Saturday, 2018-06-23

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lbtmal: why do you think you need it? :)11:38
lbtlast updates on there were circa 2013 so unless you're into tech archeology you probably want http://repo.merproject.org11:42
r0kk3rzlbt: the hadk tools are looking for a repo.xml there11:42
r0kk3rzbut if the path is wrong, we might need to fix that11:43
lbtr0kk3rz: ah - that probably wants to be fixed11:43
lbtiirc it's used to allow us to point to sdk targets?11:45
lbtI forgot that that went via the releases domain11:45
r0kk3rzyes i think so11:45
lbtI can wake it up if that helps11:45
mallbt: I also found it odd that something wanted repos from that place11:45
lbtmal: since we don't do releases I think I'd rather it pointed elsewhere and was better maintained - anything it links to is woefully outdated11:46
r0kk3rzyeah will have to find out exactly where :)11:53
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