Sunday, 2012-05-13

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Stskeepsphaeron: so any news while i've been gone?08:08
phaeronnothing much yet. read mails08:09
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Stskeepsat least there's nothing from tizen conference that makes me feel we should stop doing what we're doing - we may be able to have some synergies with tizen ivi and perhaps have their web runtime available as a component on top of mer, but that's about it08:11
Stskeepsas well as integration of systemd user sessions08:11
Stskeepswell, that and possibly the security framework work08:12
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phaeronany possibility that they use mer as a core OS :D08:18
Stskeepsi don't know, tbh, but there were some good talks08:18
Stskeepsit didn't help that it seems like imad thought mer was deb-based, but..08:19
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phaeronb2g is also interesting08:20
Stskeepsmy own preference is something webkit based, but b2g could for sure run on mer08:21
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Stskeepsfwiw it seems like tizen 2.0 will be december-ish08:27
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Stskeepsphaeron: so could you fill me in on how prj-copy is going?08:28
Stskeeps / bugs we have08:29
phaeronlbt: tested it and said it was still causing rebuild , but I didn't have time to reproduce the issue08:29
phaeronbut project copy part is working at least08:29
Stskeepson my side, i've been deploying the new cross build approach and found they haven't yet implemented obs local builds08:30
Stskeepswhich is mightily irritating08:30
Stskeepsmorn lbt08:31
phaeronthe sb2 + other guy's approach ?08:31
Stskeepsjust the other guy's approach for now08:32
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* Stskeeps grimaces08:41
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Stskeepsthis shit is so damn buggy08:56
Stskeepsit won't run in kvm(!)08:56
lbtwhat makes it better than the approach you used in sb2?08:57
Stskeepswe don't have SB2install: and we can actually pull a sane host file system08:58
Stskeepsand react on dependencies08:59
lbtmmm ... is that what makes *it* better? or?08:59
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Stskeepswell, the parts of it i want to use09:00
lbt(the "we" confused me)09:00
lbtyeah - so can you transplant those bits?09:00
Stskeepsi'm rebasing sb2 on top of the b1-systems' approach, but i had not expected it to be this buggy09:00
Stskeepsand i haven't even started including my code yet09:01
lbt*nod* ... so how about applying their approach to your code?09:01
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Stskeepsnot feasible, i'd run into the same bugs09:02
Stskeepsonly way forward is a lot of bug spray09:02
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Stskeepslbt: fe started showing 500's and after a reboot it's not coming up anymore, could you investigate?09:49
lbtwill do09:54
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lbtbloody init scripts that lie about success10:51
lbtphost1:~ # /etc/init.d/libvirtd stop ..... "done" ..... ps -ef .... "root      3150     1  0 Mar29 ?        00:00:01 /usr/sbin/libvirtd -d -l"10:52
* lbt welcomes systemd10:52
CosmoHillhi lbt10:52
CosmoHillI'd like to move CLFS over to systemd10:52
lbthey CosmoHill .... just fixing stuff10:52
lbtgood plan10:52
lbtit has a lot going for it if you can manage the overhead of init script changes10:53
CosmoHillatm I'm looking at cars10:53
CosmoHillonce in a while I like looking at car but now my MOT is due soon10:54
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lbtmine runs out tomorrow10:54
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lbtmmm .... phost1 kernel: [3914550.431385] libvirtd[26295]: segfault at 10 ip 00007f97e573c074 sp 00007f97df8eda00 error 4 in[7f97e5733000+17000]10:55
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CosmoHillI'm looking at a Pug 207 1.6 VTi Sport and a Saab 9-3 1.8t but dad doesn't want me to get the Saab10:56
lbtfwd ... ugh10:57
lbtsaab never appealed to me ... too much torque steer10:58
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* Stskeeps likes his kia10:58
phaeronlbt: adam did a bunch of upgrades a couple of days ago10:59
CosmoHillthey're £770 and £905 respectively for insurance10:59
lbtphaeron: mer infra10:59
CosmoHillStskeeps: so you've passed your driving test?10:59
StskeepsCosmoHill: no, i own a car but i can't drive it10:59
CosmoHillI was going to buy a car from my mate but he sold is to his other mate11:00
CosmoHillthis was over a year ago and his mate still hasn't passes his test11:00
lbtStskeeps: yeah ... that confused me11:00
Stskeepslbt: mm?11:01
lbtI recall you bought the kia and then you got lessons...11:02
Stskeepsah, yeah11:02
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CosmoHillI bet the test drive was interesting11:02
Stskeepsprivate driver ;)11:02
Stskeepsfor me, the comfort in the passenger seat was the important factor ;)11:03
CosmoHillit's £30 to insure me for a day for a test drive, for some reason they won't insure me and my dad11:03
lbtyeah, just looking at that ... at least virtd and the vm are ok now11:04
Stskeeps /dev/vda              6.0G  5.9G     0 100% /11:04
Stskeepswell that explains a lot11:04
lbtnot got fe on it yet11:05
lbt-rw-r--r--  1 wwwrun www   963268608 May 13 13:05 production.log11:06
lbt-rw-r--r--  1 root   root 3014410240 May 13 13:05 apache_access_log11:06
* lbt suggests logrotate11:06
* Stskeeps concurs11:06
Stskeeps6gb is way too small for rsync repos though11:07
lbtI agree - there should be no repos11:07
Stskeepsreally? don't you rsync to fe?11:07
Stskeepsi have to leave soon for the afternoon though11:07
lbtfe is ruby only - no real data11:07
lbtme too11:08
lbtI'll be around evening though11:08
Stskeepshow quick can logrotate be installed?11:08
lbtdoing it11:08
lbtrootfs                6.0G  3.1G  2.6G  56% /11:08
Stskeepsok, and fe renders11:09
lbtnb... this is why we have /var people!!!11:09
lbtnote to #obs.... logs should not go in /srv11:09
dm8tbrlbt: *ping* wasn't there something?11:09
lbtdm8tbr: always11:09
dm8tbrah, now I remember11:10
* dm8tbr gently points lbt towards MerBot 11:10
lbtis it down?11:10
dm8tbrdo I have an account?11:10
lbtI meant to talk about monitoring at SF too11:11
lbtsomehow we never sat down for a drink/chat :(11:11
dm8tbryeah, shame :(11:11
lbthopefully @devaamo :)11:11
* lbt not heard back about talk/sponsorship yet though11:12
dm8tbrindeed, meanwhile I also have a Polycom at home which can be reached over IAX2/SIP.11:12
* dm8tbr is a bit out of the loop on conference program11:13
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lbt*g* .. my SIP system isn't up yet ... I have a server with an FXO though... and 2 ADSL cards ... and a Linksys spookybox11:14
lbtsome kind of SIP->analogue thingy11:14
lbtStskeeps: about the snapshot...11:15
lbtit looks quiet now11:16
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lbtOK .. fixed the log issue in git too11:21
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Stskeepslbt: ok, yes, is quiet11:29
Stskeepsi'm OK for snapshot11:30
lbt2.3.0 of OBS has been tagged11:33
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lbtlast week by the look of it11:34
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lbtphaeron: I'll rebase our obs branch against that for now11:34
* phaeron tries to do something useful ..11:48
phaeronI know I'll eat :D11:49
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CosmoHillF1 is starting btw12:00
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jonwilF1 has become boring :(12:42
CosmoHillit's background noise atm12:47
CosmoHillHDTV isn't much good when you're not looking at it :p12:47
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Stskeepslbt: i think i've realized where the misconception of mer being deb could have come from17:43
Stskeepslbt: if you googled us, you would probably have found the old wiki pages17:43
Stskeepsevening timoph :)17:56
Stskeepshow is it going?17:56
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* Stskeeps glances at picoprojectors18:11
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lbtStskeeps: ah18:11
* lbt is just back from Tango ... 3rd session this weekend ... we had withdrawal...18:12
Stskeepslbt: - old, but worth a watch18:12
lbtone day ... "Mer on TED"18:13
Stskeepsi kinda wonder what could be done with 320x480 picoprojector18:14
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Stskeepsbut at least that concept fullfills my idea of a 'no-ux' approach18:16
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smokuis there a script in Platform SDK that is being run during "enter"?19:04
smoku~/.mersdk.profile is nice, but I would like something sdk dependant19:05
smokui.e. I would like to see in PS1 _which_ SDK I entered :)19:05
Stskeepswell, the scripts are in / i think, so it's entirely hackable :)19:06
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Stskeepssaunabad: how much CPU% would simple motion detection cost in opencv?19:09
smokuStskeeps: thx for the hint19:13
smokuI added "export MERSDK_TYPE=" to /mer-bash-setup19:13
saunabadStskeeps: i've used opencv only as a camera frontend, but afaik doing something like that shouldn't be a problem even with phones19:13
smokuand changed PS1 to Mer${MERSDK_TYPE}SDK $PS119:13
Stskeepssaunabad: - am pondering to do something like that, one of the ideas is motion detection of a tablet for example19:17
Stskeepswith mer of course19:17
ali1234i have quite a bit of experience with projectors... you need at least 2000 lumens if you want to do the kind of stuff shown in that video outside during the daytime19:17
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Stskeepsali1234: probably, yeah19:18
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ali1234the "take photo" gesture was the best thing though19:19
ali1234don't even need a display for that19:19
ali1234also, he did "pinched" the website onto his computer but then when he wanted to print there was just a print button19:20
ali1234why not just do the same drag and drop to the printer?19:20
Stskeepsprobably a series of youtube demos that weren't in order of discoveries19:21
ali1234also, the "take photo" gesture is really clever, but the "here's a random disorganized pile of photos and you can manipulate them like real photos with gestures" interface really sucks and is worse than what computers do today19:22
Stskeepsyup, and the fact his implementation is for windows19:23
Stskeepsmakes you wonder if we could do it better19:23
saunabadStskeeps: i think sandst1 has been doing some simple motion detection with opencv19:24
saunabadhave to take a look at that video...19:25
dm8tbrwasn't there something for the n9 in the nokia app store?19:26
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saunabadoh, cool19:28
ali1234saunabad: the motion tracking is the easy part... recognizing real objects is the hard part... someone would have to program in how to recognize every boarding pass for every airline in the world etc... or rely on flaky AI. same for "pinch" moving... the hard part is getting all the operating systems to cooperate19:28
Stskeepsmy hope is a bit we can do a toolbox on top of mer that enables us to do these kind of things easier19:29
saunabadali1234: yep, object detection is another thing. motion detection should be doable19:30
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saunabadand i've had very good experience with marker detection if that helps19:31
Stskeepssaunabad: was your code qt-based or how was it?19:33
saunabadStskeeps: yep, i took a part of artoolkit and use opencv for camera and qt3d for opengl19:34
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saunabadStskeeps: i hope i could release the source soon, need to ask the customer first though19:35
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smokuany hints on starting dbus under SDK?19:40
smokuStskeeps: is there a tool to setup connman connection in Mer?19:50
smokuie. configure wifi19:50
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Stskeepssmoku: we use connman-test package19:55
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lbtsmoku: the mer-bash-setup has : [[ -e ~/.mersdk.profile ]] && . ~/.mersdk.profile ..... the file in ~/ won't be over-ridden on upgrade20:04
smokulbt: yup. but i have two SDK instances installed and I wanted to know which one I'm currently in20:05
lbtI see20:05
lbtwhy do you have 2?20:06
dm8tbrbecause he is pro-choice? SCNR20:06
lbt(I allowed for this in design but wonder what you actually use it for)20:06
lbt:P dm8tbr20:06
smokulbt: one for developping software, second for packaging it20:10
phaeronlbt: I noticed that the sdk bind mounted everything regardless if it needed it or not .. in my case 43 bind mounts. Is that really necessary ?20:14
lbtif I'd picked only 42 of them you'd have needed the 43rd :)20:15
lbtphaeron: I'm open to suggestions - but the more complex we make it, the more likely we hit a boundary issue20:16
lbtit's not like btrfs where there's only a limited number of links ..... *g*20:17
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smokuStskeeps: any hints on connman-test?20:39
smokui tried connect-service myssid mypass20:40
smokubut it borks on me20:40
phaeronlbt: have you seen the types of mounts on a systemd system ? most of them are cgroups , tmpfs etc ..20:41
phaeronno point in binding them inside20:41
phaeronthe sdk20:41
lbtI could actually see mic making good use of cgroups inside the SDK20:47
lbtso unless there's something beyond "mount returns too much data" (which is rather unpleasant) I'd just leave it as-is20:48
phaeronmic and cgroups ?20:51
lbtit regularly used to leave processes running20:52
phaeronmaybe when the sdk uses systemd user sessions ( then it would require systemd ? ) :D20:53
vgradesmoku, wep or wpa?20:54
vgradesmoku, sometimes needs test-connman enable wifi20:54
smokuvgrade: WPA20:54
smoku# ifconfig wlan0 up20:55
smokuSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill20:55
smokubut I have the wifi switch set to the "on" position :/20:55
phaeronthere is software kill switch as well20:56
phaerontry the rfkill command ( install it if it is not )20:56
smokukind of hard to install anything without networking on ;-)21:00
phaeronyou can always download the rpm and copy it over usb :)21:00
smokujust whining... ;-)21:01
phaeronOTOH try to fiddle with /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill[n]/soft21:02
smokudoh... no rfkill in mer :/21:04
Stskeepstest-connman enable wifi should help21:04
Stskeepsiekku: btw, bug triage mail?21:04
smokuStskeeps: Operation timeout :/21:05
phaeronmaybe it needs firmware ?21:06
*** kurtul has quit IRC21:06
phaeronso it does come from core21:06
smokumaybe it used to come21:07
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CosmoHillcyas / bonne nuit21:20
smokuinterestingly enough flipping the wifi switch to "off" enlighten the wifi led and wifi is fine now :D21:21
CosmoHillsmoku: in soviet russia...21:23
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shmerlDoes anyone have an idea why libvpx isn't included in default Mer packages?23:10
*** jonnor has quit IRC23:10
shmerl(That's for WebM video codec)23:10
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smokuStskeeps: do you have problems using wifi on your ideapad? (i noticed you carry it around)23:18
Sleepy_CoderStskeeps: It isn't expected that anyone run scratchbox2 on a phone or something seemingly underperforming, is it?23:22
Sleepy_Coderseemingly -> similarly*23:23
Sleepy_CoderI can't imagine why someone would, there are just a couple things in the Lua side of scratchbox that could be written more clearly :>  Not sure if the original author was trying to micro-optimise :>23:24
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