Friday, 2018-09-21

NeoChapaylbt: ping06:07
akaWolfwhat is purpose of libhybris?11:56
akaWolfso for what?12:00
akaWolfwhy we need to use libhybris?12:00
mpolto use android drivers for your hardware12:10
akaWolfwhat is android drivers?12:11
akaWolfwhat is difference with linux kernel drivers?12:11
akaWolfwhy not just to compile it for linux?12:11
NeoChapayit`s close source12:12
mpolakaWolf: you can compile a kernel from, but you want get very far using your hardware12:12
NeoChapayand use android services like logd and bionc binder12:12
akaWolfwhy we need to use android services?12:13
akaWolffor example, rild12:13
akaWolfofono have direct interface with at commands12:13
NeoChapayand c library of andoid (bionic) not compatible with GNU C library12:13
akaWolfdrivers using c library?...12:14
NeoChapayof course12:14
NeoChapayand many android services12:14
akaWolfI though linux drivers can't use libc12:14
akaWolfand libc builded at top of linux kernel12:15
NeoChapaybecouse drivers in android comprises ont only cernel module :)12:15
akaWolfso again.. what is android driver?12:16
NeoChapaysome library or services who talk with kernel12:17
akaWolfso android driver != linux kernel driver?12:18
NeoChapayfor exaple we have modem tty device and rild daemon who load and all functional of modem in library not in kernel12:19
akaWolfbecause linux kernel in Android have not so many differences12:19
akaWolfin that case we can use direct AT commands I think12:20
NeoChapaynot only AT comands....12:20
akaWolfhm? what else we need to drive GSM modem?12:21
NeoChapayyou need load firmware for example12:22
NeoChapayand you don't know how talk with modem with AT comands12:23
akaWolfofono knows12:23
NeoChapayonly in librild-*.so12:24
akaWolfokay, there can be difference between modems. but that means only that we need to write corresponding module for ofono for supporting that modem12:26
akaWolfwhy we need to use whole android infrastructure?12:27
NeoChapayand AT comands12:27
NeoChapayand logging12:27
NeoChapayand many different thinks12:27
akaWolfif there is no android infrastructure, then there is no need to logging :)12:28
NeoChapaylogging is one of more android interfaces who COMPILED IN android drivers12:29
NeoChapayyou can't say okay we remove logd - you driver say - ooops i don't have logd service i go out12:30
akaWolffor gsm we can write corresponding module in ofono and we can drop android drivers. which one android drivers we can't drop?12:31
NeoChapayWe can't drop rild becouse we don't have any docs and source of module12:32
akaWolfokay. I see12:32
NeoChapayAnd if we have some doc we need write drivers for ofono12:32
akaWolfit's definitely would be better choice over using android infrastructure :)12:33
NeoChapaywe don`t have so many peeople for rewriting all android drivers12:35
NeoChapayif you can it`s will be good12:35
locusfyou actually have to drop rild in order to use other custom drivers in ofono12:44
locusfat least with mer/sfos packaging12:44
locusfhad to do that with a sim900 modem on sailpi12:45

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