Friday, 2018-12-21

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dotevoHello, is mer project alive?08:52
chriadamyou can use Mer as the core of your specific embedded-linux based project/product.  various packages in Mer core are updated reasonably frequently.08:56
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dotevowhat is the status? is it possible to create own distribution on top? I can see that new accounts for OBS are closed08:57
chriadamdotevo: not altogether closed, you just need to ask lbt08:57
chriadamI would say that it is possible, yes.  although for some cases it may not be best suited (e.g. Mer isn't on the bleeding edge of many many packages, for examples)08:58
dotevoOhhh... ok. So one more question. Is it possible to run android on MER?08:58
chriadamI'm not sure what question you're asking...08:58
chriadamdo you mean "android applications" on top of a Mer-based linux device?08:58
chriadamusing sfdroid etc?08:59
dotevoI mean to create all needed packages alike frameworks/base etc and create android RPM based distribution08:59
dotevoi want to see android like a "normal" distribution with rpm packages08:59
chriadamwell, Mer is glibc based, not bionic based.  Mer can use libhybris to run glibc applications on a bionic BSP08:59
dotevoI think it should be possible to use android with libhybris09:00
chriadamso I guess the answer is "no" although maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve09:00
chriadam"Mer" is just the name for a collection of packages which are maintained by the project.  It includes "normal" Linux kernel (not the Android AOSP fork), and a bunch of "normal" Linux libraries / applications / etc09:01
dotevoI do not like current android build system. I would prefer rpm based where every package is built separetly09:01
dotevoso how do you run vendor services?09:02
dotevowithout binder09:02
chriadamdotevo: oh right, you mean: write your own packaging scripts for the various stuff in the Android tree?  and use OBS to build an image?  yes you could do that09:02
chriadam(I assume.  I don't know too much about what's required from hardware adaptation side, or image creation for fastboot etc)09:03
dotevo:-) great. I've started my own OBS where I've tried to build some packages but maybe MER is better place :-) I've used mainline OBS without sb209:04
chriadambut the OS image you create wouldn't be "Mer" it would be ... your own thing built with OBS, I guess.09:04
chriadambut I guess you can discuss with lbt to see if that would be something interesting for the Mer project09:05
dotevobut some packages in mer can be optional, right? I wish to see something like "zypper install android-framework" and have support of the apk without containers with android09:06
dotevoMaybe it is not interesting for Mer, and I do not have enough time to be sure that I can finish it. But maybe you can share some instruction how to start my own OBS up with your packages as dependency09:08
dotevoI do not want to build everything by own if there are some packages ready to use and maintained09:09
chriadamdotevo: I am not sure I am following.  most of the android frameworks stuff simply will not work on top of a normal glibc Linux distribution.  so if you want to build a working (Android) image, I believe that you will need to build everything yourself..09:11
chriadamso you can't take a normal Mer-based embedded linux device and "install" Android as an rpm package09:11
chriadaminstead, you would need to set up your OBS to build everything, create an image which can be flashed with mic or fastboot or whatever, and package/build a version of rpm+libzypp+zypper to work on your frankenstein Android, and then use that to install "specific packages" from your Android OBS build onto your device09:12
chriadam(well, I'm no expert, but that's my assumption.  experts, feel free to correct me of course!)09:12
chriadamanyway, it's late and I have to head home.  good luck, have a nice christmas :-)09:14
dotevoI think it should be possible to have more than one "libc" version in system if you are using different LD_PATH09:14
dotevoThank you, you too :-)09:14
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ forced-psm setting cleared on charger connect12:25
Thaodanlbt: can you look into the issue on tdlibjson on buildservice mer/arm7el?22:00

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