Monday, 2018-08-06

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riniguslooks like obs is down: can't make new projects nor branch packages12:06
birdzhang_pcosc commit return syswrite: No space left on device12:13
birdzhang_pcseems the disk is full12:14
mallbt: ^12:14
rinigusok, makes sense.12:16
lbtdamn - why is my monitor not telling me - ty rinigus mal birdzhang_pc12:19
NeoChapaylbt: /srv/obs/sources/:upload/addmeta23037 write: No space left on device12:41
birdzhang_pcFailed to remove target 'sailfishos_2.1.0.11' syswrite: No space left on device12:48
malfixing should be ongoing, might need to wait a bit12:49
lbtshould be OK now13:13
malyes, at least deleting projects works now, thanks13:16

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