Sunday, 2012-04-22

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Stskeepslbt: i think go for 0.306:54
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* Stskeeps ponders idly08:17
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rrixStskeeps: How did you force the touchpad's touchscreen to use mtev? I have plasmaactive ks up and booting but I can't get a custom xorg.conf.d to kick the touchscreen in to shape08:41
Stskeepsrrix: i didn't yet, did you install the -mtev xorg driver as a start?08:42
* rrix pastebinning his ks08:42
rrixI'm trying to force /dev/input/event* to mtev and using a matchproduct, but08:42
* Stskeeps looks08:43
rrixThat's pretty much based on vgrade's ks08:43
Stskeepswhere did you get "HPTouchpad" product from?08:43
Stskeepsalso, get me Xorg.0.log08:43
Stskeepsfrom /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log08:43
rrixHPTouchpad came from a MatchProduct that ArchLinuxARM-Touchpad is using08:44
rrixaka "guessing" :)08:44
Stskeepsok, verify it in Xorg.0.log08:45
* rrix doesn't even see the touchscreen in Xorg.0.log08:47
* rrix pulls it out08:47
Stskeepsmaybe it's a module instead08:49
Stskeepscheck kernel dmesg for what's the touchscreen's /dev/input ?08:49
rrix here's log08:49
* rrix greps for dmesg08:49
rrixor rather, sees if it gets written08:50
rrixYeah, I don't have anything useful under /var/log08:51
rrixor a serial console08:51
rrixWould it get the device node in webOS?08:51
* rrix tries08:51
SageStskeeps: sry, for the late response but fix looks ok.08:52
StskeepsSage: it's ok, lbt will hopefully do 0.3 or something today08:53
rrixIt doesn't show up as an input device in webOS's dmesg, I get gpio-keys (volume and home), pmic8058_pwrkey and headset08:54
Stskeepsrrix: curious08:54
Stskeepsso where does it get it's input from then? :)08:54
Stskeepstime to check kernel?08:54
rrixMy thoughts :)08:54
* rrix actually hops in to #webos-internals right quick while pulling up source trees08:55
rrixtouchscreen driver09:02
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Stskeepsuserspace? yougottobeshittingme09:06
Stskeepsi guess it might work with uinput09:06
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rrixStskeeps: I think so, reading the sources09:07
rrixNot entirely sure where to put this though09:07
Stskeepshello allix :)09:07
Stskeepsrrix: usermode process prolly09:07
allixhi Stskeeps09:07
Stskeepsallix: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?09:08
* rrix found the PKGBUILD that archlinuxarm uses to put it together, reading09:10
rrixgcc -lm ts_srv.c -o ts_srv, install to /usr/bin09:10
Stskeepsprolly need a systemd service for that too09:10
rrixNow, do I put that in the ks or Do It Right with an RPM?09:10
Stskeeps'do it right'09:10
allixStskeeps, i am interested in the PA project, (as a user at the moment), i last used PA1 and is impressed, i skipped trying PA2 but look forward to PA309:11
Stskeepsallix: ah, cool :)09:11
Stskeepsrrix: out of morbid curiousity, how do you feel about mer and our ways/means, coming from a fedora background?09:11
rrixI'm going to go to bed instead of tackling this right now09:11
rrixStskeeps: I've dabbled in enough opensuse stuff on the side that it 'makes sense'09:12
rrixI'd rather be using koji than osc but, technical debt from  meego and all that :P09:12
allixStskeeps, does Mer support AMD based tablets ?09:12
Stskeepsallix: we support non-SSSE3 yes09:13
rrixStskeeps: Your documentation is very decent all things considered, and compared to a LOT of other projects, especially mobile stuff09:13
Stskeepsallix: keep in mind Mer is just a core, you or others have to deliver UI and/or hardware adaptation09:13
Stskeepsbut instruction set wise, we support a lot09:13
rrixI spent a week looking for ACMEinstaller source code from CyanogenMod before simply giving up09:13
Stskeepsallix: any specific hw in mind?09:14
allixStskeeps, right, that is good to hear , i am using a acer iconia w50009:14
Stskeepsallix: you're in luck then, wmarone is working on that one09:14
allixgreat :)09:14
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lbtafternoon all11:44
CosmoHillhi lbt11:44
* lbt sees 0.3 is ready in the backlog ....11:44
lbthey CosmoHill.... just getting ready to watch the F111:45
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CosmoHillyeah dad's just flicked over to that and mum's picked up the paper11:45
lbtStskeeps: we appear to be a worker down on CI - monster?11:46
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CosmoHilllbt: track looks pretty dusty12:05
lbtwatching qually first :)12:06
lbtso no spoilers ..... :D12:06
CosmoHillI won't spoil12:06
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Stskeepslbt, yes12:39
Stskeepslbt, investigating tomorrow12:39
lbtStskeeps: OK ,tagged 0.3 with changes to glibc+rpm .. ready to push + go?12:57
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Stskeepslbt: ok13:38
Stskeepslbt: i am not at home, couldnt tag13:38
lbtnp - done, pushing now13:39
Stskeepsbut feel free to release13:39
Stskeepsrpm should be only change though13:39
Stskeepsglibc was 0.213:39
lbtmmm that may have been mis-tagged then ...13:40
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Stskeepshello harha :)15:05
harhahello stskeeps15:08
harhaTrying this from N9 ..15:09
harhaBit clumsy15:09
Stskeepshehe, might be better to try IRCChatter instead15:09
Stskeepssupposedly it's better15:09
harhagood  point15:10
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Stskeepslbt:                       148G  140G  629M 100% /home/prjfetcher-mertools16:16
Stskeepsdid we manage to avoid a low disk space condition?16:16
lbtI think so16:18
lbtnothing bad in the logs16:18
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* Stskeeps sanity checks16:19
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lbtI don't understand how 148G-140G=629M though16:19
lbtFWIW I'm working on icigna and puppet currently16:20
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* E-P is trying nemo virtual image and eat stuff16:28
dm8tbrlbt: if you need the OBS plugin, let me know - although I guess that failure mode is rather unusual nowadays (if you ignore BMO)16:29
lbtdm8tbr: OK - I could do with some help setting it up too16:29
dm8tbrlbt: sure, I'm not a pro, but will try to help16:32
lbtI've been reading things like this:
lbtand what I'd like to do is have some common checks for the debian vms, some for suse vms and some for physical hosts16:33
lbtI'm also working up some puppet config for nrpe setups too16:34
dm8tbryou'll want to use those remote things16:34
dm8tbrnever done that really as I ran out of time back-then(tm)16:34
lbtit's actually coming together somewhat now16:35
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Stskeepshello someone / Guest7084917:30
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smokuhi Stskeeps18:00
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Stskeepslo smoku, how is cordia going?18:09
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smokuby spurts ;-)18:11
smokumoney-job is being demanding lately18:11
HexxehStskeeps: mind taking a look at a stack trace and telling me if you can figure out what on earth is happening for me? :P18:12
Hexxehstill trying to get chrome running18:12
Hexxehfinally got a trace out of it, but it's not exactly useful18:12
Hexxehto me, anyway18:12
Stskeepssmoku: hehe, i18:15
Stskeeps'm out of work atm, but doing my mer work like i would a job18:16
StskeepsHexxeh: ok18:16
HexxehStskeeps: last message on here
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Hexxehwith the same rootfs and toolchain, an older version of chrome works just fine18:17
Stskeepssmoku, changed to upc cable tv.. and i can disable polish lektor on many channels \o/18:18
*** kurtul has joined #mer18:18
smokuyeah. I have Vectra now and do same on Discovery, as the polish translation usually suxx18:18
smokuin Spain we did the same for DVB-T.18:19
smokuStskeeps: gotta love digital TV :)18:20
StskeepsHexxeh: i don't have any good ideas, sorry18:20
HexxehStskeeps: no worries, cheers for looking anyway18:20
Stskeepssmoku: yeah, even if it's SD18:20
smokuStskeeps: BTW it was kind of culture shock when we moved to Spain. they switched off last analog tv channels two years earlier. our polish cable wasn't as advanced then as spain's free over-the-air TV :)18:21
Stskeepsyeah, i was amazed by it in .dk too.. getting rid of analog really helps innovation18:24
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Stskeepsnot terribly happy with my new decoder box on ui level, but it does what it needs to do18:25
Stskeepsa tv shouldn't stall when bringing up epg :)18:27
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CosmoHillhi vgrade18:27
smokuStskeeps: writing EPG as a daily job I may say it's not an easy task ;-)18:29
smokubut yeah. on our (pretty weak SuperH) video never stalls ;-)18:30
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Stskeepsthis is some cisco stuff18:31
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vgrade2CosmoHill, Hi, promoted eh18:36
CosmoHillyes ^.^18:36
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smokuStskeeps: BTW, still liking platform SDK :)18:54
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Stskeepssmoku: yeah, it was a point i really wanted us to get to - most of questions here were due to $random-distro-problems19:06
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Stskeepssmoku: btw, in katowice19:34
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smokuStskeeps: worth coming?19:56
Stskeepssmoku: might be, but let's see what they stable on, i'll be a speaker at least20:05
Stskeepsit's just 3 hours of EIC so not terribly bad20:05
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smoku$ sudo zypper in 'pkgconfig(hildon-1)'20:15
Stskeepsworks or not?20:15
smokuthis is something making zypper so much better than yum :)20:15
Stskeepsit surprises me that yum doesn't work with it20:15
Stskeepsit's just rpm deps20:15
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falexeyanyone still here ?20:46
lbtalways... :)20:46
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* Stskeeps is brewing on the mer package spreadsheet for an upcoming architectual discussion20:47
Stskeepsthough probably soon crashing in bed20:47
falexey:) gosh, you're either bots or it's coffein what runs in you instead of the blood20:47
*** npm_ has joined #mer20:47
Stskeepspassion with a mix of caffeine ;)20:48
Stskeepsfalexey: so what's up?20:48
* falexey is in the same category20:48
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falexeyso the question is: any idea, why after build of kernel against of mer:fake armv7l kernel-devel package gets whole bunch of glibc versions as requirements ?20:49
falexey7 versions20:49
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Stskeepsfalexey: well, part of it is that symbols have versions attached to them20:49
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falexeyobviously, they won''t be installed at the same time on one host, so no chance deps will be resolved20:50
Stskeepsfalexey: and one .so can provide those versions20:50
Stskeepssuch as, an example, shmctl(GLIBC_2.15)20:50
Stskeepsobviously until you use a glibc 2.15 symbol, you can still run on 2.14 for instanc20:50
Stskeepsmer's glibc then provides etc20:51
smokuStskeeps: should LLVM OpenGL work in PSDK?20:51
falexeyok, let's put it abother way: why does it put deps on the package that it wasn't build with ? after the build I'm trying to use it within the same repo and it can't resolv deps.20:51
Stskeepssmoku: i see no reason why not20:52
smokucool :)20:52
Stskeepsfalexey: that should obviously not happen - can you show me an example of this?20:52
Stskeepsfalexey: chances are you have some kind of binary in the package20:52
Stskeepsfalexey: you do know that RPM analyzes ELF binaries and other types of files and autogenerates dependencies, right?20:53
falexeyyep, because deps are not specified in the spec file, but they are in the .rpm file.20:53
falexeythat's why I wonder what's going on.20:54
Stskeepswell, i can help debug if you show me an example of the dependencies built - check build log for Requires:20:54
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falexeyStskeeps: just s minute20:54
falexeyStskeeps: I get this in logs: Requires: /bin/bash /bin/sh /usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/python perl >= 1:5 perl(File::Basename)20:56
Stskeepsokay, and that's from your kernel -devel package?20:56
Stskeepsget the -devel rpm down, rpm2cpio *.rpm | cpio -idv (don't do this in / ), and grep -r *20:57
Stskeepsthat should give a reason why20:57
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falexeythat's from the kernel build log, and it's for the kernel-devel package, yes20:57
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Stskeepsbasically there's a file somewhere in your kernel-devel package that's probably a ELF binary20:59
Stskeepsone or more20:59
Stskeepsmy vote is for whatever handles make menuconfig :)21:00
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falexeyStskeeps: 9 files in scripts folder21:01
Stskeepsthought so21:01
Stskeepsso i don't see the problem?21:01
*** trbs has quit IRC21:01
Stskeepskernel-devel is meant to be for making modules21:01
falexeyyep, it shouldn't have binaries at all as far as I understand21:02
falexeyStskeeps: thanks.21:02
smokuStskeeps: I'm fixing all BuildRequires: libpng12   ;-)21:03
Stskeepsfalexey: the build system needs some, as you see :)21:04
Stskeepssmoku: ah, yeah - those were nasty21:05
Stskeepsbut CVE and upgrades > convience ;)21:05
Stskeepsalright, time for sleep21:05
smokuunless needs fixing too ;-)21:05
smokubut then 'osc chroot' prooves very usefull21:06
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falexeyStskeeps: yep21:09
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CosmoHillbye bye22:11
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rrixSpecify seems interesting22:45
* rrix plays with it22:45
rrixAlso, does the Mer SDK provide its own vim or something? the vimrc I use for my system vim doesn't work 100% properly in the sdk22:46
rrix:set listchars derps22:46
rrixYeah, the sdk has its own vim22:53
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rrixZypper doesn't work in the SDK? It's trying to pull from repos that don't exist.23:15
rrixThis doesn't make sense. "Error message: Couldn't resolve host ''"23:21
rrixThe repoes totally exist, curl is just broken?23:21
rrixOh, wow, that's dumb, /etc/resolv.conf does'nt get updated when I mount the SDK?23:22
rrixThis sdk is derpy as all get out :(23:29
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