Wednesday, 2011-11-09

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zhangzetalk about something04:46
berndhsgood night04:48
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zhangzehi, i am in china, it's afternoon04:50
zhangzewhere are you ?04:50
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SivaIs there any document to understand "Project Configuration of Mer:Trunk:Base" formats like pattertype:  support: etc05:08
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StskeepsSiva: search for prjconf obs on google05:54
Stskeepsmorn cxl00006:00
Stskeepscxl000: looks much better, could you click 'abandon change' on the old one?06:02
cxl000Stskeeps done06:04
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Stskeepssupposedly you can use something like a change id and push "another changeset" as well, but i havent written that on guide yet06:05
Stskeepswill show up next time i make a release06:07
cxl000Stskeeps is returning not found06:08
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Stskeepscxl000: releases.merproject.org06:09
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slonopotamuson internets, when you move stuff around, if you want to be user-friendly, you setup permanent redirections from former places :P06:11
Stskeepsyeah, it's just my apache set up messing up06:11
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cxl000I missed seeing that announced.06:12
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Stskeepsyeah, got lost in the domain mess i think06:16
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* Stskeeps updates mer submit merge process to include build-dependency test07:02
Jucatosalve vgrade!07:07
vgrademorning Jucato07:07
vgradeTransformer Prime looks sweet07:15
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dcthangAny one's experimental with  qt-components on Mer?07:27
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Stskeepsdcthang: sure, was on a older version of mer07:28
dcthangStskeeps: looks like i cant get theme information with that07:29
Jucatothis might be a bit off topic, but have you guys encountered a bluetooth (usb, but it's inside the tablet) that is only detected (properly) by Linux once it has been "powered on" by booting first into Windows?07:29
Stskeepsdcthang: old but good,
Stskeepsdcthang: you might need a updated qt components and theme though, i think there was a legal problem with this version07:30
Stskeepsdcthang: but that is basically 4 packages on top of mer core for qt components07:31
dcthangthanks Stskeeps.. I will try that07:32
dcthangI'm using N90007:33
dcthangI'm using N900 with Mer 1.3, I don't know if I can have updated packages for that07:33
dcthangthose are for armv807:34
Stskeepsdcthang: at least the Nemo images should have updated components07:36
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dcthangCould u point me out the packages for Nemo for N900?07:42
dcthangI checked and saw only Nemo packages for N907:42
StskeepsCE:* projects07:45
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dcthangyep thanks Stskeeps.07:58
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arc_matSage: ping08:49
Sagearc_mat: pong08:49
arc_matSage: I saw the pvr-omap4-kernel stuff in your home on the mer build for pandaboard08:50
arc_matSage: do you know of a version that doesn't require DRM?08:50
harbaumIf Qt is part of Mer/Core, what about themes? Will there be any Qt themes in Mer? Or will thi sbe handled lik it was in MeeGo? (no theming)08:53
Stskeepsharbaum: good question, ideally i'd like to push such things outside and have them be maintained in their individual UIs08:54
Stskeepsbecause different UIs need different themes08:54
Stskeepsharbaum: when i say UI, a UI can just be for instance my qt components repository which is 4 packages on top of Mer core08:55
Stskeepsbut not part of the core08:55
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harbaumqt components isn't part of the core anymore?09:06
Stskeepsharbaum: at the moment it isn't, at least09:09
Stskeepsas in, the qml components09:09
veskuhwould not make sense to put it in core as it is clearly UI level type of thing. different ui's need different qt quick components09:09
* kyb3R silently agrees09:10
* lbt thinks It does make sense to have some kind of intermediate project09:11
harbaumSome simple UX demo would be cool. Isn't there  some simple QML based desktop or similar? Something really tiny to get people started09:14
arc_matSage: could you tell me which kernel was the base for kernel-adaptation-pandaboard? the spec file only refers to the tarball09:15
Stskeepsharbaum: i was pondering on a "ReplaceMe" example UX outside the core09:15
Stskeepsthat makes it easy to add your own qml into09:15
Stskeeps / qt09:15
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harbaumYes, something like that. And if someone throws in a browser and a media player then you have a solid foundation for 90% of device people will probably want to build from this09:17
lbtharbaum: that would be a "reference implementation" :)09:17
lbtdone right !09:17
lbtit would be educational, show best practice...09:18
lbtand in some cases, you change the colour from blue to red and ship it :)09:18
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harbaumyes, honestly if the device has a browser and a media player then it would already be the kitchen appliance i am seachign for09:19
Stskeepsideally we'll have a large bunch of off-the-shelf UX'es for mer09:19
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harbaumYeah, but currently there's only the slighlty bloated plasma active ....09:21
veskuhharbaum: and nemo09:21
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harbaumWho's nemo?09:22
veskuhMeego CE renamed09:22
harbaumNemo is a stupid name for something you want peopl to find using google ... at least if it's not a animation strip about a clown fish ...09:23
Stskeepsright, that's why the long name is nemo mobile :P09:23
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Stskeepsbut anyway, we will refer to Plasma Active, Nemo, etc from merproject.org09:23
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lbtharbaum: there are no good names anymore .... just good searches09:24
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harbaumnemo is for meego what twix is for rider ... i understand ...09:27
harbaums/meego/meego handset ux/09:28
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* lbt googles "twix rider" and expects erotic chocolate bar images....09:28
harbaumi think that twix/rider thing is a german thing. in germany the twix candy bar was named rider. and then they changed the name to the internaional twix. It's now some kind of synonym for things that explicitely only change their name09:30
lbtah :)09:30
Stskeepswell, for Nemo we rebased on Mer, so it is technically no longer meego anyway :P09:30
harbaumthen it's not like twix09:31
lbtno, we changed from digestive biscuit to honeycomb :)09:31
harbaumthe slogan was "rider heisst nun twix, sonst ändert sich nix" "rider is now named twix, but nothing else changes"09:31
harbaumoh, it was raider, not rider09:32
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harbaumhas anyone gotten cordia to run on the n9 or n950?09:37
harbaumi'd still like to run it on the beagle09:38
harbaumsmoku: Is still the repo to use?09:41
smokuharbaum: so far, yes09:41
smokuharbaum: .ks in will point to the "blessed" repos :)09:42
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Sagearc_mat: a moment09:46
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arc_matSage: no worries, take your time ;) I meanwhile found rob clarks git repo, that'll keep me busy for a while ;)09:46
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Sagearc_mat: added to .spec as well thx :)09:48
Stskeepsg w00t09:49
arc_matSage: great, thanks!09:49
harbaumhmmm  ... cordia still gives me the same black screen ...09:56
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vgradeharbaum, take a look at QtDesktop,
vgrade on Trimslice on Mer10:09
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vgradeharbaum, its also running on n810 so lightweight10:16
* Jucato does wish they'd stop calling it "QtDesktop" as if it is *the* Qt Desktop (yeah, I know ... splitting hairs, bikeshedding and all that ...)10:17
vgradehas a list of associated Qt apps,
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JucatoI don't think that means that those apps are officially associated with the project, just that those are shipped or work on Razor-Qt10:24
Jucatowait, that not me is now confused.10:25
Jucatooh well :)10:25
meceJust saw the new nemo video on youtube. Looks absolutely mint!10:25
vgradeJucato, yet they have a bit of a naming issue10:27
smokuharbaum: isn't this a problem that on N950 you need to update screen manually?10:30
smokuharbaum: no automatic flushing of framebuffer to the display10:31
smokumece: link?10:31
mecesmoku, I mean
smokumece: indeed cool :)10:33
Jucatothis might be a bit off topic, but have you guys encountered a bluetooth (usb, but it's inside the tablet) that is only detected (properly) by Linux once it has been "powered on" by booting first into Windows?10:33
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dm8tbrJucato: sounds like rfkill related10:34
smokuJucato: my ideapad has this "feature"10:35
Jucatocan't seem to find the proper rfkill state to turn it on. I mean, it's there once the bluetooth has been "powered" after booting into windows. but not on a fresh boot (from being turned off) into Linux10:36
Jucatosmoku: oh, any fix? (other than "not using bluetooth" :)10:36
* Jucato thought he took the easy road buy buying an x86(_64) based tablet -_-10:36
smokuJucato: look at the ideapad thread on - IIRC they worked around it10:37
Jucatosmoku: ok thanks10:37
smokuJucato: see
smokumaybe it helps10:38
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dm8tbrsorry, there was a downtime for merbot and the images server12:44
mdfe_Stskeeps: I will change it in the Project:KDE:Mer_Extras meta information12:45
dm8tbrseems there was a lengthy power outage and then I used the opportunity for some maintenance12:45
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mingwandroidvgrade: I'll be out of net connection on weekend unfortunately..12:48
mingwandroidvgrade: So I need to really get everything up and running again b4 then.12:48
vgradedm8tbr, are you still running stats on images.formeego?12:48
mingwandroidvgrade: did the PA chaps fix that weird issue on intial startup?12:49
dm8tbrvgrade: yes, need to check. I think they didn't upgrade in a bit. can fix that12:49
mingwandroidvgrade: also, n950... how's that version looking? Wondering whether to dust mine down...12:50
vgrademingwandroid, was our issue by nt haveing QtMultiMediaKit .  I have a workaround but needs fixing12:50
vgrademingwandroid, get the N950 out its well worth a look. You saw the video ?12:51
mingwandroidyeah. good work (as always!)12:51
mingwandroidfully hw accel? (it looked it), what kernel version? recompile or the original one?12:52
mdfe_Stskeeps: I would like to change the confusing Mer_Core_xxx repo name into KDE_Mer_Extras_xxx12:55
Stskeepsmdfe_: edit raw config then, there's no functionality related to the name12:55
mdfe_Stskeeps: awesome12:56
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vgrademingwandroid, everything stock nemomobile just added the ARM built plasma active stuff and changed to start startkde instead on mcompositor12:57
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smokuis there a separate channel to discuss nemo?13:08
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Florin_hey guys, I've just installed mer 0.17 on my n900 and I'm going through the initial setup but I can't get the enter key to work when I'm setting up the date13:11
Florin_any tricks I should know about?13:11
harbaumvgrade: Have you ever tried to run cordia on one of your arm targets?13:12
StskeepsFlorin_: mer 0.17 is ancient and i wouldn't bother with it :)13:13
StskeepsFlorin_: look into MeeGo Community Edition etc13:13
smokuFlorin_: this is not the Mer you were looking for13:13
StskeepsFlorin_: if you're interested in the hildon interface, please visit #cordia13:13
vgradearm, no, only tried it on the Joggler , there were always a couple of packages which did not build for arm.13:14
Florin_oh ok, I'll try megoo thanks for the tip :)13:15
smokuFlorin_: this is probably what you were looking for
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Florin_smoku: thanks13:18
cxl000   n810 now boots to X/Razor with access to the function+keys using updated kickstart on community page.13:22
Stskeepslbt, how's the local obs setup going?13:32
lbtlocal based desktop build works13:32
lbtjust got a new systemd downloaded13:32
lbt16Gb RAM arrived this morning too13:34
lbtannoyingly in 4x4Gb sticks... not 2x8Gb13:34
xruxathat is hell of a difference13:35
Bostik8G sticks carry pretty hefty pricetags at least around here13:35
lbtcrucial's website sucks13:35
Bostikand they are not generally in general stock13:35
lbtI'm not actually sure the MB takes them anyway ... so I'll just sulk a bit and use them13:35
lbtgrr - fakeobs needs a sysvinit (and/or systemd)13:36
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veskuhStskeeps: sensorfw in mer is missing a ronksu's orientation patch:
veskuhStskeeps: that's why orientations are different in n900 and n95014:17
Stskeepscare to try out the contribution process for mer to fix it?14:17
veskuhHmm.. Sure, where are the instructions?14:18
Stskeepstopic (Contribution to packages:)14:18
Stskeepsmer-core/sensorfw is repo14:18
Stskeepsany feedback/problems welcome14:20
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* veskuh hates corporate firewalls15:15
Stskeepsi usually use corkscrew for the ssh issues15:16
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veskuhMy tunneling setup works for but not to annoying..15:22
Bostikholy crap, qtwebkit finally working after disabling all links to qtmobility15:22
Stskeepssame port for qt contribution too :P15:22
Bostikthat was NOT fun15:23
StskeepsBostik: qtwebkit2.2 still?15:23
Bostiknow we can test that it actually works and then I can finally submit a .spec (+patches) that make it happen15:24
Stskeepsplus qt5 ?15:24
BostikI can drop two or three local mods, I think15:24
Bostikqt5 is still brewing, qtwebkit 2.2 does not work with it15:24
Stskeepssomeone else had a qtwebkit 2.2 package but it has ICE on armv7hl15:26
BostikI had a string of crashes when loading anything with webkit15:27
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Stskeepsdidn't get that far15:27
Bostikturned out the implied loading of was the culprit15:27
Bostikgdb told me that when the code returned, 'this' was 0x015:27
Bostikpretty big give-away, I think :)15:27
Bostikturned off mobility in all forms and now it finally works15:28
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Stskeepsanyone on the mailing list? received my "governance draft" mail?18:17
Stskeepsjust had to check how fast it was :P18:20
*** buser has joined #mer18:21
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vgradewhat about a link to it on #plasma and #active?18:22
Stskeepsfeel free, i was waiting a bit on the mailing list archive link18:22
berndhsnot completely unrelated, but almost: what is the future of c.obs for Mer and Harmattan ?18:23
Stskeepsberndhs: possibly grim, would be good to find other hosting18:23
StskeepsMer doesn't rely on COBS but it does make things a lot easier for many people using Mer..18:24
berndhsyes it does, hosting one's own obs, even the light one, is a big chunk18:24
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arc_matvgrade: just managed to build pvr-omap4-kernel against our frankenkernel18:26
* Stskeeps should actually read more about obs light18:26
vgradearc_mat, many patches required?18:27
arc_matto the kernel, yes18:27
arc_matI had to pick quite a number of patches to have DRM18:27
vgradeI mentioned to mdfe that there was earlier pvr drivers which may have been closer to your kernel. You can find them in ubuntu PPA18:28
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vgradearc_mat, fingers crossed then18:29
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vgradeMer expoosure in China,
*** smoku has quit IRC18:45
* Stskeeps doesn't see anything there18:45
vgradewoops, wrong linky18:46
arc_matvgrade: yes, I found them in the ubuntu ppa, but they are also in the linaro gits18:46
arc_matvgrade: there is a rather big architectural change in the omap drm, plugin api and stuff, plus the drm driver moved into staging18:47
vgradearc_mat, ok, what are your future plans for your kernel as I think ICS needs 3.018:50
arc_matvgrade: I don't think ICS really needs 3.018:50
arc_matvgrade: but I didn't yet look exactly, nobody really has ICS18:51
vgradeoh a few other sites as well,
vgradelove the way they all put the branding on the images :)18:51
arc_matvgrade: by the way, our mer kernel is kept here:
vgradecool, bookmarked18:54
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* Stskeeps <3's the automatic testing of changes to mer19:06
*** Jonno has joined #mer19:06
*** afiestas_ has joined #mer19:20
*** afiestas has quit IRC19:20
Stskeepsvgrade: so what are you working on atm?19:25
lbtStskeeps: :D19:25
* lbt has a new systemd...19:26
Stskeepslbt: woo19:26
lbtbut I think I should build an image and make sure it boots first19:26
Stskeepsprobably yes19:26
lbtwasn't exactly hard - a single new file, an upstreamed patch and a bit of "WTF does that error *mean*"19:27
Stskeepsdon't worry, we'll get you in the review phase19:28
lbtyeah :)19:28
Stskeepsi'm running single build test on qt4.8.0 rc119:28
lbtwant to borrow pub04  :P19:28
Stskeepsnah, but i do consider to add one like your server :P19:29
lbttell you what, do you want to take my server19:29
lbtI've done nothing on it just yet19:29
lbtcan you throw a builder on it easily?19:30
Stskeepsnah, i'd like you to set it up it properly so we can replicate, i'm just moaning because my irssi is laggy19:30
Stskeepsat the moment the SBC and DBC's are very linear so it's nice and calm19:33
Stskeepsand i need to be forced(TM) to make good ways to distribute the work amongst multiple OBS'es anyway19:34
Stskeepsright, think i'll sign off for tonight19:36
*** niqt has joined #mer19:39
*** arcean has joined #mer19:41
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vgradeStskeeps, getting stated on Slaine's OBS instructions20:36
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer20:36
*** niqt has quit IRC20:36
vgradeStskeeps, but I'm here to help20:37
vgradeauto test?20:38
crevetorAnybody know why COBS is ultra slow ?20:38
*** javiF has quit IRC20:40
vgradelooks empty,
vgradeits very slow for me though, through GUI20:42
vgradelbt, any clues?20:42
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC20:45
*** abufaisal has joined #mer20:45
lbtyeah we're looking at it20:46
lbtX-Fade spotted some queue in the webui20:46
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer20:46
lbtblocked up src server20:46
lbtpossibly backed up because of (again) or suse OBS crash earlier20:47
crevetorit's back ! Thanks lbt and X-Fade20:48
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:50
vgradethanks guys, good service from COBS again20:50
lbtis it back for you?20:51
lbtit seems sluggish20:51
*** arcean_ has joined #mer20:51
lbtvgrade: you know about KDE:Devel ?20:52
lbtwe may have caused a lot of build fails and need a trigger20:52
*** niqt has joined #mer20:52
*** arcean has quit IRC20:54
*** harbaum has joined #mer20:56
vgradelbt, I don't know what the guys were doing on that today but I can retrigger20:59
lbtjust on failed builds if possible21:00
lbtalso the archos kernel?21:00
vgradeok, if I can log in, slow again here21:00
*** ZacMubalz has joined #mer21:01
lbtguys we're killing the link to meego.com21:04
lbtjust FYI21:05
*** bash` has joined #mer21:06
*** bash` has joined #mer21:06
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:07
*** ZacMubalz has quit IRC21:10
xruxaI need help - if I branch a package in OSC, make changes, commit. Where will I see the build results? Where will the built package published? I use web iface for my home projects.21:11
*** ZacMubalz has joined #mer21:11
lbtxruxa: well...21:13
*** jabis has quit IRC21:14
arc_mat|tplbt: mdfe was changing some project names IIRC21:14
lbtare you talking Mer or Nemo ?21:14
lbtarc_mat|tp: OK21:14
arc_mat|tplbt: maybe that caused some broken builds?21:15
lbtnah we think there were some backend issues21:15
lbtso we killed some backend services which resulted in build fail21:15
arc_mat|tplbt: alright21:15
lbtnb we've cut the link to OBS21:15
lbtI think KDE used that21:16
arc_mat|tplbt: archos kernel builds are not really crictical right now21:16
lbtarc_mat|tp: that was a worker RAID controller lockp21:16
lbtso it should restart21:16
*** jabis has joined #mer21:16
lbtand it failed due to bad packaging or something - not OBS :)21:17
arc_mat|tplbt: I don't know enough about the setup to make sense of your remark regarding cutting the link ;)21:17
lbtoh, KDE was building against MeeGo Trunk21:17
arc_mat|tpah right21:18
arc_mat|tpbut also mer21:18
lbtyes - Mer is fine21:18
lbtbut the MeeGo OBS is just too unstable21:18
lbtso if there is demand we'll import snapshots21:18
xruxalbt: nemo21:18
arc_mat|tplbt: the archos stuff is mer based, I guess I can live without meego trunk, then21:19
lbtwe expect so - it's all officially dying anyhow21:19
*** drussell has quit IRC21:24
*** drussell has joined #mer21:24
*** ZacMubalz has quit IRC21:25
*** Venemo has joined #mer21:27
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*** bash` has quit IRC21:30
vgradelbt, KDE still need to buld against trunk. mdfe was taking about that this morning21:33
vgradewith xfade21:33
lbtI killed it21:34
vgradeHe is planning to set up an internal OBS as a backup21:34
lbtwe can find a way to do an import though21:34
lbtwell, he should be able to build against meego on the meego obs :)21:34
vgradeas you say though they were starting to build against Mer as well :)21:35
lbtwe just don't have the manpower to handle the broken link21:35
vgradeI know21:35
lbtsubtle reinforcement :)21:35
lbtI did systemd this afternoon - now need to build an image21:36
vgradecool, I'm going to try Slaine's OBS instructions21:36
*** afiestas has joined #mer21:36
*** abufaisal has quit IRC21:36
vgrademdfe is the guy from KDE you need to speak to regarding the link issue21:37
lbtyou can try my OBS instructions too if you like21:37
*** afiestas_ has quit IRC21:38
vgradeware they differnt?21:39
lbtprobably :)21:39
vgradeif you give me a link I can read both21:39
vgradewhile I go21:39
vgradetime for a break from devices for a couple of days21:40
vgradedone anything with the Dragonboard21:40
lbtnot arrived yet21:41
lbtshould be here tomorrow21:41
vgradeah, ok, getting that was the luckiest thing I've seen in a while :)21:42
lbtI now believe in fate21:42
vgradeor the last in first out trick :)21:43
lbtmore likely :D21:43
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*** mgrover_ has joined #mer23:16
mgrover_what do people use to boot into mer? since am using an n900 and uboot and am not successful23:16
lbtmgrover_: a whole variety of HW ... N900 is common - so is ExoPC and Lenovo23:21
mgrover_well usually the raw image is dd to a mem card and uboot loads it, but at the moment i can only boot into mer through flashing the kernel23:22
lbtdid you follow the fremantle level uboot installation?23:23
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer23:23
*** smoku has joined #mer23:23
*** Jucato has quit IRC23:23
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato23:23
mgrover_to install uboot?23:24
mgrover_yes onto power kernel 49v23:24
mgrover_created a combined image and flashed it, but when i select to boot from mem card i get errors about boot.scr23:24
lbtOK - so that's not how it's normally done23:26
lbt"You must be using the PR1.3 kernel and nothing else. You will likely end up in a reboot loop if you don't have this"23:27
mgrover_i pretty much did that, i just had to create a uboot for the power kernel v4923:28
lbt*nod* ... I'm not sure about the kernel constraints23:28
lbtI guess - try again with the stock kernel and see if it works ?23:29
mgrover_ill have to yeah23:29
lbtor wait for someone who knows for sure23:29
mgrover_ive got a solid backup, so i might just mess around with it23:29
mgrover_if i break it i restore back up and all is well lol23:30
*** jjmarin has quit IRC23:33
*** niqt has quit IRC23:35
vgradelbt, thanks23:41
lbthopefully slaine's won't be too different23:41
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake23:43
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle23:46
vgradehe has the fake obs stuff in I think23:47
lbtI want to keep that distinct23:47
lbtmakes it easier to manage if the pages aren't *too* mashed together23:48
lbtbut we do need a storyline23:48
vgradeok , I guess from an OBS point of view it does not matter if is fake or real23:48
lbtwhere is his guide?23:49
lbtah - who setup the wiki ?23:50
lbtsmoku ?23:50
vgradesmoku, mailing list23:50
lbtit has the "don't search for 3-letter words" restriction23:50
lbtalterego: ping :
lbtI particularly like
lbtfits well with Nemo23:51
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:53
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer23:55
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