Wednesday, 2012-08-22

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* Stskeeps waits for coffee to brew05:11
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timophany ideas about this n900 flashing error?
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Stskeepstimoph: uhh.05:17
Stskeepstimoph: is that from a PR1.2 flashing?05:17
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timophor whatever the latest maemo image is :)05:18
timophiirc 1.305:18
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* Stskeeps fails QA for mer-next05:38
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Stskeepshello aifff05:42
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StskeepsSage: connman isn't starting up on my VM image05:43
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aifffhi  guys05:43
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Stskeepsaifff: welcome :) so what brings you to #mer ?05:44
aifffi  think  mer ui is very doog05:44
Stskeepsaifff: ah, we don't really have a mer ui :)05:45
aifffthe  news  says  the  ui  will   come!05:45
Stskeepsaifff: well, mer is for vendors, vendors take mer core and add a UI on top05:46
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iekkuaifff, do you mix mer and jolla?05:47
aifffmaybe  i  mix05:48
aifffJolla's MeeGo UI is ready to go - and it's on the hunt for mobile talent | ZDNet05:49
Stskeepsright, that's jolla05:50
Stskeepsyou'd have to ask jolla about the UI in detail :)05:50
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aifffcan you  see it?05:51
Stskeepsit's Jolla's own UI, so i can't say05:51
aifff expect05:52
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SageStskeeps: hmmp06:01
Stskeepsyou'll investigate?06:02
SageI'll check once I get the image booted :)06:07
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Sageat least the image boots which is good :)06:09
Sagethe prelink stuff is strange btw.06:09
Stskeepsi fully agree06:09
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SageStskeeps: for me vm gets network out of the box06:11
StskeepsSage: wtf06:11
Stskeepsfor me, connman didn't start06:11
Sagewrong image? :)06:11
Sagefor me it works perfectly :)06:11
Sagecheck systemctl status connman.service06:12
Sageand rpm -q connman06:12
Stskeepsok, give me URL again?06:12
Sagerpm -q connman and check it is 1.4 version06:12
Stskeepsi shut down VM again :P i'll retest the image06:13
* Sage hands Stskeeps big mug of coffee06:13
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SageStskeeps: for me the vm looks good06:26
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StskeepsSage: wtf, didn't come up for me before..06:30
Sagealso ntp seems to work thoughthe sysuid is a bit slow06:31
StskeepsSage: i'll move on to looking at the prelink issue06:37
SageStskeeps: tested only the VM so far but based on that release looks good.06:37
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sledgesgood morning07:58
Stskeepsgood morning07:59
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Paimennot yet sure is it good07:59
sledgesso far so good :)07:59
Paimenwell nothing bad has come yet so you could call it good, only one hour to noon08:00
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Stskeepshello grz08:03
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mikhasgoodbye grz08:05
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Andy80good morning guys08:09
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sledges:) morning Andrew08:10
StskeepsSage: what QEMU version do you have in your SDK?08:10
Sagecan't get the pastie open08:11
SageStskeeps: but it seemed to work quite randomly.08:11
Sageat times it is ok and times it fails08:11
StskeepsMerSDK carsten@ideapad:~$ rpm -qa | grep qemu08:12
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Stskeepsi don't get the error, at least08:12
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SageStskeeps: moment08:13
Sagetesting with exact the same cmds here :)08:16
SageStskeeps: btw mic-0.13-mer1.1.2.noarch08:16
Stskeepsi should get a new SDK..08:17
Stskeepswhat was status on ofono?08:19
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Stskeepsand that fix there08:19
dm8tbrStskeeps: that would be jpoutiai and sjanc I guess08:21
Stskeepswell, the missing udev rules file08:21
SageStskeeps: for me it does the prelink thingy08:21
StskeepsSage: can you remove quiet/add verbose to prelink?08:22
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SageStskeeps: you mean quick -q?08:22
Stskeepsnm, just add vv08:23
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StskeepsSage: i suspect something dies somewhere, so08:25
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StskeepsSage: can you try to rpm -i the qemu from mer-next?08:32
Stskeepsstatic and dynamic08:32
Sageto sdk?08:33
Sageerr... actually I have it already08:34
Stskeepstry a downgrade and see if it changes?08:34
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SageStskeeps: same problem with downgraded qemu08:40
StskeepsSage: cat /proc/vm/vdso_enabled?08:40
Sagecat: /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled: No such file or directory08:41
Stskeepswell there's one of them that's called vdso something08:42
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Sagenot on my comp :D08:42
Sagenot in sdk or host08:42
Sagef17 fwiw08:43
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faenilgood morning08:44
StskeepsSage: can you chroot into it and re-run prelink?08:44
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SageStskeeps: ok, what is the best way to do that?09:01
StskeepsSage: mic-chroot?09:05
Sagewell, will make raw image for that09:07
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dm8tbrhmm, suggestion: can we add opus support to mer? it's open and royalty-free -
Stskeepsdoes it have a gstreamer plugin?09:17
dm8tbrI think I've seen it used in gstreamer, yes09:18
dm8tbrshould I file an issue once I've found the gstreamer bit?09:18
SageStskeeps: /usr/sbin/prelink: /usr/lib/connman/scripts/openvpn-script: Dependency tracing failed09:18
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yes sure09:18
StskeepsSage: same paramters?09:18
Sage/usr/sbin/prelink -aRqmvv09:19
dm8tbr prominently lists opus.. even though as video codec... o.O09:19
StskeepsSage: awkward09:20
Sageso what else changed in this mer release :)09:21
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Stskeepslbt_: URL for testing SDK?09:21
Stskeepsi mean from scratch09:22
Stskeepsi don't want to upgrade, just install fresh image09:22
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lbt_I haven't published an image for that09:23
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt09:23
lbtdownload an old one and upgrade09:23
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sledgesI do not see much of Mer on ARM11 (ARMv6) support on OBS. One chap on #nemomobile whants to build Mer+Nemo on  FriendlyARM Tiny6410 - any forecasts? :)09:43
Stskeepsdoes he have a gles chip? if no, don't bother09:43
Stskeepsgles driver, too09:43
sledges533 MHz Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S with VFP-Unit and Jazelle (max freq. 667 MHz)09:44
sledgeshm, no info on GPU, how come09:44
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Stskeepswell, because the chip has a gpu but the drivers aren't public in any way..09:49
sledgesreportedly it runs Qtopia and Qt Embedded (will check its sources)09:49
sledgesbut nothing after year 2010 :)09:50
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StskeepsSage: just upgraded SDK and i don't see it, still10:10
* Stskeeps tries again10:11
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sledgesStskeeps: that chap still might have a hope:
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Stskeepshello Pakke :)10:28
StskeepsSage: btw, add i486 VM images too?10:29
Stskeepsto the releases10:29
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SageStskeeps: ok10:38
StskeepsSage: three images in a row and no prelink errors10:38
Stskeepsi declare WORKSFORME10:38
Sagetime to reboot my laptop I guess :)10:47
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Sagelbt: have a sec11:13
Sageor maybe a moment :)11:13
SageI got frustrated to the mer-kickstarter inherit order and rethough it. Maybe you want to check my thoughs :)11:13
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Sageah, typo refresh11:16
SageStskeeps: might want to give a look as well11:16
SageThat way the stuff that is in section that is inheriting others will always override the inherited stuff11:16
SageAard: ^ comments?11:16
Sagealso later always overrides older11:18
lbtSage: pong11:19
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* Sage ponders if lbt is drawing lines to paper ;)11:23
lbtbeing distracted here11:24
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lbtI am thinking why depth is most important11:24
lbttypically it's depth first but then linear11:25
lbtdepending if you scan down or up11:26
lbterr, up or down11:27
Sagewell the latter is same as I suggested :)11:27
lbtOK, yeah, I think I misread the diagram first time11:27
lbtI had BCE as equal depth11:27
Sagelet me edit example below11:27
lbtI *think* scanning up may make more sense since the G/F sections appear 'later' in the config and so should override?11:29
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lbtanyhow... need to go post some stuff11:29
lbtI'll look again when I get back11:30
SageThe point is that Nemo Adaptation N950 N9 brings e.g. PartSize: X which is also in Mer Base: So that needs to be overrided.11:31
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lbtSage: yes, I had that too - Mer Base shouldn't have it though - it's strictly HA11:57
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Sagelbt: well this follows the DCEBGFA
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lbtSage: worth noting that dict iterators are not usually defined to have any specific ordering12:09
ovasyuraOne question about bug. What is workaround when we are speaking for i586 target(virtual box)?12:10
MerbotBug 238: normal, Normal, ---, not-taken, NEW, rpm running under sb2 does not detect the platform correctly and needs etc/rpm/platform setting12:10
Sagelbt: umm... but the inherit stuff is in list12:10
lbtok - how did it get there?12:10
Sagelbt: talking to me or someone else ?:)12:11
lbtSage: yes, if you parsed the yaml as a DOM then it's likely to be dict-driven12:11
lbtSage: it would need to be yaml event driven for document order to matter12:11
lbtI'd play it safe for now and say order is not respected unless you're sure12:11
Sage    Inherit:12:11
Sage        - Nemo x86 Common12:11
Sagebut that is list not dict?12:12
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lbtand that's the same all the way isn't it - so yep, my bad12:12
Sagelbt: don't scare me so much :D12:12
lbtjust thinking how it could go wrong :)12:13
Sageso agreed with my solution?12:13
lbtSage: yes, looks better12:14
Sageok. I'll push it to my branch and continue12:15
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ovasyuraMerbot: Yes. I understand it. But what value should I use for i586 tarhet? echo -n "armv7hl-meego-linux" > etc/rpm/platform is valid only for armv7hl. I can not define value for i586.12:27
Merbotovasyura: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).12:27
dm8tbrovasyura: merbot is just a bot (who among other things comments bug IDs)12:30
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niqtSage: why ins't present qmlcalendar in nemo image 08.05.2?12:32
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*** sledgeas is now known as sledges12:33
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VDVsxany tricks need for ? always rejects my publickey, might be my laptop that is a bit infested with lots of old keys12:41
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Stskeepsdid you set up your username?12:42
VDVsxStskeeps: in gerrit ?12:42
VDVsxlets see if things match12:43
VDVsxobs works fone12:43
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ovasyuraStskeeps: Hi. One question about workaround for 238 bug. What value should be used for i586 build? Unfortunately I can not define.  echo -n "armv7hl-meego-linux" > etc/rpm/platform doesn't work for i586 target12:45
VDVsxStskeeps: actually is a little bit different, the one in gerrit has caps, looks like is not possible to change there :(12:45
StskeepsVDVsx: hmm12:45
StskeepsVDVsx: git clone ssh://VDVsx@ ?12:45
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VDVsxStskeeps: yup, but I was trying with vdvsx that is the obs one :D stupid me, but there's also some conflits here with the keys, lets see if I can resolve them, don't want to format yet another laptop today :D12:47
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sledgesdown sounds more appropriate :)13:00
Stskeepslbt: ^13:00
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sledgesmust be apple/google :)) (back in the one would blame it on microsoft :))13:01
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* lbt looks13:05
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Stskeepslbt: what went boom?13:08
lbtyou got any servers in DC14 ?13:08
Stskeepsisn't phost1 yours?13:08
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:08
lbtbut want to check it's a host issue and not a connectivity to datacentre13:09
Stskeepslbt: none in dc1413:10
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Venemodo ARM builds count as linux-g++-32? or that is x86 only?13:14
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crevetorlbt it's back13:15
*** phdeswer has quit IRC13:16
lbtcrevetor: wow13:16
sledgeswell done ?lbt  :)13:16
lbtthanks - I was literally about to reset the host13:16
lbtno, well done crevetor :)13:16
sledgesand phost1 being autonomous (a watchdog in there? :))13:16
lbtno problems reported at Hetzner13:16
crevetorlbt: :)13:16
StskeepsVenemo: huh?13:16
sledgesyup, spot-on crevetor13:16
lbtuptime 146 days sledges13:16
VenemoStskeeps, in qmake terms13:17
lbtI did notice the traceroute was stopping 1 short of where it should though13:17
lbtso my guess is a transient router issue13:17
sledgesyup, good that not threat from an iOS h4ack-o :))13:18
lbtnah, then we'd just see the webpage go a funny colour and they'd be all "yeah, just look at those colours clash muthas"13:19
sledgesdefinitelly they are not emos then :))13:19
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StskeepsChickenCutlass: you're the guy who put dalvik on top of glibc back in 20009, aren't you?13:32
Stskeepser, 200913:32
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: yes13:33
StskeepsChickenCutlass: whatever happened with that?13:33
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I put my pencil down.13:33
Stskeepsfair enough13:33
Stskeepsstill a very interesting topic in this day and age though13:33
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: ended up not being all that usefull in practice13:33
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I actually think libhybris has way more actual value13:34
Stskeepsit does - though running Android apps on top of non-android systems is also useful13:34
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: true.  I think there is an easier way to do that13:35
Stskeepsas since your experiments i've only seen commercial companies pull it off13:35
ChickenCutlassand even then.  I do not think they work very well13:35
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I hope to get to try the softfloat env today.13:37
Stskeepswell, if you ever publish those patches/that work under a open source license i'm fairly sure there would grow a community around it13:37
Stskeepsi plan on working more on libhybris today myself13:37
ChickenCutlassif I have patches for example -- the JB stuff13:38
ChickenCutlasshow do you want them13:38
Stskeepsgithub pull requests13:38
*** veskuh has quit IRC13:38
sledgesso's ACL -is- a vapourware (or will remain closed source) ?13:40
Stskeepssledges: well, it's not vapourware, i've seen it in action13:41
Stskeepsbut that's for sure closed source13:41
sledgespity, wonder if they've forked off from ChickenCutlass' effort, or that's a different concept13:41
Stskeepswell, ChickenCutlass never published his code, so it couldn't have been a fork in the open source sense13:42
Stskeepsandroid apps on top of non-android is entirely possible13:42
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I am restricted in publishing it.  Sorry13:42
StskeepsChickenCutlass: yeah, i was just curious13:42
Stskeepsbut also something with significant value, as i was saying before13:42
Stskeepser, as i was going to just say13:42
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: my approach was building everything against glibc and then using a shim to relay surfacefliger to X13:42
StskeepsChickenCutlass: :nod:13:43
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I think there is a better way13:43
ChickenCutlassreverse it13:43
ChickenCutlassrun android in a chroot13:43
ChickenCutlassand use libhybris for the display13:43
sledgesany d-bus experts around?13:46
Stskeepsit would definately solve egl/glesv2 acceleration as well13:46
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Stskeepshello savaaz :)15:03
matrixxsavaaz: o/15:06
*** simon__ has joined #mer15:09
Stskeeps'lo simon__15:09
simon__:) hi15:09
simon__long tim eno see15:09
Stskeepshow are your projects going?15:10
simon__preparing to SmartDevCon going well, finally some preassure schedule point.15:10
simon__what anbout U?15:11
Stskeepsi'm good, working hard together with Jolla, and preparing a bit for my talk too.. the stupid situation is that i got a theoretical test for driver license that can only be on 5th15:11
Stskeepsso i will have my talk moved, i hope15:12
simon__I am hoping to see you on the conference15:12
simon__i hope it really can be moved.15:12
Stskeepsi will be there no matter what15:12
simon__:) ok15:12
simon__good attitude15:13
Stskeepsit's just 2-3 hours of train from here, i can't do otherwise :P15:13
savaazsup all?15:13
simon__so preparing the SmartDevCon i noticed that there is no udisks in Mer, is that correct?15:14
Stskeepssimon__: correct, but easy to package15:14
Stskeepssavaaz: not much :) welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?15:14
simon__Stskeeps: I tried to use RPM from meego, but it has a lot o deps.15:15
simon__Stskeeps: yep, i would package it, but I moved to a place with no internet connection and that makes it difficult, so i was wandering it there is anyone else have packaged udisks already.15:16
Stskeepswhat do you need it for, out of curiousity?15:17
simon__recognizing USBs15:17
simon__or maybe there is another way to get a notification of usb attachment.15:17
savaaz@Stskeeps: long story short. we develop qt and especially some embedded stuff and a friend told me that I should be present here. I've been too busy with all the company stuff and totally forgot to be around in these forums.15:18
Stskeepssavaaz: sure :)15:18
Stskeepssavaaz: if you have any questions on Mer, we'd be happy to answer at any time15:18
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:22
*** veskuh has joined #mer15:22
simon__stskeeps: yo, just found it also15:23
simon__neom says: no rpm package15:23
sledges ?15:23
simon__sledges: thanks, that is what I am trying out now :)15:24
savaazIf I should select 5-10 inch touchscreen pc for industrial use.. do you have any hardware proposals and should I use Mer? We're just developing pretty basic application for printing some codes..15:24
Stskeepssavaaz: well, generally, if you have 2.6.32 or above linux kernel ability and a framebuffer, you have a good start..15:25
*** yunta has joined #mer15:27
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simon__Stskeeps: I packaged udisks myself, but when instaling rpm -i brings an error: not an rpm package (or package manifest)16:07
simon__Stskeeps: stupid me, wait I will try again...16:09
Stskeepssimon__: file filename.rpm16:09
*** mike7b4_work has quit IRC16:16
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer16:16
*** simon__ has quit IRC16:21
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*** simon__ has joined #mer16:25
simon__Stskeeps: i installed udisks, what was again the method to start it?16:26
*** araujo has quit IRC16:27
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*** dm8tbr has joined #mer17:00
pqStskeeps, am I guessing right that you simply use the Mer toolchain(?) to build libhybris?17:00
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:00
*** zeq has joined #mer17:06
Stskeepsbog standard glibc, gcc17:08
Stskeepsmake ARCH=arm17:09
*** phdeswer has joined #mer17:10
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:14
*** rcg has joined #mer17:14
VDVsxwho should be the reviewer/s for packaging stuff ?17:21
Stskeepsjust go on to next item, we review when we can, and auto tests too17:21
VDVsxah ok :)17:23
Stskeepswhen you see a -1 you react ;)17:23
*** nsuffys has joined #mer17:24
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Stskeepswb situ18:11
situHi Stskeeps18:11
situWhat's up ?18:11
Stskeepsnot much.. been spending the day working on systemd user sessions18:12
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:12
Stskeepshad a day without any meetings or any phonecalls, so i'm happy to spend a day hacking for once18:13
situDo you make lots of changes in systemd for Mer ?18:13
Stskeepsnot a lot.. but there is something mysterious going on18:14
situ.. and what is that ?18:15
Stskeepswell, i'm getting permission denied on some things i shouldn't be18:15
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crevetorStskeeps: regarding your tweet : we don't care about Tizen devices we want mer devices ! :)18:24
Stskeepsyeah.. but it's not fun for anybody involved in those projects that there's things like this going on18:24
crevetorStskeeps: unfortunately it's usually not a good sign indeed18:25
VDVsxmost of the people that I know(or maybe all) that went to Intel to work in Tizen are not working in that project for long long time18:25
Stskeepsthe people who do Tizen IVI in OTC are good people and do good work, at least18:26
Stskeepsreally something valuable to the OSS community18:26
VDVsxI guess thats not based in Finland, but I agree as long is OSS is good for everybody18:27
*** situ_ has joined #mer18:27
Stskeepsthey are some based in finland, at least18:27
*** situ has quit IRC18:29
VDVsxok, gonna take a look to that IVI if I find something, have no clue about it :D18:29
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:30
Stskeepsit's practically mer-ish18:30
crevetorThe logo for mer should be a merman !18:32
lpotterI prefer mermaids18:33
VDVsxthey could just use mer then :)18:34
*** veskuh has quit IRC18:34
crevetorI guess it makes sense that I use mer then. Crevette meaning shrimp in french and all18:35
Venemo_N9actually, Nemo was almost named 'mermaid' back then18:39
Stskeepsjolla is kinda mer-themed too18:41
*** situ has joined #mer18:42
Venemo_N9what a coincidence18:45
*** situ_ has quit IRC18:45
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*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:46
ltrvsspeaking of jolla, did this one already circulate here:
* Stskeeps looks18:47
ltrvsprobably only finnish speaking people will get that one, but anyway ;)18:47
Stskeepsltrvs: i didn't actually catch that, no18:47
ltrvsyup, dunno if there was some rumours about that in teh internets before this parody elop's tweet, but at least one person thought it was for real18:49
ltrvsI bet the source for the rumour was that tweet ;)18:49
Stskeepswhat is a design partner anyway..18:49
Venemo_N9I never thought that a fake account can become this popular18:51
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer18:51
*** situ has quit IRC18:51
ltrvsyeah :) and to ruin the joke, here's a clue for the non-finnish:
Stskeeps is better anyway18:51
ltrvsStskeeps: wow, thanks for that18:52
*** situ has joined #mer18:53
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* faenil starts following FOSSNewsChannel19:06
faenilgood evening, I'm back :)19:06
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lbtping vgrade219:18
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Venemois it possible that the link to the latest sdk at is outdated?20:05
*** dionet has joined #mer20:09
Venemo"latest" was updated on 04th june, and 6.0.2 was updated on 12th august20:13
Venemoand the upgrade rendered my sdk useless:
Venemoalthough creating an empty file called ~/.sbrules made the error go away20:16
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lbtStskeeps: ping21:21
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* ljp hopes to get one of the leftover n900's21:59
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sledgesgood n8 :)22:23
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JohnJ_I'm looking to learn ARM with your project (would love to be successful and be able to contribute) but I can't find any code in ARM in your gitweb, could you point me to an example?22:57
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