Wednesday, 2012-05-30

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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: when I test html5 video with webkit, there are always a big file to be created in /tmp/,  is it possible that mer system created it?05:53
Stskeepsperhaps its downloading it to tmp for playback05:55
Stskeeps / streaming05:55
Stskeepsi gotta go though, driver course05:56
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: because it write to my flash, so after many times, my system goes down05:58
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: driver course, ok05:58
iekkuZiQiangHuan, does it happen with every video? and is there every time new one?06:00
iekku(for same video)06:00
ZiQiangHuaniekku: yes, when I test every time, a new file will be created in my /tmp06:01
iekkuZiQiangHuan, have you tried different video? does this occure with all?06:02
ZiQiangHuaniekku: yes, I try some videos on
iekkuhmm, weird06:04
timophwhat's the status of Qt5 in Mer currently?06:05
iekkui think it's not supported yet? i may be wrong06:08
timophiirc someone was playing around with the packaging06:08
iekkuE-P, didn't you talk about that yesterday?06:09
E-Ptimoph: Bostik is doing the qt5 packaging06:10
E-PI don't know the current status, it should be almost ready06:11
iekkuok, so i remembered correctly06:12
* iekku is starting to learn qml basics today :o06:12
timophqml is fun & easy06:12
iekkuso i have heard06:13
iekkulet's see06:13
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iekkuit has been over 7 years since i have last time provided any kind of code...06:13
timophalthough I don't do pure qml. I tend to write to logic with c++ and use property bindings06:13
iekkuand last ones was symbian06:13
iekkuwith symbian...06:13
timophE-P: thanks06:14
iekkustarted to wonder one day how come i don't even remember basic html tags and realized that haven't use it in 8 years06:14
iekkuand i'm still 17..06:15
* timoph is 23 :p06:15
timophbeen for quite a few years already :)06:16
iekkui have been 17 only 2 years06:16
iekkuwas 16 very long :P06:16
BostikE-P, timoph: alpha1 is packaged, stskeeps has started to run the packages through integration and uncovered some tiny things I needed to fix; but in general, it's looking good06:16
iekkuBostik, ooh! nice!06:17
Bostikonce trolls release alpha2 (or beta1) I'll update the packaging06:17
E-Pgood job!06:18
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Bostikand then should be well on our way for a final once it's out06:18
Bostik  those same packages are copied to :Qt5:Devel06:19
Bostikwell apart from wayland/xkbcommon which simply needed to be available to get qtwayland built :)06:20
timophgood. I'm planning to sacrifice my summer vacation for getting up to speed with Qt506:20
timoph(starts in 3 weeks)06:20
iekkusummer what?06:21
timophthe time when you hack home during the summer instead of the office06:21
Bostikyou know, those four weeks where it rains constantly?06:21
iekkui think it's going to be very nice weather in tampere region this summer06:22
iekkui don't have vacation06:22
iekkuwhen the situation was same previous time i managed to get 1 week vacation, it rained whole week. the rest of the summer was warm and sunny06:23
E-Pmy first vacation period starts next Wednesday \o/06:24
BostikZiQiangHuan: code in qtwebkit/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer.cpp06:25
E-Ptravelling to Germany looking for apartments and hopefully having some vacation06:25
BostikZiQiangHuan: look at the function MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::processBufferingStats as that does two types of buffering, and the second one has explicit comment "this is on-disk buffering"06:26
ZiQiangHuanBostik: yeah, ok, I'll have a look at the function06:27
Bostikthere are other routines that deal with buffering too, and some of them have comments about loading the media file locally06:27
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Bostikthere might be some nice webkit settings that would allow you to control the amount of media downloaded on disk, but I don't know them06:28
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ZiQiangHuanBostik: ok, because there are not much space available, so too much data downloaded will crash my system06:30
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Bostikif I read the code right, you can control the on-disk use by forcing gstreamer's download mode06:35
Bostikat least it looks like it, ....      if (mode != GST_BUFFERING_DOWNLOAD) {06:35
ZiQiangHuanBostik: on-disk buffer will cause a file created at /tmp/ every time?06:36
BostikI assume so, but I don't really know06:37
ZiQiangHuanBostik: I found the files created in /tmp never disappear unless I delete them06:37
BostikGST_BUFFERING_TIMESHIFT might be the option you need to force, but how that happens I really don't know06:38
ZiQiangHuanBostik: I'll have a try, thank you for your help, my system have been crashed many times because of the problem06:39
Bostikyou're welcome06:40
E-PZiQiangHuan: do you always have to delete the files manually or are they deleted automatically if you close the browser?06:41
ZiQiangHuanE-P: I have to delete them myself06:41
E-Pthen there might be a bug in webkit or gstreamer06:42
ZiQiangHuanE-P: I search it in webkit bugzillar, not found one06:42
E-Por the bug is in the browser06:43
ZiQiangHuanE-P: yes, but have no idea what cause this06:45
Bostikhmh, gstreamer docs do point to "gst_query_set_buffering_stats()" routine where it *looks* like you could set the desired buffering mode; that routine is not called from webkit06:46
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ZiQiangHuanBostik: hmm, I need to check where I can set the buffering mode06:51
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iekkuhmmm, friend of mine is installing qt sdk to mac and he needs c++ compiler... any mac users here? what would be good compiler?07:02
E-PI have used gcc with Qt in Mac07:05
timophusing 'qmake -spec macx-g++' works for me07:06
iekkuthanks E-P07:06
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lbtmorning all07:36
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iekkugood morning lbt07:37
lbthey iekku07:37
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slaineMorning folks08:45
Stskeepsmorn slaine08:46
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Stskeepstimoph: most of it comes in next release08:50
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sledgesgood morning09:40
Stskeepsmorn sledges09:41
Stskeepshow is it going?09:46
sledgesjust installed ArchLinux onto my workstation, bye bye Ubuntu 10.0409:47
sledgesnever even bothered installing 12.04 on the first place :)09:48
Stskeepsi leaped to fedora instead, no regrets so far09:48
sledgeswell, it has zypper and RPMs, doesn't it? :)09:51
Stskeepsyum and rpm, yeah09:52
sledgesthat's it, Mer friendly :)09:52
sledgesused Arch on my laptop since many months, never regretted cutting edge packages09:52
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sledgesactually, it is my weakness, so rather than running Gentoo all-unmasked, Arch was a salvation09:53
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Stskeepsheh, wow11:12
Stskeepslbt: ^11:13
Stskeepsgood to see :)11:14
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SageStskeeps: heh12:21
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sebasWhere can I find the sources packages for Xorg in OBS?13:31
sebasI'm navigationally confused13:31
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smokuStskeeps: good visibility.  congrats13:46
sebasStskeeps: thanks!14:01
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Stskeepssebas: git clone as well14:03
sebasokies :)14:03
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u1106-officeidentify hemfr3lig16:19
tadziknow change your password :)16:19
u1106-officeluckily I don't use the same pw on any 2 accounts ;)16:24
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Ulf`Let me guess. It's hemfr4lig somewhere else? ;)16:29
u1106-officewelcome to try it out16:30
Stskeepsoh hey, anonymous access for is open :)16:33
Stskeepsi said that too soon16:34
Stskeepswth.. one moment i see the 'last updated' rss feed, the next moment i don't16:34
pohlyStskeeps: someone accidentally made it public and reverted his change? ;-) Just guessing.16:44
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Stskeepspohly: well, web page being closed is boring when you can just access it all over obs /public api anyway ;)16:45
Stskeepsbut let's see when it's properly security checked and open :)16:46
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smokuStskeeps: if 'osc build' fails with [Errno 2] No such file or directory, what should I check?21:39
sebaswhat was the trick again when one encounters this when trying to use sudo ?21:43
sebassudo: must be setuid root21:43
sebasI recall that was a bug in the sdk, trying to zypper dup, but for that I need sudo21:43
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smokusebas: in my sdk installation 'sudo -i' works out of box21:45
sebasit doesn't here21:45
sebasjust unpackaged a freshly downloaded tarball21:45
smokusebas: using -p option?21:48
sebasnope, but same with -p21:49
smokucd /srv/mer/sdks/sdk21:49
smokusudo tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf $HOME/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-latest.tar.bz221:49
smokuworks for me21:49
sebasah, good call :D21:49
* sebas thought of sudo -p21:50
sebassmoku: untarring with -p was my problem, thanks muchly!21:53
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