Sunday, 2011-12-18

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ALoGeNohey wong03:48
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wongwrting image into memory card now03:48
wonggonna try out the nemo 15-12 release03:49
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wonghello, where can I get the kernel image for n900?04:04
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menghaohey guys07:21
menghaomorning stskeeps !07:28
menghaojust installed nemo in my n90007:28
menghaobtw i'm meng. the one talked to you about 10hours ago07:28
Stskeepsyeah, i assumed as much07:29
Stskeepswe can talk over in #nemomobile instead?07:29
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* Stskeeps creates prerelease07:47
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Stskeepsmorn iekku08:03
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StskeepsANNOUNCEMENT: new prerelease of Mer,
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ali1234Stskeeps: what is the release cycle? it seems like i get a mail once a week about a new release?11:00
Stskeepsali1234: we release weekly, the idea is that we'll do increments, like in continous integration11:00
ali1234will there be like, a "stable" version?11:01
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Stskeepsat some point we will see that it's possible to move along without doing regressions in quality, at which point it forks off as a major release11:02
Stskeepser, impossible to move along11:02
ali1234so not "regularly"11:02
Stskeepsright, though i wouldn't mind a 3 or 6 month cycle11:03
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cxl000Stskeeps pre-release ncurses Bug 6314:51
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* Stskeeps looks15:16
Stskeepsright, that's because your app should depend on -ltinfo yourself15:16
Stskeepsbecause you use a symbol from libtino15:16
Stskeepsnot ncurses15:16
Stskeepsthe linker is a bit more picky by now :)15:18
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Stskeepsbut thanks, that should go into release notes15:32
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Alison_Chaikenvgrade, I let my contract with Open Mobile World Wide lapse and am working full-time on my automotive Linux demo until the Southern California Linux Expo at the end of January.15:42
Alison_ChaikenI will have a talk and a booth, so anyone who will be at the Conf, please stop by and say hi.15:42
Alison_ChaikenMeanwhile, boohoo, OMWW took my N950 back.15:43
Stskeepssomeone ought to make a mobile out of a omap4 blaze, it even has open modem drivers15:44
* Stskeeps 'd use that15:44
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StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: out of curiousity, what pieces are you putting together to make the demo?15:52
Stskeeps(just curiousity, not trying a sales pitch..) :P15:53
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* arc_mat|tp would not buy a blaze15:57
Stskeepswell, derived15:57
Stskeepsi have a zoom2 standing on my shelf which isn't seeing much love either15:58
arc_mat|tpblaze derived -> archos gen9 ;)15:58
Stskeepswhat's the situation on gles there anyway? we went back to an older kernel and..?15:59
arc_mat|tpwell other display, touch panel, modem, ...15:59
arc_mat|tpoh, no gles stil15:59
arc_mat|tpno time to work on it.15:59
arc_mat|tpI'm hoping the 3.0 kernel will unlock that. it's almost there16:00
Stskeepsgood thing about mer and such.. you can develop the ui product while getting hw ready16:01
Stskeepshow much ram does the g9's have?16:02
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Alison_ChaikenStskeeps, I'm triple-booting meego-ivi-, ubuntu 11.10 and android-x86 ICS on ExoPC.16:40
Alison_ChaikenUbuntu is just because tripzero is using it and I'm working with him.16:40
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Alison_ChaikenI'll switch to tizen-ivi  . . . when it's available.16:43
Alison_ChaikenI'd also like to get back to Panda during my 5 weeks of effort.    We'll see: I'm still strugling with the android-x86 installer.16:44
_av500_Alison_Chaiken: android-x86 installer running on panda?16:49
Alison_Chaiken_av500_, working on ExoPC, which is N450.16:49
_av500_Alison_Chaiken: who are you working for now?16:49
Alison_ChaikenOf course there are Linaro android images for Panda.16:49
Alison_Chaiken_av500_, I have various contracts and offers in various states, but my current plan is to work full-time on demo until the Conf.16:50
Alison_ChaikenI do think that MontaVista's android virtualization solution based on lxc looks like the most attractive offering right now, in case anyone hasn't seen their truly impressive ELCE vid and slides.16:51
Alison_ChaikenPutting up an lxc android on mer devices would certainly be possible, although not by me in the next month!16:51
Alison_ChaikenWhat are you up to, _av500_?16:52
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_av500_Alison_Chaiken: beating ics into submission16:56
Alison_Chaiken_av500_, which platform?16:56
_av500_that texan calculator company...16:57
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Alison_Chaiken_av500_, Beagle or Panda or other?17:53
_av500_omap4 based17:54
Alison_Chaikenis the OSCON call for proposals.   Deadline January 12.17:58
Alison_ChaikenIn Portland near OSTC.17:58
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Alison_ChaikenI hear from a reliable source that Qt project will be submitting.18:00
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cxl000Stskeeps n810 does not book with kernel build with pre-release. Mer pre-release runs with kernel build with last release.20:36
Stskeepscxl000: ok, do we have any hunches what it could be?20:37
Stskeepskernel version is what?20:37
cxl000There is no fbcon output20:37
Stskeepsplease upload the kernel, make a bug report, and cc me on it (
Stskeepsand i'll run it on a jig20:38
Stskeepsto see what happens20:38
cxl0003.1.0. OK will do.20:39
cxl000would that be logged against toolchain?20:40
Stskeepsyes, let's do it like that20:40
Stskeepsdidn't someone mention a problem with toolchain and kernel recently?20:43
vgradeStskeeps, I've seen reported issues on tegra kernels with differnet compliers but that was sometime ago20:46
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Crnkojvgrade hey, how are you , im back witht eh tegra2 mer question :D do you have somewhere written which patches mer needs in teh kernel to work ?22:22
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Crnkojah so late im off will coem another day22:32
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