Tuesday, 2019-09-03

birdzhangi486 target on obs broken?03:47
birdzhangsame error: systemd-tmpfiles[1460]: [/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/journal-nocow.conf:26] Failed to replace specifiers: /var/log/journal/%m03:51
malbirdzhang: yes, i486 target is broken08:02
birdzhangokay, just to confirm it08:03
AMDmi3hi; what's the actual repository url for the mer project? I see almost all packages gone from http://repo.merproject.org/obs/mer:/core/latest_aarch64/src/14:20
UmeaboyHi! I want to reset my password and if I type my emailadress to get the email I get a message saying: "A token for changing your password has been emailed to hamnisdude@gmail.com. Follow the instructions in that email to change your password."17:08
UmeaboyI checked both my Inbox and Junk and I can't see the email.17:08

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