Monday, 2012-08-20

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shmerlAny idea what is the right way to remove a configured sb2 target?01:21
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Stskeepsgood morning irq04:42
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irqgood morning04:42
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Stskeepsgood morning sasikala :)04:49
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curiosityGood morning world05:38
Paimengood mrning05:40
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sasikalaStskeeps. Good Morning!!05:46
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Stskeepsgood morning Ionakka06:21
IonakkaStskeeps: good morning \o/06:23
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kyyberimorning all06:59
Stskeepsmorn kyyberi07:00
Stskeepshow's the child?07:00
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kyyberiStskeeps: child is satisfied and happy, I'm a bit tired :)07:04
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kyyberiat work for a week and then off another week with the family07:07
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SageStskeeps: merbot should probably not answer to bug X but MER#X in #mer-meeting07:22
Stskeepsdm8tbr: ^07:23
Sagehere it is ok to work for bug X as well07:23
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rc_Sage, personally i would prefer MER#X in here as well07:24
Sagerc_: well that is ok by me07:25
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rc_great :)07:25
rc_that't more consistent and i hope i can get used to the MER#X scheme ;)07:25
MerbotBug 284: task, High, ---, marko.saukko, RESOLVED FIXED, upgrade openssl to current version (bug fixes, minor security issue)07:25
Sagedm8tbr: ^ maybe some filtering there as well ;)07:26
mikhasSage, MER#X pattern allows to add other (upstream) bugtrackers, too07:31
Sagemikhas: true07:31
dm8tbrSage: this is preliminary, sorry for the inconvenience07:34
Sagedm8tbr: ;)07:34
dm8tbrSage: there will be a proper module supporting several instances of bug trackers not limited to bugzilla07:34
dm8tbrthe bugzilla module for supybot is abandoned07:34
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Stskeepslbt: prerelease .0.2 please08:10
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lbtStskeeps: OK08:19
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VDVsxStskeeps: hello, in order to update a package in mer, a bug report should be create and then it should follow normal review process, is that correct or the process is different ?08:29
StskeepsVDVsx: generally if you see something that needs to be done, you do it, or file a task bug for somebody to do it at one point08:30
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VDVsxStskeeps: so if you do it yourself no need to create bug, or some system will need a id ?08:30
Stskeepsdoesn't necessarily need a bug, no08:31
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Stskeepsthe idea is to be not -too- heavy on process :)08:33
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VDVsxStskeeps: yeah, sure, but I'll just follow the instructions in the wiki, if something does not work can be improved then :)08:36
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mikhashi VDVsx, long time no see08:44
VDVsxmikhas: hey, you don't come to visit in HKI :P08:44
mikhasno business reason =p08:45
VDVsxmikhas: enjoy the good weather and cheap beer, is a good reason :P ahah08:46
VDVsxlbt: X-Fade: can one of you guys give me access to OSC (username: vdv100 at gmail dot com). thanks!08:49
lbtthat's an email, not a username :)08:50
VDVsxlbt: vdvsx then :D08:50
VDVsxlbt: thanks!08:50
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* w00t eyes mikhas and VDVsx08:56
mikhasw00t, the good, the bad and the ugly?08:56
StskeepsSage: do we have any environment variable in mic that tells me what auto login user is?08:56
w00tah, but whom is what? :-p08:57
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lbtStskeeps: no09:11
Stskeepslet's just say that'd be useful09:12
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lbtI looked at that a while back and there's a hook but it's not used much09:16
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StskeepsSage: is liveusb/livecd working OK again?09:25
SageStskeeps: should be yes. In my tests worked ok and also PA people tested09:29
StskeepsSage: ok09:29
Stskeepsany mods to .ks?09:29
Sageno, all included09:29
SageStskeeps: for auto login user no env variable only the .ks line09:29
Stskeepscan you make a patch that adds the auto login user and his/her UID somehow?09:30
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StskeepsUID being the user id it uses09:30
Stskeepslike 100109:30
SageStskeeps: what is the status of curren -next?09:30
StskeepsSage: new prerelease today, we need nemo images from that09:31
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Stskeepsand then QA it throughoutly09:32
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Sagelbt: new mer-kickstarter didn't made it to the sdk --next apparently. I mean the version 0.1609:35
lbtSage: I'm treating 6.0.2 as a bit of a dynamic release - otherwise we'd be at about 6.0.35 by now09:35
lbtso I'll update and push it09:36
lbtSage: for the mic change look at _get_post_scripts_env in FWIW09:37
Sagelbt: found a bug from mer-kickstarter need to look into that09:38
Sagelbt: ah, didn't know about that09:38
StskeepsSage: looks like we can do uxlaunch and systemd user session stuff side by side09:38
Stskeepsthat should be good for QA09:38
lbtSage: FYI I'm trying to inherit urlvariables in .yaml09:38
Stskeepsie, we don't use /etc/xdg/autostart at all when doing systemd user, and we don09:39
Stskeeps't use systemd sessions when doing uxlaunch09:39
lbtbut right now RepositoryURLVariables is failing totally09:40
Sagelbt: dude, what is     - "@Nokia N950 Support"09:40
Sagelbt: there is Groups: in .yaml :)09:41
Sagelbt: you are missing - from ARCH line09:41
lbtyeah ... I know, I read the documentation^H^H^H^H^H^H source09:41
lbtI have some commits for you too09:42
lbthow should I send them to you?09:43
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lbtfork on gitorious or push to a branch on mer-tools?09:43
Sagepush to my branch in gitorious if possible09:44
Sageor send merge request or what ever it is09:44
Sagethe inherit thing goes in totally wrong order atm.09:45
lbtcan you give me push rights there09:45
Sagewhat is your nick?09:45
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lbtlbt_request branch09:46
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Sagelbt: about the name. I think we should do e.g. s/ /_/ for it if we use name as filename09:47
Sagee.g. I have   - Name: Nemo Handset N90009:48
* Sage feels like dropping the name Handset from nemo configs09:49
lbt*nod* good point09:49
Sagebut otherwise agree with that09:49
Sageotoh why do we have Name there in the first place? :)09:50
Sageit is not really used for anything09:50
SageFileName would be sufficient and also as it is could unique we could use it as id?09:51
Sagecould be unique09:51
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sledgesfaenil welcome09:54
faenilyo o/09:54
sledgesso have you fixed your "root access impossible under Mer Platform SDK" ?09:54
faenilI had already added #mer and #jollamobile to autojoin list in xChat, but I think it's ignoring me :D09:54
faenilsledges, I did not have that problem :)09:55
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faenilStskeeps, I used zypper ref, but that didn't change things09:55
faenilstill looks for 53, when server offers 6209:55
sledgesdo you know how to get09:55
sledges          root access on MerSDK?09:56
sledgesis what you asked me :)09:56
faenilyup :) not that it wasn't working :) I used sudo09:56
sledges:)) understood09:56
faenilthough I'm trying to install qt-mobility-devel09:57
sledgescheck repos09:57
faenilit looks for qtconnectivity1 package, and tries to download 53.rpm09:57
sledgeszypper lr09:57
faenilbut server has 62.rpm09:57
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sledgesmight be an offending repo09:57
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Sagelbt: the bug in kickstarter is that it should always first inherit stuff and then use the values that are in that section.09:57
Sagelbt: e.g. mer defines rootpw but I can't override it in my section as it inherits mer after it puts my stuff there :)09:58
Sageso had to do extra section to get over that that is inherited after mer10:01
lbtSage: OK - and there's other stuff: Part override works because it checks that first in the template10:01
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Sageanyway, I'm working around everything atm. and trying to get nemo .ks out made with that10:04
Sagesome of these aren't simple thus want to get .ks files out properly first.10:05
lbtme too - and I'm not bothered about a final tweak either atm10:05
faenilSage, how do I get root with nemo target on MerSDK?10:05
Sagefaenil: I'm not following?10:06
faenilSage, I need to zypper ref on MerSDK10:06
Sagefaenil: sudo10:06
faenilwith nemo target10:06
Sagesudo zypper ref10:06
faenilsudo doesn't work with sb210:06
faenilthat doesn't update the nemo target10:07
Sagelbt: is my last problem :P10:07
faenilshouldn't I use sb2 -t nemo-n950 COMMAND ?10:07
faenilonly sudo zypper ref updates the non-n950 target10:07
lbtfaenil: there's a note on that10:08
lbtyou have to run zypper using a different profile in sb210:08's the trick :P where is that written? wiki guide?10:08
faenillet's see10:08
faenilthere it is, sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref10:09
faenilis that what you mean?10:10
faenilthanks ;) why is that required?10:10
lbtit's not clear that that "cd"  comment applies to general zypper - and it's needed due to the rules for 'normal' operation being minimised (think more readonly)10:11
faenilmm ok ;)10:11
faenilanyway, for future reference, I used "sb2 -m sdk-install -t nemo-n950 -R zypper ref"10:12
faenillbt, is that the same as using cd and then command without -t?10:13
lbt-t says which target to use (ie base dir) -m says which lua translation rules to use10:14
faenilyes, ok10:14
faenilbut the guide says to use cd and then sb2 -m blablabla without -t, to update repos10:14
faenilI didn't use cd and used -t, and it worked10:15
lbtyeah, it assumes -d in the -t above10:18
lbtdon't forget this is a getting started guide, not a reference manual10:18
lbtit needs to be simple enough for first time use with links for more advanced stuff10:19
faenilsure :)10:20
*** mikhas has joined #mer10:23
faenilInstallation of uxlaunch-0.64-1.9 failed:10:24
faenil(with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.10:24
lbtin SDK?10:24
faenilI did ref and now was updating10:24
lbtSDK is not an emulator10:24
lbtOTOH to install uxlaunch-dev you need uxlaunch10:25
lbtStskeeps: ^^10:25
faenillbt, so I shouldn't use ref and up in n950 target in SDK?10:26
lbtactually it's interesting10:26
lbtyes you should10:27
faenilok :)10:27
lbtbut it shouldn't attempt to run services10:27
lbtor to do things like check/restart existing ones10:27
lbtAard: ^^10:28
lbtpackaging policy and interaction of updates in sb2 targets and suchlike10:28
faenilI get a new "erase failed" error every time I restart the updating process now...10:29
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Aardlbt: yes, my last mer sdk update was a fun experience, but didn't want to comlain since the stuff I have installed is somewhat special10:29
faeniland no connectiong to service manager too :) before the erase failed10:29
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lbtAard: Stskeeps: Sage: I think we need to have our packages ignore daemons in SDK installation10:30
faenildoes that mean none updated packages before me? :D10:30
lbtI wonder how mic handles it10:30
Aardlbt: how is systemctl behaving if no systemd is running? I'd expect it to just ignore whatever I'm telling it10:30
lbtwell, systemd isn't installed to the SDK10:31
lbtalso, FWIW, this problem is in an sb2 update, not SDK update10:32
faenilthough If I restart the updating process it goes on...and then shows same error, but on other packages10:32
faenildon't know if I could go on till the end in this way :)10:32
lbtfaenil: hmm10:32
Aardlbt: oh, so it's "systemctl not found"?10:32
lbtin this case it's a dbus error10:33
lbtbut it could be any number of things10:33
lbtps | grep and issue kill :)10:33
faenilfor instance, it showed an error while installing bluez, I aborted, restarted update, not it showed same error on ofono10:33
Sagelbt: ignore daemons?10:34
Sagelbt: like ofono, connman etc?10:34
lbtSage: yes10:34
Sagelbt: but if systemd isn't running those do not start right?10:34
lbtbut... what happens when I install ofono-devel ?10:34
faenilnow connman10:34
lbtand it installs ofono10:34
lbtand then I zypper up10:35
lbtand ofono thinks it needs to stop/start10:35
Sageuh... point10:35
faenilyeah that's what's happening10:35
faenilit only happened with connman, ofono, bluez, and other like that10:35
SageI though systemctl notes it is running in chroot and doesn't do anything10:35
faenilnow sensorfw10:35
Sageat least for mic it does something like that iirc10:35
lbtI wonder if sb2 confuses systemd10:36
lbtfaenil: this is an sb2 update?10:36
lbtnot an sdk update?10:36
* Sage found bug from mer-kickstarter and has no idea wtf happens10:36
lbtSage: I know exactly what you mean :)10:37
faenillbt, sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper up10:37
lbtfaenil: log a bug, quick10:37
lbt20m to triage :)10:37
Sagelbt: repo url vars is getting cleaned after first usage10:38
lbt"sb2 target zypper update fails due to daemon restart issues"10:38
lbtSage: *sigh*10:39
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:39
lbtSage: this needs some focus doesn't it10:39
MerbotBug 547: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, sb2 target zypper update fails due to daemon restart issues10:40
faenilnp ;) glad to contribute10:41
faenilcould it be because maybe I'm not running latest sdk? (don't know when the last one was releaesd)10:41
faeniljust to be sure ;)10:41
lbtthis is a deeper issue I think10:41
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:41
faenilin some way this is good, better sooner than later ;)10:42
lbtfaenil: you can try an sdk upgrade though10:42
lbtI'd like to confirm it's an sb2 only issue - I've not seen it in normal SDK use10:43
faenilhow do I check sdk version?10:45
lbtdo you have sdk-upgrade10:45
*** springz has quit IRC10:46
faenilbut the wiki says I need a version number I have to update to.10:46
lbtno, use 6.0.210:47
lbtas it says10:47
faenilthen ref and up?10:47
Sagelbt: yes, this is something I can't work over but needs fix10:48
lbtI don't know where you are10:48
lbtfaenil: I don't know where you are10:48
faenillbt, gtg, will you be there in 30mins?10:48
lbtSage: bug? seems like part of the overall SDK/Tools side - needs sorting for our release mechanism10:48
lbtfaenil: probably - may be in triage10:49
lbtalways around though10:49
faenilok, will write when I'm back10:49
lbtiekku: note some last minute bugs10:49
iekkulbt, again?10:49
lbtiekku: we never stop!10:50
*** pirut has joined #mer10:51
iekkuthat's good10:51
*** calvaris has quit IRC10:53
*** calvaris has joined #mer10:54
iekkumer bug triage starting in 4 minutes10:56
Sagelbt: there isn't mer-kickstarter component in bugzilla?10:58
lbtMINT other11:01
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC11:08
*** Mardy has quit IRC11:09
*** Mardy has joined #mer11:11
MerbotBug 548: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, mer-kickstarter: Global Repository URL Variables works only with the first repository11:13
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:14
*** lamikr has joined #mer11:19
Sagelbt: need your help with that I'm really confused what clears the variable there11:21
lbtOK - sure11:21
Sageeh, ok. I think I got it actually11:24
Sagepair.popitem() removes the entry11:24
*** M13 has quit IRC11:25
*** tsdedst has joined #mer11:25
lbtI don't like using pair FWIW11:25
Sage <- needs to be reworked11:26
lbtit's very much "I know dict's are actually pairs in a list so I'll use that fact in the code"11:26
SageI'm not disagreeing :)11:27
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox11:29
lbtgood, I may fix that area sometime then11:29
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC11:32
*** pvuorela_ is now known as pvuorela11:33
*** thetet has joined #mer11:39
*** himamura_ has joined #mer11:40
*** e8johan has joined #mer11:41
* Sage ponders why it is list of dict's in the first place11:41
Sageit could be just dict11:42
*** himamura has quit IRC11:43
*** himamura_ has quit IRC11:44
*** calvaris has quit IRC11:45
lbtuh huh11:47
lbtI think it could just use an iterator11:50
Sage[{'@BUILD_ID@': 'latest'},{'another': 'variable'}]11:53
Sage{'@BUILD_ID@': 'latest','another': 'variable'}11:53
Sageif it would be the latter I would have used the iterator probably already.11:54
Sagedid it almost like that ;)11:57
Sagelbt: that doesn't work11:58
Sage[{'@BUILD_ID@': 'latest'},{'another': 'variable'}] <- list of dict's11:58
Sageneed 2 loops there, right?11:59
lbtI tested it here and it works11:59
* Sage is confused11:59
lbtvar_dict is actuall a dict11:59
lbtso iter goes and extracts all keys11:59
*** cxl000_ has quit IRC11:59
lbtnb I am no longer using a list12:00
lbtbut that would mean changing var_dict to var_list_dict12:00
lbtand simply adding a useless loop round the outside12:01
Sagewhat :)12:01
Sagelbt: can I see rest of the changes you have12:02
lbtno other changes12:03
lbtreload past12:03
Sagelbt: ok, so can you add more than one repo url to the .yaml and check as that really doesn't work for me12:04
Sagereload what?12:05
lbtI actually tried this with inherited RepositoryURLVariables12:05
faenillbt, if you need anything, I'm here12:05
lbt test case for second (ugly) variant12:06
Sagelbt: well that is very confusing syntax12:06
Sagein .yaml that is without -12:06
lbtit's 100% vanilla yaml :)12:06
lbtit's how you're supposed to define a dict12:07
lbtand a list of single-entry dicts is a bit 'ugh'12:07
*** tsdedst has quit IRC12:07
lbtbut I accept that it may be better from a visual PoV to use lists as the - look better to users12:07
Sageso indent determines the entries or is it the ending : ?12:09
lbtthe :12:09
lbtnb we use the non-list format in "Repositories" and implicitly in, eg: the HAs (line 87-94)12:09
lbtindent only matters for literal strings12:09
Sageah, ok now I got it12:10
Sageand now it makes sense when I understood it :P12:11
lbt is useful (I was checking how on earth the "|" quotes work12:11
lbtmy preference is to use a simple dict rather than a list12:12
*** stepiro has quit IRC12:12
Sagelbt: I agree so lets reformat the syntax again ;)12:12
*** stepiro has joined #mer12:13
lbtwant a commit?12:13
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC12:14
Sagelbt: you fixed the commandline parsing to that as well?12:15
lbtwill do12:15
Sageafter that sure12:15
SageI'll merge from your branch after you pushed there12:16
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer12:17
MerbotBug 549: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, mer-kickstarter: Don't override data from local section with data inherited sections12:27
faenilso what should I do to be able to zypper up with sb2? :D12:27
Sageis the another one, but one can work around it by inheriting the options later12:27
faeniljust wait for sdk update ? :)12:27
lbtfaenil: remove the target or/and install another12:27
*** Juhi24 has quit IRC12:28
faenilso that it starts with updated packages?12:28
faenilok ;)12:28
lbtif *that* is an issue then we have a problem!12:28
*** kllp has quit IRC12:28
ltrvsHello folks:) Just did my first commit for review, is there any public CI dashboards where I can stalk how it goes?12:29
Stskeepsltrvs: to Mer?12:29
*** situ has joined #mer12:29
ltrvstrivial one, but just to understand how this thing works ;)12:29
ltrvsStskeeps: yup12:29
Stskeepsltrvs: i have the automatic build testers down as we want to move the CI OBS in a small while to another physical host12:30
Stskeepsbut your email should now have a manual review12:30
faenillbt, what do you mean? :D12:30
*** clopez has joined #mer12:31
situStskeeps: Could you verify ?12:31
MerbotBug 544: task, Low, ---, carsten.munk, NEW, Drop libtalloc12:31
lbtSage: I'll fixup+force push my branch12:31
ltrvsStskeeps: OK.just got the mail for your review, thanks"12:31
Stskeepsltrvs: generally when you've done a submit, just get on to next work as it's in hands of somebody else12:31
Stskeepsuntil you see a -112:31
Stskeepsor -212:31
Sagelbt: sure I havent pulled anything yet12:33
ltrvsStskeeps: I see. As I've been a CI guy in my so called previous life, I'm used to stalk how the builds run after commits ;)12:33
Stskeepsltrvs: it's really quite boring, but is where we want to go12:33
Stskeeps;a=blob;f=gerrit-hooks/patchset-created;h=98e61dd3bdab731dc1c622616f72d3e5846fe6ea;hb=HEAD is more where we're at12:34
ltrvsStskeeps: ok, I'll have a look (soonish)12:34
*** Juhi24 has joined #mer12:34
ltrvsbtw, do you guys think fixing more those trivial ones is a good thing(tm), or should I leave 'em for the newcomers to come? :)12:35
Stskeepsltrvs: it's up to you what you want to select, all small contributions move us ahead12:35
Stskeepsthe small URL things helps us keep track of upstream releases12:35
*** kllp has joined #mer12:35
Stskeepswhich in terms means we're more current12:35
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:37
ltrvsStskeeps: right, maybe I'll do couple more of those then12:40
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:41
*** Venemo has quit IRC12:42
*** situ has quit IRC12:42
lbtSage: force pushed lbt_request12:47
lbtincludes s/ /_/ in filename too12:48
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:49
*** e8johan has left #mer12:49
*** lamikr has quit IRC12:51
Sagelbt: looks good merging to my branch12:51
*** jotik has quit IRC12:52
*** faenil has quit IRC12:57
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC12:57
*** faenil has joined #mer13:01
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato13:01
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*** veskuh has joined #mer13:38
*** taziff has joined #mer13:43
*** amjad has joined #mer13:45
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:50
Sagelbt: merged13:52
slaineqq, Does systemd support /etc/init/*.conf upstart scripts ?13:55
Stskeepsupstart is very different13:56
slainek, conversion ahoy13:56
*** himamura has joined #mer13:57
*** amjad has quit IRC14:02
*** jotik has joined #mer14:02
*** amjad has joined #mer14:03
slaineFinally started my migration to mer14:06
*** amjad has quit IRC14:06
slainethough bootstrapping via Fedora 17 for the moment14:06
*** amjad has joined #mer14:07
*** amjad has quit IRC14:12
*** amjad has joined #mer14:13
*** molczak has joined #mer14:14
*** amjad has quit IRC14:16
Stskeepsslaine: we're also working on systemd user sessions14:16
Stskeepsmakes life so much easier14:16
slaineI noticed14:16
slaineneed to get something demo able on F17 for October which new platform on mer scheduled for Q1 201314:17
*** amjad has joined #mer14:17
slainetargeting x86, x86 Cedar Trail and ARM (iMX iirc)14:18
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC14:19
slaineStskeeps: nice work on the libHybris stuff btw14:19
slainelove the name :)14:19
dm8tbrhe deserves thousands of liters of beer from us around the world. many thought about that, but nobody had the balls to do it.14:21
* Stskeeps hides the mushroom cloud from bad-android-TLS-glibc interaction]14:22
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC14:28
*** amjad has quit IRC14:28
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #mer14:28
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lbtstupid server16:03
*** Openfree has quit IRC16:10
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*** Mardy has joined #mer17:31
*** dionet has joined #mer17:31
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* Stskeeps returns17:34
OipoShould I be scared?17:35
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC17:36
Stskeepsnah, :P17:37
w00tyes, you should17:38
w00the'll do awful things to your pthreads17:39
dm8tbrStskeeps is not the guy to make the 'return' entrance with a car, through a glass front, into the front desk...17:39
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i am taking a driver's license!17:39
* dm8tbr phears!17:39
OipoYou're taking a *license*? Like just...taking it?17:39
Stskeepsdm8tbr: more polish bureaucracy.. i go to office to sign up for theoretical exam.. "you can only get 5th september 12:00" "isn't there any other choice?" "no! no other choices, ever!"17:40
Stskeepsi wish i was kidding17:40
Stskeepsi couldn't even schedule later in the month17:40
StskeepsOipo: well, considering that the prices are much less than if i was taking it in my home country, yes, it's kinda like taking it..17:44
OipoBastard. I'd have to pay about 2000 euros to get a license here.17:45
* Oipo moves to Poland17:45
* Stskeeps counts17:45
*** harbaum has joined #mer17:45
Stskeeps566-ish eur? though not sure what sworn translator will ocst17:45
OipoThen again, the average income in Poland is lower too, no?17:46
Stskeepsthat it is17:47
*** M13 has quit IRC17:47
*** krans has joined #mer17:47
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:49
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:53
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer17:55
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*** mikhas has quit IRC18:22
*** asfdsaf has joined #mer18:28
*** krans has quit IRC18:32
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:33
Estel_some people got driving license for ~300 euro - although, they're mainly ones that know everything about driving before getting license, so they pay 250 euro for cheap, useless "lessons" and rest for exam18:35
Estel_Sometimes I think I'll build some kind of flying machine that uses unlicensed height for flying, instead of getting driving license18:36
Estel_itI'm just allergic to all this driving shit :P18:36
Estel_anyone wanna buy zeppelin?:P18:37
PaimenEstel_: like crazy finns are trying to do:
Estel_hm, interesting (/me reads). BTW, I'm seriously thinking about building hellium aerostat18:37
Estel_aka zepellin (small one)18:37
Estel_flynano - Maiden flight 11.6.2012, see blog18:38
Estel_ WTF?18:38
Estel_shut up and take my money :P18:38
Paimenwell they did not fly very high, so it might just be ground effect. Also flying radius etc is going to be huge problem to them :D18:39
Estel_"patent pending"18:40
Estel_no, don't take my money, gtfo :P18:40
Estel_BTw, wioth aerostats (zeppelins) it's kinda fun to think about weight18:44
Estel_regular aerostat, with it's unseparable part - hellium - weight little less than 0 kg18:45
Estel_by our great awesome laws, 500 meters long aerostats should be still under 70 KG license-required treeshold :P No one tried it yet, though18:45
Estel_I wonder how buerocrats attempt to count it - via particle mass calculations?18:46
*** krans has joined #mer18:54
*** tanty has quit IRC18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:03
*** Laventus has joined #mer19:07
*** shmerl has joined #mer19:07
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer19:08
Stskeepswello sh19:09
shmerlWhat is the right way to remove an sb2 initialized target?19:09
shmerlI didn't find such details in the wiki.19:09
shmerlI basically tried to install Nemo target.19:09
shmerlAnd zypper up there produced tons of Dbus errors.19:10
shmerlSo I wanted to redo it, removing it first.19:10
Stskeepssb2-init doesn't have a function?19:10
Stskeeps.. sure?19:10
shmerlOne sec.19:10
*** Behold has quit IRC19:10
Stskeepswell, so it doesn't19:11
Stskeepseither way, it doesn't matter19:11
Stskeepsjust remove the rootfs it uses and re-init it19:11
*** Oipo has quit IRC19:11
shmerlJust checked again - no such option. OK, I see.19:11
shmerlMay be worth adding it there for consistency.19:12
shmerlIt's a bash script I see.19:13
Stskeepsfeel free to make a patch19:13
shmerlSo to remove the target it's enough just to remove the rootfs?19:13
shmerlI see that sb2-config -l reads $HOME/.scratchbox2 to get the list of targets.19:15
shmerlSo it requires some cleaning than just removing the rootfs I guess.19:16
shmerlPlus $HOME/.scratchbox2/config contains the name of the default target.19:17
shmerlsb2 scripts are from the upstream sb2 projects?19:18
shmerlOK, I can try doing something there.19:20
shmerlBy the way, are Nemo images for SDK coming from ?19:22
shmerlSDK/SB2 Nemo section doesn't mention it.19:22
Stskeepsi think we'll first do i486 vm images19:22
shmerlI mean if you read it says: sudo tar xjvf /path/to/nemo-n950-image.tar.bz219:23
shmerlBut doesn't say where to get it from.19:23
*** molczak has quit IRC19:23
Stskeepssure, that's just the n950 image on r.m.o/meego/Nemo19:24
shmerl(It does say it from PlasmaActive)19:24
Stskeepsand fix docs if there's errors19:24
shmerlI can add the link there.19:24
*** notmart has quit IRC19:26
*** mike7b4_home has quit IRC19:28
*** thetet has quit IRC19:30
*** thetet has joined #mer19:30
shmerlWhy aren't they going to like the plasma active images?19:31
Stskeepswell, because we keep a bit seperate for various reasons19:31
shmerlAh, and that PlasmaActive image is more of vgrade's test anyway :)19:32
shmerlThey never released updated ones.19:32
shmerlI mean for Vivaldi.19:32
* Stskeeps is looking forward to the day where we can just take open-kernel off-the-shelf android-odm-hw..19:33
shmerlHehe. Dreams.19:33
Stskeepswell, not entirely19:34
Stskeepseven few months ago what i'm doing with libhybris was considered impossible19:34
shmerlAs Aseigo pointed out, most of that stuff is happening in China now. And GPL is not very respected.19:34
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:35
* timoph ponders if he could help in testing libhybris on a archos g9 tablet19:35
Stskeepstimoph: sure, boot it up with an android kernel, get an ssh in and see how far that gets you19:35
shmerlWhat are  bionic-based HW adaptations ?19:35
Stskeepsandroid + mer kernel19:35
Stskeepsshmerl: HW adaptations made for android19:36
shmerlI see.19:36
Stskeepsie, suddenly mer can be sanely used on many existing android devices19:36
Stskeepstimoph: android + mer userland that is19:36
shmerlYeah, that would break a lot of barriers.19:36
*** jargon- has joined #mer19:36
timophStskeeps: I think I'll do that as my next devaamo hack day project19:36
Stskeepstimoph: alright19:37
shmerlIs it like some layer which exposes normal kernel from the android kernel?19:37
timophwe should have the hackday pretty soon19:37
Stskeepsshmerl: no, it actually takes the userland parts from android / the hw drivers and allows mer to use it19:37
Stskeepskernel is the least issue19:38
shmerlSo it translates android drivers architecture into regular ones like for X11?19:39
Stskeepsi'm not as insane as to think x11 would work ,but wayland probably would19:39
shmerlYeah, X11 is heavy.19:39
*** beford has quit IRC19:40
SageStskeeps: see the issue?19:40
Stskeepsmy plan is for future mobile platforms that may look very different from what we have today, anyway19:40
shmerlSuch kind of thing would work sooner than vendors starting making regular (non Android) kernels/drivers.19:40
StskeepsSage: err..19:41
Stskeepsshmerl: yeah.. not a perfect solution but it reduces catch up -a lot-19:41
SageStskeeps: I meant stuff is installed before filesystem package19:41
Stskeepsthat looks awkward19:41
Sage1st should be setup second filesystem19:42
Stskeepsthat looks odd indeed19:44
*** situ has joined #mer19:45
*** beford has joined #mer19:46
*** rcg has joined #mer19:46
shmerlBy the way, is PA usable on some Tegra 2 tablets? There was some work in that direction. Looks like Vivaldi will take forever.19:48
Stskeepsthese days archos g9 seems like best target19:49
Stskeepsbut i guess tegra2 might be a good target19:49
shmerlLast time I checked it wasn't optimized.19:49
shmerl(I.e. no GPU acceleration).19:49
shmerlSo it wasn't really usable in daily usage.19:49
shmerlI didn't take a look at archos though.19:51
shmerlMay be Tegra got better since than as well (no idea)19:51
rcgwell, the biggest showstopper for PA nowadays is the lack of working power management, i.e. suspend/resume19:53
rcgthe lack of GPU acceleration is not such a big problem imho.. at least if you don't need video playback, which i don't need19:54
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:54
rcgbut i do need suspend/resume19:54
shmerlIs interface smooth without it?19:54
rcgvery smooth19:54
rcgtested on archos 101 g9 turbo19:54
shmerlBrowsers rely now on GPU acceleration a lot. At least Firefox does.19:55
rcgthere is one image that has working suspend/resume but it's pretty old by now :(19:55
rcghmm.. didn't use the browser much.. but iirc it worked pretty well19:55
shmerlAnd without it - they are rather jerky.19:55
rcgbut well.. that's some time ago19:56
shmerlSo PA archos works without acceleration still?19:56
dm8tbrshmerl: there is a version with SGX19:57
shmerlI really just need a tablet as a e-book reader.19:57
rcgit does.. but still need lots of work imho19:57
shmerlBut I wanted it to be able to run Mer/PA :)19:58
shmerlNot interested in buying other stuff.19:58
rcgbtw. you can also use fingerterm on PA.. which is a huge improvement over the stock terminal with on-screen keyboard19:58
rcgand, from the newest firmware version on, you can dualboot between android and mer/PA19:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC19:59
shmerlInteresting. So archos g9 sounds like the best option for Mer/PA tablet now?19:59
rcgbut for me it still was not usable on a daily bass19:59
rcgthink so..20:00
shmerlCrashes often?20:00
rcgbut it highly depends on your requirements20:00
shmerlMostly pdf/djbu/epub reading.20:00
rcgactually the non-hw-accelerated image never crashed here20:00
dm8tbrit also was surprisingly smooth20:00
shmerlPlus testing Firefox builds on it ;)20:00
*** situ has quit IRC20:01
dm8tbrmost of the slowwwness I attributed to my 512M unit and slow class 4 µSD20:01
rcgbut the last image with suspend/resume is very old and the software like the email client etc. still has quite some flaws20:01
rcgthere are newer images but without suspend/resume20:01
shmerlI see. And newer ones have no supsend/resume?20:01
shmerlSo it drains battery fast?20:02
rcgdm8tbr, i have the turbo version here.. it's actually pretty smooth20:02
dm8tbrrcg: which of the at least 3 hw revisions of it? ;)20:02
rcgshmerl, without suspend/resume you have to keep it on all the time.. which, for me, is not an option20:02
rcgdm8tbr, how can i find out? ;)20:02
rcgdm8tbr, 101 g9 turbo20:03
*** taziff has quit IRC20:03
shmerlWhy doesn't it have it? Missing drivers again?20:03
rcgthat's what i know xD20:03
dm8tbrcheck how much RAM it has and if it's a 4430 or a 446020:03
dm8tbrso /proc/meminfo and /proc/cpuinfo20:03
rcgdm8tbr, rgr.. just booting up20:03
dm8tbrshmerl: beating TI frankenkernels into submission is a dark art...20:03
*** veskuh has quit IRC20:04
shmerlMore like experimental magic it seems.20:04
rcgwell, there is one image with working suspend/resume.. dunno why the newer images don't have it20:04
dm8tbrrcg: accel or non accel?20:04
rcgnon accel20:04
dm8tbrbecause the kernel version changed completely between non accel and sgx (one comes from the HoneComb HW adaptation the other is from the IsCreamSammich)20:05
*** situ has joined #mer20:05
*** Rubdos_ has joined #mer20:05
rcgdm8tbr, t's 446020:06
dm8tbrmaybe they moved non-accel also to the newer kernel20:06
dm8tbrrcg: ok, then it's at least a 'real' turbo. if you're lucky it has 1G ram, not only 512M20:06
*** taziff has joined #mer20:06
rcgmem total is 912788kB20:07
*** situ has quit IRC20:09
dm8tbrlucky b*stard ;)20:09
rcgwhy lucky?20:09
dm8tbrit's the best of all the hw-revisions out there20:09
rcggreat :)20:09
dm8tbrand with some of them there was no way to tell20:09
shmerlAre there any 7" versions?20:09
shmerlOr 8" and 10" only?20:09
dm8tbrthere is a A80G920:10
dm8tbrwhich is as close as it gets20:10
shmerlNot so cheap as Vivaldi though.20:10
rcgwell.. i just bough an archos 101 g9 turbo from amazon ;)20:11
dm8tbrshmerl: is vivaldi shipping now?20:11
shmerlNo. They are stuck.20:11
shmerlZenithink changed their hardware without warning.20:11
dm8tbrwell then saying that it's 'cheaper' is a bit of a stretch...20:12
shmerlI'm not even sure what they are doing.20:12
rcgthat's why i bought the archoa20:12
shmerlWell, yeah. I'll consider doing it as well, since I'm tired of waiting.20:12
*** situ has joined #mer20:12
rcgshmerl, but be sure that you are getting more like a developer device ;)20:13
rcghowever, you can still dual boot to android20:13
dm8tbrbtw: I'd personally recommend the flash based model, not the hdd version20:13
shmerlI don't mind that.20:13
rcgdm8tbr, yeah me too =)20:13
shmerlHow are they marked (model wise)20:13
rcgi'd got with the 8gb version20:13
dm8tbryeah, dual booting into fully functional original firmware is awesome20:13
shmerlOr one needs to see detailed specs?20:13
rcgyou can extend it with an micro sd anyway20:14
dm8tbrback then™ I still had to write the dual-boot menu myself! both ways! uphill!20:14
* lpotter needs to alias git checkout as got20:14
dm8tbrdisclaimer: I did for Archos gen720:14
*** Rubdos_ has quit IRC20:15
rcgshmerl, as said, i just bought an archos 101 g9 turbo that got advertised with the 1.5ghz cpu and 1gb ram20:15
rcgfrom amazon, i.e.20:15
shmerlThis one?
dm8tbrnowadays 99% of all units should be 4460 with 1G RAM20:16
shmerlStskeeps: I'm now trying to install/update Nemo/N950 target, and get such an error:
shmerlIt's something wrong with the SDK, or with the image?20:19
*** asfdsaf has quit IRC20:19
faenillbt, ^20:20
faenilshmerl, I filed a bug about that today, it's a known issue :/20:20
shmerlAh, I see.20:21
MerbotBug 547: major, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, sb2 target zypper update fails due to daemon restart issues20:22
rcg"Archos 101 G9 Turbo 8GB, 25,6 cm (10.1 Zoll) kapazitiv Multitouch, Android 4.0, 1.5GHz Mehrkern-Proz.+ 1GB RAM, WiFi, HDMI, GPS"20:24
dm8tbrsounds right20:24
rcgthat's what the announcement said where i bought the g920:24
rcgim a little bit confused because the link provided by shmerl talks about android 3.220:25
shmerlNot a bad CPU. But you have to use older images for suspend/resume?20:25
rcgyes.. data around april20:25
dm8tbrrcg: they originally shipped with honeycomb20:26
shmerlIt's turbo 16 GB.20:26
shmerlSo not the same as you mentioned.20:27
*** krans has quit IRC20:27
shmerlShorter link:
*** pohly has joined #mer20:27
rcgdm8tbr, ic20:28
shmerlThey actually don't have Archos 101 G9 8GB - Turbo in the list.20:28
faenilrcg, I sold my archos g9 to my brother20:29
faenilfirst version is 1ghz20:30
faenilturbo is 1.2ghz20:30
faenil1.5 are not on market yet, afaik, due to chipset shortage20:30
rcghmm.. iirc mine is 1.5ghz?20:30
rcgfaenil, overall, how did you like it?20:31
faenilI hated it, that's why I sold it :)20:31
faenilfirmware is worse than Asus Transformer's20:31
rcglol :)20:31
faenilmore lag, less responsive20:31
faenilI hated it.20:31
faenilbut my brother likes it, so he has it now :D20:32
faeniland I'll buy Nexus7 as it is released here20:32
rcgright ;)20:32
*** Rubdos_ has joined #mer20:32
faenilI bought it to work on my thesis20:32
faeniland I hoped I would have started liking it afterwards, but that didn't happen :D20:33
rcgshmerl, ^20:34
rcgthat's the 8gb version.. which is interestingly more expensive than the 16gb version20:34
rcgbut is "officially" advertised as 1.5ghz and android 4.020:35
rcgfaenil, right, i see20:35
rcgwhat was you thesis about?20:35
dm8tbrfaenil: the 1.5G version is the only one on the market20:35
faenildm8tbr, :O worldwide?20:35
faenildm8tbr, my info are updated to 3 months ago20:35
dm8tbrthey ran out of the 4430 chips...20:35
shmerlrcg: I see, thanks.20:35
faenilI see...20:35
dm8tbrthe 1.2GHz was a higher specced 4430 still IIRC20:36
faenilI knew they had some problems with 4460, I'm sure about that20:36
faenildm8tbr, exactly20:36
dm8tbrbut that was like early this year20:36
shmerl10" is too big for me though. I prefer something around 7".20:36
faenilat least until beginning of March :)20:36
faenilrcg, this is my thesis20:37
dm8tbryeah, back then there were at least 4 different versions on the market20:37
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shmerlThis looks like that, but 8":
shmerlThat's archos 80 though.20:38
*** situ has quit IRC20:38
rcgshmerl, 101 vs 80 is just the size20:38
rcgthe version is indicated by gX like g920:39
rcgvs. g7 e.g.20:39
shmerlThis one is cheaper too.20:39
rcgand then it seems they added "turbo" and introduced different "builds" from this "turbo" branded things20:39
shmerlStrange that 1.5 GHz one costs less than 1.2.20:40
shmerl(storage though is 8GB and 16GB)20:40
*** pohly has quit IRC20:40
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faenilmy roomate has 8020:42
faenilit has a visible problem with the screen20:42
shmerlBtw, is cyanogen mod usable there? Or they ship their own Android images?20:42
faenilshmerl, there is a guy trying to port CM10 on it20:43
dm8tbrwe've done CM7 before for gen7 and gen820:44
shmerlBut their own image is usable too?20:44
shmerlI'd recommend it to someone who wanted an Android tablet.20:44
dm8tbrif it's one thing _av500_ gets right in the original firmware then it's awesome hw accelerated media playback20:45
faenilimho, g9 performs worse than competitors20:45
faenilbut its price is good20:45
shmerlYeah. $200 range is not bad.20:46
dm8tbrbtw: if a very low priced unit pops up, beware could be one of those 1.2GHz models ;)20:47
shmerlIt lists it as 1.5 on the Amazon.20:47
shmerlAre they misleading?20:47
dm8tbris it amazon or someone selling through amazon?20:48
shmerl"by Archos".20:48
shmerlMust be their Amazon seller.20:48
shmerlIt doesn't say about camera and microphone. Does it have them?20:50
dm8tbryes, front camera. mic too IIRC20:51
shmerlOK. Would be interesting to test telepathy in PA, if it even works.20:51
shmerlPeregrine was supposed to support XMPP/Jingle through telepathy/farstream but I'm not sure if they still develop it.20:52
*** Laventus has quit IRC20:53
dm8tbrI'd expect audio to work on the device without further problems20:53
shmerlThough Mer needs to add libvpx codec to support VP8 in farstream first.20:54
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SageStskeeps: /usr/sbin/prelink: /usr/bin/pr: Recorded 5 dependencies, now seeing -120:57
Sagearmv7l -latest20:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
StskeepsSage: remind me in the morninf20:58
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CosmoHillnight night21:46
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