Wednesday, 2014-10-01

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faenillocusf: hey10:41
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faenillbt: pign11:13
lbtpong faenil11:15
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faenillbt: can you help with ?11:15
faenilhow outdated is it? (the link to the VM is 404, for instance)11:16
lbtterribly outdated sadly11:16
faenilI'd like to help with the mer-nemo merge, but don't want to install linux11:16
lbtfor now I suggest using the sailfish SDK11:16
faenils/don't want/can't :P11:16
Stskeepsjust install ubuntu server11:17
faenilwhy server?11:17
Stskeepssmaller footprint11:17
Stskeepsyou don't need fancy ui11:17
lbthe means as a VM11:17
lbtthen inside there you can install mer-sdk as normal11:17
faenilmm alright11:18
Stskeepsi run that setup on my own vms11:18
lbtyep, it makes sense11:18
lbtfor something Stskeeps suggests...11:18
* lbt run11:18
locusfor configure the router to serve a tftp minimal ubuntu image, works too :)11:19
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faenilvm sounds more straighforward :D11:19
locusfyeah I meant for pxe installation :)11:20
faenilah ok :D11:20
* lbt has pxe for recovery now - a lot easier than bootable CD when most of my machines have no CD/DVD drive11:20
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lbtalthough the RIP distro is old and has no btrfs :(11:21
faenilcool, I've never used pxe11:21
locusfpxe + local mirrors == fast created VMs11:21
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locusfI remember doing a clean minimal CentOS vm in 4 minutes11:24
lbthah ... I pre-prepare an LVM volume with a clean install and then do a snapshot. takes about 10s from hitting return to a login prompt :)11:27
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Aardlbt: I used to use a read-only debian booted via pxe selecting per-workstation rw mounts via nfs (and some local disk for caching) at home11:30
lbtI've almost given up on nfs11:32
lbtit can't handle large files anymore - simply locks up11:33
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Aardfor what kind of large files, plus which version of nfs?11:38
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lbtvideo typically and nfsv411:41
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faenillbt: Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug14:59
faeniljust in case it makes any sense to report it15:00
faenilI think it's always been there though15:00
SK_workfaenil: well ... it has been reported X times on #sailifshos-porters15:02
SK_workso lbt should know it :)15:03
faenilStskeeps: so, I'm here, I've done
locusfnow you gotta just create the targets15:08
faenilyes, that's why I'm asking Stskeeps, not sure which target is most useful for what I have to do15:09
faenilor if there's any custom target, and stuff like that :)15:09
locusfI guess the nemo-x86 might work15:11
Stskeepsfaenil: sec..15:11
Stskeepsmer-nemo merge right?15:11
Stskeepsfirst off you'll want to dup your core after it has been made to use instead of whatever is in your mer-core.repo15:13
Stskeepsto get a accurate toolchain15:13
Stskeepswithin the sdk15:13
Stskeepsi need to go for half an hour (walking the kiddo)15:13
Stskeeps /etc/zypp/repos.d in sdk15:13
Stskeepszypper dist-upgrade or whichever15:14
faenilno problem, we'll think about it when you're back, I'll be working on p2p15:14
Stskeepsgood idea to start it now15:14
Stskeepsit'll take a bit15:14
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lbtfaenil: ty - I'm gonna have to fix that sometime ... at least I know what I'm getting into when I say "please report this bug"15:38
faenillbt: ahah :D15:40
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Stskeepsfaenil: how's it going15:52
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faenilStskeeps: dist-upgraded15:52
Stskeepsleave and enter the sdk15:53
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Stskeepsfaenil: mic cr fs -A i486 the .ks from
Stskeepsthat'll get you a target16:05
Stskeepssudo mic cr fs, naturally16:06
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faenilStskeeps: is this still ok to initialize the target?
Stskeepsi'll tell you how to initialize it :P16:56
Stskeepsyou need to zypper in cross-i486-gcc and cross-i486-binutils at least16:56
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Stskeepsalso sudo chown -R faenil the directorry16:59
Stskeepsfaenil: sb2-init -L --sysroot=/ -C --sysroot=/ -m sdk-build -n -N -t / mer-i486 /opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-gcc17:01
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faenilNo targets found, create some with sb2-init!17:02
faenilok anyway, it's setup, if we ignore that weird msg :)17:04
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faenilI think we're done, or aren't we?17:09
Stskeepsyes, curl -O , install it into /usr/bin , chmod +x it17:16
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Stskeepsok, noow you should be ready to look at _service file and try to build17:36
Stskeepsand git clone, etc17:36
Stskeepsmb2 -t mer-i486 build a17:37
Stskeepsand so on17:37
faenilStskeeps: _service files to do what?17:38
faenil(I remember they're for tar-git)17:38
faenilyou say just to know which repo to clone?17:40
Stskeepsif it says dumb you need another method17:40
Stskeepsit sucks when you have a encrypted system on a usb stick... and it's so encrypted you can't even find the damn stick17:55
AardStskeeps: I have one where I accidentally moved the intstructions on how to set it up into the container. and when I wanted to use it again half a year later I forget how17:56
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faenilStskeeps: lol18:05
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M4rtinKDocker! :D18:12
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ek_whats the status of nemo glacier?21:17
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tbrimpatient people21:49
stephgI'd have answered but (s)he went :/21:53
tbrif they don't wait long enough, they don't deserve/want an answer21:54
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stephganyway bedtime tbr, g'night22:04
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faenilaw, he left already, too bad22:39
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