Tuesday, 2020-06-23

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rinigusslowly getting there. mouse can move around in a section of the screen, would look into video modes and how to make it in portrait. there are vbox settings that have to be applied, will look into it06:35
AndreaBernabeifagood stuff07:09
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rinigustouch works, applications don't start though. cannot login yet, will have to look later07:34
riniguswill formalize all what I did and submit the code07:34
rinigusmaybe later today, but cannot be sure07:35
PureTryOut[m]Sergey Игоревич Chupligin (Telegram): could you merge the various CMake PR's I have open?07:38
SergeyChupliginTI think yes. But i must check it first because we have some trouble with cmake like https://github.com/nemomobile-ux/glacier-home/commit/6e5f8aa89a4901b7ee7bf8007b7ced8ee47323b807:42
PureTryOut[m]Ah well it helps that my PR's don't install such plugins 😃07:56
-ShieldyTelegram[- (3 + 3) Lorraine, please, send the solution to the arithmetic operation provided within the time amount specified to this group, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (240 sec)08:31
rinigusSergey Игоревич Chupligin (Telegram): do we have some kind of port-dependent package that can be used for injecting configs? as sparse subfolder in sfos ports (example at https://github.com/sailfishos-sony-tama/droid-config-sony-tama-pie/tree/master/sparse)?10:57
SergeyChupliginT<rinigus "Sergey Игоревич Chupligin (Teleg"> https://github.com/neochapay/nemo-device-dont_be_evil10:59
rinigusthanks! exactly what's needed11:00
FrankSTelegram[mvbox nemo, very nice.11:01
rinigusSergey Игоревич Chupligin (Telegram): looks like you also use that for specifying which packages to install. maybe (in some future) we would make a separate repo with requirements... that way we can have KS with just single package to install with the rest picked up as dependency11:04
SergeyChupliginTYes...i think it will be11:05
rinigusfor now, let me get it running on vbox, that should help with testing11:06
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rinigusbootloop logs at https://dpaste.org/JP72 and https://dpaste.org/ZYue13:56
rinigusideas and hands-on trying by someone else is welcome14:00
rinigustip - to see logs, make another VM and attach storage as an additional one to it as well. then, after nemo will crash just stop nemo vm, start the other VM and examine the logs via `journal --file  /...`14:02
rinigusmay require chroot though14:02
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pketoHello, we are about to retire merbot. So in case you find the channel logs usefull, you would need to find some other solution for that21:18
AndreaBernabeifacould you publish the config and all the needed files to run it so someone else could host it?21:22
pketoit is just supybot (called limnoria these days), quite easy to setup21:24
pketoand the logs are processed with irclog2html21:26
AndreaBernabeifaalright, if you think there's no custom bits needed... ;)21:34

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