qtwebkit in CE:MW:PlasmaActive for some reason08:33
Sagenoted as it takes long time to build08:33
mdfe_huge chunk08:34
mdfe_is qtwebkit also part of mer core?08:35
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mdfe_hm, good catch Sage08:37
mdfe_Stskeeps: good morning, could you point me one more time to the mer core obs?08:38
mdfe_thanks :)08:39
mdfe_anyone time to explain me something?08:47
* Sage listens08:48
lbtmdfe_: I can explain how to tease kittens with a laser pointer....08:48
mdfe_I'm wondering why the webkit version is taken plasma-mobile build from CE:MW:PlasmaActive project while the webkit version in mer core is newer08:48
Stskeepsmdfe_: what are the two rpm filenames?08:49
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Stskeepsand the other one?08:50
mdfe_one moment please08:50
Sagemdfe_: you have --exclude-pkgs on the .ks file?08:50
mdfe_isn't newer08:51
Sagelibqtwebkit4-2.2.1-1.45.i586.rpm  is the latest in mer core08:51
Sagemdfe_: you are using quite old mer core?08:51
mdfe_sorry I just took a look the the mer core obs08:51
mdfe_and did a mistake m)08:52
mdfe_libqtwebkit4-2.2.1-1.45.i586.rpm --> mer core08:52
mdfe_libqtwebkit-devel-2.2.0-1.6.Nemo.MW.PlasmaActive --> in taken for build08:52
Sagemdfe_: where is the build log for that08:53
Sagemdfe_: strange it should pick the one from Mer core really08:54
mdfe_I'm confused too08:54
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Sagemaybe dependencies against fake obs doesn't work properly if there is one provide in real projects?08:58
Sagewe can always nuke the qtwebkit from there ;)08:58
SageCE:MW:PlasmaActive that is08:58
mdfe_I will take a look first on which package is taken on other architectures and which will go into the images09:00
lbtpretty sure OBS uses the highest version in any given repo but does not compare across repos09:00
Sagelbt: oh, well that is a problem they have currently then.09:00
lbtso if you provide a lower package 'locally' it would use that09:00
lbtand so on for any projects you build against09:01
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lbtI even think it fails if you add a version specifier09:01
mdfe_and when you build a image with mic the highest version is taken09:01
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mdfe_but it explains many strange side effects09:02
lbtI've never been happy about the obs handling of packages like this09:02
lbtI think there should be a bug to permit some kind of aggregation of package versions09:02
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lbtStskeeps: you recall the cpio error on release?09:06
Stskeepsit's back?09:06
lbtbut :)09:06
lbt"cpio error detected: Retrying"09:06
lbtI modified the script to detect+retry09:07
lbtseems to have worked09:07
lbtI just noticed the rpm names are different09:09
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lbtpam-1.1.1-1.9.Mer.armv7l.rpm       pam-1.1.1-1.9.armv6l.rpm09:10
lbtdo you have a "Mer" in the Releases: in prjconf on armv7l ?09:10
Stskeepsthat's possible?09:10
Stskeepsyes, i think09:10
lbtdon't think it matters09:10
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mdfe_It would be very nice if we could drop qtwebkit from CE:MW:PlasmaActive asap09:14
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notmartcouldn't be the needed packages of CE:MW:PlasmaActive be merged somewhere else to have a repo less to worry about?09:20
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Sagenotmart: well to Project:KDE:Devel however as you build also against meego 1.2 that will be a mess (or well it is that already)09:32
Sagebtw, have you checked if you actually even need those packages anymore :)09:32
mdfe_we can drop the meego build target09:32
notmartwell, i think we can dump meego 1.2 by now...09:32
Sageok, well do that and drop also all the packages you were building against that only09:33
Sageit clears the project structure quite a bit09:33
mdfe_whats about qtwebkit? could you drop it from CE:MW:PlasmaActive?09:34
Sagenotmart, mdfe_: I can remove qtwebkit and also qca2 from CE:MW:PlasmaActive as those were merged to Nemo/Mer already.09:34
Sageif that is ok for you09:34
notmartyes, perfect09:34
mdfe_just awesome :)09:34
Sagealso libical is there and has been merged to mer09:35
Sagedropping it as well09:35
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* notmart removes meego repo build09:36
Sagenotmart: check the bottom of the meta prj there is two examples how to do it :)09:36
Sageobs doesn't allow removing repos if people have branches so you need to clear it09:37
notmartso not just clear <repository name="MeeGo_1.2_OSS"> part?09:37
Sageyou can't remove that if someone has branches with that repo09:37
Sageso clean the content and leave it as empty xml elemen tto the bottom <repository name="MeeGo_1.2_OSS" />09:38
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Sagealso this is someting you really shouldn't have there
Sageif you need sysvinit then you really are doing something wrong :)09:40
notmarthmm, shouldn't have been in that repo09:40
notmartwas an attempt on a board revision that only supported a kernel so old that systemd didn't work09:41
Sagenotmart: 2.6.32 works with systemd with some patches so ask us if you need that kind of things.09:41
Sageif it is older then that is bad :)09:41
Sagemdfe_: notmart: qt, mesa, util-linux should be removed as well and I recommend removing disabled packages as well.09:43
Sagemdfe_, notmart: fuse is also now in nemo so you shouldn't need that there either.09:43
Sageand with maliit we should work together with nemo to get it updated so you would not need to have it in your project.09:45
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Sageok, that is the most of what I saw there :)09:48
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notmartnow meego is removed, fuse is disabled, keeping the disabled packages for a while until i'm really sure they can go (ie nobody screaming really want meego 1.2 back) then i'll delete them09:50
Sagefair enough09:52
Sageimo nobody should use meego 1.2 anymore09:53
notmartyep :)09:53
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Sageif they scream I would suggest to say to them that move to Mer :)09:53
sledgesI use MeeGo 1.2 on my netbook :)09:54
sledgescouldn't find a faster performing out-of-the-box linux distribution on netbooks to date :?09:54
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lbtnotmart: there's a big kde build happening - is that you?10:30
Sagelbt: I caused it10:31
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lbtOK - in that case I'll do a mer next pull10:31
Sagelbt: I removed extra qtwebkit and some other packages from their MW project that were merged to Mer10:31
Sagesounds good10:31
lbtif someone was waiting for a build to do an image I'd wait10:31
SageI would say good to go10:32
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Sagelbt: let me know when it is imported to cobs10:50
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lbttakes a while ... best thing is to keep an eye on the monitor :)10:51
lbthmm I should add an automated message to the atom feed10:51
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SageStskeeps: diff between arm and intel build with mer latest and next, on i586 ca-certificates gets installed on arm not, I wonder why11:38
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SageStskeeps: on some cases not all. Not sure why11:41
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SageStskeeps: ok, so it is rpmlint-mini that depends on openssl-libs that brind ca-certificates that doesn't happen on armv7hl11:46
Sagebut in what caess rpmlint-mini is put to the i586 build root?11:46
Sageit doesn't happen on all I can see that11:46
Sageall i586 builds that is11:47
Stskeepsbug for sure11:47
Sageit should be in all? :)11:47
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Sageok, and on armv7hl as well?11:47
Stskeepsit should really act in same way11:48
Sageoh, ok11:48
Sageit caused the strange qca2 build failure11:48
Sagei586 had more than arm :P11:48
Sageso that is bug in project-core?11:50
Sagehow rpmlint still succeeds even if rpmlint-mini isn't installed?11:52
* Sage checks a bit more11:53
Sageok, so here is the actual problem: :D11:55
Sageon i586 it brings a lot of stuff more than on arm :)11:56
Sagebut in rpmlint-mini actually11:56
* Stskeeps hides the mushroom cloud behind him11:57
Bostikmight be a bit deeper, as the list of deps should be automatically generated by the toolchain behind rpmbuild11:57
SageStskeeps: so where do you want the bug to be filed ;)11:58
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Sagebug 55212:01
MerbotBug normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, dependencies of rpmlint-mini are not found automatically on arm architectures12:01
Stskeepslbt: so your plan is to migrate ci fe/be over weekend?12:11
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lbtyes, I'm working on improving the efficiency of migration12:13
lbtit's so slow I need to do some kind of pre-sync and then a proper sync12:13
lbttedious :/12:13
lbtupdatesstorm is happening btw <-- Sage12:14
Stskeepslbt: i'm gone all weekend and queues are empty, so you can do it at your leisure12:14
Stskeepslbt: full release monday12:16
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lbtupdate: mer-next is building on COBS13:15
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lbtStskeeps: did you read the pre-release notes btw?13:18
lbtespecially the bit that said "Of particular note: systemd will not change"13:19
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Stskeepslbt: "will not upgrade" is what it meant to say13:29
Stskeepswe found a bug, we fixed it13:29
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lbtI think is in the wrong order13:32
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lbtStskeeps: can I shutdown be now ?17:25
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer17:25
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Stskeepslbt, ok, but dont delete the original lvms or vms before i also validate17:43
Stskeepsjust as backup17:43
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lbtno, I don't17:48
lbtfe copied17:48
lbtbe doing now17:48
* lbt off for the night17:48
lbtbe will take a while17:48
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Bostikhmh, I found a moment of spare time and what do I do? I decide to update the qt5 packaging script...22:32
Bostiklet's see just how badly this is out of sync with reality :)22:33
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Destructohey all i have a shitty cruz t100 tablet running android 2.2.1. it crashes, cant download via browsers, , can i do anything to it besides breaking it?23:26
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