Tuesday, 2014-05-27

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SK_workmorning locusf07:26
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locusfI wonder why the image provider I wrote doesn't work07:34
SK_worklocusf: link ?07:35
SK_workpastebin :) ?07:35
locusfSK_work: wait a moment, gotta open my computer07:35
SK_worklocusf: np07:35
locusfmy mouse and keyboard are not working, can't copy-paste the url to github :D07:39
locusfin chromium that is07:40
locusfIRC is fine07:40
locusfah now, it was javascript producing dialogs in a tab07:40
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locusfthe code for requestImage never gets called, instead I get an error that the image provider is registered for images but doesn't implement requestImage07:46
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SK_worklocusf: I guess I know07:50
SK_workone sec07:50
SK_worklocusf: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qquickimageprovider.html#imageType07:51
SK_workset the image type07:51
SK_workand it should work07:51
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locusfSK_work: I have, in the constructor07:51
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SK_worklocusf: missed it07:52
SK_worklocusf: ha, my first guess was good07:53
SK_workwrong signature07:53
SK_workvirtual QImage requestImage(QString &id, QSize *size, QSize &requestedSize); should be virtual QImage requestImage(QString &id, QSize *size, condt QSize &requestedSize);07:53
SK_workQImage QQuickImageProvider::requestImage(const QString & id, QSize * size, const QSize & requestedSize)07:53
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locusflemme test07:54
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faenilmoaaaaaaaning o/07:55
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locusfwohoo it worked!07:56
SK_workmorning faenil07:56
SK_worklocusf: :)07:56
locusfSK_work: thanks a ton :)07:56
SK_workfaenil: counting on you for this afternoon's meeting: about nemo docs07:56
SK_workplizze :)07:56
faenilahah of course...I started the battle about docs iirc, even if you wrote it on the agenda :p07:57
faenil(or I misremember, but anyway, you know I care about it ;) )07:57
locusfwe've got icons in glacier launcher now :)07:57
locusflemme clean up the commit first and then PR07:58
faenil\o/ ported mthemedaemon?07:58
locusffaenil: yes, the local version at least07:59
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faeniljust tell me the code you wrote, I won't review all the meego lib xD08:00
sledgeslocusf: great job! so we can get rid of qt-components?08:00
locusfsledges: yeah for good now08:01
locusffaenil: nemoimageprovider.{cpp,h}, qquicknemocontrolsextensionplugin.cpp08:02
faenillocusf, maybe get rid of the stuff we don't need?+08:02
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locusffaenil: yes08:02
locusfremotethemedaemon for instanced08:02
faenilI didn't know there was a protocol for theme handling via network in meego :/08:03
locusfoh yes, glacier theme is hardcoded as I didn't want to depend on mlite08:03
SK_workfaenil: I know you care about it :)08:03
SK_worklocusf: \o/08:03
SK_worklocusf: remotethemdaemon ? :O08:04
SK_worklocusf: faenil what does Jolla use as a theme daemon ?08:04
SK_workor maybe it's in silica ?08:04
faenilno idea, I guess the same08:04
locusfthe same but local, its in booster-silica08:04
faenilsince locusf said the paths are the same08:04
locusfI can see in journalctl08:04
SK_worklocusf: ok08:04
SK_workinteresting to know08:05
locusfyes jolla-ambient theme has index.theme just like glacier does08:05
SK_workjolla have something more in their image protocol08:05
SK_workyou can apply a sort of shader on it08:05
SK_workto change color08:05
SK_work(when press effect for example)08:05
locusfwe need to depend on manual hack for glacier icons to work on Jolla08:05
locusfoh nice08:05
SK_worklocusf: so I was wondering if this was already supported out of the box or if we have to either rewrite code or take Jolla's08:06
SK_workor don't have this feature :)08:06
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locusfSK_work: it would require for us to depend on Silica if we wanted to have icons08:07
SK_worklocusf: we can extract the code can't we ?08:08
SK_work(if the code is available, and I don't know about this)08:08
locusfSK_work: I don't know exactly, its probably in the depths of c++ which we don't have access to08:08
SK_workmy guess too08:08
SK_workthough we could ask08:08
SK_worklocusf: should I review themedaemon code ?08:09
SK_workor juste image provider?08:09
locusfSK_work: your call on this, I could still remove the remove daemon client and protocol files for good measure08:09
SK_worklocusf: LGTM in the provider side08:10
SK_workno time for daemon though08:10
SK_worklocusf: but since it's from Harmattan, I would guess that harmattan people did already reviewed it quite a bit :D08:10
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locusfyeah :)08:12
locusfok removed the protocol + remote client08:13
locusfsince we don't need those files at all08:13
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:23
SK_workhi dr_gogeta8608:25
dr_gogeta86hi SK_work08:25
dr_gogeta86how do you do08:25
SK_workquite well08:25
dr_gogeta86Have you find a way to measure battery drain when pandora is applied08:26
dr_gogeta86it seams my battery last less08:26
locusfSK_work: so I can merge?08:27
locusfor did faenil have something to say too?08:27
SK_worklocusf: please do08:27
SK_workwas waiting for faenil08:27
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SK_workbut LGTM08:27
locusfokay will wait for faenil too08:27
dr_gogeta86some exciting thing ?08:28
SK_workdr_gogeta86: icons for nemo launcher: ):):)08:29
dr_gogeta86can I see those ?08:30
dr_gogeta86are they http://play.qwazix.com/grog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/homescreen-search.png08:31
locusfcan finally close bug 71308:31
Merbot`Nemo bug 713 in Glacier UI "Icons not working in Glacier homescreen." [Major,Resolved: fixed] https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71308:31
locusfexactly 2 months to fix :)08:32
SK_worklocusf: :)08:32
dr_gogeta86I hope I can use nemo on n9 asap08:34
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coderusdr_gogeta86: you alking about lipstick-pandora?08:41
SK_workcoderus: not really, just nemo08:42
coderuswhat is pandora in nemo?08:42
SK_workcoderus: pandora do not exist in nemo08:43
SK_workthey are just talking nemo ui08:43
SK_workwith a new and nice homescreen08:44
SK_workpandora is only meaningful in sailfish08:44
dr_gogeta86coderus, yep08:45
dr_gogeta86i've found another bug in mitakulu08:45
dr_gogeta86you don't update statuses08:46
coderusSK_work: ah, okay :)08:47
SK_workdr_gogeta86: --> #sailfishos for this :P08:47
faenillocusf, added few comments08:51
faenilif there are other people who wish to review the code, feel free to do so ;)08:51
SK_workfaenil: replied :)08:53
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locusfI'm doing the thesis quiz09:00
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faenilwhat's a thesis quiz?09:00
SK_workfaenil: will you have your thesis ? [] yes [] no09:02
locusfits a stupid thing we gotta do in moodle in order to pass the seminar09:02
SK_workfaenil: hey, let's discuss here, not on twitter :)09:02
faenillocusf, I see09:03
locusfits for the instruction on writing a thesis09:03
locusfdamn hard quiz that is09:03
locusfI have read the instructions some times but I don't know the answers to half of these questions09:03
faenilyou have a quiz on how to write a thesis? :D09:04
faenilthat's interesting09:04
stephglocusf: go get a coffee/have a cigarette/insert poison here09:04
locusfstephg: not now, gotta pop this one first09:05
locusf4,2 of 1009:07
SK_worklocusf: you failed, try again09:07
locusfI can't that easily, gotta notify the teacher about this09:08
locusffaenil: pushed with license headers09:11
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locusfoh I can try the quiz again09:14
locusfsame questions so I at least have 4 correct :D09:15
locusfI don't know how many attempts I can go with lol09:15
locusfso its not just brute force09:15
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dr_gogeta86any n9 heros here ?10:41
SK_workdr_gogeta86: what happened ?10:42
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dr_gogeta86i got an old nemo on it10:42
dr_gogeta866 month10:43
dr_gogeta86more or less10:43
SK_workdr_gogeta86: yep ?10:43
SK_workand ?10:43
dr_gogeta86was one of the first sailfish incpeted for n910:43
dr_gogeta86i wanna a full nemomobile on it10:44
SK_workdr_gogeta86: woow10:44
SK_worknot easy10:44
SK_workdr_gogeta86: the best might to reinstall10:44
dr_gogeta86no problem10:44
dr_gogeta86at least10:45
dr_gogeta86to get a stable phone i'm a reboot away10:45
SK_workbut I don't know what the state of the last nemo image10:46
SK_worklocusf:  ?10:46
locusfits quite unstable now10:47
dr_gogeta86no problem10:47
dr_gogeta86I'm feeling good today10:48
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locusfthe qt-components apps don't run, which is he majoriy of apps riht now, not daily usable10:49
faenilhas it ever been daily usable? :D10:49
locusflast year :D10:50
dr_gogeta86faenil, let try10:53
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dr_gogeta86but meeting today ?14:53
faenilin 5 mins yeah14:53
SK_workdr_gogeta86: yeah14:53
faenilI'll be right back14:54
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dr_gogeta86chan ?14:54
SK_workdr_gogeta86: #mer-meeting14:54
SK_workas usual14:54
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sledgesPSA: community meeting in #mer-meeting15:01
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