Wednesday, 2018-12-19

obiis this project dead?00:57
Thaodanjust nobody here to help currently01:00
ThaodanI'm trying to build a pkg on mer buildservice and get "Host key verification failed." during tar_git01:07
Thaodanany ideas?01:07
Thaodanfixed it, was an issue with submodules and git+ssh03:32
spiiroinreview/testing appreciated:
spiiroin^ battery full in devices that do "Charging"->"Discharging"/"Not charging" instead of going to "Full"06:59
spiiroinreview/testing appreciated:
spiiroin^ conditinally use escape as power key (mainly for gemini pda)08:21
abransonobi: we don't really use bugzilla for patches, rather MRs in gitlab. that's where you'd want an account (when someone's around to make you one)08:55
abransonas that's the core of sailfish, it's far from dead:
Thaodanhow much RAM can I request for a pkg builder in mer buildservice?20:04
obiabranson: ok. well, it seems like nobody is around20:58
obiso i'll keep the patch local to my distribution20:59
obimaybe i'll submit it, once you have a more open policy20:59

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