Sunday, 2019-05-19

bionade24Can I please get an account for ?19:31
maldid you you do what the instructions said?19:40
bionade24mal: Ask in IRC. What else does stand there?19:45
malyou need to highlight one the people mentioned, that happens when you start your message with the nick and then write the message19:53
mallike you just did to highlight me19:54
bionade24mal: "In the meantime, to get an account please contact lbt or sage on #sailfishos on freenode IRC."20:04
lbtyeah... like that...20:05
malbionade24: you see now that you highlighted lbt he appeared20:06
lbtmagic :D20:06
lbtso bionade24 do you have a jolla account?20:06
bionade24lbt: Yes I thought lbt is a official, not a username20:07
bionade24lbt: Yes, oroesler20:07
lbtOK - and email?20:07
bionade24lbt: o.roesler@oscloud.info20:07
lbtyou should get an email soon20:08
lbtwelcome aboard20:08
bionade24lbt: Email recieved, thanks. I have an issue with the SDK/IDE:
lbtyou're best asking on #sailfishos20:10
lbtI'm a bit busy at the minute but I may get a chance to look later (mmm but it's nearly 10pm here so probably not)20:10
lbt(and I don't use Arch linux or the emulator so it's not something I've really messed with for a long time)20:11
bionade24lbt: I don't believe it's caused by Arch, jsut something generally with the network connection, since I can't see a virtual interface for the Emulator. Maybe'll I now try it on my ubuntu Laptop.20:15
bionade24lbt: Do you always directly develop on your devices?20:18
lbtyou should be able to look at the vbox management tool and start the emulator using that20:21
lbtthen look at the settings in the tool and in the virtual device20:21
lbtit's been literally years since I ran the emulator though20:22
lbtand yes - I develop using the SDK and deploy to the device to test/iterate20:22
bionade24lbt: I also get `Failed to mount FFS` when the VM starts. Is the issue maybe somewhere else?20:25
malI also always test on device instead of emulator20:25

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