Monday, 2019-09-09

TauPanHi folks! Because I didn't like to use the ancient tmux version from mer-tools, I updated it a bit: . Works fine on my Gemini PDA.07:34
TauPan(I didn't test anything else and I didn't really know which other build target might make sense here.)07:35
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ mid bootup blank due to true/false -> unknown/true/false refactoring hiccup09:10
*** llornkcor is now known as lpotter10:04
NeoChapaylbt: webhooks broken again14:14
NeoChapaylbt: logs not availble again14:15
AMDmi3what's the actual repository url for the mer project? I see almost all packages gone from
AMDmi3, rather14:21
NeoChapayAMDmi3: you can use my version of mer
AMDmi3I'd prefer official version closest to the source14:25
TauPan(I'd prefer NeoChapay's version... ;D )14:51

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