Friday, 2018-07-27

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NeoChapaylbt: what wrong ?
lbtyou're building the aarch64 sb2 qt5 tools08:17
NeoChapaylbt: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ?08:24
NeoChapayi think it needed to build mer qt backages or its deplecated ?08:33
lbtit is only needed for the aarch64 cross-build and even then it's really there for a full bootstrap of the core08:34
lbtit needs setup in the prjconf08:35
lbtthe purpose is to provide things like qmake into the accelerated tools root08:35
lbtif qmake API changes it would matter08:35
lbtso if you are focusing on a port of newer Qt then you only really need it when all the other work is done08:36
lbtsimilarly you should build just i486 until everything builds OK08:36
lbtthen you enable the other arches08:37
lbtit really helps to speed up the build process08:38
NeoChapayokay...but why it fail ?08:42
lbtsetting up a bootstrapping project is quite a complex job. it didn't fail as such but it's probably not setup to cross publish08:44
lbtLeave it for now08:45
lbtI'm a bit busy to go into all the crossbuild stuff :)08:45
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