Thursday, 2012-04-26

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E-Pmorning timoph, Stskeeps05:00
Stskeepsmorn, i'll be mostly gone today05:26
E-PStskeeps: have a nice meeting05:31
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niqtmorning all06:22
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slainelbt, you about yet ?07:46
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Anssi138When we see Mer on medfield? :)
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lbtslaine: pong08:31
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StskeepsAnssi138: when someone makes a hw adaptation08:32
lbtslaine: I'm out most of the morning... chat l8r08:34
lbtStskeeps: have a good day :)08:34
slainelbt, just wondering if I should try a fresh install to test ?08:34
lbtslaine: I think we may take the current git snapshot as a reasonable base - upstream took most patches; phaeron is working on some new features too so we won't want to stabilise on them for a while yet08:36
lbtfixing the install scripts would be good08:36
Anssi138Stskeeps: is thre btw any documentation what needs to be adapted08:36
slainethey worked fine on Friday08:36
lbtupdating the wiki too :)08:36
lbtOK ... gotta go, late :)08:36
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StskeepsAnssi138: bootloader, kernel, gles drivers, modem, sensors..08:37
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Anssi138smells partly a proprietary stuff08:38
Anssi138hopefully all bridges are not yet burned08:41
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Anssi138just platforms.08:41
Stskeepsi think this one is blackbay, ie, the android ref handset08:42
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byakowtf :D rpm -qi meegotouchcp-display: "...; name - qtflyingbus; Source RPM  : qtflyingbus-0.1-3.3.Nemo.Apps.src.rpm; Summary     : Qt Flying bus game; ..." :D What is this ?10:09
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E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in ~1h 45min10:13
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byakorpm db seems to be corrupted.10:16
sledgesdoog morning :)10:21
sledgesOBS question:  why is this not created - , meanwhile this is - ?10:22
sledges(I would like to add to Mer my this custom repo to via zypper addrepo)10:22
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Stskeepssledges: at conference, leave a message at the beep10:34
sledgesNP :) enjoy Frontier-End!10:34
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vgradepublish disable10:52
* sledges doh! thank you, will look there next time11:02
sledgesvgrade, ^11:02
vgradesledges, np, not sure the default is to set that setting to disable as it trips most people including me11:05
sledgesis the default disable? never happened to me11:06
sledgesi branched, so i think that branched the settings altogether11:06
Stskeepsbranch is auto not publish11:07
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E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting in 30min's11:29
iekkuE-P, i'm having telco in same time, so i might not be very active11:32
E-Piekku: ok11:32
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bfederauHi. I have here three iso images with a mer core system and over the time the difference of the size raised up to 80MB. I took a look into the images and saw that the package size of the glibc-common package increases from 15MB up to 130MB ( see package info: I also recognized that since version 2.15 Ubuntu's elibc instead of glibc is used in the package.  I just want to call some attention on it and want to ask if this could be11:38
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: when I use telnet to connect mer, I have to use mer as the user. The user is decided by what?11:46
E-PZiQiangHuan: default users and passwords are defined in the .ks file11:49
ZiQiangHuanE-P: I checked the .ks file, default user is really defined there. thank you11:52
E-PZiQiangHuan: no problem :)11:52
Stskeepsbfederau: it's relared to locales, please file bug11:55
Stskeepswe need to provide a much smaller set11:56
bfederauStskeeps: ok11:57
E-PMer QA Meeting starting now12:00
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Stskeepshmm, quick thing for logs.. %snapshot macro before actual make test/check, will snapshot BUILD dir for later testing on device12:41
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byakohmmm, is offline :\ sad story13:50
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byakoSage__: did you managed to get Xsession running on snowball ?14:05
Stskeepstry first with Xorg -noreset14:07
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byakoStskeeps: Xorg is normally working when I launch it from serial console and xterm shows up. What doesn't work is the default graphics session output to hdmi.. according to processes list - everything works, but not on hdmi output somehow..14:13
Stskeepssetuid needeed?14:14
Sage__byako: yes14:14
byakoSage__: did you have problems configuring graphics output to hdmi or starting default session ?14:15
byakoStskeeps: to where ?14:15
byakoI added user to tty and video groups14:15
Sage__byako: err... I got Xorg and xterm running, but didn't test mch after that14:15
byakoalthough session is started by init->systemd and thus should be called from root uid14:15
Stskeepsbyako: try start xorg as the user14:15
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byakoStskeeps: no no no, that thing works. systemd starts uxlaunch and mcompositor.14:16
byakothen something triggers X14:16
byakobut in such a way that X output doesn't go to hdmi14:17
byakothe screen is blank and goes to power safe mode after some time14:17
Stskeepsyes, please test what i said14:17
byako# Server is already active for display 014:18
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byakoStskeeps: [nemo@localhost ~]$ ps axf | grep X 1737 tty1     Ssl+   0:00  \_ /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -nolisten tcp -noreset -auth /home/nemo/.Xauthority vt114:19
Stskeepsls -l /usr/bin/Xorg]14:20
Stskeepsls -l /usr/bin/Xorg14:20
byako-rws--x--x 1 root root 1684120 Mar 26  2012 /usr/bin/Xorg14:20
Stskeepscheck /home/*/.Xorg.0.log14:21
byakonope, only /var/log/Xorg.*.log14:21
byakowhat should I look at? it seems working fine14:21
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byakogosh, ~/.xsession-errors 998MB14:32
sledgeshello again, tell me that porting current MeeGo 1.1 for BeagleBoard's to 1.2 will not be fighting with windmills (ref: )14:36
Stskeepssledges: can't14:37
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lbtX-Fade: xmpp is failing fyi14:42
X-Fadestable connections? :)14:43
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sledgesStskeeps, I was thinking merely just about replacing 1.1 repos to 1.2 in the BeagleBoard build system (.sh), as 1.2 source should still be not dead (/broken) - still you've got the same answer? I know diggign old graves is not a solution, but banks still have text mode accounting systems written in FORTRAN in 80s, wrapped in a Windows 7 window14:51
Stskeepssledges: 1.1 worked as it was softfp14:51
sledges1.2 is hardfp? everything 'could' be recompiled 'in theory' :)14:53
Stskeepsi tried and it was a nightmare14:53
Stskeepswouldnt wish it on my worst enemy14:54
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Stskeepsbest path is recompiling the ivi ui stack only14:57
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sledgesand if it's beagleboard-xm i guess is not a gamechanger..15:03
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sledges(sorry for offtopicking btw, but then again, remember the banks...:))15:04
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Stskeepshello bumb15:11
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Stskeepswb bumb15:17
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vgradeStskeeps, twice :)15:19
Stskeepsdo i smell bad today? :P15:20
vgradethe cheek of it :)15:20
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Stskeepshello ntadej15:24
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Stskeepsshower time it is..15:25
vgradehope your conf is going better15:26
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sledgesin the conference?15:26
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sledgesvery weird - Lipstick(or QmlGallery) fails soak test - after 30minutes with QmlComponentsExtrasGallery running "Tumbler Date" demo (idle), crashes the whole lipstick and falls back to xterm where it started, with error: qrc:/qml/Launcher.qml:44:13: QML Image: Cannot open: file:////usr/share/themes/base (x2 and last one with ...themes/meego/meegotouch/images/MeeGo-People-landscape.png and last line reads Killed. After the system is ultra slow, and free s15:42
sledgesys 8M free left, no swap... mem leaks :{15:42
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sledges“We won't quit!” (Pink Panther the Movie :))15:49
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Alison_ChaikenI added a repo to my OBS and want to trigger a build against it.    Do I have to touch my sources or something?   I thought the build would get queued.15:56
Alison_ChaikenI tried to RTFM, but the OBS help site is 100% 404 right now.15:57
Sage__Alison_Chaiken: osc help rebuild15:58
Sage__Alison_Chaiken: or go to the build log in webui and click rebuild there15:58
Alison_ChaikenThanks, Sage__.15:59
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Stskeepssledges: i've seen a similar slowdown on my n916:20
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Alison_ChaikenI'm sorry to be a complete idiot, but I've been stuck for an hour.16:36
Alison_Chaiken"osc repos" in my package top-level directory shows nothing even though webui lists repos.16:36
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Alison_ChaikenI go to webui at OBS and repos listed there.16:37
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, sec while I bring up your home16:37
Alison_ChaikenI tried "osc rebuild project package repo" from CLI but it fails on repoid.16:37
Alison_ChaikenAnd I can't find "rebuild" on webui anywhere.16:38
vgradeso you want to build these 3 packages,
Alison_ChaikenActually I just want to rebuild nobdy, but if I could figure out how to rebuild all 3, that would be a good start ;-)16:39
Alison_Chaiken"osc rebuild home\:alison nobdy Fedora_15" ?16:39
vgradeok from that page click on advaced16:39
vgradethen on meta16:39
Alison_Chaiken"osc rebuild home\:alison nobdy\:Fedora\:15/standard x86_64" ?16:40 then is correct repoid.16:40
Alison_ChaikenSo why does "osc co home\:alison nobdy" work, but then we I cd to the resulting directory, "osc repos" returns nothing?16:41
Alison_ChaikenAnd where is that silly "rebuild" invoker on webui?16:41
vgradeit wont rebuild as you have not set the arch here,
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vgradethat config needs to look similar to
vgradeie add the  <arch>armv8el</arch> bits16:43
*** Jade- is now known as Jade16:43
Alison_ChaikenThanks, vgrade, I'll compare the files.16:44
vgradeonce you have those in it will start building16:44
Alison_ChaikenI see: it's "standard" that's a problem then!   Thanks muchly, as always.16:45
* Stskeeps crashes in office chair16:49
Stskeeps8+ hours of javascript is more than i can stomach16:50
* Stskeeps ponders how to survive tizen conference16:50
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Stskeepslbt: did .2 come out?17:35
*** pirut has joined #mer17:41
lbtStskeeps: yes17:42
*** pirut has joined #mer17:42
lbtdidn't see any errors in the cpio this time and the updatestorm happened overnight17:43
lbtdid a new release note with some explanation17:43
lbtmmm I think I need to purge the old .1 on the MDS though17:43
lbtwow - a lot of our bugs/tasks are infra aren't they17:47
lbtoh balls17:49
lbtrelease email is in drafts17:49
E-PStskeeps: how was your conference?17:58
StskeepsE-P: was okay, going again tomorrow, but i was reminded why i prefer the machine room over the frontend18:03
StskeepsE-P: 8 hours of javascript can make anybody a bit tired :)18:04
kimjutry working with javascript, perl, c++ and vhdl during the same day..18:06
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E-PStskeeps: heh, hopefully nicer tomorrow18:07
Stskeepsmy takeaway so far is that frontend/web development is having their first attempts of doing software architecture18:07
Stskeepsreusing many techniques from native apps, preprocessing, components, etc..18:07
Stskeepsand a html5 community that is very interesting to observe, also open source18:08
Stskeeps.. and that stuff like qml is behind in comparison18:09
E-Pthey have nice improvements in html518:11
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dm8tbrkimju: javascript generated vhdl that interprets perl and produces c++ output? ;)18:13
Stskeepsit certainly points to the war of runtimes in mobile space i've been talking of  a while18:14
kimjudm8tbr, luckily, three separate projects, js+perl in one and the others by themselfs. still requires some serious context switching :)18:16
E-PStskeeps: indeed, hopefully they get web apis standardized18:18
E-Pmozilla is doing one, opera is doing something, tizen has also own18:18
Stskeepsinterestingily enough about tizen, they avoid NIH as much as they can, it seems18:19
Stskeepsand try to piggyback on as many standards as possible18:19
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E-Pthat sounds good18:24
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Stskeepshello marchitos19:57
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lbt$('a#id-nobdy-provider-genericobd2_Mer_Core_armv7hl_armv8el').click(function() { alert('have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss-devel nss, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss-devel nss, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss-devel nss, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss-devel nss, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss-devel nss, have choice19:58
lbtfor needed by rpm: nss-devel nss, have choice for needed by rpm-build: nss-devel nss19:58
lbtoop - meant to just paste the msg19:58
Stskeepsthere is a Prefer: for this already in prjconf19:58
lbtthat's what I'd think19:59
lbtor that the devel shouldn't have it was my other thought19:59
lbtit affects !48619:59
lbtjust looking into the prjconf19:59
Stskeepsshow me where it happens?19:59
lbtactually I shouldn't tell you about this stuff until I've had a chance to dig20:00
lbtOK - but no spoilers...20:00
Stskeepsjust wondering if it affects all packages20:00
trip0Stskeeps, it's affecting all mine20:01
Stskeepstrip0: that's just because we don't like you ;(20:01
trip0moo :(20:01
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lbtand Alison_Chaiken too20:02
Stskeepslbt: in my vieww, it should affects all projects.. so why doesn't it20:02
lbtagreed ...20:02
Stskeepslbt: check the arm* and mips* and i*86/_config in Core, perhaps20:03
lbthave they got prjconfs? or odd paths?20:03
lbtlooking i586 has Prefer: nss20:03
*** phdeswer has joined #mer20:03
Stskeepsit might simply be an old state from when it screwed up20:03
Stskeepsbut now i have to go sleep20:04
Alison_ChaikenHave a well-deserved rest, Stskeeps.20:05
Stskeepsthis error is btw, due to the -> /usr move20:05
Stskeepsso don't say we won't have trouble :)20:05
*** raignarok has joined #mer20:05
lbtif we have trouble it's due to bugs in code :)20:05
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lbttrip0: looking into it20:07
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lbtStskeeps: I set    Prefer: nss nss-devel    in trip0's prjconf - that caused it to work.21:03
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:03
lbtRemoving the prefer reverted to unresolvable21:03
lbtISTR some odd syntax on that directive21:03
lbt  isn't informative21:04
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