Thursday, 2013-09-26

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faenileh...I THOUGHT adsl issues were gone... :/08:33
faenil2.6dB SNR margin downstream right now...08:34
faenilvery nice08:34
faenilthank god dear DG834 can keep up with long as it doesn't hit 1 or 0..08:34
Ali_faenil, maybe you're directly the right person to get rid of some questions...08:34
faenilask away08:35
Ali_I followed your tutorial to get a wayland VM image for i48608:35
Ali_better: I tried.08:35
Ali_I have one issue with the replacement of
faenilah great :)08:36
faenilwhich issue08:36
Ali_As I am behind a proxy, changing etc/hosts doesn't work...08:36
Ali_Any other idea how to get this working?08:36
faenilit's strange that there hasn't been an update to the sdk fixing that yet08:37
faenillbt, ^08:37
faenilAli_, it's an issue with mer sdk not updating correctly right?08:38
Ali_you mean: maybe it is fixed and I don't need the hosts entry anymore?08:38
faenilwell, have you tried without it? :D08:38
Ali_hm, honestly, no ;-)08:38
Ali_(strictly followed the wiki)08:38
Ali_I'll try it...08:38
faenilyeah I should move that to a "Troubleshooting" section08:39
faenillet me know if it works without it ;)08:39
faenilwait a moment though08:39
faenilzypper ar adds a meego repo again08:39
faenilI don't think I added that08:39
faenilmm yes I did08:41
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Ali_feanil, yes, at zypper ar ... mer-tools --> here I get problems08:42
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faenilAli_, write the output of "zypper repos -u" please08:42
Ali_Just a moment - reinstalling the SDK...08:44
faenilah ok08:45
faenilalso make sure you have it updated08:45
faenilsudo sdk-version --latest --go08:46
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Ali_faenil, result of "zypper repos -u" :
faenilslaine, ping08:50
slaineAgain, seriously08:50
faenilslaine, holy f*** XD I owe you a beer bro08:50
slaineseveral at this point ;)08:51
faenilyeah, yeah08:51
faenilthough you're always active aren't you :D08:51
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faenilAli_, mmm ok let me think08:52
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faenilAli_, zypper rr mer-tools09:02
faeniland zypper rr mer-tools-debuginfo09:02
faenilAli_, done?09:04
Ali_faenil, yes09:06
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faenilAli_, zypper ar mer-tools09:09
faenilAli_, zypper ar mer-tools-debuginfo09:09
faenildelete the final slash on packages09:09
Ali_in first command?09:10
faenilsorry :D09:10
Ali_now follow the documented steps?09:11
faenilnow zypper ref09:11
faenilthen paste the output of repos -u again09:11
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faenilAli_, ?09:21
sledgesfaenil, pong09:25
faenilsledges, I wanted to update submodule of qtquickcontrols to latest stable branch09:26
faenilthough I'm trying to compile it, and it doesn't compile...I think Qt we have in Mer isn't fresh enough :/09:26
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Ali_faenil, sorry, had to change settings beacuse of reinstallation of SDK (env_keep was missing...)09:27
Ali_here the output:
faenilAli_, zypper mr -d 609:28
sledgesfaenil, qtquickcontrols version is the same as qt's09:29
sledgesso they should match09:29
Ali_faenil, result is: Repository 'mer-tools-debuginfo' has been successfully disabled.09:29
faenilsledges, it seems we don't have this
faenilAli_, ok now you should be able to follow the guide09:30
faenilstarting from sudo zypper install syslinux-extlinux09:30
Ali_faenil, I'll try.09:31
Ali_Thanks so far :-)09:31
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sledgesfaenil, sure it's 5.1.1 version09:32
sledgeswe run 5.1.0 in mer:qt:devel09:33
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faenilsledges, yes, of course that's the problem09:37
faenilStskeeps, when is the switch to 5.1.1 planned for?09:37
Stskeepsmm, i've been prepping it09:37
faenilsledges, I'll comment out the call to phase() and see if it compiles/works09:47
faenilAli_, np, keep me updated ;)09:49
sledgesfaenil,thanks for sharing if you knew the problem ;)09:49
faenilerror: 'TextureCanUseAtlas' is not a member of 'QQuickWindow'09:49
faenilargh :D09:49
faenilI guess I have to go back to old controls09:51
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faeniluntil we get Qt 5.1.1 :(09:51
sledgeswhat's so newer?09:52
faenilrepo structure is different09:52
sledgeswe should be glad we have qqc at all (with 5.1.0)09:52
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sledges? again09:52
faenilyeah, they moved some private files and stuff like that09:52
sledgesand tizen guys rebased already?09:53
faenilthey don't need to rebase09:53
sledgesso what's the fuss?09:53
sledgesi.e. why are you so rushing09:53
faenilwe need it because I'm using original style files atm09:53
faenilwhile they have their own09:53
sledgescould you please explain more in detail?09:55
faenilyes, just a bit lazy :D09:56
faenilso, in QQC you either provide all the style files or you provide none09:56
faenilsince we don't have our own style files at the moment09:56
faenilI'm copying original ones, which we'll modify one by one09:57
faenilbut the new style files rely on the new controls, which rely on Qt5.1.109:57
sledgesso for now you will stick with 5.1.0 style files?09:57
sledgessad there is no inheritance09:58
faenilyep, where there is no Switch, no BusyIndicator09:58
sledgesoh well09:58
sledgeswe can leave switch and BI for last ;)09:58
sledgesand by that time 5.1.1 will be there :D09:58
faenilI was thinking about patching the original one to use a fallback style, in case the files of the choosen styles are not available09:59
faenilalso, there is
sledgeshaving fun then ;)10:01
faenileh...I wanted to avoid all that and starting from latest build, but as it's not possible..10:01
sledgesbut 5.1.1 doesn't offer style inheritance either :p10:03
sledgesthere will always be something nice in future versions..10:03
faenilyes, and I want everything! :P10:03
sledgesare you thinking of settling for 5.1.1 for the time being?10:03
sledgesas it saves switch and BI10:04
sledgesso looks convenient10:04
faenilwell, I'll go back to 5.1.010:04
sledgesthough one must weigh the effort10:04
sledgesi know, i mean for the future10:04
faenilah, don't know10:04
faenilthat's not a problem10:04
faeniljust update controls, I don't think they'll break nem ocomponents10:04
faenilif they do, we'll fix them10:05
sledgesanyway, sometimes (and quite often) it's not possible to avoid stuffs, just bite the bitter pill &)10:05
alteregoCould you not pull in the 5.1.1 BI and switch bits?10:17
alteregoI would have thought a Switch control at least would be quite a useful widget to have from the get go ;)10:18
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sledgesnow all hopes that it's easily backportable and/or easy to DIY10:28
* alterego wonders what's so specific about ti-omap3-sgx to warrant N9xx adaptation versioning.10:29
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sledgesalterego, N9-950 is OMAP3630, N900 is 343010:33
sledgesnot enough? :)10:34
alteregoThe SGX drivers work for both10:34
sledgesoh well :)10:34
alteregoThe actual version is "N9xx" so I'm guessing it works for all of them, and it should work for all OMAP3 devices, like beagleboard.10:35
alteregoBut meh :)10:35
sledgesisn't your statement an oxymoron? "wonders what's so -specific- about ti-omap3-sgx to -warrant- N9xx adaptation versioning"10:35
alteregoMy point is, it's specific to OMAP3, not N9xx Nokia hardware ;)10:36
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alteregoSo I'm just wondering why it has Adaptation.N9xx in the version string :)10:37
sledgesgot you10:37
dm8tbralterego: well, we can't be sure if Nokia used some custom spins of those SoCs10:37
dm8tbralso they have been known to put custom hacks in their software10:37
alteregodm8tbr: yeah, that makes sense.10:38
sledgeslet alone camera firmware closed blobs...10:38
alteregoI was wondering if it was some kind of memory mapping, or possible hardcoded display crap.10:38
dm8tbrthere is a pile of undocumented 'magic' in those SoCs10:38
alteregoI hope nVidia open up their stuff a bit more, read a mildly positive article about them the other day.10:39
dm8tbre.g. the camera interface probably goes through gpmc, but might use some undocumented functions10:40
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sledgeswhat's Jolla's GPU ?10:40
alteregoWell, nevermind :)10:40
sledgessome adren?..10:41
alteregoIt'll be whatever is in the Sanpdragon10:41
alteregoSo yeah, guessing Adreno10:42
alteregoWhich I've never heard of until now, but then I've never really looked at Qualcomm stuff before.10:42
sledgesand i'm (positively) surprised that not many people were put off by Jolla choosing QC10:43
sledgessince last AOSP main maintainer resignation due to QC being evil10:43
sledgesbut that's more #jollamobile topic :)10:44
alteregoWell, it wasn't exactly planned ;)10:44
sledgesQC is evil, but libhybris shows middle finger to them all :D10:44
sledgesand that's the good about choosing Snapdragon10:44
alteregoI wonder what chip it is they're using. Mention of Dual core 1.4Ghz But the only Dual core I see is 1.7Ghz (Snapdragon 400)10:45
alteregoMaybe they're using an older chip.10:45
sledgesif sailfish can run on N910:45
sledgeswhy didn't they go to the low end chip10:45
sledgesand invest money to LCD resolution instead....10:45
sledgesto keep the price at 399€10:46
alteregoI think Dual Core 1.4Ghz might be seen as being "low end" by modern smartphone standards.10:46
sledgesi think more people are now offput by the absence of 786p rather than thinking about cores10:46
alteregoWell, it's all a weighing up of volumes really. They have an idea or target of how many devices they want to initially ship and have to account for that costing.10:46
alteregoSure, the extra resolution would be nice, but on the other hand, I don't really care when we're talking about a device that fits in my pocket, I have a tablet for higher res.10:47
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile10:47
sledgesthat's your thinking, mine too10:47
sledgesbut most people around me go: "OMG I SEE PIXELS!!!" :D10:47
alteregoThey don't care about seeing them, they just care about the numbers on the box the phone comes in :P10:49
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile10:49
alteregoI'd imagine it's this rather mundane opinion that everything has to have a higher spec than an iPhone.10:49
faenilI don't think N9 cpu would be enough to keep up with sailfish decently10:50
alteregoI had an interesting coversation with my GF about how she's been institutionalized by Apple.10:50
alteregoShe thinks, because it's "too much effort to setup other services" and all her stuff is in iTunes/Cloud/Whatever, she can justify spending the money on buying a new iPhone, even though she's lost the past three in less than a year ..10:51
alteregoRather than get angry I just shrugged and said, "meh". :)10:52
sledgesfaenil, I'm talking about the number of people Jolla lost due to qHD10:52
alteregoShe seems to like the N9 I lent her though.10:52
faenilmmm zypper dup wants to install llvmpipe...10:52
faenilsledges, I think it would have lost more if sporting a single core CP10:52
sledgesbut they don't know that sailfish can run on slightly-less lower end chipset10:53
sledgesmeanwhile higher res -does- make visual difference when demoing it to the friends10:53
alteregoI think really, when it comes down to it, this is their first phone. You can't judge too heavily and I imagine most preorders are early adopters who are more passionate about what the company is doing, rather than the specs of the device.10:54
sledgesso im talking also about the looks when you have your jolla phone and spread the word10:54
faenildon't agree :)10:54
faenilyeah that is true10:54
faenilbut you have to get to that point first10:54
alteregoIn the future, I'm sure they'll be bringing out premium highend hardware to be more competitive with the major players.10:54
faeniland if you have single core, you probably won't even reach that point :P10:54
alteregoI think right now, I'd be slightly more paranoid about MS buying Nokia ...10:54
Ali_faenil, I'm back with rather bad news ;-/10:54
faenilAli_, awesome, I love bad news10:54
faenilbring it on10:55
Ali_the image doesn't work.10:55
Ali_got some info during mic10:55
faenillike what10:55
sledgesah, alterego you're not on #jollamobile :P we could continue there10:55
faenilsledges, did you ever try touch gallery of qqc on n950?10:55
sledgesfaenil, i havent got 950, and my n9 is under life support atm10:56
Ali_Any idea...?10:56
faenilAli_, there's a chance that can be ignored10:56
faenilwhat problem do you have when running the image?10:56
Ali_I see... nothing ;-)10:56
Ali_Grey background in VirtualBox10:56
faenilsledges, ok, so: qqc gallery shows portrait when phone is in landscape10:56
Ali_nothing happens...10:57
faenilas it doesn't have any kind of orientation support it seems :/10:57
faenilAli_, have you done the customVideoMode command?10:57
faenilcan you ssh to it?10:57
sledgesit's not tied in most probably, refer to nemo old qt5-qtcomponents src code10:57
faenilpeople are actively building vm images...10:58
sledgeserm, qt4 :))10:58
Ali_try it... just a minute...10:58
faenilsledges, well those don't have it either, they just have code for the first orientation detection10:58
faenilthis zypper dup problem has to be fixed11:02
faenillet's see what we can do11:02
alteregosledges: do you happen to know where the nemo wayland kickstart file is?11:14
faenil<faenil> jpnurmi, was wondering, is there any orientation handling in qqc, or planned?11:14
faenil<jpnurmi> faenil: nothing in place yet... i think the only work done in that area so far was tolszak's proof of concept11:14
alteregoAh, faenil yours is the latest?11:15
alteregoThanks :)11:15
faenilnp ;)11:15
sledgesfaenil, :{11:16
sledgesdidn't expect that :)11:17
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*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away11:40
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locusfwow what a backlog11:44
*** Ali_ has quit IRC11:44
locusfit appears that I can do some glacier work on my masters thesis11:47
locusfnow if we could also adjust the usability for the entire UX as a main design point too, that would be excellent11:48
*** Hurrian has joined #nemomobile11:49
Morpog_N9_____well content roller is adjusted for usability11:50
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile11:52
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*** Ali_ has joined #nemomobile12:07
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile12:11
faenillesson about to we go again12:12
faenilsledges anyway orientation code is small stuff12:17
faenilw00t do you have any input on that?12:17
sledgesthat's why i thought i'd be in12:17
faenilbut it depends whether we want it to still be client dependent..12:17
faeniland jolla may have done some steps that way12:18
faenil(client independent)12:18
sledgesis silica qqc?12:18
faenildon't think so12:19
faenildefinitely not, I'd say12:22
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC12:33
*** Ali_ has quit IRC12:39
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile12:39
*** Ali_ has joined #nemomobile12:40
Ali_Hey faenil, still motivated to solv my problem? :-P12:41
faenilI'm at uni, data mining lesson going on, but yeah ask away ;)12:42
faenildid you manage to ssh in?12:42
sledgesAli_, which version of .ks file did download and when, and when did you mic create the image ?12:42
Ali_When I created vdi file and created a VM, I see only grey screen of VBox12:43
Ali_No, ssh not possible12:43
faenilwhat's thw problem with ssh?12:43
Ali_that's the ks file.12:43
faenilhave you opened the port via vbox settings?12:44
Ali_ssh doesn't connect.12:44
sledgesAli_, you must tripple check it has your vm name in it 1:1: VBoxManage setextradata "YOUR_VM_NAME" CustomVideoMode1 "480x854x32"12:44
Ali_Added Route for NAT : 22 on guest is 3022 on host12:44
sledgesfaenil, he's stuck in the kernel most probably12:44
sledgesbootloader's grey screen so12:44
faenilport opened?12:45
Ali_sledges, i executed command several times (also with wrong VM name to get an error message... ;-))12:45
faenilsledges I already asked him about the videomode12:45
faenilhe said he did it12:45
sledgesok, I will rebuild it12:45
sledgesbecause it's 1:1 video mode error by symptoms12:45
sledgesbut I might have broken something12:45
sledgesvia pattern12:46
sledgesor there are new packages updates from mw/mer that break things12:46
faenilok thanks12:46
Ali_thanks also from me!112:46
faenilAli_ sorry the ks was updated by sledges yesterday, I haven't tested it yet12:47
Ali_no problem.12:47
sledgesthe .ks should be equiv, i tested its contents, anyway mic in progress12:48
faenilthough I agree with sledges, it looks like videomode error to me12:48
faenilsledges yeah I don't think the problem is in the ks12:48
Ali_found that in VM log - maybe it helps:12:49
Ali_00:00:03.487385 Guest Log: BIOS: Booting from Hard Disk... 00:00:03.560883 Display::handleDisplayResize(): uScreenId = 0, pvVRAM=0000000007be0000 w=640 h=480 bpp=24 cbLine=0x780, flags=0x1 00:00:04.075191 Guest Log: BIOS: KBD: unsupported int 16h function 0312:49
Ali_interesting: looks like VBOX command hasn't worked out, or?12:49
sledgesAli_, how to get that log)12:49
Ali_sledges,right-click onto vm in VBox Manager12:50
Ali_"Show in file system" (or something like that...)12:50
Ali_and there are the log files...12:51
sledgesok, checking them12:51
sledgesthat's right12:51
sledgesmine is:12:51
sledges00:00:07.186246 Display::handleDisplayResize(): uScreenId = 0, pvVRAM=00007f9efa7bb000 w=480 h=854 bpp=32 cbLine=0x780, flags=0x112:51
sledgeshow is your vm called?12:51
sledgesany other vms with too similar names?)12:51
Ali_That's the VM.12:52
faenileheeh videomode12:52
Ali_maybe the problem is that I'm connected remotely to vm.12:53
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC12:53
sledgesopen your .vbox file with editor Ali_12:54
sledgesand add       <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="480x854x32"/>12:54
sledgesbetween     <ExtraData>12:54
sledges    </ExtraData>12:54
sledges(create if they don't exist12:54
sledges(they are between <Machine> tags)12:54
Ali_sledges, faenil, the entry is already there12:56
* sledges gives up :{12:56
sledgesnever give up hehe, still launching own ks vm here..12:59
sledgesworks fine here :(13:01
Ali_sledges,faenil,I try it directly on machine anytime soon.13:01
Ali_Thanks so far for your help!13:02
Ali_I'll come back when it doesn't help ;-)13:02
sledgesdid you change any settings?13:02
sledgesi use vbox 4.2.1213:02
Ali_I sue 4.2.1813:04
sledgesgood luck then and hope for good news13:05
Ali_Hope so, too - thanks!13:05
faenilAli_ does sailfish emulator work for you?13:05
Ali_Haven't tried on VM...13:05
sledgesit is vm on itself13:05
Ali_will try that, too! That's a good idea.13:05
sledgesinstall sdk13:05
sledgesAli_, quick recap for a laugh while my mind is fresh13:06
sledges* mic create raw13:06
sledges* vboxmanage convert to vdi13:06
sledges* vbox: create new vm, linux 2.6, 768MB ram, nemo.vdi13:07
sledges* vboxmanage setcustomvideomode13:07
sledges* launch13:07
sledges* works :)13:07
sledges(arch is i486 ofc)13:07
*** xhaakon has quit IRC13:07
faenil \o/13:08
sledgesfaenil, you're a bit slow ;) 14:01 < sledges> works fine here :(13:08
sledgesjust checking with Ali_ if all was done and in right orde13:09
faenilI was just joking, following the steps ;)13:09
*** stephg has quit IRC13:10
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile13:14
*** Ali_ has quit IRC13:14
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:16
locusfsledges: nice13:20
faeniluseful :)13:20
sledgesit's built now i gather13:20
*** eebrah has quit IRC13:23
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:24
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile13:25
locusfyeah it sure is13:25
*** Guest67810 has joined #nemomobile13:27
sledgeshour ago ;)13:28
*** jreznik has quit IRC13:28
*** lizardo has quit IRC13:30
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile13:32
*** Guest67810 is now known as eebrah_13:33
faenillesson finished \o/ bbl13:41
*** faenil has quit IRC13:42
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC13:44
*** Aranel has quit IRC13:44
*** n9mx has quit IRC13:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile13:44
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC13:45
*** kimitake has joined #nemomobile13:45
*** giucam has joined #nemomobile13:46
Stskeepslo giucam13:46
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle13:46
giucami'm trying to get started on the developing workflow for nemo13:46
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile13:46
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake13:47
giucami'm used to desktop developing in linux, but this is quite different13:47
Morpog_N9_____stange, faenil is more active in here when he shouldn't be  :D13:47
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle13:47
giucamcan anyone guide me? say i wanted to fix a bug in, say, lipsticks13:47
giucami have the mersdk vm13:48
Morpog_N9_____sledges, sage, faenil, locusf ^13:48
locusfI got a remote lecture to watch bbl13:49
*** ericcc_ has joined #nemomobile13:49
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile13:49
sledgesgiucam, hello13:50
sledgesclone the lipstick git repo13:50
giucamok, in the host i guess?13:50
sledgesgiucam, I was not going to say "there are many different ways to do it", but now I see I must :D13:52
sledgeslinux is all about choice ;)13:52
*** ericcc has quit IRC13:52
*** arcean has quit IRC13:52
giucamhe :)13:52
sledgesI have experience only with Mer Platform SDK (non-VM)13:52
sledgesyou'll need to make that repo you just cloned13:53
sledgesaccessible under mersdk13:53
sledgesso in a VM, sorry ;)13:53
giucamwell, it already is, since i have my home shared with the vm13:53
sledgesnow have you got a target setup?13:53
sledges(under /srv/mer/targets/)13:54
sledgeswhich is?13:54
giucamok, wait. the vm setup guide told me to create that folder and add it as a shared folder for the vm, but i'm not even sure what a target is :)13:55
sledgesalso what device or VM do you actually have/want to run nemo ?13:55
sledgeslet's answer my last13:55
sledgesquestion first13:55
giucami have a x86 emulator13:56
*** Mirv has quit IRC13:56
SageMorpog_N9_____: find issue, make patch upload to github fork of components x and make pull request :)13:56
sledgeson virtualbox, running nemo image?13:56
giucamthat is, anotrher vm13:56
sledgesfirst things first, what do you want to play with? Nemo or Sailfish?13:57
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile13:58
giucamwell, sailfish actually13:58
*** jpetrell has quit IRC13:58
sledgesso here's a channel for you: #sailfishos ;)13:59
sledgesand i see you have sailfish SDK installed13:59
sledgesit has QtCreator13:59
sledgesyou can import lipstick there, build, compile, execute and debug13:59
sledgesfind bug,  make patch upload to github fork of components x and make pull request :)14:00
sledges( Sage, giggles )14:00
giucamsledges: ok, wait. let's rewind a bit. :)14:01
giucamlet's leave sailfish out, sorry14:01
giucamso, is there a nemo vm emulator?14:02
sledgesinstructions here how to build it yourself:
Sagesledges: what? :)14:03
giucamok, thank. i'll be back :)14:03
sledgesSage, i quoted you just a line above14:03
sledgesgiucam, not at all :)14:03
giucamuh? not at all what?14:04
sledgesnot at all = you're welcome14:04
sledges(di niente ;))14:04
giucamah :)14:04
giucamyou're italian?14:05
sledgesi speak some14:05
sledgesawesome language :)14:05
* sledges afk talk later14:06
*** jpetersen__ has joined #nemomobile14:09
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC14:10
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:12
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile14:12
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile14:13
jmlichare there prebuild wayland images?14:14
sledgesfor n9-950 yes14:14
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile14:18
alteregosledges: what's your definition of AFK? :P14:18
sledgessince I finally googled what it means only recently, until then i had many interpretations :D14:21
sledgeswhich had nothing to do with its actual meaning14:21
alteregogit commit -s -a14:22
alteregoOh, whoops14:22
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:23
sledgesgood, I like that command :D14:23
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile14:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile14:29
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:30
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile14:31
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:42
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile14:42
*** WWDrakey has quit IRC14:45
*** WWDrakey has joined #nemomobile14:49
*** danielcbit has quit IRC14:50
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:51
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile14:52
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile14:53
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile14:58
faenilw00t, ping14:59
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:00
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile15:06
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:08
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:15
giucamboy, the wayland vm image does look ugly ;)15:25
sledgeswelcome to the dev world ;P15:26
faenilwork on homescreen is stopped until we get components done ;)15:26
sledgeswhich mesn yes, we need a lot of help :)15:26
faenilindeed :)15:26
sledgesgiucam, have you heard about Glacier ?15:26
faenilgiucam, mind joining the dev?15:26
giucamsledges: i know i read that name somewhere but no, i don't know what it is. too much new information in too little time :)15:27
giucamfaenil: well, i'm trying to get into it :)15:27
faenilgreat :)15:28
sledgesgiucam, i think you'll like it, it's future nemo UI we're working on:
sledgesthat's why wayland image is work-in-progress15:28
giucammmh, looks cool15:29
sledgesso hop aboard and let's make it happen ;)15:30
giucami'm not a ui designer though, i'd rather work on the underlying parts :)15:30
*** kostaja has quit IRC15:30
sledgeswe already got designers15:30
faenilno designer available here atm :D15:31
sledgesand need people who'd rather work on the underlying parts :D15:31
locusflol :D15:31
sledgeslol faenil :D15:31
faenilStskeeps, you available?15:31
*** kostaja has joined #nemomobile15:33
*** kostaja1 has joined #nemomobile15:33
*** Ali__ has joined #nemomobile15:34
alteregoHow many coders do you have working on it?15:34
sledgesfaenil, locusf, me15:34
sledgesw00t and Sage helping out15:34
alteregoMore than enough :P15:34
*** kostaja has quit IRC15:34
*** kostaja1 has quit IRC15:34
sledges:D in 3 years time maybe15:35
Ali__faenil, sledges, I wanted to say THANKS again, my nemo vm is starting now!15:35
sledgesask if they are full time workers :D15:35
faenil\o/ what was it?15:35
Ali__I don't really now.15:35
alteregosledges: I'm presuming you all are :P15:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile15:35
faenilgreat, that's what I wanted to hear :)15:35
sledgesalterego, i wish :))15:35
Ali__read the .vbox file of sailfish vm and created again.15:35
alteregoI can't help but notice there's no Dialer app15:36
Ali__now, it starts. SSHing is possible.15:36
sledgesok Ali__ , maybe some disk space/download/corruption/checksum issues15:36
alteregoIS this for tablet only? :P15:36
sledgesalterego, voicecall-ui15:36
alteregosledges: I know, I wrote it, I mean in the UX mockup15:36
sledgesmight need manual launching/bit-of-fixing15:36
alteregoFor Glacier.15:36
Ali__sledges, maybe, maybe also some settings messed up... Don't know15:36
sledgesalterego, got you :D15:36
faenilalterego, components specs are incomplete as well....little by little, as graphics guys have some spare time15:37
alteregoYeah, I would help, but I'm working on my own UI toolkit aswell in my spare time :(15:37
faeniloh, your own :)15:37
alteregoNot QML :P15:38
alteregoI'll wait for you guys to finish yours, then I'll just hack it to work with my stuff :P15:38
sledgessly ;P15:38
alteregoI'm working with HTML at the moment and QML, but the QML stuff hasn't really begun and I don't want to develop my own widgets :P15:39
alteregoAnd the HTML/JS stuff is more useful for my purposes anyway.15:39
sledgesalterego, not in the open? ;P15:39
alteregoIt will be.15:39
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:39
alteregoIt's just not mature enough yet.15:39
Ali__May I throw the next questions into the round :-)?15:40
Ali__How to start up already ported apps on nemoWayland?15:40
Ali__I can see boot screen, can ssh. Some tip how to get further?15:40
alteregoChinese, Pizza or Curry ... Hrm ..15:40
sledgesalterego, italian!15:40
sledgesAli__, can you not see the homescreen?15:41
alteregoAli__: I would help, but I've never really used VM15:41
Ali__no, no homescreen so far.15:41
sledgesAli__, no good15:41
sledgesit has to be there15:41
Ali__alterego, that's true for me, too ;-)15:41
sledgesso you're stuck on blue nemo bootscreen?15:41
sledgesin portrait15:42
Ali__it's portrait, with stripes15:42
Ali__white strpies.15:42
sledgesnot good15:42
faenilwtf xD15:42
Ali__there's also some text: piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.....15:42
sledgesthat's ok15:42
sledgestype journalctl15:43
Ali__that's the same as in sailfish emulator15:43
sledgesin ssh15:43
sledgessystemctl | grep -i fail15:43
sledgesbut even if sailfish emulator has white stripes and no homescreen, you're in trouble buddy15:44
sledgeswhat host are you using?15:44
Ali__sledges, no result15:44
Ali__sailfish has homescreen.15:44
sledgesand how 'remotely' are you connecting to those VMs?15:44
Ali__there are no stripes ;-)15:44
Ali__sailfish emulator works fine.15:44
Ali__Therefore, Nemo should work, too, I would suppose... ;-)15:45
sledgesi get you now15:45
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile15:46
*** araujo has quit IRC15:46
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile15:46
sledgesAli__, i'd rather re-create everything from zero15:46
sledgesincluding image generation15:46
sledgesas i said, today i rebuilt the image, all works on vbox 4.2.1215:46
sledgesso you can try another machine as well..15:47
Ali__OK, so I'll do it once again15:47
sledgesphysical, not remote15:47
sledgesAli__, have you rebuilt it once already?15:47
Ali__yeah, I did. Got some updates.15:47
*** slaine has quit IRC15:47
sledgeswhat is your host configuration?15:48
Ali__Is there any service like for pics?15:48
sledgesalso Ali__ try nemo-vm->Settings->Processor->Enable ~PAE instructions15:49
Ali__here's a screenshot of vm:
Ali__no, wrong url... ;-)15:49
Ali__I don't wanna waste time. I'll rebuild everything.15:50
Ali__Maybe that works again a little step... ;-)15:51
locusfhmm its stuck at plymouth so lipstick hasn't initialized properly15:51
locusfmight just be a bad build with recent mer qt version15:51
sledgeslocusf, and that would be matter of hours15:51
sledgesi rebuilt my vm mic image at 2pm UTC15:52
Ali__mine maybe at 4pm UTC15:52
Ali__wrong, 3 pm UTC15:52
giucammine half an hour ago and it works :)15:53
Ali__ok, so I buld again.15:53
sledgesgiucam, thanks that's most valuable15:53
locusfAli__: I have a prebuilt vm bttw15:53
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:53
Ali__locusf,Haven't found any link/URL for prebuilt VMs...15:54
locusfAli__: sure, I know, this under the counter image :)15:54
locusfAli__: sha1sum 47405dc61786cc8d6ed3d727af4fd0f1a1d69a04  Dropbox/nemoWayland.vdi15:56
*** topro has quit IRC15:57
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile15:58
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:03
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile16:09
Ali__HUHUUUU! A new build is like a new life. Halleluja! It's working.16:10
locusfnice :)16:12
sledgesis not the latest build though ;)16:12
sledgesno idea what went wrong :D16:12
sledgesbut who cares now :))16:12
Ali__What's working now is my latest build... so, should be latest at all, no?16:13
Ali__I have built it 10 minutes ago16:13
sledgesAli__, not the .vdi you dowloaded16:13
sledgesa ok16:13
sledgesthen all clear :D16:13
sledgeskeep calm and carry on ;))16:14
locusfah :D16:14
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:15
*** faenil has quit IRC16:15
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile16:20
*** Ali__ has quit IRC16:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:21
*** pvilja has left #nemomobile16:21
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:28
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:33
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile16:33
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:36
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:39
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC16:41
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile16:45
*** panda84kde has quit IRC16:45
*** arcean_ has quit IRC16:49
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile16:51
*** faenil has quit IRC16:51
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil16:52
*** Morpog_N9_____ has quit IRC16:52
*** Morpog_N9_____ has joined #nemomobile16:52
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC17:04
*** faenil has quit IRC17:06
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile17:06
faenil_qwazix, ping17:06
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:10
*** faenil_ has quit IRC17:13
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile17:14
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile17:15
faenilqwazix, ping17:15
faenilsledges, locusf do you know more about the "u" unit?17:16
faenilfor components17:16
faenilas in, did anyone decide how to implement it?17:16
locusfI've interpreted it as px in the keyboard and I know I'm wrong17:17
locusfthe u unit is defined here
faenilyeah I read that17:17
locusfah ok17:18
*** sp3001 has joined #nemomobile17:20
locusf There are two ways to do this: either patch Qt <- did you do this already :) ?17:21
*** sp3001 has quit IRC17:21
faenilnope :P17:21
faenilI guess a js import will do17:21
*** sp3000 has quit IRC17:23
*** norayr has quit IRC17:23
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile17:23
*** sp3000 has joined #nemomobile17:24
faenildon't know if qwazix already had an idea about how to ship it17:28
faeniloh... giucam you there?17:28
faenilalso, how are we supposed to recognize single devices? from their model name?17:35
faenilthat u value is supposed to be device dependent..17:35
faenilwe either ship is as an env var with the device specific config package, which is probably the easiest (and best?) solution17:36
faenilor we set the constant once when the app starts, but then we have to read the device name, and act accordingly17:37
faenilboth not difficult, we just have to decide which one to go with17:37
faenilqwazix, Hurrian Morpog_Mobile locusf sledges ^17:37
locusfI'd go with runtime17:39
faenilas in?17:44
locusfthe latter solution17:44
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:45
*** faenil has quit IRC17:46
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile17:47
*** rcg has quit IRC17:48
faenillocusf, I'd vote the env var instead17:52
faenilactually, a cpp onleliner which reads the env var and exposes it to qml17:52
*** martyone has quit IRC17:54
locusffaenil: ok17:55
faenilI'll wait for some more opinions on this17:55
faenillocusf, did you have any news about the font issue? i.e. Qt not selecting the right font17:56
faenilStskeeps, w00t ^17:56
locusffaenil: ?17:56
locusfI didn't know there was an issue17:56
faenilremember, we have to delete all fonts for it to switch to opensans17:56
faenilcome on, you did :D17:56
locusfah yeah :D17:57
locusfno news17:57
faenilmm ok17:57
faenilwant to volunteer? :D17:57
locusfI don't even know where to start :D17:58
locusfbut sure I can take a look17:58
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile17:59
faenilqwazix, what if the dev chooses another size for the button? how to handle the disabled image overlay?18:02
faenilwe can't just stretch it, but BorderImage won't work in our case18:02
faenilalso, what is the background color for pages?18:06
qwazixfaenil, on mobile with battery dying any minute, but the didabled overlay is tileable18:09
faenilyes, but tileable is different from BorderImage18:10
faenildo you want to use clipping?18:10
faenilqwazix, anyway no problem, we'll talk when you have some time ;)18:10
qwazix? No borderimage for the button.18:10
faenillet's say Button is 300 instead of the default 24018:10
faenilah, I'm just talking bs, nevermind...18:11
* faenil facepalms18:11
qwazixscratch that. Probably we would use borderimage but with 0 width borders18:11
faenilwell, no reason to use it without borders? :D18:11
faeniljust image with tile mode will do?18:11
qwazixYes, I wasn't sure image had tilemode18:12
qwazixBackground color is #00018:13
faenilqwazix, fillMode: Image.Tile18:13
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:13
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC18:20
faenilZogG_laptop, sup18:20
ZogG_laptopsup sup18:20
faenilhave jolla guys been swallowed by a tornado today? :D18:23
*** kostaja has joined #nemomobile18:33
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you mean irc or at all?18:34
*** Morpog_N9_____ has quit IRC18:34
*** Morpog_N9______ has joined #nemomobile18:34
*** Morpog_N9______ has quit IRC18:34
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:34
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC18:35
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:35
Stskeepsfaenil: got family visitibg18:36
sledgesid like to hear more on the u unit too18:36
sledgesbut that is the same answer to a question - are we already supporting other form factors?18:36
sledgesor just put up with hardcoded N9 res (as maliit does atm)18:36
sledgesfor the time being18:37
faenilsledges, why doing things we know we will have to rewrite?18:37
faenilit's not a big change18:37
faenilwe just have to decide how to ship that constant factor :918:37
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC18:37
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:37
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC18:37
sledgesand then what will happen with images?18:37
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:38
sledgeswe brainstormed we ship SVGs and rescale them on-device18:38
sledgesto PNGs18:38
sledgesduring install18:38
sledgesbut that was just speculations, no proof-of-concepts either18:38
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC18:38
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:38
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:38
sledgesso for now 1 u = 1 px, and we`ll worry about it later ;) just have env var is all what you want faenil for time being?18:39
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC18:39
faenilwell, we can add support for U now18:39
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile18:39
faeniland images later18:39
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: you work from home or moved to fi btw?18:40
ZogG_laptopu as a letter u?18:41
ZogG_laptopwhat's wrong with it?18:41
faenilZogG_laptop, and about the other question, he works from home18:42
StskeepsZogG_laptop: home18:42
sledgesStskeeps, you reply detailedness supposes a certain stage reached already:
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile18:45
ZogG_laptopfaenil: can i be sarcastic?18:46
faenilZogG_laptop, you're free18:46
*** mikhas has quit IRC18:47
sledgesas in free speech18:47
ZogG_laptopbut why did you take 1280X720p as standard :)18:47
ZogG_laptopbut actuallly it is interesting point18:48
ZogG_laptophow does multi-resolution supports work18:49
faenilZogG_laptop, standard?18:49
ZogG_laptopnot resolution18:49
ZogG_laptopbut screen size18:49
faenilit's not my blog ;) qwazix is the author18:49
ZogG_laptopthrowing responsabilities :)18:53
Stskeepssledges: yes its like that18:53
ZogG_laptopfaenil: did you finish studies already?18:53
faenilhe's one of the graphics designers for glacier ;)18:53
faenilZogG_laptop, nope18:53
ZogG_laptopi yeah i know18:53
ZogG_laptopi'm not active member but i do follow18:54
ZogG_laptopi'm sneaky ninja :)18:55
*** DrCode has quit IRC18:55
giucamfaenil: i'm now :)18:56
faenilgiucam, hey :) there's an issue with fonts18:56
giucamhey, don't run too fast. i've yet to finish setting all up ;)18:57
*** DrCode has joined #nemomobile18:58
faenilahaha :D18:59
faenilanyway, Qt ignores our requests re fonts19:00
faenilthere must be some issue19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
faenilbbl, 4th anniversary today, out with gf :)19:02
*** zbenjamin_ has joined #nemomobile19:02
qwazixFaenil, happy anniv.19:02
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC19:02
faenilqwazix, thanks :)19:03
qwazixBtw we should do a function u(x) {return x} for now19:03
qwazixAnd then do as we like with units without having to rewrite anything19:04
qwazix(except if you have a better idea)19:04
*** sledges has quit IRC19:10
qwazixAnd ZogG, we did take N9 /50 as a standard as it is our (only) development platform right now19:10
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile19:10
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile19:17
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:19
giucamok, i've followed through the end19:20
giucamtomorrow i'll try to make the first bugfix :)19:21
locusfgood :)19:22
locusfcloning qtbase19:23
Morpog_PClocuf you were not wrong, on N9 (854x480) 1u = 1px19:24
locusfMorpog_PC: oh ok19:24
Morpog_PCN9 is our reference19:25
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:28
locusfhmm I really need to build waylandsink, it would be nice to have video recording functionality on the device itself19:29
*** eebrah_ is now known as eebrah19:30
*** araujo has quit IRC19:31
locusfah sledges isn't here19:34
giucamwhat's waylandsink? a gstreamer plugin?19:35
locusfgiucam: yes19:35
giucamhmmm... how can it read the wayland screen?19:36
Morpog_PChmm no real fast microSDHC cards available.... there goes my dream of easily flashable nemo on Jolla device :(19:36
Morpog_PCoops I was wrong, I watched microsdxc19:37
Morpog_PCsomething like that should do it:
*** alien_ has joined #nemomobile19:38
*** faenil has quit IRC19:40
locusfgiucam: lemme find the sources19:41
locusfI got it compiled \o/19:43
giucamah, but it plays, it doesn't record19:43
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile19:44
giucamthere's also mpv which has a wayland output19:45
locusfit doesn't?19:47
*** zbenjamin_ is now known as zbenjamin19:48
giucamno: /* The waylandsink is creating its own window and render the decoded video frames to that.*/ :)19:48
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC19:48
*** zbenjamin has joined #nemomobile19:48
giucama wayland client cannot access the screen output, that's what sounded strange to me19:48
ZogG_laptoparaujo: hello ther gentoo dev :)19:48
giucamonly the compositor, or a trusted client, can do video recording19:48
giucama trusted client can do it via a private protocol, and it must be executed by the compositor19:49
locusfhmm ok19:50
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:51
ZogG_laptopis there builtin shortcuts to make screenshots?19:53
locusfZogG_laptop: on wayland yes, but not until todays build19:54
ZogG_laptopi have half screen app and half screen the screen with open apps19:54
ZogG_laptopthe funny thing that both are active19:55
locusfit can happen :)19:55
ZogG_laptopfingerterm is working?19:55
ZogG_laptopi have one of your builds19:55
ZogG_laptopwant to update to last one19:55
locusfhmm I don't have time to bake one & upload one now :/19:56
locusfhmm unless my internet speed got faster19:56
ZogG_laptopdon't need one if i have term19:56
locusfyou mean zypper upgrading?19:57
ZogG_laptopbut finger term is not working apperantly19:57
locusfit should19:57
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:57
*** Morpog_N9_______ has quit IRC19:59
*** Morpog_N9_______ has joined #nemomobile19:59
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ZogG_laptoplocusf: it doesn't :(20:02
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC20:03
locusfok, bummer20:03
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile20:03
ZogG_laptopi on't think it wrked first boot either20:03
ZogG_laptopnext image then :)20:06
locusfok :)20:08
ZogG_laptopbtw the shutdown logo is much nicer than bootup image20:08
locusfcool :)20:09
*** zhost has quit IRC20:15
*** asterismo has quit IRC20:22
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*** drachensun has joined #nemomobile21:03
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile21:11
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:12
*** araujo has quit IRC21:15
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile21:16
zbenjaminis there some documentation on how to build my own images?21:17
*** tg has quit IRC21:17
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile21:18
sledgeslocusf, waylandsrc ;)21:20
*** tg has joined #nemomobile21:20
sledgeszbenjamin, google for kickstarter (.ks)21:21
sledgesand the do mic -h21:21
sledgeson mersdk21:21
sledgesthen you csn build any image21:21
sledgesir did you have a particular img in mind? ;)21:21
zbenjaminwell a image for my n9 , i wanna see if i can contribute, therefore i need a way to hack on it ;)21:22
*** alien_ has quit IRC21:26
sledgeszbenjamin, there is a wiki article on that21:49
*** martyone has quit IRC21:49
sledgessearch for qt5 wayland n95021:49
sledgesi think21:49
sledgeson mobile now :)21:49
zbenjaminthe n9 and the n950 is the same except for the keyboard?21:50
ZogG_laptopnot so sure21:50
ZogG_laptopzbenjamin: which one you have?21:50
zbenjaminth1 blue 16gb version21:51
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile21:51
ZogG_laptopyou can check locusf's twitter (same nick there) he shared links for imgs21:51
ZogG_laptopso you have n921:51
faenilzbenjamin, yes it is the same ;)21:57
ZogG_laptopfaenil: to the rescue21:57
faenil:) just back21:57
ZogG_laptophow was it?21:57
zbenjamingood to know ... ;21:57
ZogG_laptopfaenil: are you living with her?21:58
faenilzbenjamin, also, I wrote this ;)
zbenjaminaaa great!21:58
faenilZogG_laptop, nope, but she usually sleep in my room21:58
ZogG_laptopyou leave with folks or renting?21:59
faenilZogG_laptop, great, great :) we have a trusted pizza place and we usually go there for this kind of occasions :)21:59
ZogG_laptopi'm gonna move in with my in few weeks21:59
faenilZogG_laptop, I live with other guys, I pay for a room21:59
faenilZogG_laptop, ohh, good luck! :)21:59
ZogG_laptopi'm living with my friend from army21:59
faenilah :)22:00
ZogG_laptopas much as i'm in in TLV was living with him except one year22:00
ZogG_laptopnow it's time to move on22:00
ZogG_laptopbut she hates computers and when i sit in front of them and twitter on my phone :)22:00
faenillet's try again, w00t ping22:00
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC22:00
ZogG_laptophope it would pass as we'll live otgether22:00
faenilZogG_laptop, ahahha I can understand :D22:00
ZogG_laptopotherwise i would need to sneak at night for internets22:01
faenilahah :)22:01
zbenjaminfaenil: and if i want to hack on the system itself? is there some documentation on how to build a system image?22:03
faenilzbenjamin, what do you mean?22:04
zbenjaminor is this for building a system image?22:04
faeniltell me what you need and what you think the guide is for ;)22:04
faeniland I'll try to explain :)22:04
zbenjaminwell lets say i want to improve the app booster deamon, i need to be able to somehow put my changed version into the system ...22:05
zbenjaminwait ... i guess the system is rootet so i can just copy my binary on to it22:05
faenilyep ;)22:05
zbenjaminman sometimes i think so complicated ....22:06
faenilso build nemo wayland image flash, flash it on device, and then copy modified stuff to device,or install new modified packages, or whatever :)22:06
zbenjaminok sounds good to me22:06
zbenjaminthank you for your help22:06
faenilI usually copy modified package over, as there is a nice script which builds and packages22:07
faenilso you get rpm :)22:07
faenilnp, I'm here to help :) and we need lots of help as well :D22:07
zbenjamin;) now my n9 just needs to survive flashing it22:08
zbenjaminmaybe some dual boot setup would be a good idea22:08
faenilI currently have triple boot :)22:08
faenilusing ubiboot22:08
ZogG_laptopzbenjamin: there is wiki for dual-boot howto22:09
zbenjaminZogG_laptop: yeah saw that one already22:09
ZogG_laptopfaenil: what is 3rd one btw?22:09
zbenjaminfaenil: the nokia image, nemo and?22:09
ZogG_laptopi bet nitdroid22:09
faenilZogG_laptop, nitdroid, I needed it to reverse an android app22:09
ZogG_laptopfaenil: :P22:09
zbenjaminfaenil: is it whatsapp? ;)22:09
ZogG_laptopi had funtoo before nemo22:09
faenilnope, my carrier app :)22:10
ZogG_laptopbut as i'm too noob i didnt figure out how to make display wor22:10
faenilZogG_laptop, oh :) well, we're all noobs here :) at least I am ;P22:10
ZogG_laptopfaenil: so you re-wrote carrier app? hmm. interesting idea22:10
faenilZogG_laptop, well, it's one of my projects, as they only published theirs for Android/iOS22:11
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i booted there but as display doesn't refresh by itself i had no «eyes» :)22:11
faenilah...yeah, it's quite tricky on n922:11
ZogG_laptopfaenil: if you can assist me there btw i would be gladful22:12
faenilI don't know how it works in details22:12
faenilI don't think I'm the right guy, I don't have deep linux knowledge (yet )22:12
*** lpotter has quit IRC22:13
faenilbut remember "fb_update_mode doupdate"22:13
ZogG_laptopi made some loop shell script22:13
faenilthat's what is used to update the screen in Nemo when something in the graphics stack doesn't work22:13
ZogG_laptopbut as openrc is not p"parallel" by default it showed it for some time and than went on without display :)22:14
faenilah :)22:14
ZogG_laptopwhat do you mean doen't work?22:14
ZogG_laptopyou mean before something else takes responsibilit to update22:14
faenillike when we were porting wayland to n9/n950  :)22:15
ZogG_laptopand what is this something else?22:15
faenilno I mean when the graphics driver misbehaves22:15
faenilor there are graphics issues22:15
faenilwhich, for whatever reason, end up not updating the screen22:15
zbenjaminfaenil: you have no deep linux knowledge but you port wayland to the n9 ???;)22:15
faenilthen I usually force refresh with that command22:15
faenilzbenjamin, I didn't port it ;) I just played with it while other people were porting it ;)22:16
zbenjaminah ic ;)22:16
ZogG_laptopfaenil: better than plying wth yourself :P22:16
faenilanyway good night people ;)22:17
faenilzbenjamin, if you need help tomorrow just ask away ;)22:17
zbenjaminfaenil: yeah thank you .. good night22:17
ZogG_laptopnight everyone22:19
* zbenjamin should catch some sleep too22:21
sledgesgood idea22:28
*** giucam has quit IRC22:29
*** faenil has quit IRC22:30
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:32
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile22:42
*** asterismo has quit IRC22:56
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile23:04
*** sledges has quit IRC23:04
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