Thursday, 2019-06-20

Thaodanlbt: can you look at my pr?
malThaodan: is that whitespace change on line 200 of modified file intentional?15:28
malalso line 71 has some mismatching indentation15:28
maland missing whitespace around =>15:29
malline 117 has also formatting issues15:29
ThaodanI look into that. The whitepace in line 200 is in the unmodified too and wasn't added by me15:32
malalso some other inconsistencies in formatting (mostly in ifs)15:33
malThaodan: it used to be a tab but you changed it to spaces15:33
mali.e. the tab before the y15:33
Thaodan_mal: fixed that, also added docs to cmp_version16:56
malThaodan_: it seems you misunderstood me and broke tabs even more in the list near the end of the file17:47
malalso lines 123 and 128 still have some formatting issues in the ifs17:47
maland line 130 is missing spaces around =17:48
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*** Thai is now known as thaodan23:11
*** thaodan is now known as Thaodan23:12
Thaodanmal: please look again I fixed line 130, changed the ifs to be like the others and redid the changes to __DATA__ to preserve the tabs23:42
malI will comment things tomorrow, still some issues23:53

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