Wednesday, 2019-11-13

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szopindoes anyone know if something changed with sensor readings in 3.2.0?12:27
szopinthere's a ton of updates listed for sensorfw and pedoMeter app is now counting a lot less steps than it used to12:27
szopinat least on a jolla C12:30
spiiroinmal: do you recall ^ sensor changes?13:02
malthere shouldn't be changes related to that15:13
szopinwow our silica client is useless16:13
szopinchecking now on mer logs and all i said is just gone with not a peep from the client wtf16:13
szopinand no irrsi in pkcon or openrepos :(16:16
szopinok, lets see if irssi fares better17:23
szopinmal: any idea how to troubleshoot an app that now gives more or less 1/3 steps from 3.1.0 and what could be the culprit?17:45
malnot sure what you mean, but I can't help right now, need to go offline17:47
szopindon't think jolla C has step counter so must be something with accelerometer17:47
szopinno worries, cya around17:47
szopinweird irssi's not available in OR but so far seems to work flawlessly17:54
szopinis there an easy/quick way from git clone/make to rpm? irssi compiles nicely, not sure if you can utilize make install to generate the file list for spec file of the rpm18:49
szopinok, tested on restarted device and again got 1/3 of steps (160 vs actual 500), something is changed with the sensors (or keepalive 1.2 vs 1.0, but doubt it, 3.2 does force the use of keepalive 1.2 though so maybe somehow *shrug*)19:40
szopinis hybris-libsensorfw-qt5-binder open, it seems to have the most changes in 3.2.0 but can't find it's git19:59
szopinoh it's a new thing (packages added section), hopefully gets added to public git20:04
szopinnice, seems to work22:54

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