Sunday, 2018-07-08

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equeimHi! I have a problem with community OBS. Only sailfish_latest_armv7hl repository works for building packages. When I add Mer repos to project, nothing happens. They are active, but don't show in "Build Results". Also there is no way to add sailfish_latest_i486. Is this normal?14:00
r0kk3rzpost your repo14:36
equeimOkay, I was able to add sailfish_latest_i486 repo by manually editing project metadata. But mer repos still don't work15:00
equeimAdding sailfish_latest_i486 manually triggered build process, but nothing happens for Mer repos, although they are enabled15:01
equeimNot sure that I need them though, I'm going to install these packages in Sailfish OS SDK15:02

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