Thursday, 2019-06-27

Eighth_Doctorlbt: ping04:10
Eighth_Doctorhas anyone heard from lbt recently?10:09
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: Probably in holidays.11:29
Eighth_Doctorare there any jolla people around?11:30
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: sledges should be around.11:30
maljust ask your question12:14
Eighth_DoctorI've been trying to get the DNF stack to build on Sailfish OS, but something seems to be broken with gpgme12:45
Eighth_Doctorit's causing link failures with librepo into libdnf12:45
bionade24Eighth: I think no one can help you much with this, as this isn't supported. Why do you need dnf on SFOS?13:02
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: If you want to use a package from fedora's repos, it will probably break due to the old libs on SFOS. When you can't find a lib in OpenRepos, it's smart to sarch trough the merproject OBS before compiling it yourself. They are often packed libs which never got shipped.13:19
abransonGpgme is stuck on an older version afaik, because it switched to GPLv316:00
abransonThat might be what's causing that issue?16:01
bionade24abranson: As all other Libs with GPLv3 which directly affect packages that are build with it. As far as I know, Jolla has still no solution for this. But the question is what he wants to do with dnf on Sailfish.16:10
Eighth_Doctorbionade24: I was helping lbt explore dnf as the backend for PK for SFOS19:47
Eighth_Doctorabranson: libgpgme is LGPLv2+19:48
Eighth_Doctorthere are no (L)GPLv3 libraries in the DNF stack dependency chain (except the microdnf application)19:49
Eighth_Doctorbut I'm not packaging microdnf19:50
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: Maybe try to package a later version of gpgme? Or has it other dependencies that need a newer version?20:21
Eighth_DoctorI don't know20:21
Eighth_DoctorI was concerned about the linking failure that didn't show up while I was compiling it20:21
abransonEighth_Doctor: isn't it this one you're using?
Eighth_DoctorI don't know, it seems that sfos and mer-core are not necessarily in sync20:35
Eighth_Doctorbut it looks like in this case it probably is20:35
Eighth_Doctorwow... that is old20:35
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: What is old. Many newer libs will be shipped with 3.1, so maybe try to get a VM image for that and then directly develop the dnf backend on this.20:36
Eighth_Doctorbionade24: well, I would love to configure my OBS project to work against the devel stuff?20:37
Eighth_Doctorbut I can't figure out how to do that20:37
abransonEighth_Doctor: mer-core is sailfish-core - there's no sync20:38
Eighth_Doctorsfos latest has meson 0.44.0, I had to backport meson 0.50.1 from mer-git to use it20:38
Eighth_Doctorit was not in sfos latest, and mer-core-latest was broken20:38
abransonpossibly because what you see as sfos-latest is the last release. if there's an update in the development branch then it won't appear in sfos-release until the next release20:39
abransonand 3.1.0 has a lot of updated stuff coming20:39
Eighth_Doctoris there a way I can point against sfos devel?20:40
abransonwell there's the obj mer:core project, but i think that's a bit broken right now20:41
abransonbut the non-mer stuff isn't available, so you wouldn't have a working sfos20:41
abransoni think it would be good to let brave souls at it though. somehow.20:42
abransonof course there'd be a lot of people would brick their devices if that happened. bleeding edge on a mobile device is very risky20:43
abransonThere's always neochapay's nemo builds though. that's the same underneath the ui, right?20:49
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: Ask some jolla employee to release a alpha 3.1 image for building. You don't care about the UI, do you?20:50
Eighth_Doctornot right now20:52
Eighth_Doctorabranson: I did try mer:core and did see it was broken20:56
Eighth_Doctorit took a while to find sfos latest as a good building project20:56
bionade24Eighth_Doctor: Then I would try this.20:56
Eighth_Doctorbionade24: I'm rather new to the Mer community, so I don't really know anybody :(20:57

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