Thursday, 2018-06-07

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Mister_Magisterlbt: could you please be so kind and create 2.2 obs target please?12:16
r0kk3rzcan you use OBS to run a script?13:57
tbrr0kk3rz: obs is a pile of scripts held together with duct tape. what would you like to do?14:26
r0kk3rzin short run mic against a ks :)15:20
lbtwe have (had) an IMG service which built images but it wasn't used much and I've not kept it running15:43
tbrr0kk3rz: *technically* you could, but you'd need to ensure that all necessary packages are already in the VM, as they don't have network (or at least aren't supposed to)15:59
r0kk3rzhmm, yeah that wont work then16:00
r0kk3rzsince i would expect most of the packages are on the wrong OBS :)16:00
tbrI do remember looking into making IMG work, but then it lost against other tasks (like "the building is on fire", "the goggles they do nothing", etc)16:04
tbrr0kk3rz: tbh, I'd probably look at running that as a gitlab-ci task16:04
r0kk3rzyeah ive already got a small script i use on my vps16:05
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