Sunday, 2012-08-12

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Stskeeps is not a good site to read if you are afraid of flying, basically, shit happenens every single day07:00
Bostikit pays to remember that the single most dangerous place in the world is "home"07:02
Bostiklots of death, carnage and other maladies hit people there07:03
Paimenswimming pools kills more kids than guns, and still there is no restrictions for swimming pools07:03
Paimenjust random tought about dangers in home07:04
Bostikand life is carsinogenic07:04
Bostikthe longer you are exposed to it, all the more probable it is that you get cancer07:05
PaimenI think it was some finnish punk singer that said. Life is STD that leads to certain death07:05
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Stskeepsthere's nothing like chasing race conditions.07:08
Paimenwell I like more hunting timing bugs that occurs only on real hardware with certain workload and adding debugging code affects to timings07:09
dm8tbrPaimen: that's actually a movie title of a well known polish movie07:14
Paimendm8tbr: ok might be07:14
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iekkufinnish punk mentioned07:15
Stskeepsand one shows up07:15
Paimendm8tbr: well my quote is from 90's so it is just thing that is invented in many places07:15
Stskeepsiekku: will you send the triage mail during today?07:16
Stskeepsjust to know when you wrap up your vacation07:17
iekkuand host triages tomorrow07:17
iekkuStskeeps, and starting to stop vacation already07:17
iekkumy parents called me before 9 am and wake me up... "it's your last vacation day, don't sleap over it"...07:18
Paimenmy wife decided it is good day to start last part of renovation today07:19
Paimenstill trying to stall it by sipping morning coffee really slowly07:19
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_av500_stall it by falling into the paint bucket08:02
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lbtmorning all08:25
rc_morning lbt08:26
rc_how's it going?08:26
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Stskeepslbt:     running createrepo08:37
Stskeeps    running rsync to at Sun Aug 12 10:36:56 201208:37
Stskeepsrsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/Core:/0.20120816." (in repos) failed: No space left on device (28)08:37
Stskeeps*** Skipping any contents from this failed directory ***08:37
Stskeepsrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1042) [sender=3.0.7]08:37
Stskeepspublish failed:     rsync failed: 588808:37
Stskeepsyou'll investigate?08:39
lbtwhich machine?08:39
Stskeepswell, is the one that has the errors08:39
Stskeepsbe is fine08:39
lbtyeah - it has no /data partition08:40
Stskeepswhere is anyway?08:40
Stskeepsi meant vm08:41
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lbtthe vm is on phost508:42
Stskeepswhich vm is it..08:43
* Stskeeps passes lbt coffee08:43
lbtthe repo vm is called "repo" ...08:43
* lbt passes Stskeeps coffee08:43
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* Stskeeps stops publisher until issue is fixed08:51
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lbtmoving data08:56
alteregoSuppose I should pack for tomorrow.09:00
Stskeepsprobably an idea09:01
Stskeepsi've made it into an art to pack in ~4 hours to go anywhere09:01
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alteregoYeah, I don't need to take much tbh.09:01
Stskeepsremember usb cable, deodorant09:01
Stskeepsthat's what i forgot last time09:01
Stskeepsnot a happy camper.09:01
alteregoMy bag already has usb cables stuffed in it :D09:02
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alteregoI have so many of them I tactically leave them in pockets of jeans and bags :P09:02
Stskeepsso, guantamo it is?09:02
Stskeepstanamo, that is09:02
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alteregoNot sure whether to bring an N900,09:06
lbthmm - need a mechanism to alert me when a long job on a remote machine in a screen in a minimised window finishes...09:07
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alteregolbt: I managed a while back to hook up screen to talk to the freedesktop notification banner stuff in gnome09:09
alteregoWhich should work in unity.09:10
alteregoForgotten how I did it though09:10
alteregoThere was some serious voodoo09:10
* alterego configures his three new domain names.09:10
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lbtscreen is on remote machine too09:11
Bostiklbt: could you just send (echo?) the control sequence to change window title when the job is done?09:11
alteregolbt: yes, that's exactly how my setup is.09:11
dm8tbrlbt: look at tavu, that works nice for me09:11
alteregoBostik: doesn't really work as you'd need the window to be raised.09:11
lbthmm Konsole has "monitor for silence"09:11
alteregolbt: you should just do "job; echo \b" :)09:12
Bostikalterego: good point, and we'd need something that works across different desktop envs and/or wm's :)09:13
lbtBostik: yeah something like that may hook it - looking at konsole, then tavu09:13
alteregoSay I have three fqdns, and I want to have all three point to the same website (I use vhost) I've setup all the www.* to point to the right IP and I'm about to just do a couple of redirect rules in the non-main vhost configs.09:13
alteregoIs there a better way?09:13
lbtsounds sensible09:14
Bostikpoint CNAMEs for the two dormant domains to your primary?09:14
alteregoBostik: that sounds possibly easier.09:14
alteregoSo I can do a name alias /me gives it a go09:15
alteregoI wonder if this will work with apache vhosting though ..09:16
alteregoI suppose even if it doesn't it's better because they can track the IP of the main domain. Which would be less hassle if/when that changes.09:17
lbtif you use the cname approach then (depending on the app) the website can 'switch' to the target as that's what will the vhost will think it is (I think)09:18
alteregoAh, "ServerAlias"09:18
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alteregoSo use ServerName for primary then I can setup ServerAlias with a list of secondary domains.09:19
alteregoYup, that works :)09:20
alteregoThough, maybe the redirect would be better ..09:20
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alteregoOkay, using a mixture, I can get redirects working with just to VirtualHost sections :)09:23
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alterego :)09:31
alteregobetter than my blogger URL ..09:31
Bostikew, this doesn't look nice: domain name pointer
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alteregoHrm, yeah, need to setup reverse09:35
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Stskeepsgood morning Ionakka09:39
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kallaballaStskeeps: hi. the tvout issued does indeed seem to be a kernel driver problem. though i cant tell for sure because i don't have any reference on how to drive tvout.09:47
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Stskeepskallaballa: walk me through how you try to enable it?09:48
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kallaballacat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio shows: (tvout_sel           ) out lo09:48
lbtStskeeps: repo is sorted now09:49
Stskeepslbt: ok09:49
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Stskeepslbt: thank you09:50
fk_lxhi eveyrone :-)09:50
Stskeepsmorn fk_lx09:51
lbthey fk_lx09:51
*** phaeron has joined #mer09:51
lbtmorning phaeron09:51
phaeronlbt: hello09:51
kallaballain rx51.c:  gpio_request(RX51_TVOUT_SEL_GPIO, "tvout_sel"); and gpio_set_value(RX51_TVOUT_SEL_GPIO, 1);09:52
kallaballai also tried removing all relevant modules and exporting the gpio to userspace to set it manually. but that didn't work out.09:53
Stskeepskallaballa: did you use xrandr?09:53
Stskeepsok, what specific command?09:53
kallaballathe output is enabled by default. i also tried playing arround with settings09:53
kallaballaxrandr --output TV --auto09:54
kallaballaxrandr --output TV --mode 800x48009:54
Stskeepshow about --on ?09:54
kallaballahehe.. tried it, but its not a xrandr switch09:55
IonakkaStskeeps: morning \o/09:55
kallaballai also tried comparing maemo implementation with the nemo adaption. but it's kinda hard to judge without knowing the hardware.09:56
Stskeepskallaballa: hm, i could swear i've had it working09:56
Stskeepskallaballa: and i presume you removed the notv patch?09:57
kallaballait looks like it's really close to working.09:57
kallaballaStskeeps: yes09:57
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Stskeepsnot sure then09:59
Stskeepscat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb1 ?09:59
Stskeepsand friends09:59
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kallaballai guess it's time for printk spraying10:04
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phaeronStskeeps: ping10:21
Stskeepsphaeron: plonk10:22
phaeronhow's it going10:22
Stskeepsphaeron: sofarsogood10:22
phaeronok cool10:23
Stskeepsbut it's obvious our CI obs is suboptimally set up10:23
Stskeepsand fakeobs is dead slow too10:23
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phaeronI haven't looked at how fakeobs sends big files to the remote obs , but it might need some trickery to make it faster10:26
Stskeepsthe problem is already in the _meta10:30
Stskeepsso not so much on file transfer side10:30
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phaeronyou mean it takes long to send back the meta ?10:34
Stskeepslike file listing, etc10:34
Stskeepsso there's paths to be optimized10:34
Stskeepsi can pretty much see i won't be able to change over CI to this today, but at least i will confirm the building blocks work..10:35
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Stskeepsas it would be bad practice to switch processes to something we know is acting way too slowly, so10:37
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*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle10:39
Stskeeps(which isnt copyprj, just FWIW)10:41
phaeronStskeeps: so the bottleneck is slowness of copying from fakeobs10:41
*** M13 has joined #mer10:42
Stskeepsmore like looking up metadata10:42
phaeronaha for the prjlink10:42
Stskeepsgetting data for project 'Core:0.20120816.0.0.5:armv7l' from
Stskeepstakes 40+ mins10:42
Stskeepswhich != good10:42
phaeronit didn't take that long here ..10:43
Stskeepsso the setup is a bit suboptimal atm10:43
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Stskeepspublic/source/Core:armv7l/tmpwatch?expand=1&withlinked HTTP/1.1" 200 -10:43
Stskeepscan take 1-3 seconds each10:43
Stskeepsand * that with schedulers10:43
Stskeepsand lag between accepting requests10:44
Stskeepsso it's not very efficient10:44
Stskeepslbt: any good ideas where i would place fakeobs if outside be?10:47
lbtsame phost is good so the LAN goes over a virtual switch10:48
lbtso I just want to get this event notifier sorted, then get an SDK released. Once that's done we can take a bit of time over moving VMs and redoing some LAN config10:50
lbtpeople could usefully help by testing 6.0.2 pre-release of SDK10:50
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Stskeepsmail to list and ask for testing?10:51
vgradetabcrevetor: hi10:52
lbtI was thinking of faster turnaround10:52
situStskeeps: Hi10:52
Stskeepsmorn situ10:53
situDoes it look fine,754 ?10:53
Stskeepssitu: looks fine10:53
situOk, thanks!10:53
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kallaballaStskeeps: uff.. i got completely distraced by sound/soc/rx51.c but the code is obsolete.12:15
Stskeepskallaballa: yes, the code got updated a lot later12:16
kallaballabut now i've got the solution: amixer -D hw:0 set 'Jack Function' 'TV-OUT'12:16
kallaballathat way it's possible to manually set the jack to tvout which makes board-rx51-video do the rest.12:17
kallaballahehe yes12:17
Stskeepsso its related to ohmd blowing up12:17
kallaballai think all that is missing is having an input driver for the jack event and setting it via the soundcard12:17
kallaballai'm not familiar with ohmd12:17
Stskeepsit decides device behaviour on stimuli12:18
Stskeepsie, jack plug in, etc12:18
kallaballaoh ic12:18
kallaballawell.. Xorg tries to use /dev/input/event4 with evdev... maybe it's getting in the way12:19
kallaballai'll have a look12:19
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ZogG_laptopStskeeps: hey12:38
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: is systemd would be mandatory in mer? and only one option?12:38
Stskeepsyes its quite mandatory12:39
Stskeepsa lot of work to replace it12:42
ZogG_laptopwhy to choose it for the first place12:43
Stskeepswhat do you have against it?12:44
ZogG_laptopi hate combines :)12:44
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: just tested mdev instead of udev12:44
ZogG_laptopit works :P12:44
*** sferic has joined #mer12:45
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: if you interested
*** sferic has left #mer12:46
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Stskeeps.. not a terribly good argument12:47
Stskeepslook at the sysv stuff we had before12:47
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alteregoIf anyone is interested:
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burdickjpJuly of last year Intel put out a paper called "Using Meego with platforms based on Atom Z670 and SM35 chipset".  I'm curious if MER has continued development in this direction, as I have a Dell tablet with that exact hardware, and am wanting to run Plasma Active on it14:22
*** situ has quit IRC14:22
Stskeepsburdickjp: try boot nemo mobile on it and see if it boots14:24
burdickjpStskeeps:I will.  I previously tried Kubuntu-Active, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Arch linux, and Chakra.  Could not get much support in those communities; this chipset combination seems to be an anomaly in the market.14:26
burdickjpI'm getting Win7 up on a small partition on the thing so that it's marginally useful when I do need it.  I'll give Nemo a try.14:26
Stskeepsget me an url to that paper?14:26
burdickjpcan I link it directly?14:27
*** Free-MG has joined #mer14:27
burdickjpI can't get a clean URL for some reason, you can google "Meego Z670" and it's the first one to pop up.14:29
burdickjpI apologize.  I'm not sure why firefox isn't giving me a clean URL14:31
Bostikburdickjp: google's silly jump url?14:31
Bostikthere was an extension to disable that one, I think14:32
burdickjpBostik: I'll look for that14:32
burdickjpin the whitepaper it points to a meego image from the 1.1.99 repo called "meego-tablet-ia32-oaktrail".  I'm unfamiliar with meego.  Could there be anything in the repo or in that image which would be specific to it, and would allow optimization for this hardware?14:37
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC14:38
burdickjpIf I'm looking at this right, Nemo is an ARM image.  I don't think I need that.14:40
Stskeepsnemo has x86 too so14:42
Venemo_N9burdickjp, there are x86 images to14:42
burdickjpfound it.  downloading14:44
*** thuttu77 has quit IRC14:45
*** thuttu77 has joined #mer14:45
burdickjponce I get this on a thumbdrive and booting, what am I looking for log wise to tell me what it's doing, what's going wrong, etc14:48
Stskeepspress tab when it boots up, remove 'quiet' from kernel command line14:50
Stskeepsor esc14:53
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burdickjpalright.  Nemo boots, gets about 5 seconds into the boot process and screen goes black.  On other linuxes I would have to CTRL+ALT+F8 out of X11 and then back into it to get video.  Does not seem to work here.16:09
burdickjpI am going to try the original image Intel linked in their paper16:11
*** phaeron has joined #mer16:12
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Stskeepsburdickjp: black screen is fairly normal. gave it time,16:19
Stskeepsctrl-alt-f2 rather16:19
burdickjpit sat there for about five minutes16:20
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer16:22
*** burdickjp has quit IRC16:23
*** burdickjp has joined #mer16:24
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:27
Stskeepsburdickjp: which item did you take in the boot menu?16:27
Stskeepsand did ctrl-alt-f2 work?16:27
*** test__ has joined #mer16:31
*** phaeron has joined #mer16:33
*** Free-MG has quit IRC16:34
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*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away16:43
Stskeepsphaeron: i think i can accept current copyprj and package now, with remark there is probably a race condition now16:43
*** phdeswer has quit IRC16:43
phaeronStskeeps: great , it has come a long way though :)16:44
burdickjpI apologize.  I went back to win7 while waiting for meego to download, and installing office2010 is painfully slow16:51
Stskeepsburdickjp: no worries, we16:51
Stskeeps're used to people taking time to answer :)16:51
Stskeepsburdickjp: do you know what GPU is in it?16:52
burdickjpGMA 60016:52
Stskeepsshould really work fine..16:52
burdickjpIt's trouble on everything else, including Win716:52
Stskeepsgma500 is usually worse :P16:53
burdickjpIt's my understanding that it's the same thing clocked at 400mhz vs 200mhz.  I could see why it would perform better, but support I don't think would be any different16:53
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer16:53
burdickjpmy goal with this thing is to get a decent touch interface on it, and Xournal16:54
Stskeepsoh urgh16:54
Stskeepsi think you're right16:54
wmarone__and all the cedar trail chips are the same16:54
burdickjpI thought this was oak trail16:54
wmarone__I'm just noting that intel hasn't improved the situation much16:55
Stskeepsburdickjp: can you find me that url for the paper you're referring to?16:55
burdickjpthe tablet in question is a Dell Latitude ST16:57
* Stskeeps looks at .ks16:57
*** situ has joined #mer16:57
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer16:59
Stskeepsburdickjp: okay, so, you need to use custom xorg drivers and libGLESv2/EGL17:00
Stskeepsand i'm not sure mer's xorg version will work with the ones there were in meego17:00
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:00
burdickjpI'm thinking there are more recent drivers17:00
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:01
Stskeepson emgd17:01
burdickjpthere was an open-source effort recently17:01
burdickjphmm, this might be older than IEMGD17:02
burdickjpyeah, that apparently didn't go anywhere17:03
* Stskeeps blinks at names mentioned17:03
burdickjpI'm unfamiliar with the situation, or people involved.  If I've offended anyone, I apologize.17:05
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer17:05
Stskeepsah, no problem17:06
Stskeepshow much of a hacker type are you?17:06
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:06
burdickjpI've been running linux as a primary OS for about 12 years17:06
burdickjpslackware at first, recently Arch17:06
burdickjpI've done an LFS17:07
burdickjpbut I'm not a coder17:07
burdickjpunless you count Python17:07
Stskeepsfair enough - well, if you want, you could probably compile older xorg for mer and use the meego driver17:07
burdickjpwhat would the advantage be over running the meego image intel linked?17:08
Stskeepsmodern system you can keep getting updates for?17:08
burdickjpeverything except, right?17:08
burdickjpwould you expect that to be better than an IEMGD driver?17:09
Stskeepswell emgd isn't really built for higher version anyway17:09
Stskeepssame binaries, AFAIK17:10
burdickjpfair enough17:10
burdickjpseems to be the story for all of the GMA 600 drivers17:10
Stskeepsor you could just use llvmpipe and not care about the 3d acceleration17:10
Stskeepsfor many purposes it's good enough17:10
burdickjpI bought this piece of hardware to take handwritten notes, and annotate PDFs17:11
Stskeepsyou should be fine then..17:11
Stskeepstry boot this image instead17:11
Stskeepsand see how far you get17:11
*** Behold has joined #mer17:12
burdickjpyou expect more from the VM image?17:12
Stskeepsthe vm image uses llvmpipe :)17:12
burdickjpfair enough17:12
Stskeepswhich is sw rendering17:12
burdickjpIt's rather disappointing of Intel to do what it did with the GMA 500/60017:14
Stskeepsi think it's not really their fault as such.. it's imagination's17:14
*** M13 has quit IRC17:14
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:15
*** kallaballa has quit IRC17:26
Stskeepslbt: did you ever try llvmpipe on your joggler?17:26
*** Oipo has joined #mer17:27
*** ALoGeNoFF has joined #mer17:27
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*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:37
lbtStskeeps: no17:42
lbtjust backdating Mer release info on notify and see I forgot to announce the latest snapshot17:42
*** taziff has joined #mer18:01
*** rgms has joined #mer18:01
Stskeepshello rgms :)18:02
rgmshello :)18:10
Stskeepsrgms: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)18:10
rgmsThanks. Not sure if I'm talking to a bot, though :)18:11
Stskeepsyou're not. i'm just pathologically friendly18:12
*** test__ has quit IRC18:13
rgmsgreat! :)18:13
Stskeepsso what brings you here, if i may ask?18:13
*** Free-MG has joined #mer18:13
rgmswell I used to try Mer on my N900, and I'm wondering if it is running on any handsets currently18:14
Stskeepswell, it is, n950 and n9 too18:15
Stskeepsit's a bit different though now18:15
StskeepsNemo is a handset UI that uses Mer core18:15
rgmsactually I'm considering of buying an N9, too18:15
burdickjpif you don't mind a tangent, what about the harmattan UI?18:16
Stskeepsburdickjp: well, Nemo is based on harmattan components..sec18:16
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:18
burdickjpI'm a big fan of the N9 UI.  I don't think I could bring myself to remove it.18:25
Stskeepswell, nemo is more along lines of getting good mobile ui to other devices18:26
alteregoWe have some harmattan-isms, like we have something that is a good alternative to swipe.18:29
alteregoVenemo is working on a more harmattan like and probably even cooler (with widgets) QML based interface to replace our meegotouch home.18:29
burdickjpI would love to see it work on my Tegra2 Motorola handset18:32
*** kaziklubey has joined #mer18:32
situStskeeps: Can I boot MeeGo on N8 ?18:33
Stskeepssitu: no18:33
situWhy it's not possible ?18:33
Stskeepssitu: the N8 has a locked down bootloader and you cannot flash your own bootloader, kernel or flash image18:34
Stskeepssitu: as well as no known existing linux kernel for it18:34
jonnibut you can enjoy then Symbian on it :)18:39
Paimenjonni: that is bit harsh18:39
fk_lx1enjoy while it is still alive :-)18:40
*** blaroche has quit IRC18:40
*** beford has joined #mer18:40
situI even dont' like to upgrade to new Symbian versions.18:40
situStarts draining battery.18:40
jonniwell it is pretty decent symbian camera phones out there, if your not able to get hands on the uber camera symbian, then thats the second best.18:40
Paimenyup that is true, and yes Symbian have come long way what it was at S60 times, kind of bummer to not see it go further18:41
*** ajalkane has joined #mer18:47
*** clopez has joined #mer19:00
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*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:05
Stskeepslbt: pet shop boys on tv20:13
Stskeepsolympic end20:14
Stskeepsok, over now20:15
lbtiplayer :)20:15
*** Rajesh has joined #mer20:23
*** Rajesh is now known as Guest9481720:23
CosmoHillit's good20:24
*** Sicelo has left #mer20:28
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*** taziff has joined #mer21:04
Stskeepsis the mime type right?21:12
lbtshould be an Atom feed21:13
Stskeepsi just get a text/plain i think21:14
lbteventually we can do things like ask for a feed of event type= release or since a certain date21:14
lbthmm - will check - it's working as a feed in firefox21:15
lbtpython's feedparser is also happy21:15
lbtI get :      Content-Typeapplication/rss+xml21:16
Stskeepsfair enough21:16
*** Free-MG has quit IRC21:17
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*** phdeswer has joined #mer21:28
crevetor_Grr I don't understand : my Xorg seems to be started but if export DISPLAY and start something it says it can'T connect to X21:29
Stskeepsexport DISPLAY=:0 ?21:30
Stskeepssu nemo ?21:30
Stskeeps / su user21:30
Stskeeps / su mer ?21:30
*** Guest94817 has quit IRC21:31
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:35
crevetor_hmmm maybe that's it21:35
crevetor_let me check21:35
crevetor_that was it21:36
crevetor_stupid me21:36
crevetor_Anyways... Now I can go ahead and understand why PA doesn'T start21:36
crevetor_thanks Stskeeps21:36
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC21:37
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:46
alteregocrevetor_: what hardware are you using N950 per chance?21:47
*** Openfree has joined #mer21:48
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer21:48
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer21:48
crevetor_alterego: HP Touchpad21:59
alteregoOh, hrm, not sure then, anyway, reallg need to sleep, about 4 hours before I need to be awake again O_O22:02
*** nibbler has joined #mer22:03
crevetor_alterego: It's alright I fixed it22:04
crevetor_alterego: Stskeeps was right22:04
*** phdeswer has joined #mer22:06
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crevetor_Hev you guys aleady seen something like that : uxlaunch starts Xorg, doesn't realize it has correctly started and tries to start a new one ?22:43
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