Monday, 2019-10-21

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T42<Umeaboy> Right.02:36
xreactx[m]__I tried flashing my hybris-boot and rootfs to my OnePlus 7 Pro... bricked device (now unbricked using qualcomm MSM Tool)03:39
xreactx[m]__mal: are there any other hybris-16.0 guides I should be aware of?03:40
xreactx[m]__mal: is hybris-16.0 even good enough to attempt a port? I'm still getting error 6 and 7 (not at the same time) when trying to install the zip in TWRP03:42
T42<BusterBg_18> How could you even brick your device? You are just flashing a boot.img and extracting some files to /data04:10
T42<birdzhang> xreactx[m]__: seems you break aboot04:39
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r0kk3rzif you flash the wrong partition, sure you can brick things05:31
T42<adampigg> xreactx arnt those twrp errors related to recent twrp being unable to flash sailfish? ability to flash should have nothing to do with the stability of a hybris branch05:52
rinigusmorning! I managed to bypass boot issue that I had with xperia xz2 by changing kernel config. looks like its bootloader bug (details at
rinigusboot with sfos images proceeds now to sony logo and gets stuck at it for few minutes. after that device reboots and the same goes on. (similar to poco's port?)07:01
rinigusas I have twrp installed, I can reboot to that. question: where are logs stored in aosp9-based ports?07:01
r0kk3rzrinigus: check for telnet device07:51
rinigusr0kk3rz: don't have any records in dmesg not lsusb. but I can check out that again tonight07:52
r0kk3rzlame, that makes things more difficult07:55
r0kk3rzif you've got pstore logs enabled you might be able to get something07:56
rinigusr0kk3rz: on AOSP, pstore works. haven't seen it on SFOS image, but it could be I miss somewhere enabling it. but don't we have some logs in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log ? I wonder if it is expected to be on the same location in AOSP9 based port08:02
KALUBEHi all, I heard someone was interested in porting to the OnePlus 609:08
deathmistpketo: could you bring Jolla Store to OnePlus 5T? "Device model: OnePlus 5T (dumpling / dumpling)", the phone uniquely idetifies itself via IMEI1/2 numbers from packaging box and "About device" screen in Setting, for OBS builds I'm planning to merge them with existing cheeseburger ones somehow as they are practically identical in sources09:25
deathmistaand they stay constant across reboots as do MAC addresses :)09:25
r0kk3rzrinigus: not if it doesnt get that far09:50
pketodeathmist: added10:07
rinigusr0kk3rz: true, but there is hope. now do you know whether in xperia aosp9 ports we have the same /data/.stowaways as on "normal" ports? as far as I understand, its with lvm10:28
xreactx[m]__adampigg: I tried using several version of TWRP...11:54
xreactx[m]__BusterBG_18: I accidentally flashed the hybris boot and tried extracting the rootfs to see if it would work. I used a flash tool to get it to work.11:56
xreactx[m]__r0kk3rz: I immediately regretted what I did... But all is good now, minus the TWRP errors11:57
T42<adampigg> xreactx try 2.8.612:12
xreactx[m]__adampigg: the OnePlus 7 pro only has TWRP 3.3.x and above12:23
malcan't you manually extract the rootfs in telnet 23, assuming you get to that12:29
xreactx[m]__mal: I get "invalid tar format" error when I try to extract the rootfs13:54
xreactx[m]__Also when I flash lineage 16 the initial boot screen (OnePlus logo) changes with the new "powered by Android with Android 10 robot logo" at the bottom... Actually, as a side note and not done with SFOS, I also get errors when trying to install GAPPS on lineage 16 or other Android 9 roms13:59
jellyponymal: Good evening! I enabled FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER as you suggested yesterday and rebuilt hybris-boot. Nothing changed D:14:57
jellyponydmesg: still no output14:57
malyour defconfig looked very odd, I need to check it again14:58
jellypony - present15:01
jellypony - default15:01
xreactx[m]__Is there a new tar command for Android 9 and 10?15:23
T42<adampigg> mal, can i steal your time later?15:53
mal@adampigg it depends :)15:54
malfor reviews or something else?15:55
jellyponymal: Maybe it would be helpful. Nitrogen is nearly the same as whyred (except camera module afair). Even my device tree have been made out of whyred's. I seen messages here about porting sfos to this device. May be this guys had the similar issues as me and you could remember something.16:11
maljellypony: you are using new android base which is a bit different16:13
T42<adampigg> @mal [for reviews or something else?], Just reviews and testing :)16:14
T42<BusterBg_18> Nitrogen has a older base why not use that instead of 16?16:31
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Guest61202hi all16:50
jellyponyBusterBg_18: No it hasn't, I would need to build my own :O16:52
electroohi all16:53
electroomal, i have this spam, an idea to stop this ?17:06
electroodroid-hal-init: property_set("ro.boottime.time_daemon", "96244472673") failed: property already set17:06
electroodroid-hal-init: starting service 'time_daemon'...17:06
maldisable time_daemon17:09
malwe don't need it17:09
piggzyep, everyone disbales that17:09
piggzalso, fix your hci_up script17:10
T42<BusterBg_18> jellypony: I mean it does have lineage sources for oreo doesn't it?17:21
electroopiggz, it is this file -> droid-hcismd-up.sh17:22
electrooHow can i search text in files ?17:23
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malelectroo: do you have the syntax issue in that?17:34
malmeaning does the script fail17:34
electroo/bin/sh /usr/bin/droid/droid-hcismd-up.sh17:34
electrooi share it to you17:35
malbut does it fail?17:38
electrooyes, it fail17:38
malelectroo: which android base? do you have smd bt driver in kernel?17:39
electrooi check17:39
electroohow can i check please ?17:39
electrooandroid base17:39
malwell that hybris-* branch did you use17:40
electrooi check, i come back so ...17:40
electroofor htc one m817:42
electroomal, CONFIG_BT_HCISMD=n17:44
malelectroo: hmm, in hybris-15.1 you can probably use bluebinder instead which means no need for that script at all, add this to kernel defconfig CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI=y and add bluebinder to patterns17:45
electroookey thanks17:45
nitin03device poco f1...base lineage 16.0..alreay build sfos package flashed it...devices boots...gets stuck on device logo...17:46
malnitin03: quite expected for first boot, hybris-16.0 needs some additional changes17:47
nitin03my problem is i can't telnet into the device17:47
maldo you see anything in host dmesg about usb, anything about Mer there17:48
electrooi forgot the pattern path17:48
nitin03yes it shows for 2 or 3 seconds then it goes to android17:49
nitin03mer bootlader shows up...but after 2 or 3 seconds android device id shows up17:50
nitin03i also checked .config file in my out dir while building hybris boot and recovery image...everything is there except for audit....bcoz i set it to no17:53
nitin03and in kernel cmdline i set it and selinux to zero17:54
nitin03here is dmesg...
nitin03init log...
electroomal, my file ->
electrooi have bluez417:59
electroonot bluebinder17:59
electroowhat do you suggest ?17:59
nitin03mal can u look into this please18:06
malelectroo: bluez5 and bluebinder18:19
electroohumm, i don't can use bluez518:19
electrooi don't remember why but, i have a 32 bit cpu18:19
malelectroo: with bluebinder you can18:19
electrooo okey18:19
malor at least should be able to18:20
maljust try it and see how it works18:20
electrooi try this and compile so18:20
electrooi remove this so ! droid-config-m8-bluez418:21
electroofor bluez518:21
malyou change the last number to 518:21
maland then add a new line with bluebinder18:21
electrooi compile all18:22
electroomal, i have an error during compile hybris ->
electrooshould i validate this kernel config ? CONFIG_BT_HCIUART18:29
malhmm, check kernel/htc/msm8974/drivers/bluetooth/hci_vhci.c and see if it has #include <interrupt.h> or something at the top where includes are18:30
mallooks like it doesn't have it, so add #include <linux/interrupt.h> to a new line after for example poll.h18:32
malso do what I just said18:33
electrooit's a success18:34
malit's not unusual that some includes are missing from drivers which are rarely or never used in android18:35
electrooi should just compile the bluebinder and bluez5 package so18:35
electrooyes ^^18:35
electroowhat is the correct command to just compile two package18:36
electroorpm/dhd/helpers/ -c18:37
malbluebinder should be build automatically, just use rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b to repackage droid-hal and kernel, then rpm/dhd/helpers/ -c to build config packages because of the pattern changes18:41
malelectroo: I mean rpm/dhd/helpers/ -d for droid-hal18:41
malnot -b18:41
piggzmal: also requesting dilica-config.txt ;)18:43
malpiggz: oops, sorry18:44
electroomal, my device reboot after bluebinder_wait.sh19:07
electroomal, check the end of the journalctl ->
electrooFailed to start Simple proxy for using android binder based bluetooth through vhci..19:09
rinigusevening! I managed to get few messages in the pc logs (lsusb and dmesg) while booting xperia xz2/aosp9 based. paste:
rinigusgetting "ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis0"19:11
riniguskernel config:
piggzmal: should a usb keyboard work in sfos?19:15
piggzoh, i fixed19:18
electrooelros34, an idea ? about reboot with bluebinder19:22
electroo@elros34,  an idea ? about reboot with bluebinder19:22
malpiggz: I think it could, I haven't tested much19:39
electroomal, have you an idea about this reboot problem ?19:41
electrooi have found the same problem for this guys Danct12 ->

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