Thursday, 2018-08-30

ErhoofHello, is anyone can help me? I'm trying to get SFOS SDK image work on my x86 tablet. Now i can boot and do stuff, but Wayland is using FBDEV, so the speed of interface is slow. EGL_PLATFORM can be fbdev (slow) or hwcomposer (i have no libhybris). What should i do? Thanks10:52
r0kk3rzErhoof: you probably want to talk in #sailfishos-porters instead10:55
ErhoofThanks, i'll try right now10:55
r0kk3rzErhoof: and you might be better off building a new image rather than trying to hack the sdk image10:55
ErhoofI'll do that if i get work of acceleration with this =)10:55
r0kk3rzErhoof: it should be a case of having the right QPA plugin for whatever your hardware needs10:56
r0kk3rzmesa or something10:56
ErhoofYes, but i have not found any information of this. Like libdrm-intel way of doing that or smth. So i keep on searching)10:57
r0kk3rzthere should be something in the qt documents about it11:26

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