Tuesday, 2012-03-20

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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: mor08:01
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Stskeepsmorn ZiQiangHuan08:14
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: gst-plugins-bad-free is just a subpackage of gst-plugins-bad ?08:15
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: i think it's a subset of -bad that does not contain codecs with patent issues08:16
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: patent issues? So I can't find mpegtsdemux in it.08:17
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: yeah.. in some countries there is a lot of patents around MPEG and even serving binaries from a website can mean you need to pay to them08:18
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: look at the .spec file for gst-plugins-bad-free for the clean up scripts that's used to generate gst-plugins-bad08:19
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: Ok, I will have a look08:20
Stskeepsyou'll probably have to do the build of that package in your own OBS, not build.pub.meego.com if you use 'original' gst-plugins-bad08:20
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StskeepsSage_: could you review http://review.merproject.org/478 ?08:21
Sage_Stskeeps: sure08:25
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Sage_Stskeeps: done08:32
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Sage_Stskeeps: btw, nspr and nss need to be accepted/reviewd manually I think as those depend on each other.08:34
Stskeepsright now i'll do eglibc, then nspr/nss08:34
Sage_:nod: let me know if there is regressions in there08:35
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slainemorning all08:37
Stskeepsmorn slaine o/08:40
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: http://blog.qt.nokia.com/2012/03/19/20-companies-showing-qt-at-iptv-world-forum/ might be interesting for you guys and sonach08:54
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: interesting08:56
sonachStskeeps: hi, Are there any dedicated packages in Mer to manage local storage devices, such as SDcard, harddisk, NANDflash?08:57
Stskeepssonach: well, as usual, it depends on what you want to do exactly08:57
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Stskeepssonach: what are you hoping to do exactly?08:58
sonachStskeeps: hmm, for example, If I want to access my SDcard. I think it is dangerous for  an app to do fopen/fread/fwrite/rm,08:59
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sonachlbt: morning! What is the default username and password for OpenSuse11.4's OBS? I forget it...09:00
sonachlbt: I tried 'Admin' and "opensuse', but failed. Or where does this save?09:00
lbtAdmin/opensuse  iirc09:00
Stskeepssonach: not really, in n900 we allow that fine -- the trick is that there is a sensor in the back cover of the device so you can tell when a SD card is being removed09:01
lbtOBS has a mysql DB runing on the frontend09:01
sonachlbt: oops... Admin/opensuse is good. thank you:)09:01
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Stskeepssonach: it's all about signaling to applications that a certain device is no longer available for them to use/write to09:02
sonachStskeeps: OK. Is the sensor corresponds to some packages in Mer?09:02
Stskeepssonach: we don't really have a generic daemon for that right now -- perhaps it's a good idea to make a list of why you think it's dangerous for an app to do fopen/fread/fwrite etc09:03
Stskeepsand what scenarios you are trying to prevent09:04
Stskeepsperhaps something like 'udisks' would do the trick09:05
sonachStskeeps: the simplest example is, one app create a file, another app can not delete this file.09:05
Stskeepssonach: ah, that's sandboxing09:05
sonachStskeeps: So, does Mer have sandboxing?09:06
Stskeepssonach: it does not provide a standard solution because there's many different ways to do it09:06
sonachStskeeps: but for security, it is very important...09:07
Stskeepssonach: what kind of apps are we thinking about? html5?09:07
sonachStskeeps: HTML5 and Java. and of course HTML5 is the most important.09:08
Stskeepsfor html5 the tendency right now is that the web runtime is the one doing the sandboxing09:09
lbtsonach: what if I installed 2 photo viewer/managers ? would they be able to see and edit photos uploaded by each other?09:09
sonachStskeeps: OK, I see, I will do some research on this:)09:11
Stskeepssonach: other initiatives include things like using libsmack/SMACK09:12
sonachlbt: hmm... Maybe not a good way to installed 2 same apps?09:12
Stskeepssonach: proper mobile security is a hard topic :)09:12
Stskeepsfor example, you may want to send a picture from your gallery to for example, your blog09:13
Stskeepsso there needs to be security permissions to let the blog app publish09:13
lbtsonach: that's one where, on certain device classes like mobile, users have *many* apps to manage or show photos09:14
sonachStskeeps: Yes:) And I find 'udisks' maybe the exact thing I am looking for in order to manager local storage device!09:14
lbteg a dedicated image editor, a slideshow app with fancy transitions, a wallpaper app09:15
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lbtand each app can have 'extra features' - like crop or colour adjust ... which of course typically needs edit09:16
Stskeepslbt: so, how did sb2 go?09:16
lbt"Hello world"09:16
sonachlbt: yes. I will do some research:)09:16
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Stskeepslbt: congrats09:17
lbtsonach: it's fascinating stuff - but very hard to get a good balance09:17
sonachStskeeps: and what is the package for managing wifi in Mer. (something like bluez for bluetooth)09:17
Stskeepssonach: connman09:18
sonachah, I see.09:18
Stskeepsit manages ethernet too09:19
sonachStskeeps: And Is Mer planning to integrate 'udisks' into mer-core?09:19
sonachor something like 'udisks',09:20
Stskeepssonach: it used to be part, i think i ran into some problems with it09:20
Stskeepsi can't recall right now what they were09:20
sonachStskeeps: You have tried to integrate it, but met some problems, and then ignored it for the moment?09:21
Stskeepssonach: i had udisks in the very first attempts to make mer core and yes, met some problems and decided it wasn't important to get things working at first09:22
sonachStskeeps: OK, I see. I think we will need it later. maybe I can integrate it for Mer, hehe :)09:23
Stskeepssure, contributions welcome :)09:23
sonachOK, thank you for the information.09:24
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Sage_Stskeeps: we should update qmf as well btw.09:32
StskeepsSage_: yes, i know09:32
Stskeepsright now i just want to fix the eglibc build error first09:32
Sage_2012W09 upstream, 2011W48 harmattan, and 2011W13 us.09:32
Sage_:nod: just wanted to point it out09:33
Stskeepstask bug please09:33
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Stskeepsmorn e8johan, feeling better today?09:35
StskeepsSage_: thanks09:35
e8johanthanks for asking, better but out of sync09:35
e8johandon't know what hit me yesterday...09:36
Sage_Stskeeps: saw my rf-kill thing btw with panda?09:36
StskeepsSage_: yes, i wasn't sure if it was panda or what it was :)09:36
Sage_http://pastie.org/3633119 and http://pastie.org/363313309:36
Sage_yes panda09:36
Sage_I had it working at some point already so wondering what is wrong.09:36
e8johanStskeeps: did you see my comment on https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22609:36
e8johanany thoughts?09:36
* lbt will learn to spell Johan too09:37
Stskeepse8johan: will look at it after sage's rfkill stuff, oment09:37
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e8johanlbt: np :-)09:37
StskeepsSage_: rfkill unblock 0 does what?09:38
Sage_e8johan: that xcb update seems trivial thing to do. Just update all three packages separately all are separate packages in mer core. Or I missed something09:38
Sage_Stskeeps: nothing09:38
Sage_Stskeeps: no rfkill unblock commands work09:38
StskeepsSage_: what MAC does the ifconfig have?09:39
e8johanthing is, xcb-util has been split into multiple source packages09:39
e8johanquestion is if that should be reflected in the rpms09:39
Stskeepse8johan: is it same source tarball though?09:40
Stskeepsor multiple09:40
StskeepsSage_: does /dev/rfkill exist?09:41
Sage_e8johan: we should probably package the xcb-util only for now09:41
Sage_Stskeeps: yes09:41
lbtclearly there weren't *enough* packages around X1109:42
e8johanif you look at xcb-util-image/keysyms/renderutil/wm, you can see that they where split in 0.3.809:42
Stskeepse8johan: so, in mer it's a bug if they rely straight on xcb-util, they should rely on pkgconfig(xcb-stuff) instead09:42
* Sage_ goes to lunch bbl09:42
e8johanwhich is what Qt 5 does, but that breaks with the new layout - I had to add specific xcb-util-*-devel, perhaps one could convert it into pkgconfig deps, but it still means a change to the Qt 5 spec...09:43
Stskeepshttp://pastie.org/3633720 is what current xcb-util provides09:43
Stskeepsso yes, we'll need additional source packages for -wm, -renderutil, -keysyms, -image09:45
Stskeepsyou can probably just copy the spec and the yaml and sed a bit09:45
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e8johanI've got basic specs for those packages working now, I'm just fiddling with getting Qt 5 to build nicely with them...09:52
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e8johanthen I needed to nag someone to create new packages... who could that be :-D09:52
* Stskeeps hides ;)09:53
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Stskeepsif you give me the names for the source packages i'll get them made now09:55
lbtyou can/should do the initial testing on c.obs though09:55
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e8johanlbt: I need to read up on your process... :-)09:55
e8johanbut this works on Pelagicore's OBS now https://gitorious.org/~e8johan/qt-spec-effort/e8johan-qt-specs09:56
lbtdo you have a c.obs account?09:56
Bostike8johan: I just picked your fixes to my original tree (the one ahma used for baseline)10:03
Bostikthanks a lot10:03
e8johanthere will be more :-)10:03
Bostikonce the qt5 alpha churn is done I will probably modify the script to use given tags/commits for each component...10:06
e8johanI guess having the alpha out of the door will reduce the moving-target-factor as well10:07
e8johanwhich would be nice10:07
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Stskeepsjust be sure to have the qt-project release independent tarballs and not one huge one like they did for alpha prerelease10:07
Stskeepsi already raised the issue10:08
BostikStskeeps: johan has same stuff as ahma; thus my scripts, my specs, your needs :)10:09
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e8johanFYI https://gitorious.org/xcb-spec-effort/xcb-spec-effort10:18
lbtpopping out for about 1hr10:19
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Sage_Stskeeps: any other things for the rf-kill in mind?10:39
slainerunning mds update10:39
slaineStskeeps: something I've not seen mentioned explicitly, is Mer aiming for release milestones or will it be a rolling release10:40
slainelbt, ^10:40
StskeepsSage_: not off hand, see if ubuntu has same issue?10:40
Stskeepsslaine: general principle is that we try to release stable every single time10:41
Stskeepswe don't nearly have enough test coverage though10:41
Sage_Stskeeps: ubuntu uses dkms and compiles its own module for that AFAIK10:41
slaineI've been laying the groundwork with my managers about adopting Mer10:41
Stskeepsslaine: the idea is that vendors will feed back regressions if they're seen10:41
slainevery early stages10:41
Stskeepsand you can fork at any point10:41
Stskeepsand cherry pick yourself, ideally run test cases too on your own core programme10:42
StskeepsSage_: really?10:42
slainebut it's being received well as they can see the sense in the approach and how it aligns with our diverging hardware lines10:42
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slaineIt's not a question that's been asked, but I'll probably be down at head office next week, to give a presentation on Mer to them10:42
slaineand it'll likely come up then.10:42
slaineSo, to that end, I want to get my plan in place this week, get OBS up and running properly and building nemo mobile for my n900 and Ideapad10:44
Sage_Stskeeps: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/57660888/tiwlan-wl1271_0.24.9-0ubuntu6.diff.gz10:44
Stskeepsthink of mer as being continously integrated, ie, we're ready for release at any time, to the vendor we push rolling releases in a linear fashion, with ability to fork off any given release and cherry pick updates if desired10:44
Sage_latest update 2010 though10:44
slaineStskeeps: yup, it's basically very close to how we're currently operating anyways10:45
Stskeepsslaine: and hopefully we'll accompany with a bunch of automated/manual tests so it's easier to maintain a 'stable' mer version too10:46
slaineI'm going to argue the point that we've effectively been using Fedora in the same manner for the last few years, we've our own kernel and drivers (HA), Fedora is the Core OS and we've our own UX layer (modified FireFox, VLC etc.)10:47
Stskeepsslaine: .. and then, when we need to regress, we'll up the major version number10:47
Stskeepsie, 0 -> 110:47
Stskeepsfor example moving to qt5 as default, or other things10:47
slaineWe use a rolling update approach with Fedora and it's updates til we're ready to freeze and then we lock down the Core OS part.10:47
Stskeepsmakes sense10:48
Stskeepsand you can cherry-pick package updates too10:48
slainethe biggest change will actually be using OBS10:48
Sage_Stskeeps: connman controls rfkill apparently as well :)10:48
StskeepsSage_: ooh.10:48
slaineas right now I've scripts that do everything10:48
Sage_didn't know that myself10:48
StskeepsSage_: so maybe that's what keeps it off10:48
Stskeepsslaine: well, that's another thing, less bus factor10:49
slainefrom setting up frozen repo's to creating build vm's to creating builds for QA10:49
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Stskeepswhen it comes to the CI releases and so on, show them the git repos of packages and project core and let their imaginations think of how it could look10:50
Stskeepsit will enable good agility for rebasing and modernize core and hence systems10:50
Stskeepsas well as a key argument from conversations lately.. it's a hell lot easier to QA 332 packages than 10000+10:51
slaineWell, we currently end up with about 800+ packages, I'm hoping that'll drop with a rebase on Mer10:52
Stskeepsone other thing though, we're exporting a bit of the responsibility to help QA core to vendors10:54
Stskeepsso to ensure quality it's in their best interest to help QA their share, for example report back bugs / run automated tests on your systems, etc10:54
Stskeepsand it's significantly easier to identify an issue when it entered core than when it's in production systems10:56
slaineStskeeps: Yes, that will be part of my presentation "With great power comes great responsibility", i.e. we'll have more work to do that trusting to red hat to QA their system10:57
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Stskeeps'lo SD6911:01
Stskeepshow is it going?11:01
SD69busy, busy, busy11:02
Stskeepsi know the feeling, so much stuff to do, so little time11:02
SD69So, Mer may take on COBS...?11:03
Stskeepswe're having a meeting in ~5 hours on how community obs could look like11:04
Stskeepsas there's an obvious interest11:04
Stskeepsthere's however a couple of things to clear up since i don't want a COBS to affect with potential takedowns and other patent issues, the mer project/core itself11:04
Stskeepsso we're trying to make a proper division11:05
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*** eman` has joined #mer11:06
SD69stskeeps: has there been discussion of the targets for COBS?11:08
StskeepsSD69: nop, sounds like a good discussion topic11:09
StskeepsSD69: however, someone needs to invest time into enabling cross compilation support for Fremantle/Harmattan, as the build jobs will clog up the little resources it'll have11:09
Stskeepsit's already straining meego.com cobs11:09
StskeepsSD69: there's also other interesting issues such as the closed binaries in fremantle/harmattan that people need to build against, but that may be solveable11:11
Stskeepsas it was in COBS11:11
SD69stskeeps: is there a specific reason to move COBS from appsformeego?11:15
timophafaik formeego pulls packages from cobs11:16
StskeepsSD69: it was never there in the first place11:16
StskeepsSD69: build.pub.meego.com is the backend for appsformeego and build.pub.meego.com will go away eventually11:16
timophnot sure though since haven't really looked into it11:16
timophI thought so11:16
Stskeepshoweeever, the appsformeego repos/sources themselves are transplantable to other places11:17
X-FadeThat is correct. The repos living on cobs are master for afm.11:17
timophwhat time the cobs meeting is?11:20
X-Fade19:00 UTC today.11:20
timophI'll try to make it11:21
X-FadeEhm. sorry AFM meeting that is ;)11:21
Stskeeps19:00 UTC?11:21
X-FadeNo, not cobs.11:21
Stskeepsah, AFM11:21
* timoph is confused11:21
* X-Fade was too11:22
*** niqt has quit IRC11:22
X-FadeSorry for spreading confusion :)11:22
timophso there's a separate meeting for "what to do regarding cobs"11:22
timophah. 16UTC for the cobs replacement discussion11:24
timophthe mail doesn't mention a place though. quessing mer-meeting11:25
timophvgrade: ^11:25
vgradeyes mer-meeting, I'll send a reminder with that update11:26
vgradetimoph it was on the doodle page but good to have it in email as well11:27
*** kavurt has joined #mer11:27
Sage_Stskeeps: yes, it is connman that causes that11:27
Sage_it handles rfkill as well11:28
Stskeepsso turn on the eth?11:28
Stskeepser, wifi11:28
Sage_yes, and now it is up11:28
Sage_does PA people use connman?11:29
*** niqt has joined #mer11:31
*** raignarok has quit IRC11:31
vgradeSage_ , yes though they are thinking about networkmanager11:33
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:34
vgradeSage_, why do youask?11:36
lbtslaine: I've been putting together some ideas on presenting Mer - we should chat11:42
slaine<in meeting> cool11:43
*** npm has quit IRC11:43
Sage_vgrade: just wondering if the connman api change will cause problems to them or not.11:46
*** raignarok has joined #mer11:49
vgradeSage, They don't have any gui to setup things on their Mer build and are using connman test scripts atm so I don't think they have anything depending on it apart from it bringing up a wifi network11:52
vgradeSage_, with the connect-service script11:52
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: in Mer's repo, the verison of gst-plugins-bad-free  is 0.10.21 ?12:23
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: i'm not sure it's in Mer, i think it's in Nemo/CE's12:23
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: hmm, I compile gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.22 successfully, then I copy mpegtsdemux package into gst-plugins-bad-free/gst/ and rebuild it.13:09
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: when I use gst-inspect-0.10 mpegtsdemux , got the error '/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstmpegtsdemux.so': /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstmpegtsdemux.so: undefined symbol: gst_element_class_add_static_pad_template13:10
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I found that there are differences for mpegtsdemux between 0.10.21 and 0.10.22, so I'll try the 0.10.21 verison13:18
Sage_Stskeeps: qt5base is ok, but hard to read :)13:21
Sage_as long as there is 5 in the name I'm ok :)13:22
Sage_or well "qt5" string13:22
StskeepsSage_: mostly because to sync with qtonpi efforts13:22
Stskeepsless problems in future13:22
*** jonnor_work has joined #mer13:22
Sage_well qtbase is just a name that will bite us in the future13:23
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slainelbt, Is the OBS Setup wiki page still upto date ?14:40
slaineI'm making a start on the OBS Backend setup14:40
*** jpwhiting has quit IRC14:40
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lbtslaine: it should be14:59
*** drussell has joined #mer14:59
*** slx is now known as swerden15:05
slainelbt, Is the MySQL Setup step for the API/FrontEnd or for both ?15:10
*** JLP has quit IRC15:10
lbtsingle mysql which is used for both api/webui15:10
lbtnot used at all by be15:11
slainegrand, just wasn't sure where the frontend section ended and the both resumed15:11
lbtyeah ... diagrams needed15:11
sebasafter entering the mer-sdk, I'm getting an error calling sudo:15:12
sebasMerSDK bash-3.2$ sudo whoami15:12
sebassudo: must be setuid root15:12
slaineI guess it ends at the point where it starts talking about the webui/API stuff15:12
sebas-rwsr-xr-x 2 root root 71600 Feb 18 23:00 /usr/bin/sudo15:12
sebas(sorry to interrupt)15:12
slaineI'll reboot the VM and make sure it comes back up with the services started15:12
lbtsebas: np .... I'm suspecting a usb HDD ?15:13
lbtalmost certainly mounted nosuid ?15:13
sebasit's on a disk mounted in /media15:13
lbtyeah - removable ones are typically mounted nosuid - check 'mount' from the host15:13
sebashm, LABEL=storage        /media/storage       ext4       noatime,user,acl,exec 1 215:14
sebasyou're right :)15:14
* lbt shouts at whoever promised to edit the wiki !! bad person!15:15
* sebas dutifully edits the wiki15:15
*** slx has joined #mer15:16
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*** slx has joined #mer15:17
*** slx is now known as swerden15:17
lbt<blush>.... I seem to have deleted it :D15:18
* sebas added a note15:18
lbtah, it was here http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK#Installation_.2F_setup15:19
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sebaslbt: adding "suid" in fstab helped, btw15:26
lbtlet me know of any other problems - I'm hoping to get another SDK out soon but I'm prepping for the OBS meeting15:27
*** niqt has quit IRC15:40
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Stskeepsin other news, free apps for phones take up more battery than paid ones15:52
Stskeeps.. because of ads15:52
slainelbt, I'm not familiar with mysql, so quick question on the setup of Mysql on the API/Webui VM15:53
slaineThe section for creating the user details a usernames 'obs', I assume this is a virtual user in mysql space, not a real user account15:54
slaine TO 'obs'@'%', 'obs'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '************';15:54
slaineThe above sentence was nonsense, sorry. The section for granting privileges15:55
StskeepsREMINDER:  Replacement for MeeGo Community OBS meeting in #mer-meeting in 5 minutes15:55
*** JLP has quit IRC15:58
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lbtslaine: sorry - missed that - in meeting16:14
slaineme too, no worries16:14
slainecan wait til the mer-meeting is over16:14
lbtit is a mysql user, yes16:14
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC16:15
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slainehmmm, rake is failing16:19
*** mihero has quit IRC16:23
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*** harbaum has joined #mer16:39
sebasBuildService API error: can't verify packages due to lack of GPG keys16:39
sebas^^ what can I do if osc build tells me that ?16:39
sebasah :)16:39
*** leinir has quit IRC16:40
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sebaswith osc build, I'm getting a lot of those:17:25
sebas        file /bin/bash from install of sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject-1.0-1.25.armv7hl conflicts with file from package bash-1:3.2.51-1.9.armv7hl17:25
sebassubsequently exits, without actually building anything17:25
sebasany hint?17:25
sebasosc build --no-verify CE_UX_PlasmaActive_armv7hl armv8el kdepimlibs.spec --local-package17:25
sebas^^ how I build17:25
Stskeepssebas: bugs.merproject.org bug 2217:26
Stskeepser, 22117:26
*** raignarok has joined #mer17:27
sebasStskeeps: aye, thanks!17:29
* lbt had better get a new SDK out17:30
*** bergie has quit IRC17:32
mdfe_Stskeeps: last state of my pulseaudio update investigation: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/view_file?file=README-patches&package=pulseaudio&project=home%3Amdfe%3Apulseaudio&rev=76bb35992db0270a385de25bf034afd917:33
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:39
sebasStskeeps: looking better now :)17:39
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC17:41
*** vivijim has quit IRC17:46
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lbtStskeeps: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-03-19/fesco.2012-03-19-18.00.log.html#l-277  F18 Feature: ARM as Primary Arch -- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FedoraARM17:52
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* Stskeeps yawns18:36
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timophStskeeps: still around?19:20
*** tilgovi_ has joined #mer19:21
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*** drussell has joined #mer19:23
Stskeepstimoph: yup19:28
timophwas thinking about the "self" testing image19:30
timophshouldn't be too hard to do since we have the test assets and tools already19:30
timophbasically we need a script that call tr-lite and after the image boots19:31
timophwas thinking the nemo vm image might be a good place to start19:31
* dm8tbr was about to say: kvm :)19:32
timophalthough I'd prefer an image without ux19:32
Stskeepstimoph: just make a image without uxlaunch maybe19:32
Stskeepsor changed xdg autostart /usr/share/xsesssions19:33
timophthe real questing is where to launch the script19:33
* timoph still can't type19:33
timophanyway. I'll fist do it manually as a proof of concept before doing any packages for it19:34
timophand another question is that how do we know when the system has settled down enough to begin testing19:35
Stskeepswell you can set it as the session script19:36
Stskeepssee .ks'es19:36
* timoph looks19:38
dm8tbrtimoph: how about when the sysload drops below a certain threshold :)19:39
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:40
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:40
timophdunno if systemd has something similar to upstart where in maemo there's a signal for "desktop ready"19:41
timophor something like that19:42
timophI'll just start hacking the vm image and see what I'll end up with :)19:44
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC19:50
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timophStskeeps: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/User:Timoph <- staging testrunner-lite's test definition xml writing instructions there20:27
timoph(moving and updating them from meego)20:27
timophdamn. this machine starts getting hot when running the vm image20:28
*** xnt14 has quit IRC20:31
*** dijenerate has joined #mer20:32
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Stskeepsbigbluehat: nyx got released, btw20:35
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:35
Stskeepsbigbluehat: it's curious they're taking a kind of phonegap-ish approach20:36
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:37
*** dionet has quit IRC20:40
bigbluehathow did I miss that :)20:45
Stskeepsit was very silent20:45
bigbluehatbother :/20:45
Stskeepsnyx isn't base system, it's more like a HAL20:45
bigbluehatreally odd they run so stealth20:45
Stskeepswell, they live up to their plans20:45
bigbluehat:) that's good at least20:46
bigbluehatpart of what slows me down with keeping up (heh) is that adding their RSS feeds to a reader is a labor of love20:46
bigbluehatone I've not yet bothered doing :)20:46
bigbluehatany usefulness to #mer?20:47
Stskeepswell, if they continue this direction they might actually accomplish a sane web runtime across many different devices20:47
Stskeepssomeone's being clever there20:47
bigbluehat? me?20:48
Stskeepsas in, someone's clever in webos offices20:48
bigbluehatah, how so?20:49
bigbluehatjust in how they're approaching all this?20:49
bigbluehatlots of the ideas in #webos are genius imo20:50
bigbluehatnothing major20:50
bigbluehatjust small things done right20:50
bigbluehat(not always well, mind you…but right :) )20:50
*** andre__ has joined #mer20:51
*** andre__ has joined #mer20:51
bigbluehatby that I mean there's a lots of little niggling bugs in webOS 3.0.520:51
bigbluehatthe architecture seems solid20:51
bigbluehatas does the UI approach20:51
*** dionet has joined #mer20:51
bigbluehatanyway, thanks for the tip Stskeeps :)20:52
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sebaswhich repo do you guys recommend for getting the package "zsh" in my sdk?21:44
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:47
*** Free-MG has quit IRC21:49
sebasdoes anybody know which arch I need to build for the vivaldi image?21:57
*** trbs has quit IRC21:58
*** himamura has quit IRC22:07
Stskeepssebas: probably armv7l22:11
Stskeepssee topic22:11
sebasStskeeps: aye, thanks22:15
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lbthmm :   Info: Retrieving qemu-usermode-1.0.2011.12-1.3.i486.rpm [6/4]23:02
lbtreally, 6/4 eh?23:02
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