Friday, 2019-05-24

mardypvuorela: I don't know if you are the right person to ping (sorry if you are not! :-) ), but I've created quite a few MR on mer's gitlab on contacts related components (qtcontacts-sqlite, carddav plugin, social plugins)05:21
mardypvuorela: many of them are very small, but still the fact that they are many makes it a bit difficult for me to handle them05:22
mardypvuorela: so I'd be grateful if someone can look at them, at least at the smallest ones, to get them out of the way :-)05:22
pvuorelamardy: could check some smaller ones. bigger perhaps leave to chris.07:40
mardypvuorela: thanks :-)09:28
malNeoChapay: could you please give cibot access to your mer OBS projects so webhooks work and we don't get things like these in #mer-boss Error triggering service in home:neochapay:mer:release:2018.05:mw/telepathy-qt5. Check cibot has access.11:08
malat least to the mer core projects11:09
NeoChapaymal: i remove cibot from release project becouse i whant fix version of packages12:26

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